Halal restaurant and takeaway menus in Whangarei

Khane Bahar Indian Takeaway

Gluten Free, Halal, Vegetarian, Indian

Suite 2 95 Kamo Road, Whangarei 0112, New Zealand

Khane Bahar Indian Takeaway Sample Menu

Chips $4.00
Tandoori Chicken Half
Indian Aroma’s specially dish, a tender whole chicken, marinated in yogurt dressing and cooked in our tandoor, half portion is one leg and one breast piece, served with fresh green cabbage and mint dressing
Beef Vindaloo
Boneless pieces of beef prepared with special vindaloo paste and carefully selected spices, vindaloo spice mix is a speciality from goa
Subz Kebeb
Mixture of cottage cheese, potato, onions, coriander crumbed and deep fried served with mint dressing, four pieces per serving
Onion Kulcha
Naan stuffed with diced onions and spices