Arabic restaurant and takeaway menus in New Zealand

Ima Cuisine

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Arabic

53 Fort St, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Ima Cuisine Sample Menu

Chicken Schnitzel
With Israeli couscous & Middle Eastern salad
Puff pastry filled with kashkaval, feta & ricotta with Middle Eastern chopped salad, pickles, a poached free-range egg & Harissa
Potato sourdough, bagel, turkish pide or five-grain bread. Tomato, avocado and olive oil / Tomato, pesto and cream cheese / Labaneh, avocado, dukkah and olive oil / Home-made preserves, nutella, honey or vegemite $9.50
Ima’s Blintzes
Crèpes filled with vanilla & citrus ricotta, with orange segments & orange syrup
Home-Made Baked Beans
On Turkish pide. with our home made cured bacon $13.50

The Coffee Club


19 Chalmers Street, Shop 1, Christchurch 8042, New Zealand

Alibaba Barbecue

Barbeque, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian, Vegan, Arabic, Halal

135 King Edward Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin, Otago, 9012, New Zealand

Alibaba Barbecue Sample Menu

1 Doz: $13.90
Bag of Potato Wedges $6.50
6 pc: $18.90
Any Extra Sauce $2.00
2 Eggs $2.50


Cafe Food, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Israeli, Arabic, Deli

53 Fort Street, Downtown, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Ima Sample Menu

Fried Herby Prawns
With bread for dipping
Lamb Kibbeh
Spiced lamb and pine nuts in a crisp fried Iamb and burghul wheat shell with hummus and Arab salad
Minty. zesty, crunchy cabbage & cucumber slaw $13.00
Spicy slow-roasted tomatoes with our own home-made Moroccan merguez sausages and two poached free-range eggs. Served with toast
Yemenite breakfast this puff pastry-like pancake bread is fried, served with free-range egg, grated tomato, sour cream and Ima's fresh green chilli sauce

Popa's Pretzels

Diner, Cafe Food, American, Bakery, European, Breakfast, Fast Food, Arabic, New Zealand, Romanian

350 Queen Street, Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Popa's Pretzels Sample Menu

Steak & Potatoes
beef, mushrooms & tomatoes saute on pomme puree
Lemon Chicken, Spicy Lamb, Pepperoni, Sausage $2.00
Plain classic salty
with salt or sesame or poppy or cheese
Zaatar $4.00
Pizza Pretzel
pepperoni, tomato, olives, mushrooms & cheese
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