Catering restaurant and takeaway menus in Christchurch City

Lizzie's Cusine


15 Derby Street, St Albans, Canterbury, 8014, New Zealand

Ambrosia Kitchen


76 Halswell Junction Road, Oaklands, Oaklands, Canterbury, 8025, New Zealand

Moveable Feasts


371 Mcleans Island Road, North Linwood, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8051, New Zealand

Food Equip Superstore


61 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch City Centre, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

Victoria Food Service


6/97 Shakespeare Rd, Waltham, Christchurch City, Canterbury, 8240, New Zealand

St Claws


4 Glovers Road, Halswell, Canterbury, 8025, New Zealand


3/245 Selwyn Street, Ferrymead, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8022, New Zealand



369 Manchester Street, Christchurch City Centre, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8013, New Zealand

Zest Sample Menu

Moroccan Chicken Salad Grilled chicken pieces dusted with Moroccan spices tossed through a market salad, served with a fresh herb yoghurt dressing and ? nished with triangles of ? atbread. $17.50
Greek Salad $7.50
Aoraki Smoke Lightly smoked salmon partnered with fried capers, spinach, parsley and dill, ? nished with cream cheese and mozzarella. -
Seafood Mornay Selection of mixed seafood, fresh herbs and onions topped with mozzarella and a rich mornay sauce. -
Bread Selection A variety of breads and dips. $14.00

Dial a chef


16 Birmingham Road, Addington, Canterbury, 8022, New Zealand

Fine Foods

Cafe Food, Catering, Deli

7 Normans Road, Merivale, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8052, New Zealand

Fine Foods Sample Menu

Mushroom pesto and fresh herbs
Chicken kumara, spinach sweet chilli and cream cheese
a light savoury pikelet with smoked salmon mousse
Chicken, Bacon and mushrooms
Chocolate Caramel Squares

Animal Vacation Centre


151 Maces Road, Bromley, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8062, New Zealand

Nico at Urban Escargot


27 Hardwicke Street, Sumner, Canterbury, 8081, New Zealand

Nico at Urban Escargot Sample Menu

Mussel, lemon grass, coriander and ginger fritters -
Crème Brulée Silky French dessert with a crunchy caramel top -
Crêpes Façon Suzette Crêpes served with an orange and Cointreau coulis, topped with homemade vanilla bean ice cream -
Strawberries on the Hot Side Caramelized strawberries and Sichuan pepper served in a crêpe with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce -
A Goaty Rendez-Vous Duo of roasted goat cheese and butter-pear relish served between fine pastry layers and drizzled with a port wine glaze -