Catering restaurant and takeaway menus in Christchurch

Kiwi Cuisine


269 Hills Road, Mairehau, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8013, New Zealand

The Naked Baker

Cafe Food, Bakery, Catering, New Zealand

142 Beach Road, North New Brighton, Waimairi Beach, Canterbury, 8083, New Zealand

The Naked Baker Sample Menu

Frenchman's Lunch Platter
Contains a mixture of plain croissants, ham & cheese croissants, fresh salad mixture, cheeses and a selection of cold meats. A mixture of fresh cut fillings, sauces, mayo & relish to fill the croissants with. Note: You may need a sharp knife on hand to cut the croissants. Feeds 10 people. Comes with plastic cutlery & napkins
Sandwiches (Healthy Choice)
Small platter / Large platter
$31.00 / $42.00
Savoury Platters
Mixed Savouries including: Mince, Cottage, Chicken, Sausage Rolls, Chilli Roll Bites & Dipping Sauces (Small - 24 piece / Large - 36 piece) (Can be delivered heated or cold for you to heat)
$25.50 / $35.50
Work Shout Platter (Extra Large)
Contains: Club Sandwiches, Quiche Bites, Custard Twist Pieces, Fresh Fruit, Cracker and Dip Assortment - For Approx 12 People
Sports Pack
Contains: 1 Sports Drink, 1 Filled Roll, 1 Piece of Fruit, 1 Sweet Treat (1-10 / 11-20 / 21+)
$11.80 / $11.20 / $10.80

Brumby's Hornby

Bakery, Catering

418 Main South Road, Hornby, Hornby, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8441, New Zealand

Templeton Pet Hospital And Cattery


729 Main South Road, Templeton, Canterbury, 8042, New Zealand

Sharvin Lodge

Catering, Breakfast

651 Pound Road, Yaldhurst, Christchurch, Canterbury, 7676, New Zealand