Koji Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Timaru Menu

Fresh Salmon Sushi
Salmon, avocado
5pcs $6 / 8pcs $9.50
Teriyaki Salmon Suhi
Teriyaki Salmon, lettuce, avocado
5pcs $6 / 8pcs $9.50
Teriyaki Chicken Sushi
Chicken, avocado, carrot
5pcs $5 / 8pcs $8
Chicken Katsu Sushi
Chicken katsu, lettuce, avo, mayo
5pcs $5 / 8pcs $8
Smoked Chicken Sushi
Smoked chicken, lettuce, avo, mayo
5pcs $5 / 8pcs $8
Cooked Tuna Sushi
Cooked tuna, lettuce, avo, mayo, carrot
5pcs $6 / 8pcs $9.50
Prawn Tempura Sushi
Tempura prawn, lettuce, avo,mayo
5pcs $6 / 8pcs $9.50
Vegetable Sushi (V)
Lettuce, tempura beans, avo, carrot
5pcs $5 / 8pcs $8
Combo Sushi
Roll Sushi Collection
5pcs $5.50 / 8pcs $9
V= Vegetarian
Salmon Nigiri 4pcs $7
Tuna Nugiri $7.00
Prawn Nugiri $7.00
Eel Nigiri $10.00
Avocado Nigiri $5.00
●Combo Nigiri
Not include eel
-15pcs $26.00
-S(8pcs) $10
-M(12pcs) $15
-L(16pcs) $19
Salmon Sashimi
Tuna Sashimi (Ask our staff for availability)
Combo Sashimi
S=Small / M=Medium / L=Large
Open Sushi Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken, avo, carrot, lettuce, mayo on sushi rice
M $6 / L $9
Open Sushi Chicken Katsu
Chicken katsu, avo, carrot, lettuce, mayo on sushi rice
M $6 / L $9
Open Sushi Tempura Prawn
Tempura prawn, avo, carrot, lettuce, mayo on sushi rice
M $7 / L$10
Open Sushi Teriyaki Salmon
Teriyaki Salmon, avo, carrot, lettuce, mayo on sushi rice
M $7 / L$10
Open Sushi Cooked Tuna
Cooked Tuna, avo, carrot, lettuce, mayo on sushi rice
M $7 / L$10
Chicken Sushi Collection
3pcs Teriyaki chicken, 3pcs Chicken Katsu, 3pcs Smoked chicken
Salmon Sushi Collection
3pcs Fresh salmon, 3pcs Teriyaki salmon, 3 pcs Salmon Nigiri
M=Medium / L=Large
King Prawn Tempura
3pcs King prawn
Scallop Tempura
3pcs King scallop
Daily White Fish Tempura
3pcs daily white fish
Vege Tempura (V)
5pcs Seasonal vegetable
Tempura Combo
2pcs King prawn, 3pcs Vegetable
Seafood Tempura
2pcs King prawn, 2pcs King scallop, 2pcs Daily white fish
Tempura Lover
2pcs King prawn, 2pcs King scallop, 2pcs Daily white fish, 2pcs vegetable
Seaweed Salad (V) M $5
Koji Green Salad (V) M $5 / L $7.50
Tofu Avo Salad (V) M $7 / L $10.50
Chicken Avo Salad M $8 / L $12.00
Prawn Avo Salad M $9 / L $13.50
Salmon Avo Salad M $9 / L $13.50
M=Medium / L=Large / V=Vegetarian
Seared briefly over a hot flame. Served with sliced onion in citrus soy sauce
Beef Tataki M $8 / L $16
Tuna Tataki M $9 / L $18
M=Medium / L=Large
Edamame (V)
Japanese green beans
Gyoza (V)
Deep fried vegetable dumpling
Agedashi Tofu
Deep fried tofu in light soy sauce
Crispy Chicken
3pcs Japanese traditional fried chicken
6pcs Octopus ball
Croquette (V)
2pcs Crumbed potato
Bowl of rice / Miso soup $2.50
Crumbed dish with rice & salad
Chicken Katsu / Pork Katsu $17.50
Prawn Katsu $19.50
Katsu Lover
Chicken, pork, prawn
Cooked with sweet soy sauce. Served with rice & salad
Teriyaki Chicken / Teriyaki beef $17.50
Teriyaki Salmon / Teriyaki Daily White Fish / Teriyaki Seafood $19.50
Teriyaki Tofu (V) $16.50
Japanese traditional crispy dish with rice & salad
Karaage Chicken $17.50
Karaage Daily white fish $19.50
Stir fried dish on hot iron plate. Served with rice
Teppan Chicken / Teppan Beef $18.50
Teppan Seafood
Prawn, squid, scallop, mussel
Teppan Vegetable (V) $16.50
Japanese mild curry with rice
Chicken Katsu Curry / Pork Katsu Curry / Chicken Curry / Beef Curry $17.50
Prawn Katsu Curry $19.50
Include Gyoza, Croquette, Sushi, Salad, Rice, Miso
Teriyaki Chicken Bento / Teriyaki Beef Bento $23.00
Teriyaki Salmon Bento / Teriyaki Daily white fish Bento / Teriyaki Seafood Bento / Prawn Katsu Bento / Karaage Daily White Fish Bento $25.00
Teriyaki Tofu Bento (V) $22.00
Chicken Katsu Bento / Pork Katsu Bento / Karaage Chicken Bento $23.00
Tempura Bento
2pc King prawn, 2pc King scallop, 2pc Daily white fish, 2pc Vegetable
Unagi Bento
Grilled eel
Vegetable Bento (V)
Stir fried vegetable
Salmon Sashimi Bento / Tuna Sashimi Bento / Combo Sashimi Bento $25.00
Koji Premium Set
6pc Combo sushi & nigiri, 4pc Fresh salmon sashimi, 1pc Vege tempura, 1pc Scallop tempura, 1pc prawn tempura, 1 pc Daily white fish tempura, Plain udon
Sushi & Sashimi
4pc Roll sushi, 4pc nigiri, 8pc combo sashimi
Sushi & Nigiri
6pc Roll sushi, 6pc Nigiri
Sushi & Tempura
6pc roll sushi & nigiri, 2pc King prawn tempura, 1pc Daily white fish tempura, 1 pc King scallop tempure, 2pc Vege tempura
Sushi & Udon
6pc roll sushi & nigiri, Udon
Kids Meal
2pc Roll sushi, Edamame, Chicken katsu with rice
Dish on rice with miso soup
Chicken Katsu Don
Chicken Katsu, Onion, Egg
Pork Katsu Don
Pork katsu, Onion, Egg
Salmon Don
Sliced fresh salmon on sushi rice
Unagi Don
Grilled eel
Noodle Soup
Koji Udon
Plain noodle soup
Seafood Udon
Prawn, scallop, squid, mussel
Tempura Udon
1pc King prawn tempura, 1pc scallop tempura, 1pc Daily white fish tempura, 1pc Vege tempura
Curry Udon
Japanese Vegetable curry with udon noodle
Stir Fried Noodle
Chicken Yakiudon / Beef Yakiudon $16.00
Seafood Yakiudon
Prawn, scallop, squid, mussel
Vegetable Yakiudon (V) $15.00
Green Tea Ice Cream $5.00
Ice cream Sandwich $7.00
Include gyoza, salad, rice, miso soup. Available from 11am-3pm
Teriyaki Chicken Lunch Box / Teriyaki Beef Lunch Box / Karaage Chicken Lunch Box $15.00
Teriyaki Salmon Lunch Box / Teriyaki Daily white fish Lunch Box / Teriyaki Seafood Lunch Box $16.00
Teriyaki Tofu Lunch Box (V) $15.00
Chicken Katsu Lunch Box / Pork Katsu Lunch Box / Prawn Katsu Lunch Box / Karaage Daily white fish Lunch Box $16.00
Vegetable Lunch Box (V) $13.00
Salmon Sashimi Lunch Box / Tuna Sashimi Lunch Box / Combo Sashimi Lunch Box $16.00

We make every attempt to keep menus up to date, but prices and items are subject to change without notice. This menu is to be used as a guide only.

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Benny's Again Restaurant (sample menu)
Homemade Sticky Date Pudding
Served with delicious hot caramel sauce, cream & ice-cream
Freshly Battered Blue Cod
Served with fries, salad & tartare sauce
Fish of the Day
Your friendly waitress will inform you of the fish special
Boysenberry De Luxe Sundae (GF)
A Benny's Favourite! Layered in a jar, boysenberries, ice cream, hot chocolate sauce & marshmallows, topped with cream
GF= Gluten Free
Mini Pavlova (GF)
Drizzled in caramel with ice-cream & cream
Mini Hot Dogs (4) & Chips (GF) $12
Roast Pork Fillet (GF)
Served with steamed seasonal vegetables, crispy potatoes & apple sauce
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The Jolly Potter (sample)
Kiddies Nachos $6.00
Smoked Chicken Bagel. Toasted bagel stuffed with tender smoked chicken, fresh salad and cream cheese. Served with fries. $13.90
Pate' and Toast $9.90
Jolly Potter BLT Sammie. The Jolly Potter's favourite - bacon, lettuce, tomato sammie served with spicy wedges. $12.90
Crumbed Blue Cod. Fresh crumbed blue cod served with fresh salad and fries. $21.90
Meals served with salad and fries unless stated otherwise ! -
Chicken Satay. Ever popular tasty chicken kebabs and satay sauce. $18.90
Braised Lamb Shanks. Served on potato mash and vegetables with a red wine sauce $21.90
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Sukhothai Thai Restaurant and Bar (sample)
Spring Rolls(Phor Pa)
Glass Noodles, Thinly Sliced Cabbage, Carrot And Mushrooms Wrapped In Pastry Sheets. Deep Fried Crispy And Golden. Served With Sukhothai'S Sweet Plum Dippingsauce
Kratiam Prix Thai Banana Prawns N/A
Chicken Satay (Goi Satay)
Lightly Seasoned Chicken Breast Pieces Marinated In Curry , Grilled On Shewers To Perfection. Serve With Our Own Special Homemade Famous Peanut Sauce. A Must Try!
Sukhothai Cheese Sticks N/A
Laab Roasted Duck N/A
Panaeng Curry
Chicken / Pork / Beef
Massaman Curry Lamb Rack
Chicken Or Beef , Lamb Rack Original Recipe From Thai Royal Cuisine, Braised Overnight Until Tender In A Divine Massaman Curry Paste. Served With Peanut And Steamed Potatoes *** Recommended***
Mixed Starter Platter
Special Selection Of Your Choice For 3 Kinds Of Starter To Share
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2 Stags Cafe (sample)
Eggs Florentine
Poached free-range eggs with sauteed spinach, English breakfast muffin and home-made hollandaise
Full $13.50 Half $8.00
Open Chicken Sandwich
Pan seared chicken and tasty bacon on toasted bread with lettuce, tomato and home-made tangy cucumber salsa
Portobello Mushrooms
Creamy portobello mushrooms on toasted bread with garlic butter, spring onions, chorizo and tasty bacon
Two tasty pieces of bacon with lettuce and tomato in a toasted sandwich
Baked Omelette
Large, fluffy omelette with three fillings - your choice; bacon, tomato, mushroom, spinach, red onion, cheese
Moroccan Lamb Burger
Moroccan spiced lamb burger on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato and home-made tzatziki
Lamb Kofta Salad
Moroccan spiced lamb koftas with a fresh mixed salad and home-made tzatziki
Bacon Buttie
Two tasty pieces of bacon in a toasted sandwich
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Fast Food Factory (sample)
Fish $5.00
Donuts $1.40
1/2 Scoop $1.50
Chicken Nuggets $0.70
Cheese $4.50
Chocolate Explosions $3.00
Kids Burger $3.50
Pineapple Rings $2.00
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
88 Evans Street, Waimataitai, Timaru, Canterbury, 7910, New Zealand
Wheelchair accessible, Business meetings, Reservations, Waitstaff, Takeout, Groups, Lunch, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Dinner, Child-friendly, Full Bar
Gluten Free, Japanese, Vegetarian, Sushi, Asian
Koji Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar Timaru Menu

Opening Hours

Monday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Thursday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Saturday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Sunday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM