Ethiopian restaurant and takeaway menus in New Zealand


African, Ethiopian

6/100 Tory Street, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

Adulis Sample Menu

Habesha salad
Tomato, green peppers, onion, lemon, herbs, olive oil & green salad
Spiced Chickpea flour cooked in Berbere (East African chilli paste)
- for one person $28.00
Defen meser
Brown Lentils in a rich sauce of Onion, Garlic and Turmeric. Mild
Injera Firfir
Injera mixed with flavourful spicy berbere (east african chilli paste) and spiced kibbeh (spiced ghee)

The Meeting Tree Ethiopian Restaurant

African, Ethiopian

1/100 Tory Street, Wellington, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

Cafe Abyssinia

Cafe Food, African, Ethiopian

190 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland, NZ, 1041, New Zealand

Cafe Abyssinia Sample Menu

Juicy Beef or Lamb fillet stir fried with herb and the miraculous herbal of butter serve with enjera
Doro Wot
Chicken marinated with fresh' lime juice and simmered in a mixture of freshly chopped onions, garlic and ginger, with Berber and herbal flavoured butter
Kai Sega Wot
Beef cubes slowly cooked with Berbere, onions and oth-er ingredients for a tender stew full of rich flavour.
Prawns With Mild Sauc
A combination of herbs and spices, with caramelized onion and garlic . This dish served in a mild flavour .
Yebeg Alicha
Lamb sautded and then slow cooked with chopped garlic, ginger, onions and turmeric until the meat is soft and buttery to the touch.

Adulis Habesha Restaurant

African, Ethiopian

6/100 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

Adulis Habesha Restaurant Sample Menu

flavored beetroot mix with cabbage, onion garlic, and ginger
Yataklit Alicha
delicious curried vegetables made with carrot, potato, cabbage, and onion cooked with Tumeric mild
Belah Al Sham
sudan's traditional dessert made from egg and flour dough that's deep fried dipped in syrup and served with vanilla ice cream
Leafy greens simmered with onion, garlic, and ginger mild
middle eastern sweet cake made from cooked semolina served with yogurt
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