Valentines Buffet Restaurant Manukau in Manukau Menu

Valentines Buffet Restaurant Manukau in Manukau has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Bread & dips or Garlic bread from The Viaduct Grill. The Elbow Room Herne Bay offers many options including Chicken Liver Parfait w/ Crostini and Mixed Olives. Eden Noodles Cafe includes a wide range like Dumpling or 11:30 am - 9:30pm tuesday- sunday. Platter A/63 Pieces and Platter B/54 Pieces from . Bruce Lee Sushi & Roll offers Sushi & Bento and Vegetarian available.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Bowl of potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. $4.90
  • Soup of the day (GF) $7.90
    • Chefs choice.
  • Loaded spudskins $15.50
    • Seasoned potato wedges topped with cheese, bacon and sour cream.
  • El burrito $17.00
    • Flour tortilla filled with chicken or beef, cheese, capsicum and onion.Garnished with a tomato salsa and sour cream (mild, medium or hot).
  • Mushrooms, pepper, garlic butter, spiced apricot, spiced plum, sweet chilli, aioli, bearnaise. $2.90
  • Chicken & mushroom fettuccine $17.00
    • Chicken pieces sauteed with mushrooms served in a creamy pasta sauce and salad.
  • -Battered or Kilpatrick 1/2 doz $18.90 / 1 doz $31.90.
  • Shrimp & avocado cocktail $12.90
    • Served on a bed of lettuce with our Chef’s own seafood sauce.
  • Smoked Salmon Parcel 2 poached eggs on toasted Panini bread, with sauteed onion and spinach, smoked salmon, topped with hollandaise sauce. $14.50
  • Eggs Benedict 2 poached eggs on toasted English muffin, with sauteed spinach, 2 slices of streaky bacon, topped with our creamy homemade hollandaise sauce. $14.00
  • Blueberry Pancake 2 homemade pancakes with fruit, topped with maple syrup and fresh cream. $9.00
  • Eggs on Toast Scrambled / Fried / Poached $7.50
  • Choose from: Bacon/Egg/Ham/Cheese/Tomato/Pineapple/Onion $4.50 2 Fillings / $1.00 Additional Fillings
  • Cake Passion Club Sandwich Three layers of toast with tomato, lettuce, grilled Cajun chicken breast, crispy bacon and fried eggs, topped with our special club sauce, served with chips. $15.50
  • Two Egg Omelette Fillings: Tomato, mushroom, onion, Colby cheese, bacon or ham, served with toast. $12.00
  • Chicken Lasange Delicious homemade recipe, chicken in a creamy sauce layered with fresh pasta, served with a salad. $10.50
  • Boondi / Pineapple Raita $4.50
    • Yogurt mixed with deep fried pea flour balls or pineapple, lightly seasoned
  • Chicken Tikka Nachos $11.90
    • Indian version of the famous Mexican dish, with crispy nachos as the base, topped with chopped tikka, melted cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and coriander
  • Missi Roti $4.50
    • Bread made from a mix of pea flour and white flour, ajwain, finely chopped chillies and onion
  • Samosa Chaat $7.00
    • Smashed samosa in chick peas curried sauce garnished with tamarind, yogurt and mint
  • Fish Portuguese $17.90
    • Kingfish steaks cooked with chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber, black pepper and exotic spices
  • Garlic Naan $4.00
    • Naan bread with chopped garlic massaged on to the top of the Naan
  • Chicken Manchow Soup $6.90
    • The sharp flavours of ginger and garlic merge beautifully with the fresh flavour of herbs and bamboo - A bit Spicy
  • Goanese Fish Curry $17.90
    • Tangy and spicy Snapper fillet fish curry from tropical Goa with a hint of tamarind
  • Scrambled or Poached Egg on Toast $6.50
  • Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich $9.50
  • Eggs Benedict $16.00
    • with Bacon >>
  • Toasted Bagel $10.00
    • Salmon and Cream Cheese
  • Choice of cheese, onion, mushroom, tomato, ham Additional fillings $2/each
  • Garlic Mushrooms on Toast $18.00
    • Mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter and cream, with wilted spinach and Feta
  • Bacon and Eggs on Toast $13.00
  • Goldilocks Porridge $10.00
    • Served with milk, cinnamon sugar, maple syrup and assorted dried fruit
    • Enjoy a BK Chicken with regular fries, a regular soft drink, three chicken nuggets and a sundae all for only $12 – what a deal! Available for a limited time at participating restaurants.
    • Our tender chicken patty, topped with shredded lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, two slices of cheese and served on a long sesame seed bun. Everything a chicken burger should be. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • The Burger that made BK famous, this time with the addition of cheese as well as all the other delicious, fresh ingredients including flame-grilled beef topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • Say hello to our HERSHEY'S® Chocolate Pie. One part crunchy chocolate crust and one part chocolate crème filling, garnished with a delicious topping and real HERSHEY'S® Chocolate Chips.
    • We teamed our sausage patty with a fresh egg, cheese, bacon, hash bites, barbeque and hollandaise sauce. We've got breakfast literally wrapped up. And toasted.
    • You can’'t go wrong with our Cheeseburger, a signature flame-grilled beef patty topped with a simple layer of melted cheese, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • The latest edition to the Chicken Fries family has arrived.....Buffalo Chicken Fries! Fries made of real chicken, with a crispy coating and Buffalo spice and Buffalo attitude. Only available for a limited time so you'll better hurry.
    • The new Chicken Nuggets Stunner includes 5 x Chicken Nuggets, Small Fries, Small Drink and a Sunday. Now that's value!
  • Georgie Pie® Hunger Buster N/A
    • Pinch yourself, this is really happening. A Georgie Pie, Quarter Pounder®, medium fries, medium soft drink, and a small sundae.
  • Cheeseburger N/A
    • Our legendary cheeseburger is a combo of 100% beef, onions, pickle, ketchup, mustard and cheese, all in a soft burger bun.
  • Sausage McMuffin® N/A
    • A hot beef sausage patty, topped with a slice of cheese on a toasted English muffin. Simple and satisfying.
  • Grilled Chicken & Aioli McWrap® N/A
    • The new delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap®, with ingredients like 100% NZ grilled chicken, juicy tomatoes, all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla.
  • Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap® N/A
    • We take a strip of succulent, marinated and crumbed 100% chicken breast fillet. Then we add fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayonnaise and carefully hand wrap it all in a soft tortilla wrap.
  • Italian Dressing N/A
    • Lighten up. Enjoy a vinaigrette-blend of vinegar, lemon, garlic, onion, and capsicum, with a mix of herbs including parsley and allspice.
  • The Boss® N/A
    • Eat like a boss with this Kiwi favourite. With two juicy beef patties, two cheeses, lettuce, onion, tomato and sauce all on a sesame seed bun. The Boss is back.
  • Big Mac® Hunger Buster N/A
    • The iconic Big Mac, the classic Cheeseburger, a chilled medium soft drink, medium fries and a small sundae. In other words, the stuff dreams are made of.
  • Choo Chee Curry N/A
    • Your choice of seafood with spicy thick curry and coconut cream on top with chopped kaffir leaves
  • Drunken Noodles $20.50
    • Prawns
  • The Hot Sweet Lady $19.50
    • Squid or Lamb
  • The Cashew Nuts N/A
    • Stir fried with your choice of meat and cashew nuts, oyster sauce, onion, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots
  • Tom Zap $10.50
    • Seafood
  • Spicy Girl (she's hot) N/A
    • Stir fried with your choice of meat & fresh chilli, onion, spicy sauce, spring onion and seasonal vegetables
  • Pad Prew Wan $19.50
    • Squid or Lamb
  • Duck in Love $20.50
    • Special marinated roast duck with red curry, carrots, green beans, capsicums, grapes, pineapple and coconut cream
  • Larb Gai chicken salad $19.50
    • minced chicken mixed with onion freshments corianders ground rice and cilantro on spicy lime juice dressing
  • Flamin Chook $29.50
    • marinated whole chicken with delicious homemade sauce doused in brandy and set alight served with mixed vegetables
  • Pad Thai $17.50
    • traditional rice noodles egg spring onion carrots bean sprouts with special sauce and crushed peanuts
  • The 3 Acoholics $22.50
    • stir fried combination of beef pork and chicken with our secret spicy sauce lemongrass onion carrots mushrooms and a shot of real Thai whiskey on top with chopped kaffir leaves, served on hot plate
  • Pad Kra Praow
    • stir fried with your choice of meat fresh chili & basil garlic beans onion and bamboo shoots
  • Gang Kiew Wan Tofu $18.50
    • green curry vegetables tofu bamboo shoots with coconut milk
  • Lazy Prawns $22.50
    • stir fried prawns with oyster sauce tamarind sauce garlic onion capsicum on a bed of steamed broccoli carrots and cauliflower
  • Tofu Delight $8.50
    • fried tofu served with ground peanut in sweet sauce
  • Beef Hot Fun
    • Stir fried flat rice noodles
  • Coconut Cream Curry Duck Noodle Soup $15.00
  • -Seafood or Prawns $14.50
  • -Seafood or Prawns $14.50
  • -Combination $13.50
  • Soya/Steamed Chicken on Rice $11.00
  • -Prawns or Seafood $14.50
  • Crispy Noodle with Gravy Sauce
  • Rich Choclate Mud Cake $10.00
    • With Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Irish Stew $20.00
    • Tender braised lamb with potato and carrots served with garlic bread
  • CLT $17.00
    • Chicken breast marinated in Cajun seasoning with lettuce and tomato topped with aioli sauce and ciabatta bread served with French fries.
  • - Served with bacon & cheese $13.00
  • ST PADDY’S MELT $18.00
    • Minute steak grilled and sandwiched in cheesy garlic ciabatta bread served with French fries
  • Steak Mingnon $25.00
    • Char grilled scotch fillet cooked the way you like, Wrapped with bacon and topped up with mushroom sauce, served with salad & chips
  • Nachos $15.00
    • Corn chips, seasoned { beef or Chicken } melted cheese, salsa, sour cream
  • Warm Choclate Brownie $10.00
    • With Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Corn Fritters $14.50
    • Bacon, mixed salad, tomato & avocado salsa, creme fraiche
  • Beef Burger
    • 120g beef burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, relish and Aioli. Served with fries
  • Pancakes $14.50
    • With Berries, mascarpone maple syrup & a single scoop of gelato (Add Bacon for $3.50)
  • Mushrooms $14.50
    • Mixed mushrooms, a hint of garlic and cream served with toasted herbed Turkish bread - made in our kitchen
  • House Bircher Muesli $9.00
    • Berry compote, seasonal fruit, Greek yogurt & granola (nut free)
  • Chicken Burger
    • Lightly crumbed chicken, lettuce, tomato served with fries
  • Pulled Pork
    • (12 gentle hours of cooking)
  • Poached Salmon $18.50
    • Ginger, coriander, baby spinach, rice noodles, lemongrass hint of chilli
  • PUMPKIN CURRY $14.00
    • Pumpkin cooked in spices
  • PALAUSAMI $17.00
    • Cube potatoes cooked with bringal, herbs and spices
  • LAMB CHASER $25.00
  • Donut $1.00
  • Sausage $1.30
  • Sea Dog $3.30
  • Banana $1.50
  • Paua $3.00
  • Snapper $4.80
  • Chicken $5.50
  • Crab Stick $1.20
  • Choc Top Cone N/A
    • The Choc Top Cone features Macca’s classic soft serve dipped in a chocolate coating, served inside a crunchy waffle cone.
  • Georgie Pie: Steak Mince ‘N’ Cheese N/A
    • Made to the original recipe using quality New Zealand beef, the classic Steak Mince 'N' Cheese pies are baked fresh in store each day for you to enjoy.
  • Strawberry Jam N/A
    • Your toasted bagel has never tasted this good. Slather on some of Craig's® sweet Strawberry Jam, made with real strawberries.
  • Frozen Fanta™ Sour Grape N/A
    • Brighten up your day with a Frozen Fanta™ Sour Grape
  • Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap® N/A
    • It may be little, but there's a lot to love. 100% chicken breast fillet marinated with spices and grilled to perfection. With fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayonnaise.
  • Hamburger N/A
    • The original. 100% beef patty, topped with onion, pickle and zesty ketchup and mustard, all on a soft, fluffy bun.
  • Chicken McNuggets® N/A
    • Everything's better when it's bite-sized. Like our nuggets made with tender juicy chicken breast in a crisp tempura coating. Start the fun with our delicious dipping sauces, in BBQ, Sweet 'n Sour or Mustard.
  • Toasted Bagel with Strawberry Jam N/A
    • Lightly toasted bagel available with whipped butter and strawberry jam.
  • Chicken tenders and beer battered fries served with sweet chilli and tomato sauce $8.00
  • Salt & pepper squid beer battered fries served with tartare & tomato sauce $8.00
  • Beer battered fries served with your choice of sauce $5.50
  • Spicy wedges served with sweet chilli and sour cream $7.50
  • Tempura fish bites with beer battered fries served with tartare tomato sauce $7.00
Valentines Buffet Restaurant Manukau

Valentines Buffet Restaurant Manukau



12 Lakewood Court, Manukau City, Auckland, Auckland, 2104, New Zealand





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Monday 12–2:30pm, 5:30–9pm Tuesday 12–2:30pm, 5:30–9pm Wednesday 12–2:30pm, 5:30–9pm Thursday 12–2:30pm, 5:30–9pm Friday 12–2:30pm, 5:30–9pm Saturday 12–2:30pm, 5:30–9pm Sunday 12–3pm, 5:30–9pm
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$20 - $30




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Table Service



Buffet , French , Pub Food



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12 Lakewood Court, Manukau City, Auckland, Auckland, 2104, New Zealand