Asian Fusion restaurant and takeaway menus in Canterbury

Sala Sala Japanese Restaurant

Japanese, Asian, Asian Fusion, Gluten Free

142 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8014, New Zealand

Sala Sala Japanese Restaurant Sample Menu

Steamed white rice (bowl) $3.00
Combination seafood fried rice (prawn, scallops and squid) $32.00
Scallops with kumara crisps and Japanese mayonnaise $14.00
OPENING HOURS TUES - SUN Lunch 11.30am - 2.00pm Dinner 5.30pm - late
Deep fried squid served with Japanese mayonnaise $14.00

Wok On In Cafe

Asian, Chinese, Thai, Singaporean, Malaysian, Vegetarian, Asian Fusion

174 Kendal Avenue, Burnside, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8053, New Zealand

Wok On In Cafe Sample Menu

Pork Fried Rice $9.00
Pork Fried Noodle $9.50
Wonton Noodle Soup
Fine egg noodles with boiled wontons, chicken, fish balls and Chinese vegetables served in soup
Fried Egg $1.50
Chinese Bokchoy Veges
stir fried with Mushrooms and Chicken in Garlic Sauce

Rice and Paper

Japanese, Korean, Sushi, Breakfast, Asian Fusion, Brunch, Soul Food

270 Saint Asaph Street, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

Kenzo Japanese Cuisine

Japanese, Asian, Sushi, Vegetarian, Asian Fusion

21 Humphreys Drive, Ferrymead, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8023, New Zealand

Kenzo Japanese Cuisine Sample Menu

Agedashi Tofu
Deep fried tofu with homemade sauce
$ 9.50
Teriyaki Chicken $ 5.00
Shrimp Croquette
Small deep fried cake containing shrimp and vegetables (4pcs)
$ 12.00
5pcs of Nigiri + 8pcs of Sashimi
Comes with rice and miso soup.
$ 19.00
Assortment of nigiri ( 5 pcs ) accompanied with wasabi and pickled ginger.
$ 12.00

The Shilling Club

Mediterranean, American, Italian, Vegetarian, British, Asian Fusion, Vegan, Cajun/Creole

Ground Floor, James Hight Library, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, 8041, New Zealand

The Shilling Club Sample Menu

Eggs Benedict
Two perfectly poached eggs served on ciabatta with middle bacon & hollandaise
Gluten Free Options $2.00
Prawn & Bacon Creole
Sauteed with green peppers, mushrooms in a white wine tomato & basil sauce with jasmine rice
Braised Lamb Shank
Rosemary & red currant slow roasted lamb shank resting on a bed of mashed potato & roasted vegetables
1 Shank $20 2 Shanks $27
Extra Sauces $1.00

Spice Paragon

Asian, Thai, Asian Fusion

76 Victoria St, Christchurch Central, 8013, New Zealand

Spice Paragon Sample Menu

Machete Chiang Mai Pork ribs w/ Five Spice $26.00
Hor Mok Talay Market Seafood w/ red curry paste in a smoky coconut shell $37.00
Wok fried Tofu w/ ginger $14.00
Bangkok Style Grilled Pork w/ Som Tum mango sweet, sour salad & Peanuts $17.00
Green curry of market fish w/ fresh bamboo, banana, eggplant & Thai basil $35.00

Southern Spices

Diner, Asian, Seafood, Indian, Vegetarian, Fast Food, Asian Fusion, Brunch, Vegan, South Indian

148 Main South Road, Sockburn, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8042, New Zealand

Southern Spices Sample Menu

Yoghurt mixed with fresh seasonal vegetables
Mixed Platter for Two
Mixed platter includes Onion Bhaji, Masala Bonda, Kerala Fried Chicken (KFC), and Chicken Tikka and served with dips
Chilli Chicken
Marinated chicken deep fried & stir fried with fresh vegetables and finished on a spicy sauce
Puttu - Gluten Free, Vegan
Steamed cylinder of ground rice layered with grated coconut
Southern Spices Special Masala Dosa
Dosa spread with egg, spicy tomato chutney, stuffed with onion, potato, mixed herbs and spices

Visions On Campus

Cafe Food, Sandwiches, Mediterranean, Seafood, Buffet, Italian, French, Vegetarian, British, Breakfast, Asian Fusion, Brunch, Cajun/Creole, International

Saint Asaph Street, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

Visions On Campus Sample Menu

Lamb rosettes and dried fruit sausage with croquette potatoes, roasted tomato, green beans, mint butter and pinot jus
Roast sumac crusted hoki fillet, served with warm toasted couscous, carrot and coriander pickle, chimichurri
Spaghetti Napolitano with a twist; Panko crumb and parmesan crusted pasta bricks with saffron garlic mayonnaise
Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast, stuffed with rocket and pepperdews; warm broccoli, spinach, red onion salad
Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse
Dark chocolate and a hazelnut mousse, chocolate soil, vanilla bean anglaise and caramelised pastry

Burger NINJA

Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Vegetarian, Asian Fusion, Soul Food

52 Riccarton Road, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

MK Restaurant

Asian Fusion

24 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs 7334, New Zealand

Sushi Fusion

Japanese, Korean, Sushi, Asian Fusion

3 Kennedys Bush Road, Halswell, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8025, New Zealand

Sushi Fusion Sample Menu

Vegetarian 8pcs $8.90 4pcs $5.00
Crispy Prawn $5.50
Red Vanilla Reg $3.50 Lge $4.00
Crumbed Calamari $1.50
Nigiri Salmon $1.50 - $2.50

The Nook

Diner, Cafe Food, Asian, Thai, Vegetarian, Breakfast, Asian Fusion, Vegan

24 New Regent Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

The Nook Sample Menu

Mix Platter (for 1 / for 2)
Fresh spring roll, spring roll, money bag and satay chicken
$10.00 / $20.00
Toong-Tong (Money Bags)
Prawns, fish meat peas and corn filling with The Nook Sauce
Satay Chicken
Marinated chicken satay with peanut sauce
Beef Cheeks
Caramelised beef cheeks with sweet and sour red curry
Classic Green Curry
With rice


Asian Fusion

25 Langdons Road, Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand

Khmer Sample Menu

K23. Khmer Pickled Cabbage and Pork Bone Sour Soup with rice $19
K7. Grilled Marinated Pork
with chicken sauce and dipping sauce
10. Supreme Satay Beef or Chicken $15
K8. Peppered Garlic Pork Stir Fry $17
25.Vegetarian Chow Mein (V) $14

Season's Taste Cafe & Takeaway

Sandwiches, Japanese, Chinese, Breakfast, Fast Food, Asian Fusion, Brunch

28 Wycola Avenue, Hei Hei, Christchurch, 8042, New Zealand

Season's Taste Cafe & Takeaway Sample Menu

Lunch box (Pasta & Salad) $6.00
Hot soup with toast
Mushroom or pumpkin
Big breakfast
Bacon & egg with sausage & toasts
Bacon & egg sandwich $5.50
Sushi box (6 pieces) $5.00

Samurai Bowl

Japanese, Asian, Seafood, Sushi, Vegetarian, Asian Fusion, Soul Food, Gluten Free

574 Colombo Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

Samurai Bowl Sample Menu

Fresh tuna sashimi $15.80
Chicken katsu curry
crumbled fried chicken cutlet & japanese style chicken curry on rice
Avocado fresh salmon-don
avocado and fresh salmon sashimi on sushi rice
Kara-age curry
golden fried crunchy chicken & japanese style chicken curry on rice
Green tea mont blanc
green tea and sweet chestnuts flavored cream

Hungry Ninja

Japanese, Asian Fusion

20 Raxworthly street, Christchurch, 8014, New Zealand

Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar

Chinese, Fast Food, Asian Fusion, Soul Food

144 Lichfield Street, Christchurch Central, 8023, New Zealand

Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar Sample Menu

Fried Tofu
w/ Cucumber, Coriander and Sticky Hoisin Sauce
PSDB Wonton - 3 pc $6.50
Pork Belly
w/ Cucumber, Coriander, Pickled Ginger Onion and Sticky Hoisin Sauce
Fried Chicken
w/ Coriander, Pickled Onion and Spicy Sriracha Mayo
Pork ‘n’ Garlic Chive Dumpling
6pcs / Full
$10.00 / $18.00

Woori Restaurant

Asian Fusion

1/166 Cashel Street, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

Bao Bar

Asian, Asian Fusion, Fusion, Street Food

111A, Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch

Bao Bar Sample Menu

Baoce Combo
Your choce of Baoce + Fries + Soft drinks/Coffee/Tea
Chicken Baorrito
A Chinese handmade crepe wrapped with: Southern style chicken, Coleslaw, Chilli mayo, Golden cracker
Chicken Baoger
A steamed bun stuffed with: Southern style chicken, Shredded lettuce, Chutney, Chilli mayo
Beef Baorrito
A Chinese handmade crepe wrapped with: Braised beef, Lettuce, Tomato relish, Cheddar cheese, Golden cracker
Beef Baoce
A plate of rice served with: Slow cooked beef, Bok choy, Mushroom, Spiced corned egg

Malaysia Delights Authentic Cuisine

Asian, Chinese, Malaysian, Vegetarian, Asian Fusion, Fusion

52 Cathedral Square, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

Malaysia Delights Authentic Cuisine Sample Menu

Beef Rendang on Rice $10.00
Deep Fried Pork $6.00
Nasi Goreng
Chicken / Vegetarian
Roti Paratha
Plain 1 each
Curry Chicken on Rice $10.00

Duo Dining Room and Bar

Hamburgers, Asian, Chinese, European, Vegetarian, Asian Fusion, Gluten Free, Fusion

12 Hereford Street, Main Entrance on Rolleston Ave, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8013, New Zealand

Duo Dining Room and Bar Sample Menu

​Sweet and sour pork with capsicum, greens with steamed rice (GF) $25.00
​Lamb Dan Dan noodles, spicy crushed peanuts $21.00
​Asian slaw salad $8.00
Oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich with vanilla bean ice cream $7.00
Chinese fried chicken with Sriracha mayo, crushed peanuts (GF) $18.00

Sampan House Restaurant

Diner, Asian, Chinese, Vegetarian, Fast Food, Asian Fusion

168 Gloucester Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

Sampan House Restaurant Sample Menu

Chicken & mushroom soup (S/L) $5.00/$10.00
Stewed pork in spicy sauce $17.50
Malaysian-style fried rice (chicken, beef or pork) $15.50
Egg or vegetable fried rice $12.00
Mapo tofu on rice $14.50
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