The Indian Host in Hamilton Menu

1. Samosa (2pcs)
Deep fried pastry peas, nuts and Indian spices
2. Onion Bhaji
Sliced onion dipped in chickpea batter & deep fried
3. Vegetarian Tikki (2 pcs)
Mashed potatoes filled with peas and cottage cheese and deep fried. Served with tamarind chutney.
4. Paneer Pakora (6 pcs)
Cottage cheese dipped chickpea batter and deep fried
5. Vegetable Mixed Platter
Consists of paneer pakora, vegetable tikki, onion bhaji and samosa
6. Chicken Tikka (6 pcs)
Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and spices. Cooked in tandoor
7. Malai Tikka Chicken (6 pcs)
Boneless chicken marinated in cream, cashew nut paste, ground spices and cooked in tandoor
8. Tandoori Chicken
Boneless chicken marinated with yogurt and ground spices and cooked in tandoor
H $10.50 F $19
9. Chicken 65
Boneless chicken marinated with yogurt and Indian spices and cooked
10. Fish Tikka (6 pcs)
Fish marinated in yogurt, mustard and spices. Cooked in tandoor
1. Papri Chat $6.50
2. Dahi Bhalla $6.50
3. Chole Bhature $8.50
4. Samosa Chat $8.50
"All Our curries comes with rice"
1. Bombay Aloo
Potatoes deep fried and cooked in Indian spices. This is a dry dish
2. Achari Aloo
Potatoes mustard, fenugreek and onion seeds
3. Ghobi Muttar Masala
Cauliflower and peas tossed in onion spices
4. Subz Bahar
Chopped mix vege cooked in garlic ginger and spices
5. Navratan Korma
Mixed vegetables cooked in cashew nuts curry
6. Kashmiri Dum Aloo
Potatoes cooked in onion and tomato gravy with a special mix of spices
7. Dhal Makhni
Lentils and kidney beans in butter with Indian spices and garnished with butter, shredded ginger and coriander
8. Chana Masala
Chickpeas cooked in tomato gravy with ground spices garnished with shredded ginger
9. Vegetarian Manchurian
Vegetable balls shallow fried tossed in soy sauce, capsicum and onion
10. Shahi Paneer
Indian cottage cheese cooked in cream and cashew nut curry
11. Paneer Butter Masala
Indian cottage cheese cooked in tomato and butter curry
12. Kadhai Paneer
Indian cottage cheese cooked with capsicum, tomato and onion curry
13. Palak Paneer
Spinach cooked with cottage cheese and exotic spices
14. Palak Kofta
Cheese and potato balls cooked in spinach curry
15. Malai Kofta
Cottage cheese balls cooked in tomato and cashew nut curry
16. Mutter Paneer
Cottage cheese and peas cooked in tomato and onion gravy and garnished with coriander
1. Butter Chicken
Chicken tikka cooked in cream and butter gravy
2. Kadhai Chicken
Chicken tikka cooked in capsicum, onion and tomato gravy
3. Chicken Saag $14.00
Lamb Saag $15.00
Prawn Saag $17.50
Chicken tikka/lamb/prawn cooked in spinach curry with ginger and garlic
4. Chicken Curry $14.00
Lamb Curry $15.00
Chicken/Lamb cooked in onion and tomato curry and garnished with shredded ginger
5. Chicken Vindaloo $14.00
Lamb Vindaloo $15.00
Prawn Vindaloo $17.50
Chicken/Lamb/Prawn cooked in Goa style with hot spices
6. Chicken Madras $14.00
Lamb Madras $15.00
Chicken/Lamb cooked in special spices and coconut
7. Chicken Korma $14.00
Lamb Korma $15.00
Prawn Korma $17.50
Chicken/Lamb/Prawn cooked in almond and cashew nut sauce with cream
8. Chicken Tikka Masala $14.00
Lamb Tikka Masala $15.00
Chicken tikka/Lamb cooked in cream and special spices
9. Bhuna Chicken
Chicken cooked in onion and tomato gravy and capsicum, coconut powder and spices
10. Chicken Methi Malai (Chef's Special)
Chicken cooked in special ground spices and fenugreek leaves
11. Chicken Jalfrezi $14.00
Lamb Jalfrezi $15.00
Prawn Jalfrezi $17.50
Chicken tikka/lamb/prawn cooked in red bell pepper, onion and sliced tomatoes
12. Lamb Rogan Josh
Lamb mixed with special Kashmir masala and cooked on slow heat. Special delicacy from Kashmir.
13. Chicken Do Pyaza $14.00
Lamb Do Pyaza $15.00
Boneless pieces cooked in onion with special spices and garnished with onion
14. Chicken Manchurian
Boneless chicken marinated in ginger and garlic paste and fried. Cooked with capsicum and onion in soy sauce.
15. Fish Tikka Masala
Fish cooked in cream and special spices
16. Bengali Fish
Fish cooked in tomato and onion sauce
17. Fish Madras
Fish cooked in spices, curry leaves and coconut
18. Fish Malabari
Fish cooked in tomato, onion, capsicum and coconut
1. Vegetarian Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables and flavoured with Indian spices and garnished with coriander
2. Chicken Biryani
Tender Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with Basmati rice and garnished with coriander
3. Lamb Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with lamb and garnished with coriander
Raita $3.00
Poppadums $2.00
Mix Pickle $2.00
Mango Chutney $2.00
Plain Rice $2.00
1. Naan
Famous Indian hot bread made of refined flour and baked in tandoor
2. Butter Naan
Famous Indian bread baked in tandoor and coated with butter
3. Garlic Naan
Indian hot bread sprinkled with garlic, baked and coated with butter
4. Keema Naan
Naan filled with spiced lamb mince and coated with cutter
5. Chicken Naan
Naan filled with spiced chicken mince and coated with butter
6. Kashmiri Naan
Naan filled with dry fruits and sultanas and coated with butter
7. Tandoori Roti
Indian bread made with wholemeal flour
8. Onion Kulcha
Naan filled with onion and spices
9. Paneer Kulcha
Naan filled with cottage cheese mild spices and coriander
10. Paneer & Garlic Kulcha
Naan stuffed with cottage cheese and garlic
11. Aloo Parantha
Wholemeal bread filled with potatoes, spices and onions
1. Tandoori Chicken Wrap (Healthy Option)
Served with mint sauce and tamarind chutney
2. Paneer Tikka Wrap (Healthy Option)
Served with mint sauce and tamarind chutney
3. Combo Meal Deal
Curry and rice served with plain naan and a can of soft drink (size 355mL) combo meal deal includes butter chicken, chicken curry, lamb curry, kadhai paneer and chana masala
4. Samosa (per piece)
Deep fried pastry filled with potatoes, peas, nuts and Indian spices

We make every attempt to keep menus up to date, but prices and items are subject to change without notice. This menu is to be used as a guide only.

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I Japanese Cafe (sample menu)
Grilled Salmon Wing (2pcs) $7.00
Rice $2.20
boiled green beans with sprinkled sea salt
Curry on Rice
oven baked, cheese and half-cooked egg on top of beef curry on rice with salad and miso soup
Small Salad $2.80
Japanese Steak Set
sizzling diced beef steak with salad, miso soup and rice
grilled eel( 166g)
Japanese Pickles $3.50
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Thai House Express (sample)
Deep Fried Chicken with Mixed Vegetables $13.50
Tom Kha Soup
-Chicken, Beef or Pork $13.50
-Seafood $16.50
-Prawns $16.50
-Vegetables $13.50
-Vegetables $13.50
-Seafood $16.50
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Lamb Stew with Chives, Onion, Korean Cabbages.
L $35.00
Deep Fried Chicken Skewer (3 Skewer)
Arang bibibop
Traditional mixed rice with Assorted vegetable & Stir fried Beef
Da bulgogi
Stir-Fried Sweet Chicken with Vegetables on a sizzling pan.
S $17.00 / L $32.00
Spicy Stew with Various kinds of meats, Kimchi, Beans and Assorted Vegetables.
L $35.00
Cooked beef tendon and Vermicelli and Onion with Beef bone soup.
L $32.00
Spicy Stew with Kimchi, Pork and Tofu.
Beef Stock Soup with Korean Style Pork Sausage, Pork Meats and Liver.
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Crispy Pancake $4.50
Fish & Chives $13.00
Lamb with Radish $13.00
Prawn with Tofu $13.00
Fish Fillet in Hot & Spicy Stock $13.00
Lamb Ribs on Rice $13.00
Vegetarian Noodle Soup $10.00
Cold Noodles with Beef & Veges $11.00
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Noodle Soup with vegetables, egg and pork dice
Diced chicken stir fried with cashew nuts, celery, courgette, carrot and mushroom
-Medium $19.80
Fried rice with sliced pork and marinated cabbage
Sizzling beef with homemade sweet sauce or black pepper sauce
Fried green beans with chicken and homemade chilli sauce
Stir fried noodles with mushroom, bean sprouts and pakchoi
Tofu with chilli sauce and minced beef, served with rice
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Restaurant Details

1009 Heaphy Terrace, Fairfield, Hamilton, Waikato, 3214, New Zealand
Takeaway, Gluten Free Options, Home Delivery, Vegetarian Friendly, Bar Not Available, Cash, Quick Bites, Lunch, Seating, Cards accepted, Dinner
The Indian Host Hamilton Menu

Opening Hours

Monday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 AM, Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 AM, Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 AM, Thursday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 AM, Friday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 AM, Saturday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 AM, Sunday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 AM