Azon in Auckland Menu

Sisg lettuce cups(DF, NF, CS)
Pork belly sisig, watercress salad, fried shallotsm salted duck egg mayonnaise
Salted duck egg chicken
Crispy fried chicken pieces on salted duck egg sauce, basil and shallots
Pork and fish singulaw (DF, NF, CS)
Filipino style cured fish fillet with marinated grilled pork, cucumber, chillis served with kumara chips
chicken inasal (GF, DF, NF, CS)
Chicken BBQ skewersm annatto oil, pickled pawpaw and carrots and filipino salsa
Filipino street food platter(DF, CS)
Kwek-kwek (Deep fried quail egg skwer), shrimp okoy and salmon skin carckling
Vegetable lumpia
Filipino style vegetable spring roll, paenuts sweet garlic sauce
Chilli dynamite roullete(NF, CS)
Deep fried smoked salmon and cream cheese stuffed medley of chillis warpped in srping roll with mango and chilli sauce
Crab buntaa(NF, CS)
Deep fried soft-shelled crab, coconut coated rice cake, fish roe with buntaa sauce
Pork BBQ (DF, NF, CS)
Filipino style pork BBQ skewers
Eggplant ensalada (GF, DF, NF, CS)
Roasted eggplant saladm salted duck egg, tomato, red onion(Vegetarian / Non vegetarian)
Anchovy hanggop(GF, DF, NF, CS)
Fresh radish and tomato salad, srping onion, red onion, crispy anchovies
Chopsuey(GF, DF)
Filipino style strir fried vegetables, cashew, fried, vegetable peel crisp (vegetarian / non vegetarian)
Green beans gising-gising(GF, DF, NF)
spicy medley of bean strir fried in coconut sauce, chilli, spring onion(vegetarian / non vegetarian)
(GF)= Gluten Free, (DF)= Dairy free, (NF)= Nut free, (CS)= May contain shellfish
Lechon kawali(DF, NF, CS)
Twice cooked pork belly served with homemade liver pate sauce pickled carrots and pawpaw, spiced soy sauce
Chicken and pork adobo(DF, NF, CS)
Chicken cooked adobo style, pulled pork floss, garlic, spring onion, shallots
Tiyula itum(GF, DF, NF, CS)
Beef brisket cooked in broth falvoured with burnt coconut turmeric and lemongrass, curry leaves chilli spring onion
Kulmang karmero(GF, NF, CS)
Lamb shank kulma with crispy taro, toasted cashews, mint and fresh coriander
Goat caldereta(DF, NF, CS)
Goat pieces cooked in rich tomato based sauce, watercress pesto, grilled pineapple salsa
Fish escabeche
Tamarind escabeche market fish fillet with carrots, ginger and capsicum
Market Price
Squid adobo
Fried calamari tossed in honey soy dressing, vermicelli, chilli and squid ink adobo sauce
Pusit relleno
Grilled stuffed calamari with coconut curry sauce
Prawn curry
Rich prawn curry in coconut crab roe, coconut curd pandesal
Shelled fish binakol
Medley of shelled fish cooked in coconut water, young coconut meat, herbs
Garlic or plain rice S$3/L$8
Our menu is designed for sharing and may not arrive together.
We are able to make some dishes spicy, please ask advise from your served.
Organic black soy milk panna-cotta, with tapioca pearls, seasonal fruit and pandan caramel
Ube halaya flan
Layared chilled cake purple yam jam
Sans rival
Buttercream sandwiched cookie, meringue and pistachios
Brazo de mercedes
Custard filled meringue roll, cashew and seasonal fruits
Maja blanca ice cream
Coconut and corn pudding ice cream, coconut wafer and coconut curd
Table cake
Cacao and pandan jelly, coconut flakes, pandan sago and hokey-pokey
Seasonal fruits, crush ice, purple yam jam and pinpig
11AM - 2:30PM
Garden fresh salad
Mixed salad, tofu, pork floss, fried wanton and beetroot
Annatto chicken BBQ
BBQ chicken marinated with tomato turmeric, coconut rice, pire-pire sauce
Roast pork belly
With kare-kare sauce slow roasted pork belly, eggplant, asian green and kare-kare sauce
Grilled tiger prawn
With carb roe, coconut sauce grilled tiger prawn, fish fillet with carb roe and coconut

We make every attempt to keep menus up to date, but prices and items are subject to change without notice. This menu is to be used as a guide only.

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Below you'll find samples from menus of places nearby.

Nearby sample menus

Westside Grille (sample menu)
2 Sausages & french fries or salad $8.90
Chicken Caesar salad $9.50
1kg Cooked Mussels
in Pomodoro sauce, onion garlic basil and red chili pepper salt and wine
Mashed Potatoes $5.90
Bowl of Chips $4.50
Meatballs and Gravy
served with mashed potatoes and peas
Approx 400grams of lamb shanks marinated in red wine
served with gravy mashed or roasted potatoes and peas
Bowl of olives $2.50
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Japanese Kitchen Coo. (sample)
fried pork dumpling
Teriyaki tofu don
Teriyaki salmon don
spicy teriyaki salmon available on request
Karaage chicken don
deep-fried seasoned chicken
Fried vege set $6.00
Pork curry udon noodle $10.00
Salmon sashimi don
with avocado
deep fried squid tentacles
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J's Tea (sample)
Teriyaki Chicken $10.00
Crispy salt & pepper Squid $12.50
Hot Grass Jelly w one Topping
toppings, peals/red bean/green bean/peanut
Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs $8.50
Chicken Squid with spicy salt $10.00
Prawn Wonton Soup
pork and prawn wrapped in Wonton and vegetables
Coffee Pudding with Cream Milk $4.50
Egg Roll with Spring Onion Pork $7.00
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Smith and Wong Takeaways (sample)
Chicken $9.50
Steak $11.00
Combination Meat $11.00
For 3 - 4 people
Special Pork Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Wonton, Steak Fried Rice
Combination Meat $12.50
Chicken Egg Foo Yong $9.50
Sausage in Batter $1.40
Curry Rice Roll $2.00
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Kuzhikkadan's Kitchen (sample)
Curry $8.00
Mutton curry $10.00
Paratha $2.00
Beef fry $10.00
Ghee roast dosa $7.00
●Non veg
Chilly gobi $8.00
Chicken stew $10.00
Clean Here for the full menu for Kuzhikkadan's Kitchen

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Westside Grille Takeaway Food
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Restaurant Details

112 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052

Opening Hours

Monday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 – 11:00 PM, Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 – 11:00 PM, Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 – 11:00 PM, Thursday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 – 11:00 PM, Friday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 – 11:00 PM, Saturday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 – 11:00 PM, Sunday: Closed