Indonesian restaurant and takeaway menus in New Zealand

Lokmins Takeaways

Takeaway Food, Chinese, Indonesian, Fast Food

537 East Coast Road, Murrays Bay, Auckland, 0630, New Zealand

Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant

Asian, Chinese, Indonesian

12-26 Swanson Street, Auckland City, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Tuti's Restaurant and Bar

Asian, Seafood, Indonesian, Fusion, Soups, New Zealand

35 Beach Road, Kaikoura, South Island, 7300, New Zealand

Mama June


6/10 Kilham Avenue, Auckland, Auckland, 0627, New Zealand

Bali Star

Asian, Indonesian

Elliot Street, Howick, Auckland, Auckland, 2014, New Zealand

Bali Star Sample Menu

Padang Rice
Rice with chicken, beef, egg, vegetables in coconut cream
Gulai Kepala Ikan (Fish Curry)
Traditional fish soup with special coconut spicy curry sauce. Rice Included
Curry Noodle Soup
Boiled noodles served with chicken, tofu, egg and bean sprout in coconut cream. Vegetarian Available
Soto Jakarta
Spicy Beef soup with tamarind lemongrass, cinnamon, garlic, in coconut cream. Rice or Noodles
Special Chicken Wings $6.00

Garrison Takeaways

Asian, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Fast Food

118A Old Wairoa Road, Papakura, Auckland, Auckland, 2110, New Zealand

Garrison Takeaways Sample Menu

Roast Pork $12.50
Chicken / Steak / Pork / Vegetables $10.50
Combination $13.00
Vegetables $9.50
Battered Scallop / Pineapple Fritter / Banana Fritter / Donut $1.80

Hong Kong Kitchen

Asian, Chinese, Seafood, European, Indonesian

5 Bow Street, Raglan, Raglan, Waikato, 3225, New Zealand

Onebites Indonesian

Indonesian, Street Food

22/280 Karangahape Road, Lower Hutt, Wellington, 5010, New Zealand

Onebites Indonesian Sample Menu

Lamb potato bites
with one bites mayo
Javanese (DF)
Lamb satay, Soy Caramelised, pickles, Lettuce, bne bites Mayo, Tomato, Peanut Sauce
Lemper (DF, GF)
Pulled Chicken on Glutinous Rice wrapped in Banana Leaf
Balinese (DF)
Chicken Satay, Lettuce, Pickles, one bites Mayo, Tomato and Peanut Sauce
Talam cake(DF)
Steamed Kumara and Rice Flour Cake

Kuta Bali


15 Mercari Way, Albany, Auckland, Auckland, 0632, New Zealand

Kuta Bali Sample Menu

16.Soto Surabaya
chicken soup with lemongrass served with vermicelli, cabbage and egg
$ 11.00
4.bakmie goreng kuta $11
20.Oseng Klaten
(chicken, lamb or beef) Stir fried meat and vegetables with special sauce and coconut cream
$ 12.00
11.Ayam Bakar Bali
grilled boneless chicken served with vegetables and balinese sauce
8.Bakmie Goreng Katu
fried noodles with chicken, prawn, cabbage and tomato with special paste

Kintamani Bali Cafe

Ice Cream, Indonesian

1 Queens Parade, Auckland, Auckland, 0624, New Zealand

Kintamani Bali Cafe Sample Menu

Seafood Balado
Stir fried mixed seafood, vegetables, served with hot valado sauce (rice incl)
Bakmi Goreng Special
Fried egg noodles with tofu, vegetables and pickles
Beef Rendang
Traditional indonesian styled cooked beef with lemongrass, lime leaves, garlic & galangal with coconut cream and pickles (rice incl)
Nasi Goreng Special
Either chicken, lamb or beef fried rice served with egg on top and pickles
Beef Balado
Grilled marinated beef with hot balado with vegetables and special sauce

Design Cuisine

Sandwiches, Indonesian

9 Byron Street, Napier South, Napier, Hawke's Bay, 4110, New Zealand

Mandarin Chinese Takeaways

Asian, Chinese, Indonesian, Fast Food

141 Line Road, Glen Innes, Auckland, Auckland, 1072, New Zealand

Mandarin Chinese Takeaways Sample Menu

10 x chicken nuggets $1 chips
Pork Pineapple $12.00
Wonton Soup $8.00
Steak $2.80
Snack pack

San-Su Takeaways

Takeaway Food, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Fast Food, Pacific

1 Maich Road, Manurewa, Auckland, Auckland, 2102, New Zealand

San-Su Takeaways Sample Menu

● Chopsuey
Prawn / Combination $11.00
● Authentic Curries
Nasi Goring / Bami Goring $12.00
Sausage / Crabstick $1.00

Mie setan jahanam

Asian, Indonesian

Jalan ronggowarsito 102a., Ngawi, New Zealand

Savour Sumatra

Asian, Indonesian

Oxford 7430, New Zealand

Savour Sumatra Sample Menu

Nz Fresh Grown Seasonal Vegetable - Egg
Indonesian Style Potato Croquettes Stuffed With Meat And Vegetable Served With Sambal N/A
Original - Beef
Premium Nz Beef Minced - Seasonal Vegetable - Egg
Kroket Kentang
Indonesian Style Potato Croquettes Served With Sambal ( 3 Each/Portion)
Gado Gado
Noodle And Crispy Vegetable Salad With Homemade Peanut Sauce

Himalaya Indian Cuisine

Asian, Indian, Indonesian, Nepalese

105 Heath Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

Himalaya Indian Cuisine Sample Menu

Aloo Gobi
Potato and cauliflower cooked with garlic, ginger, onion and Indian herbs and spices
Veg Manchurian
Vegetarian bell cooked in soya sauce with capsicum and onion
Non Veg Platter
Assortment mixed chicken tikka, fish tikka, lamb seekh kabab and malai tikka
Chicken Jalfrezi
Tandoor roasted chicken cooked in julienne of capsicum, onion, tomato gravy to give traditional sweet and sour taste
Goan Fish / Prawns Curry
Fish / prawns cooked in special goan style with brown onion gravy and flavoured with tamarind, fresh coconut


Asian, Indonesian, Fusion

Northcote Town Centre, 6-10 Kilham Avenue, Northcote, Auckland 0627

Peking Cafe

Asian, Chinese, European, Indonesian

92 Guyton St, Wanganui Central, Wanganui

Garuda Truck

Indonesian, Street Food

Location Varies, Newlands, Wellington City

Anyavee Indonesian Malaysian & Thai Food

Asian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian

84 Fitzherbert Avenue, Palmerston North 4410, New Zealand

Dish at Red Barrel

Asian, European, Italian, Indonesian, New Zealand

265 Te Mata Road, Havelock North 4294, New Zealand

Dish at Red Barrel Sample Menu

3 Cheeses $36.00
Bokepa Denbo
1 Cheese $14.00
Rolled baklava
with an orange and cinnamon syrup, honey infused yoghurt whiskey and hazelnut ice cream
Panzanella salad Tomatoes, cucumber, sourdough, capsicums, basil and citrus vinaigrette

Indochine Express Kitchen

Indonesian, Asian Fusion

47 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

Indochine Express Kitchen Sample Menu

Nom du du xanh
Green papaya, carrot, shrimp, poached chicken, fresh Vietnamese herbs, chilli, crispy lotus stems, fried shallots & peanuts
Slow cooked & medium-rare tender NZ sirloin/poached chicken. Bo - Traditional Hanoi style noodle soup with delicious soup, spring onions & fresh herbs. Served with a fresh baked Baguette.
Thit Kho
Caramelised braised pork, coconut fresh and egg. Served with coconut rice and traditional pickle.
Ngo nuong (Seasonal)
Charcoal BBQ strips of fresh seasoned corn.
Goi cuon Chay
Fresh rice rolls with BBQ marinated tofu, Portobello mushroom & fresh Vietnamese herbs. With peanuts & vegan dipping sauce.


Cafe Food, Asian, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian

79 Anzac Ave, Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Java Room

Asian, Chinese, Vegetarian, Indonesian

317 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland, Auckland, 1052, New Zealand

Java Room Sample Menu

Prawn & Corn Fritters
4 fritters served with sweet chilli dip
Hot Lava Prawn
Tamarind, sambal chilli, palm sugar, okras/bean
Pad Thai
Stir fried rice noodle with prawns & chicken topped with crushed peanuts & fresh bean sprouts
South Indian Snapper
Curry spices of cumin, fenugreek & turmeric tomato and fres okra
Som Thail Gai
Fresh paw-paw salad with grilled lemon grass chicken, roasted peanuts, crisp shallot & Thai dressing

Radiant Cafe

Cafe Food, Asian, Indonesian

15 Glenmall Place, Glen Eden, Auckland, Auckland, 0602, New Zealand

Radiant Cafe Sample Menu

Pork Riblets/Chicken/Steak/Lamb/Beef
Mushroom, cheese, onion $7.50
Bagel Breakfast $10.90
Bakmie Goreng $13.90
Spicy Squid & Chips $13.90

Satay India Bistro and Tandoor

Asian, Indian, Malaysian, Vegetarian, Indonesian, Vegan, Gluten Free

18/24 Allen Street, Te Aro, Te Aro, Wellington, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

Thai Gourmet

Asian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Asian Fusion

64 Michaels Avenue, Ellerslie, Auckland, Auckland, 1051, New Zealand

little bali

Japanese, Asian, Indonesian

39 Melanesia Road, Kohimarama, Kohimarama, Auckland City, Auckland, 1071, New Zealand

Monsoon Poon

Asian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Vegetarian, Indonesian, Vegan, Gluten Free

12 Blair Street, Te Aro, Wellington, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

Monsoon Poon Sample Menu

- One for $5
Indian Empire Spiced Chickpea Salad
with cauliflower, cranberries, chaat masala, cucumber, chilli, yogurt & Lot Eight Vietnamese olive oil
Combo Platter
a selection of our popular entrees to share
Kung Pao Chicken Wings
sweet, spicy & sticky
Thai Beef Salad
beef fillet, spring onion, bean sprouts, mint, coriander, basil, mesclun, spinach, crispy shallots, crushed spiced cashews & a lime, coriander & chilli dressing

Thai Warkworth Restaurant

Asian, Thai, European, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Vegetarian, Indonesian, Vegan, Gluten Free, New Zealand

6 Wharf Street, Warkworth, Warkworth, Auckland, 0910, New Zealand

Thai Warkworth Restaurant Sample Menu

Sesame Thai Squid
Served with a cucumber, daikon radish, coriander, chilli, lime, capsicum, mint salad with toasted peanuts
Garlic Pita & Hummus
Char grilled pita, hummus and toasted seeds
Sesame Thai Squid
Served with a side salad of cucumber, daikon radish, coriander, chilli, lime, capsicum, mint & toasted peanuts
Waffle Fries
& aoili
Sourdough Bread With Olive Oil
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Asian, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian

79 Anzac Avenue, Auckland CBD, 1010, New Zealand

Ngopi Sample Menu

Noodle and vermicelli in coconut curry soup
Noodle and vermicelli in coconut curry soup
Chicken Curry - with rice / with roti
freshly served curry with chicken
$12 / $13
Noodle and vermicelli in coconut curry soup
Hocken Char
Fried yellow noodle with chicken + seafood in dark soya sauce

Legianz Waroeng Indonesia

Asian, Indonesian

210 Victoria Street West, Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Legianz Waroeng Indonesia Sample Menu

Nasi Goreng Kambing
Lamb fried rice and bitternut crackers
Sate Ayam
Chicken satay skewers, peanut sauce and steamed rice
Kalio Ikan
Fish Fillet cooked with special curry paste with coconut cream served with Rice
Nasi Goreng
Fried rice with mixed vegetables
Mie Jawa
Traditional Chicken Java Noodles

Wardani Indonesian Food

Asian, Indonesian

9 Albert Street, Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Wardani Indonesian Food Sample Menu

grilled chicken thigh served with special Indonesian yellow curry made from lemon grass, ginger and herb, serve with steamed rice
stir fry season Vegetable with Chicken or lamb or beef in Indonesian yellow curry, Serve with Jasmine rice or noodles
Indonesian stir fried noodle with cabbage, tomatoes, fried shallot, with prawn and chicken
a traditional Indonesian salad of cook vegetable, serve warm with tofu egg and cucumber coated with peanut sauce serve with steamed jasmine rice
wok toast seasonal vegetables with chicken or lamb or beef with fresh tomatoes, garlic onion and ginger serve with steam Jasmine rice or noodle

Indonesia Restaurant

Asian, Vegetarian, Indonesian, Vegan, Gluten Free

409 Marine Parade, Napier South, Napier, NZ, 4110, New Zealand

Indonesia Restaurant Sample Menu

-Gado Gado
Blanched Vegetable Salad
$30.00 Per Person
-Gado Gado
-Blanched Vegetable Salad
$30.00 Per Person
(V) denotes vegetarian
-Bean Sprouts & Mixed Vegetables
topped with Peanut Sauce and Egg
$30.00 Per Person
-Sayur Lodeh
Vegetables in Curried Coconut Cream
$30.00 Per Person

Monsoon Poon

Asian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Vegetarian, Indonesian, Vegan, Gluten Free

Lower Hobson Street, Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Monsoon Poon Sample Menu

Spinach & Potato Curry
Spiced with turmeric ginger and chilli
Penang Chicken
Malaysian style roasted chicken marinated with fresh ginger, turmeric, chilli, kaffir lime, fennel seed and coconut cream
Chef Tao’s Broccoli & Tofu
Stir fried with light soy and chilli
Spicy Malaysian noodle soup with chicken, seafood and market vegetables
Imperial Lettuce Cups
Wok fried chicken with chiili, soy, capsicum and Spring onion
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