KFC in Nelson Menu

KFC in Nelson has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Shoyu Ramen or Tori Shio Ramen from Ramen Takara. The Verdict Restaurant & Ale House offers many options including Homemade Garlic Bread and Chilli Cheese Bread. Chilando Mexican Taqueria includes a wide range like Quesadilla Grande or Tacos-soft or Crispy,. Sandwich and Sandwich from . Anatoki Salmon offers ChokDee and Thai Mini Spring Rolls.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Caesar Salad $19.80
    • The Ale House's spin on the traditional classic that has almost ingrained itself as a key part of the Kiwi dining scene. Cos lettuce, croutons, bacon, parmesan, anchovies, poached egg and our own caesar dressing. Add chicken: $23.60 Beer Match: The full flavours of Speight's Distinction Ale goes perfectly here.
  • Moeraki Mussels $17.50
    • Green lipped mussels simmered to perfection in our homemade green curry sauce.
  • The Highlander $00.00
    • Hearty 250g prime rib-eye, served with potato gratin, buttered seasonal vegetables topped with a rich beef jus and beer battered onion rings.
  • Musterer's Roast Lamb Cutlets $00.00
    • Thyme infused lamb cutlets accompanied with kumara, parsnip and ginger hash, roasted vine ripened tomatoes, green beans then drizzled with our chefs special onion sauce and a rich jus. Beer Match: A pint of Speight's Distinction Ale will go great with this.
  • Shearer's Shanks $28.80/ $36.50
    • Tender and delicious lamb shanks, oven roasted with Central thyme and garlic, topped with Ale House gravy and a mint glaze. Served on potato mash with fresh vegetables. Beer Match: I must say this dish is perfect with Speight's Porter.
  • Deep South Salmon $33.50
    • Pan roasted fillet of Salmon served on a garlic caper mash, topped with a tomato ragout and horseradish and lime cream. With a choice of garden salad or fresh vegetables on the side. Beer Match: Savour the flavour here with a glass of Speight's Gold Medal Ale.
  • Banana Cigars $13.00
    • Deep fried until golden brown served with French vanilla bean ice cream, topped with a sensational thick coconut palm sugar sauce.
  • Southern Man's "All Day" Breakfast $22.80
    • A breakfast feast available all day. Fried eggs, corn fritter, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato and Speight's Ale House hash browns. Served with toasted Ale House bread. Beer Match: OK – if you have to have a beer with breakfast, it has to be Gold Medal Ale.
  • Miso cured angus beef, wild rice bubble crisp, kewpie, dashi, cured yolk $8.00 ea
  • New orleans southern fried fish tacos, cocktail sauce, jalapeno salsa & urban slaw $20.00
  • Urban chips, caramelised onion & roast garlic aioli $11.00
  • Crab 'n' buns, tempura soft shell crab, jeff's steam buns, apple & fennel salad, tom yum mayo $24.00
  • Tempura $5.00ea
  • Crying tiger, pulled pork, iceberg cups, nahm prik, crispy shallots $20.00
  • Bloody Mary Oyster Shot $9.00
  • Black forest floor, cherry sorbet, chocolate marquise $13.00
  • Buckwheat Flapjacks $18.50
    • Crispy Bacon, Blueberry Compote, Banana, Maple Syrup
  • Nachos $9.00
    • With Cheese, Beans and Sour Cream
  • Side Salad $7.00
  • Potato Rosti And Smoked Salmon Stack $22.75
    • Potato Rosti, Hot Smoked Salmon, Fresh Green Beans, Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce, garnished with Homemade Seafood Sausage and Tomato
  • Bowl of Fries $6.50
  • Spinach And Feta Fritters $21.50
    • Served with Salad Leaves and Yoghurt Riata Sauce
  • Mustard Mayo/Aioli $1.50
  • Thai Prawn And Sweet Potato Fritters $21.50
    • Thai Prawn and Sweet Potato Fritters with a hint of Chilli, Coriander and Ginger, with Tomato Chilli Sauce and Salad Leaves
  • Daal makhni $15
    • A delicious protein and fibre-rich dish from Punjab made with black lentils and beans.
  • Balti chicken $17
    • One of Britain's most popular dishes - medium-spiced chicken cooked with peppers and french beans.
  • Do pyaza $17
    • Your choice of lamb or beef cooked with ginger, garlic, sauteed brown onion, tomato and spices.
  • Butter prawns $
    • If you love your butter chicken, this is another variation. Prawns cooked in cashew and tomato-based gravy.
  • Nasi goreng $15
    • Malaysian-style fried rice with spicy sambal, egg, prawns, chicken, assorted vegetables, tofu and bean sprouts.
  • Malabari $19.5
    • Prawns or fish cooked in coconut-based gravy.
  • Saag chicken $17
    • A North Indian speciality - spinach cooked with onion, tomato and a hint of garlic with your choice of chicken, beef or lamb.
  • Rendang $14.5
    • A spicy meat dish which originates from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesia - popular in Malaysia and other South Asian countries.
  • Fish 'n' Chips $5.00
  • - Gluten Free + $1.00
  • Chicken Nuggets x6 $3.50
  • Squid Rings $1.00
  • Fish Pie $5.00
  • Cone 'o' Chips $3.00
  • Sauce Sachets $0.50¢
  • Oysters (Farmed) each $3.00
  • 17 Prawn or Salmon Salad (Sa Lát Tôm / Cá Hôi) $18
    • King Prawn cutlets or Smoked Salmon on a bed of mixed lettuce, seaweed, picked lotus, sprouts, carrot, cucumber, herbs and dressing ~ available in mild, medium or hot
  • 79 Vietnamese Crepe Pancake (Banh Xeo) $16
    • Pan-Fried Pork, Prawn, onion and sprouts wrapped in a sizzling rice crepe, served with home-made sauce, lettuce and fresh herbs
  • 3 Vegetarian Fresh Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuôn̕ Chay) $8
    • Lettuce, cucumber, carrot, herbs and rice noodles served with hoisin sauce and peanut crumb
  • Seafood $18
  • 81 Stir Fried Chinese Noodles (Mi᷈Xāo Heo)
    • Pak-choi, Carrot, Sprouts
  • ~ Vegetarian on request ~
  • Combination $16
  • 26 Sweet & Sour Tofu (Dâu Hũ Xāo Chua Ngot) $14
    • Onion, mushroom, red and green capsicum, pineapple
  • Eggs and Toast $7.90
    • Two eggs any style served with buttered toast
  • Extras each 1.50
    • Aioli, Peppercorn sauce, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce
  • Chicken Wedges $9.90
    • Crispy battered chicken wedges served with chunky fries and tomato sauce
  • Capriosca $19.90
    • Italian salami , meatballs, bacon, capsicum and olives finished with a capsicum pesto swirl
  • Extras each 1.50
    • Aioli, Peppercorn sauce, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce
  • Thai Beef Salad $19.90
    • 180 g of succulent marinated beef seared to medium rare sitting on mixed salad greens with authentic Tha dressing
  • Extras each 1.50
    • BBQ Sauce, Aioli, Satay Sauce, Mayonnaise, Bacon, Beetroot, Cheese, Fried Egg, Pineapple, Jalapeno relish
  • 623 Kids Burger $9.90
    • Delicious beef pattie with sreaky bacon, cheese, tomato and salad greens . Served with chunky fries and tomato sauce
  • Vege pattie S $9.1 / L $11.7
  • Mixed S $10.9 / L $12.9
  • Add salad $2.80
  • Kids sizes $5.80
  • Add cheese $1.00
  • Red cabbage/carrot/lettuce/red onion/hummus/sour cream/beetroot/tabulleh/jellepino
  • Chicken S $8.8 / L $11.8
  • Garlic yoghurt/honey mustard/mint/sour cream/bbq/mayo/tomato/satay/aioli/(chilli) sweet, mild, hot/butter chicken
  • Tahuna $14.50/$21.50
    • Tuna, capers and sliced red onion
  • Thai Mussels $22.50
    • A pot of green-lipped mussels from Tasman Bay steamed open in a Thai red curry, coconut milk and freshly-chopped corriander broth
  • Bowl of Green Queen and Greek Kalamata olives served with grissini bread sticks $7.50
  • Add wood-roasted chicken or house smoked salmon $4
  • Cannelloni $18.50
    • tubes filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, topped with Neapolitan tomato sauce, served with side salad
  • Bambino Pasta (Sorry, children only) $10.50
    • Tri-colour pasta spirals in our Neapolitan tomato sauce with bacon
  • Greek Salad $15.50
    • with salad greens, tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives and feta
  • Chocolate Cake $13.50
    • on chocolate and caramel sauces served with freshly whipped cream
  • Beef Wellington $27.95
    • Beef fillet (mr) wrapped in pastry with portobello mushroom & herb farce, gourmet potatoes, green salad with béarnaise sauce, jus
  • Buckwheat Flapjacks $18.50
    • Crispy bacon, blueberry compote, banana, maple syrup
  • Croissant $17.25
    • Filled with ham off the bone with brie, mustard mayonnaise, salad leaves
  • Children’S Platter (GF Option) $9.50
    • Cheese, bread, fresh fruit, raisins and cold meat
  • We have available for sale our herb vinaigrette, mustard mayonnaise, tomato and chilli jam, quince jelly, chilli and lemongrass sauce.
  • -GF Bread $2 extra
  • -Home-Made GF Bread $2 Extra
  • Nachos $9.00
    • With cheese, beans and sour cream
  • -Guacamole
  • -3 Tacos $10.50
  • Grilled Chicken or Steak Salad $10.50
    • Our Paso Ancho Chicken or Steak Salad Combo: Lettuce, Mexi-Slaw Veggies, Vinaigrette Topped with toasted Pepitas (Pumpkin Seeds) and Salsa
  • -2 Tacos $8.00
  • -Black Beans
  • “Chipotle” Beef
    • (Roasted With Smokey Chipotle, A Bit of heat with Mexican Soul)
  • Traditional Chill Corn Carne
    • (Slow Cooked Mince Angus Beef with Classic Mexican Spices and Taco Salsa)
  • -Regular $10.50
  • Soup of the Day sml $8.9 lrg $12.9
  • Roast of the Day $23.9
    • buttered greens, creamed leeks, roasted potatoes, parsnip and carrots, all the trimmings and house gravy
  • Homemade beef, American cheddar, bacon, gherkins, pickled red onion, caramelised onion & chilli jam, lettuce, tomato and house burger sauce $22.0
  • Southern fried chicken breast, bacon, American cheddar, pickled red onion, tomato, homemade guacamole, lettuce and house burger sauce $22.0
  • Cajun chicken, peppers, onion, and chilli cheese sauce $13.9
  • Homemade smokey baked beans $11.9
    • baked egg and cheddar with toasted ciabatta
  • Roasted capsicum & polenta chips sml $10.9 lrg $16.9
    • with mint yoghurt
  • Steamed NZ mussels sml $16.9 lrg $23.9
    • in creamy white wine & garlic sauce with toasted ciabatta
  • Satay Chicken kebabs Tender breast fillet kebabs with roast tuscan tomatoes complemented with satay sauce. $29.00
  • Chef’s Soup of the Day Made from the freshest ingredients daily, served with crusty French bread. $11.00
  • Berry & Apple Crumble Gluten Free. Served with French vanilla ice cream. $13.00
  • Spirulina Smoothie -
  • Beer Battered Fries Crispy beer battered fries with bacon, melted cheese & sour cream. $11.50
  • Eggs on Toast Eggs scrambled or poached on pesto sourdough bread with your choice of either bacon or smoked salmon. $16.50
  • Nachos Chciken or Beef The old kiwi favourite with tomato & bean salsa, melted cheese & sour cream $17.00(Chicken) / $15.50(Beef)
  • Eggs Floretine Toasted English muffin with two soft poached eggs resting on baby spinach & topped with our blend of hollandaise sauce & served with crispy hash browns. $15.50
  • Tomato
  • Greek Salad Box $9.50
  • Donut $3.00
  • Calamari
  • Garlic Dough Balls $8.00
    • 10 Dough balls with garlic butter
  • Hawaiian $11.00 / $17.00
    • Ham and Pineapple, cheese
  • Sausage $3.00
  • Battered Oyster $3.00
  • Field Mushroom $12.50
    • roasted Portobello mushroom with rosemary and fire roasted capsicum with crumbled feta cheese.
  • Warm Poached Pear $12.50
    • delicately poached in wine infused with ginger and spices, together with ice cream and crème anglaise.
  • Thai Vegetable Curry $22 with Tofu $24
    • seasonal vegetables cooked in mild coconut curry sauce served with jasmine rice.
  • Arancini Risotto balls $12.50
    • filled with camembert cheese and served with petite salad.
  • Breads & Assorted dips $12.50
    • toasted olive rosemary and garlic focaccia with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic tar.
  • Cheese Board $15
    • a selection of New Zealand Cheeses, enjoy with seasonal fruits and water crackers.
  • Fettuccine al Fungi $21
    • fettuccine tossed in creamy mushroom sauce, sundried tomato, spinach and capsicum with a hint of chili.
  • Chocolate Mud Cake $12.50
    • accompanied with ice cream, berry compote and chantily cream.




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Mon - Sun: 10am - 10pm
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Counter Service



Hamburgers , Takeaway Food



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Cnr Tahunanui Dr & Beach Rd, Nelson, Nelson, 7011, New Zealand
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