Italian restaurant and takeaway menus in Rotorua

Pizzeria Imperfetto

Pizza & Pasta, Mediterranean, European, Italian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Pizza

1176 Pukaki Street, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Pizzeria Imperfetto Sample Menu

Tomato sauce - mozzarella - cherry tomatoes - pancetta - olives- egg
Tomato sauce - mozzarella- egg- ham- blue cheese
Prawns $6.00
tomato sauce - anchovies - capers
Tomato sauce - mozzarella - tuna - onions

Flava by Fusion

Hamburgers, Japanese, Seafood, Italian, Fast Food

15 Sala Street, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Our Backyard Pub

Italian, Finger Food

1287 Eruera Street, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Our Backyard Pub Sample Menu

Add for mushrooms $ 2.00
Hawaiian Burger
Home made Beef Patiie with Bacon, Pineapple, Lettuce, Beetroot, Cucumber 8. Cheddar
$ 16.00
Fried Platter
Chicken nuggets, Fish Bites, Samosa, Spring Rolls Tartare & Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce
$ 20.00
Bangers & Mash
Fresh homemade sausages served with mash potato, peas & homemade
$ 16.00/$ 18.00
The Works Burger
Homemade Beef Pattie with Bacon, Onion rings, Egg, Lettuce, Beetroot, Cucumber 8. Cheddar cheese
$ 17.00

Leonardo's Pure Italian

Health Food, Italian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free

1099 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Leonardo's Pure Italian Sample Menu

Spaghetti al profumo di mare –Pasta with fresh mussels, and anchovies
Transport yourself to the shores of the Adriatic Sea with this pasta dish brimming with fresh mussels and anchovies, fresh tomato base and Italian capers plus a selection of fresh seafood that changes every day
Bruschetta (brew-sket-ta) – Bruschetta selection
Tomato, salsa verde, chicken liver pate’ and Tapenade
Zuppa di cipolle (chee-pol-le) Toscana – Onion soup
The Real and original Onion soup “Did you know… the onion soup was born originally in Florence: Caterina de’ Medici imported to the court of France”
Minestrone Soup
My minestrone soup is loaded with good for you veggies and beef stock
Filled pasta of the day – please see the specials for tonight n/a

Domino's Pizza Rotorua

Italian, Pizza

4/1197 Fenton Street, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand


Italian, Others

346 Te Ngae Road, Lynmore, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Giovannis Sample Menu

Sizzling Rump Steak (300gm)
Traditional Italian style steak cooked to your choice, served with herb roast potatoes or wood fired oven roasted vegetables with green salad and choice of blue cheese or mushroom sauce. For well-done steak, please allow adequate time for correct cooking
Kalamata olives, anchovies, mozzarella, Napoli sauce
Marinated Olives
Bowl of homemade marinated mixed olives. (v)
Bruschetta Sorrentino
Oven toasted bread with salsa, capers, anchovies, and mozzarella
Traditional Margherita
Sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, bocconcini, Napoli

Stratosfare Rotorua

Cafe Food, Mediterranean, Seafood, Indian, European, Italian, Sushi, Vegetarian, Vegan, Contemporary, Gluten Free, Grill, International, Pizza, New Zealand

178 Fairy Springs Road, Fairy Springs, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3015, New Zealand

Stratosfare Rotorua Sample Menu

Little Asia
Steamed won tons, dim sum and Chinese dumplings and seafood. Matching sauces: nuoc cham chay sauce, sambal/ginger and soy, smoky BBQ and garlic, chilli/cucumber and coriander achar, rich and creamy butter chicken and spiced basmati rice
Mussel Pot
Live green-lipped mussels from the tank, steamed fresh, served with your choice of red curry and coconut cream or traditional garlic, white wine and herb stock
Antipasto Pickles and Preserves
Bay bell peppers filled with feta cheese, marinated artichoke, Greek kalamata olives, green olives, pickled cucumber, stuffed vine leaves, sundried tomatoes, Lebanese hummus, chargrilled halloumi on eggplant pickle, fried falafel on coriander tomato achar, creamy feta cheese with spring onion
- 250g Grass Fed NZ Pure Angus Scotch fillet steak $10.00
The Southern Oceans
Smoked salmon fillet brushed with manuka honey and orange glace, in-house marinated green-lipped mussels with sweet chilli and ginger, cooked prawn salad with bamboo shoots, toasted sesame seeds, lime and fresh coriander, pickled bismark herrings with sour cream, apples and chives, whole cooked tiger prawns, Coromandel half shell mussels with zingy chilli and red onion salsa, hot smoked New Zealand fish fillet (daily catch)

Relish Cafe

Cafe Food, European, Italian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Pizza, New Zealand

1149 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand


Seafood, Italian, Pizza

1122 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Nuvolari Sample Menu

Bistecca monza
eye fillet steak wrapped in bacon served on kumara and potato mash, a field mushroom and topped with bernaise
Porchetta simoncelli
pork , served on braised Mediterranean vegetables
Potato rosti with salmon
w/ creme fraiche & dill
Venison osso buco
served on buttered swede w/ red cabbage
Our chips
made in our kitchen daily - hand cut skin on chips w/ sea salt garnish

Zanellis Italian Restaurant

Mediterranean, Italian, Vegetarian

1243 Amohia Street, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Zanellis Italian Restaurant Sample Menu

Salmone con Polenta
Pan fried Calamari/ Green Salad/ Salsa Verde Sauce.
Bovine filetto con Prosciutto e Masala
Tender Veal Fillet/ Rosemary Potatoes/ Prosciutto & Masala Cream Sauce.
Black Olive Paste $6.10
Spaghetti con Ragu alla Bolognese
Spaghetti/ Pork, Beef & Tomato Ragu.
Garden Salads (2 sizes) $11.20 or $6.10

Capers Epicurean

Cafe Food, Health Food, American, Italian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soups, Kiwi

1181 Eruera Street, Rotorua, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Capers Epicurean Sample Menu

Mini Ham & Pineapple Pizza with Shoestring Fries N/A
Pastrami, Cheese and Chutney on Wholegrain N/A
Indonesian Rice Salad N/A
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Avocado and Salad Tortilla Wrap N/A
Muffins - Sweet or Savoury - Specials Daily N/A

Zanelli's Italian Restaurant

Mediterranean, Italian

1243 Amohia Street, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Zanelli's Italian Restaurant Sample Menu

Black Olive Paste $6.10
Chili and Tomato with Garlic $6.10
Pollo con Funghi e Spinaci
Grilled Chicken Breast/ Rosemary Potatoes/Mushroom, Spinach & Tomato Salsa.
Grilled Eye Fillet/ Rosemary Potatoes/ Port Sauce.
Garden salads 2 size $11.20

Ciccio Italian Cafe

Cafe Food, Italian, Pizza

1262 Fenton Street, Rotorua, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Ciccio Italian Cafe Sample Menu

Rigatoni Zingara, Smokey bacon & fresh mushrooms in a light Venetian sauce $24.50
Garlic Prawns, Skewered Princess Prawns sautéed in garlic butter splashed with parsley & fine cracked pepper served with roasted garlic aioli $29.50
Fish & Fries $11
Fettuccine Boscaiola, Fresh mushrooms sautéed with Smokey Bacon & garlic finished in a light cream sauce $24.50
Pesto Sambucca Mussels, Fresh NZ Green Lipped Mussels finished in a creamy Pesto sauce laced with Sambucca served with Garlic Bread * Subject to Seasonal availability * $29.50


Pizza & Pasta, Italian, Vegetarian, Fast Food, Gluten Free, Pizza

1314 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Hell Sample Menu

Chicken, Cranberry Sauce and Camembert. Made with 100% free range ingredients (Double / Snack)
$18.50 / $9.00
Real chicken Tenders and potato Wedges served with Tomato sauce and Kid's drink
Temptation Dessert Pizza
Apple, Apricot, Berries, Crumble and Custard on an original snack base
Prawn Horns
6 whole Prawns seasoned with coriander and green onions rolled in a crispy wonton style pastry..with your choice of dip
32 inch Spanish Donut broken into 6 manageable pieces - with your choice of dip

Solace Cafe and Restaurant

Diner, Cafe Food, Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Thai, Seafood, European, Italian, French, Vegetarian, British, Breakfast, Asian Fusion, Brunch, Vegan, New Zealand, Kiwi

1111 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Solace Cafe and Restaurant Sample Menu

Golden Kumara $5.50
Breads & Dips
With balsamic olive oil
Chicken Nuggets
Battered nuggets with fries
Herbed Garlic Bread $7.50
Smoked Salmon Salad
With golden roasted kumara, mesclun, rocket, watercress, red onion and tomato salad

Capizzi Pizzeria

Pizza & Pasta, Italian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Pizza

1198 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3010, New Zealand

Capizzi Pizzeria Sample Menu

Capsicum, olives, mushrooms, red onions, mozzarella & tomato sauce.
12" $20.50 14" $22.50
Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, red onions, capsicum, olives, mozzarella & tomato sauce.
12" $21.50 14" $23.50
Chicken Caesar
Chicken, Lettuce, Parmesan, Croutons, Bacon & Caesar Dressing.
Garlic Pizza
only available in 12"
Italian sausage , pepperoni , onion , mozzarella , tomato sauce.
12" $21.50 14" $23.50