Flava by Fusion in Rotorua Menu

Flava by Fusion in Rotorua has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Greek Salad - with panfried haloumi or Energy Salad - lettuce, rice, mungbean, carrot, beet, pumpkin, sunflower & sesame seed from Slowfish Beachfront Cafe. Mediterraneo offers many options including Toasted breads (V) and Cinnamon and raisin bagel (V). Chapmans Restaurant & Bar includes a wide range like Soup of the day or Seafood chowder. Soup of the Day and Toast & Bagel Selection from . Sierra Cafe offers Burger King Fairy Springs and BUFFALO CHICKEN FRIES.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • New Zealand Lamb Burger $21.70
    • Prime lamb pattie with beetroot & tomato relish.
  • BBQ $1.70
  • Large $16.70
  • BBQ Chilli Chicken Wings $18.70
    • With BBQ sauce.
  • Full Size $26.70
  • Small $11.70
  • Guacamole $1.70
  • South Indian Salmon $30.70
    • Crusted salmon fillet with sesame seed, poppy seed & lemon pepper set on Asian slaw with orange & fennel salad & celeriac remoulade.
  • Tartare
  • 50/50 Burger $12.00
    • ground bacon & beef pattie, garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion & factory sauce
  • BLT Burger $10.00
    • applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato & garlic mayo
  • Fish Pack $15.00
    • 2 pieces of fish, serve of chips and 1 portion of squid rings & served with garlic mayo & tartare
  • Bacon Gravy
  • Steak & Smoked Mushroom Burger $15.00
    • seared rump with smoked mushroom cheese, melt, slaw & Carolina mustard sauce
  • Two Tone Factory Slaw $4.00
  • Crinkle Cut Chips With Garlic Mayo $4.00
    • butter chicken half & half rice
  • 1 Fried Fish $2.00
  • 1 Piece Fried Chicken & chips $5.00
  • Vegetable Biryani $8.00
  • Paneer Makhani mild + rice $14.00
  • Stuffed Kulcha Brad $4.00
  • Roti Bread $2.00
  • Lamb korma mild + rice $15.00
  • H8 Pickled Chinese mustard root with stripped pork soup
  • C28 Spicy stir fry duck wings
  • B34 Stir fry kidney with Chinese pickled chilli
  • L6 Rice noodle soup with 5-spices beef
  • C15 Stir fry egg and fresh tomato
  • F7 Sizzling Tofu with seafood
  • K5 Cold noodle salad with shredded chicken
  • F6 Tofu jelly with delicious spicy sauce
  • Steak and chips $25.00
    • Cooked to your liking, steak fries, (optional salad) Add egg $2.50
  • Toast $3.00
  • Farmhouse $17.00
    • Sautéed potato, onion, mushroom, streaky bacon, cam‐embert, tomato
  • Mushroom $3.50
  • Cold Tasters Plate $20.00
    • Cured meats, chutney, beer cheese, crostini
  • Smoked lamb Sliders (3) $18.00
    • Smoked lamb, beetroot, gruyere, cress
  • Moroccan Prawn $17.00
    • Moroccan coated prawn, Spanish onion, capsicum, orange, tomato, dukkah, avocado, saffron aioli >>
  • Sausage $3.00
  • Moqueca de Camaroes $24.50
    • spicy prawn stew, coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, capsicums, coriander, rice, flour tortilla
  • Quinoa $17.50
    • quinoa, black beans, roasted corn, rum infused pineapple, roasted red peppers, leaf lettuce, lime garlic vinaigrette - w/ grilled chicken $23.50 / w/ chilled grilled prawns $23.50
  • Chipotle Calamares $14.50
    • tender crisp seasoned calamari, chipotle cream
  • Sopaipillas $9.50
    • crunchy fried puffed pastry triangles dusted w/ cinnamon sugar, served w/ chocolate, caramel or honey
  • Chicken or Prawns $19.50
  • Helado Sabroso $9.50
    • vanilla bean ice cream topped w/ Latin caramel or chocolate & whipped cream - 1/2 size $5.50
  • Sabroso Tapas (platter for two) $25.50
    • taquitos, chipotle cream, escabeche de pescado, tequeños, guasacaca
  • Taza de Chocolate $9.50
    • a rich & dense cold chocolate dessert spiced w/ cinnamon & cayenne chili, topped w/ whipped cream or vanilla ice cream $11.50
  • Chargrilled Lamb . Lemon Garlic Oregano . Hummus . Cracked Wheat Salad . Yoghurt . Rocket . Feta $24
  • Ginger Sesame Fried Chicken . Lime Mayo . Sushi Rice Salad . Soy, Sesame Dressing $21
  • Chargrilled Beef Sirloin . Pumpkin Puree . Roasted Red Pepper, Chipotle, Cashew Salsa $30
  • Steamed Broccoli . Lemon Basil Butter $7
  • Add Frangelico, Amaretto or Cointreau $15.5
  • Eton Mess . Strawberry . Cream . Meringue . Pomegranate . White Chocolate $13
  • Whipped Goat Cheese . Beet & Rhubarb Relish . Rosemary Crostini $14
  • Rocket . Parmesan Salad $7
  • Nua Yang Amazing $29.50
    • Char grilled marinated tenderloin steak served to your liking with steamed vegetables served on a sizzling hot plate and flamed with brandy.
  • Ped Ob Louw Dang $25.50
    • Roasted duck breast on Bok choy with red wine sauce.
  • Masaman Curry $14.50
    • A mild Thai curry cooked in coconut cream, peanuts, potatoes and onions with your choice of beef, pork or chicken.
  • Amazing Gai Yang $23.50
    • Barbecue marinated chicken breast in coconut milk with steamed vegetables and topped with Thai sweet chilli sauce.
  • Pad Thai Tofu $14.50
    • Traditional fried Thai noodles with tofu, bean sprouts and ground peanuts.
  • Honey Duck $25.50
    • Roasted duck breast on Bok choy with honey sauce.
  • Moo Pad Katiam Prik Thai $14.50
    • Stir fried sliced pork fillets cooked with garlic, pepper sauce served with mixed vegetables.
  • Pla Lard Prik $21.50
    • Pan fried fish fillets on spinach with hot chilli and tamarind sauce.
  • Classic Pancakes with Berry Compote $17.50
    • With lemon cream cheese & ice cream.
  • Corn & Zucchini Fritters with Bacon $16.90
    • Served with avocado, bruschetta mix, tomato chilli jam, rocket
  • Chicken & Bacon Club Sandwich $19.00
    • Signature club sandwich with grilled chicken breast, bacon, cage-free egg, cos lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, smokey BBQ sauce
  • Club Nachos $16.90
    • Crunchy corn chips, melted cheese, house-made salsa, sour cream, avocado.
  • Kapiti Blue Cheese $3.90
  • Smoked Cheddar $3.90
  • Avocado $3.20
  • Smoked Salmon $6.90
  • Chief's Chicken Nibbles $17.00
    • Blanched in soy, honey and spices. Served with a hoisin, orange and sesame seed sauce.
  • We’re proud to serve our guests only 100% free range chicken. Medium meals are served with one chicken breast, classic meals with two.
  • San Ouentin Squid $17.00
    • Crispy salt and pepper calamari, served with citrus aioli.
  • Lone Star Artisan Loaf $10.00
    • A traditional seeded Ciabatta loaf, handcrafted exclusively for Lone Star. Served warm with butter.
  • A Fist Full of Pizza (Quesadilla) $18.00
    • Two flour tortillas encasing your choice of spicy chicken or beef, with cheese, tomato and fresh herbs. Finished with sour cream, salsa and jalapeños.
  • six $19.00
  • Maverick Fillet $38.00
    • Premium-aged beef fillet, pan-seared and oven-baked. Served with a herbed potato bake, seasonal vegetables and sauteed spinach. Finished with a mushroom gratiné and a peppercorn jus.
  • - also available as a vegetarian option with a lentil, pea and kumara pattie
  • French toast $16.50
    • w verjuice, vanilla bean roast rhubarb and strawberry compote, crème Fraiche and maple syrup >>
  • Skirt steak corn tortillas $19.00
    • w grilled sweet corn, capsicum salsa, guacamole & chimichurri sauce w black beans and spicy salsa Roja de molcajete on the side
  • Seasonal salad w pomegranate vinaigrette $8.00
  • Encrusted breakfast burger $17.00
    • of roast root vegetables, mushroom, capsicum & beans, encrusted w toasted seeds and topped w baby spinach, roast Portobelo mushroom, charred sweet corn and chimichurri sauce
  • Caesar salad $17.00
    • of cos lettuce, crispy bacon, croutons, shaved parmesan, anchovy mayo and finished with a free range poached egg(add chicken)
  • Chicken open sandwich $18.50
    • w apricot pasta, brie, avocado, tomato, aioli and salad greens
  • Smashed avocado $16.00
    • on toasted sourdough or GF with poached egg, spiced dukkoh, watercress and crispy bacon
  • Creamy coconut pannacotta $16.00
    • w caramelized pineapple, warm banana bread, and honey
  • Fish $3.00
  • Beef Battered Chips $3.50
  • 4 Fish, 6 Nuggets & Chips $15.00
  • Bacon & Egg Burger $6.00
  • Extra $1.00
    • cheese, bacon, egg,
  • 2 Fish, 2 hot dogs, 2 pot fritters & Chips $10.00
  • Chicken Burger $6.00
  • Fish Bites $0.80
    • Our Sausage, Egg & Cheese Muffin is a combination of a sizzling sausage patty, freshly cooked egg and melted cheese nestled inside a warm English muffin. Add a regular hash bytes and large hot drink to make it a regular value meal
    • We teamed our sausage patty with a fresh egg, cheese, bacon, hash bites, barbeque and hollandaise sauce. We've got breakfast literally wrapped up. And toasted.
    • All the goodness of a Cheeseburger plus bacon! Made with our signature flame-grilled beef patty topped with a simple layer of melted cheese, bacon rashes, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun.
    • The new Crispy Chicken Stunner meal deal includes one Crispy Chicken burger, small fries, small soft drink and a sundae. Now that's value.
    • Try a mouth watering Tendercrisp chicken patty made with 100% Ingham's chicken breast, cheese, premium salad, aioli and our tangy honey mustard sauce! This tender, crispy chicken fillet burger is only available for a limited time!
  • CHEESY SIX PACK $19.95
    • Give your hunger a work out with six of our signature flame-grilled cheeseburgers and two large and hot fries for just $19.95
    • Our DOUBLE WHOPPER® is a pairing of two flame-grilled beef patties topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun and with two slices of cheese. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • Now with a long bun for double the taste! Flame-grilled beef topped with melted cheese, crispy onion rings, creamy mayo and smoky, smoky BBQ sauce. Available for a limited time at participating restaurants.
  • Garbanzo Beans $13.00
    • Slow cooked chick peas with Spanish chorizo, paprika, garlic, onion and basil. Served with Che's spicy sauce and Chilean bread.
  • Flan de Leche (Creme Caramel) $10.00
    • Traditional Spanish and South American dessert, Decorated with fresh cream and caramelized sugar.
  • Torta de Mil Hojas (One Thousand Leaves Cake) $10.00
    • Layers of pastry with caramel puree and walnuts. Fresh cream on the side.
  • Short Ribs $29.00
    • Beef ribs cooked to perfection by our Latino chefs. Served with mesclun salad, provenzala sauce and Chilean bread.
  • Squid $13.00
    • Baby squid tubed filled with chicken, topped with mango sauce and chilli flakes. Served on the side with Chilean bread and Che's special spicy sauce.
  • Vegetariano $25.00
    • For our vegetarian friends, we have three pieces croquets made with chickpeas, Peruvian super grain quinoa, black beans, lentils, garlic, onions and herbs. Served with Pebre sauce and Chilean bread.
  • Bandido $18.00
    • For children, we offer this mexican dish of a large tortilla, filled with chicken served with salad, fried and garlic mayo.
  • Peruvian Style Raw Fish $14.00
    • Fresh fish marinated in lemon, ginger, garlic, red onion and coriander. Served with roasted kumara, deep fried spiced corn and Chilean bread.
  • Fungi & cheese
  • T-bone 500g $40.00
  • RIBS $27.00
    • 750g
  • Scotch 250g $30.00
  • Seafood Pizza $20.00
  • Blue cheese crumble
  • Steak Burger (250g rump) $16.00
  • Three cheese garlic bread $8.00
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