Beverages restaurant and takeaway menus in New Zealand

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Name Cuisines Address Phone
Blowfish Restaurant & Sake Bar Diner, Dessert, Beverages 406 St Aubyn St, Moturoa 6759 1314
JELS Taiwanese, Beverages 31 Rotherham Street, Christchurch 039834513
Charlie Coco's Health Food, Ice Cream, Beverages, Dessert 312 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa 0273460745
Alley Cats Juice, Beverages 9 Albert Street, Auckland 093691331
New Zealand Natural Ice Cream, Dessert, Beverages 409 Main South Road, Christchurch 033441618
Meet Fresh Dessert, Beverages, Taiwanese 8 Lorne Street, Auckland 093776818
Pavement Bar Finger Food, Beverages 224 Symonds Street, Auckland 093732931
New Zealand Natural Ice Cream, Beverages, Dessert 2/35 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay 095213424
Meet Fresh Dessert, Beverages, Taiwanese 167/74 Wyndham Street, Auckland 096306098
Oasis Beverages, Juice 19/15 Mason Avenue, Auckland 092708688
Ellice Road Street Food, Beverages 57 Albert Street, Auckland CBD 093779939
Crepe Zone French, Dessert, Beverages, Coffee and Tea 34 Remuera Road, Auckland 095233996
Hulucat Beverages, Taiwanese, Dessert 28 Anzac Avenue, Auckland 093771868
Bubble Central Beverages, Dessert, Taiwanese 1/100 Courtenay Place, Wellington 043849933
The Beverage Sisters Beverages b/1 Queen Street, Auckland 0212664925
Goodnight Cocoa Beverages 2/130 Ponsonby Road, Auckland NotAvailable
A & P Cafe and Bar Juice, Beverages 6/10 Kilham Avenue, Auckland 094196599
Mai Mai Tea Taiwanese, Beverages 1/1-3 Short Street, Auckland NotAvailable
Meet Fresh Dessert, Beverages, Taiwanese 2a/372 Rosedale Road, Rosedale, Auckland 094485162
HuluCat Beverages, Taiwanese, Dessert 16 Wellesley Street West, Auckland 093770307
Espresso Stop Coffee and Tea, Beverages 4/205-213 Beach Haven Road, Auckland NotAvailable
Drink Junction Beverages, Juice 34/615 Great South Road, Auckland 092622383
That's Drinks Beverages, Juice 1/23 Link Drive, Auckland 0211307343
Rio Kitchen Bakery, Dessert, Beverages 4/290F Ti Rakau Drive, Auckland 092743898
Mc Land Hot & Cold Bar Coffee and Tea, Ice Cream, Beverages 1/186 Great South Road, Papakura 0211550927
Quickly Fresh Beverages, Taiwanese 5/21-25 Elliott Street, Auckland 093685967
Momo Tea Taiwanese, Beverages 930 New North Road, Auckland 098153228
Togoo Tea House Dessert, Beverages, Taiwanese 3/33 Lorne Street, Auckland 093580192
Bubble Loopy Beverages, Taiwanese Asian Food Hall, 5-11 Kent Street, Newmarket 095292818
Library Cafe European, Beverages 8/90 Akoranga Drive, Auckland 0212541991
F Bar And Gaming Lounge Finger Food, Beverages 429 New North Road, Auckland 098152254
Yogoberry Cafe Dessert, Ice Cream, Beverages 36/290 Queen Street, Auckland 093089459
Wedge Juice Bar Juice, Beverages 41 Elliott Street, Auckland CBD +64 21 599 616
Pophut Dessert, Beverages 5/588 Chapel Road, Auckland NotAvailable
Hulu Cat Beverages, Taiwanese, Dessert 1st/8 Bishop Lenihan Place, Auckland 092788171