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Fromm Winery in Blenheim has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Fresh Spring Roll Prawns or Grill Chicken Or Pork On Rice from Noodle Corner. Springlands Tavern & Restaurant offers many options including Prime T-Bone and Chicken & Camembert Open Sandwich. Grove Tavern includes a wide range like Open Steak Sandwich or Large. Roti Duck and Wok Fried Bok Choy & Mushroom With Oyster Sauce from . The Lemongrass offers The Codfather and Rig.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Fresh Spring Roll Chicken $5.00
  • Sun Dried Pork $10.00
  • Fresh Spring Roll Prawns $6.00
  • Sun Dried Beef $10.00
  • Deep Fried Wonton $6.00
  • Deep Fried Spring Roll (Pork Or Veges) $7.00
  • Steamed Pak Chol With Garlic And Oyster Sauce $9.00
  • Deep Fried Prawn Cake $12.00
  • Prime T-Bone $20
    • 300gm T-Bone cooked to your liking. Served with button mushrooms, sauteed onions, salad and crispy fries.
  • Lamb Shanks $20
    • Two of the best served with mash, onions & gravy.
  • Barbecue Pork Ribs $20
    • Pork ribs rubbed with a blend of earthy spices and brushed with a slowly simmered sauce, served with a bowl of steak fries.
  • Open Steak Sandwich $20
    • 200gm Porterhouse layered on tiger bread with caramelised onions, egg, tomato, chutney, lettuce and garlic mayo. Served with crispy fries.
  • Chicken & Camembert Open Sandwich $20
    • Seared seasoned chicken with melted camembert cheese, layered on tiger bread with lettuce, tomato and garlic mayo. Served with crispy fries.
  • Open Steak Sandwich $18.00
    • Strips Ribeye served with Salad, beetroot, garlic aioli, fries
  • Angus Beef Burger $18.00
    • A Premium Angus beef patty, salad, beetroot, onion,egg, cheese, and tomato chutney served with fries
  • Flame Grilled Chicken Burger $18.00
    • Chicken Patty, salad. Beetroot, egg, cheese with peach and mango chutney served with fries
  • Deep Fried Fish $20.00
    • Fish (hok) freshly battered in beer batter, served with tartare sauce, salad and fries
  • Chicken Kiev $20.00
    • Your choice of apricot or plum sauce, crumbed coated breast fillet with wing bone, stuffed with garlic butter, then deep fried to perfection, served with salad and fries
  • Pan Fried Fish $20.00
    • Fish fillets (Hok) pan fried and reduced in a lemon cream sauce served with salad and fries
  • Seafood Selection $23.00
    • A Selection of Chilled and deep fried seafood (Shrimp, marinated mussels, salt and pepper squid, popcorn shrimp,prawn twisters and freshly battered hok)served with tatatre, seafood sauces, salad and fries
  • Pork Steak $23.00
    • Succulent pork steak smothered in bacon and mushroom sauce served with salad and fries
  • Plain Rice Noodles $5.00
  • Steamed Rice $4.00
  • Roti Duck $12.00
    • Aromatic Duck Served With Roti, On Top With A Julienne Of Carrot, Cucumber And Spring Onions And Our Chef’S Special Sauce.
  • Golden Spring Rolls $7.50
    • Vietnamese Style Deep Fried Spring Rolls With Pork Mince And Veggies
  • Crystal Spring Rolls $10.00
    • Vietnamese Style Fresh Rolled Rice Wrapper With Prawns, Rice Noodle, Carrot And Green Veggies
  • Butterfly Prawns $12.00
    • Deep Fried Prawns With Ajard Thai Dipping Sauce
  • Spinach Wrap Sensation $9.00
    • Wrap And Roll Your Own Spinach Leaf, Ginger, Chilli, Nuts, Onion, Lemongrass, Chef’S Secret Sauce
  • Gourmet Corn Fritters $7.50
    • With Sweet Chilli Sauce & Crushed Peanuts
  • Rig $ 5.50
  • Blue Cod $ 7.50
  • Snapper $ 6.50
  • Gurnard $ 4.20
  • Fish Bite $ 1.30
  • Oyster $ 1.90
  • Scallop $ 1.70
  • Mussel $ 1.10

Fromm Winery


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15 Godfrey Road, R D 2, Blenheim, 7201, New Zealand