Indian restaurant and takeaway menus in Hamilton

Sheetal Indian Takeaway


3 Bader Street, Bader, Hamilton, Waikato, 3206, New Zealand

Sheetal Indian Takeaway Sample Menu

-half $11.50
Seekh kebab (4 pcs)
Lightly spiced lamb mince, rolled on skewer, roasted in tandoor oven
Malai kofta
Homemade cheese, potatoes, mixed with spices rolled in balls, deep fried and cooked with creamy cashew nut sauce
Prawn vindaloo
Prawn meat cooked in a spicy vindaloo sauce
Mixed platter
2 x samosa, onion bhaji, seekh kebab and chicken tikka served with tamarind & mint sauce

The Indian Host


1009 Heaphy Terrace, Fairfield, Hamilton, Waikato, 3214, New Zealand

The Indian Host Sample Menu

10. Paneer & Garlic Kulcha
Naan stuffed with cottage cheese and garlic
3. Chole Bhature $8.50
1. Vegetarian Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables and flavoured with Indian spices and garnished with coriander
Lamb Madras $15.00
1. Bombay Aloo
Potatoes deep fried and cooked in Indian spices. This is a dry dish

Spice Traders


The Base, Corner of Te Rapa Road & Avalon Drive, Te Rapa, Hamilton, Waikato, 3200, New Zealand

Billy's Indian Takeaway


207 Sandwich Road, Saint Andrews, Hamilton, Waikato, 3200, New Zealand

Billy's Indian Takeaway Sample Menu

Mint Chutney
Yoghurt mixed with mint, green chillies & spices.
$ 0.99
Steamed Basmati Rice $3.00
Fried Rice
Indo-Asian style fried rice with a selection of Chicken or Lamb with egg and veges.
Aloo dam Chutney Wala
Chopped potato cooked in mint, spinach and Indian spices.
Navrattan Korma
Seasonal mixed vegetables in almonds based curry sauce.

Curry Bhavan


Clarkin Road, Fairfield, Hamilton, Waikato, 3214, New Zealand

Curry Bhavan Sample Menu

Chicken Tikka (8 Pieces)
Succulent pieces of chicken, marinated m specs at tandoor marinade cooked n tandoor
Peshwari Naan
Naan suited wifr dry fruits and cherries
Chicken Fried Rice $11.99
Butter Naan
Famous Indian Hot Bread coated with butter
Stuffed Naan
Naan stuffed v/ith a filing of potatoes and peas



83 Collingwood Street, Hamilton, Waikato, 3204, New Zealand

Zyka Restaurant and Bar


161 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton, Waikato, 3204, New Zealand

Zyka Restaurant and Bar Sample Menu

Kadhai Paneer
North Indian favourite with diced onion, capsicum & chef's spices
Butter Chicken
marinated chicken roasted in the tandoor oven & cooked in creamy tomato gravy
Mixed Platter for Two
selection of 4 entrees, samosa, pakora, chicken tikka & seekh kebabs
Vegetable Korma
a variety of vegetables cooked with mild spices
Samosa (2 pieces)
pastry stuffed with spicy potatoes & peas

BSC Indian Sweets & Takeaway

Dessert, Indian

1 Normandy Avenue, Corner of Normandy Avenue & Melville Road, Melville, Hamilton, Waikato, 5012, New Zealand

BSC Indian Sweets & Takeaway Sample Menu

PURI $0.50
MIX BHUJA $12.00

Friends - Cuisine of India

Indian, Vegetarian, South Indian, North Indian

4/201 Sandwich Road, Saint Andrews, hamilton, Waikato, 3200, New Zealand

Friends - Cuisine of India Sample Menu

Matar Paneer
Peas and cottage cheese curry Punjabi style
Butter Paneer
Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in tomato and cream gravy
Chilli Chicken
Chicken cooked with capsicum, onion with special masala
Chicken Benglori
Cooked with special masala with curry leaves, coconut oil and Indian spices
Vegetable Biryani
Steamed basmati rice cooked with butter, Indian masala and mixed vegetables

Indian Star

Indian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Balti, North Indian

20 Alma Street, Hamilton, Waikato, 3204, New Zealand

Indian Star Sample Menu

Shami Korma (Mild)
Beef cooked in delicious cashew nut gravy, garnished with sliced almonds and coriander
Chilli Chicken (hot)
Boneless chicken pieces, onion slices, capsicum and chopped fresh chillies fried golden brown with a dash of hot chilli sauce
Palau Rice
Basmati rice cooked in cashew nuts, sultanas and fresh herbs
Lachna Parantha
Plain flour bread stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas
Mango Kulfi
Mango flavoured India ice cream

Royale Indian

Indian, Vegan

62 Cameron Road, Hamilton East, Hamilton, Waikato, 3216, New Zealand

Royale Indian Sample Menu

Lamb / Chicken / Beef Vindaloo
Powerful Curry With Ground Chilli , Garam Masala And Fresh Tomatoes- Goavan Dish
Lamb Samosa(2 Pieces)
Lamb , Onion , Spices Wrapped In Pastry And Deep Fried
Chicken Soup $6.00
Paneer Kofta
Fresh Cottage Cheese Balls Cooked In A Rich Yellow Gravy
Chicken / Lamb Biriyani
A Mix Of Bsmati Rice With Specially Cooked Spices , Nuts And Fried Onions


Indian, North Indian

5/241 Manukau Road, Hamilton, Waikato, 1023, New Zealand

Shamiana Sample Menu

Small $77.50
Tikka Wrap $6.00
Aloo Gobi $7.00

The Curry Pot


400 Grey Street, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand


Barbeque, Indian, North Indian

705 Grey Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216

Indigo Sample Menu

Pork Vindaloo
Portuguese influenced gravy cooked with pork, red wine vinegar and garlic, hence the name Vin-da-loo
Chicken Tikka (6 pieces)
Tandoori spice and yoghurt marinated chicken thigh grilled in charcoal tandoor available in paneer
Garlic Naan $3
Szechwan Chicken
Indo chinese dish of chicken cooked with red chili paste and chinese condiments
Chilled Yoghurt Treat (Shrikhand)
Thick yoghurt dessert topped with cashew nuts

Bsc Indian Sweets and Snacks


31 Ohaupo Road, Hamilton 3206, New Zealand

Himalaya Indian Cuisine

Asian, Indian, Indonesian, Nepalese

105 Heath Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

Himalaya Indian Cuisine Sample Menu

Chicken Tikka Masala
Tandoor roasted chicken pieces cooked with onion gravy, diced onion, capsicum and thick masala based gravy
Green Peas Pulao
Steamed basmati rice tossed with cumins seeds, green peas
Lamb Kadhai
Diced lamb cooked in special traditional copper pot (Kadhai) with juliennes of capsicum, ginger, garlic and tomato, onion gravy
Cheese and Garlic Naan
Cheese and garlic stuffed naan
Chicken Chettinadu
Chicken cooked according to traditional chettinadu recipe, with black pepper, garlic, ginger and herb based chicken curry, dash of coconut milk

Avalon Indian Takeaway


38 Avalon Drive, Hamilton, Dinsdale, Hamilton

Avalon Indian Takeaway Sample Menu

Garam gulab jamun
2 pcs
$4.00 ea
Lamb biryani
Basmati rice cooked with lamb and garnished with coriander
$11.99 ea
Veg. Pakora $2.00 ea
Goat curry with bones $13.99 ea
Tandoori roti
Indian bread made with wholemeal flour
$1.00 ea

Patiala Shahi Indian Restaurant


44 Avalon Drive, Beerescourt, Hamilton Deanwell


Dessert, Indian

85 Greenwood Street, Frankton, Hamilton

Mithaiwala Sample Menu

Masala dosa $8.99
Aloo chaat $5.99
Pani puri $5.99
Mix kulcha $6.50
Amritsari banquet
Served with 3 curries, 3 naan's, pulao, samosa, salad, pickle, jalebi & lassi

The India Boulevard


111 Thomas Road, Rototuna, Hamilton 3210, New Zealand

Indian Essence

Asian, Indian

5/803 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton, Waikato, 3204, New Zealand

Indian Essence

Asian, Indian, Kiwi

803 Victoria Street, Hamilton, Waikato, 3204, New Zealand

Chilli India

Asian, Indian, Vegetarian, Vegan

27A Whatawhata Road, Dinsdale, Hamilton, Waikato, 3204, New Zealand

Chilli India Sample Menu

Chicken Fried Rice $12.00
Indian Salad
A traditional Indian salad with diced cucumber, tomatoes, onions and carrots, garnished with coriander and lemon juice
Fish Curry
Fish cooked in onion, ginger, garlic and tomato based curry
Lamb Seekh Kabab (8 pieces)
Minced lamb mixed with onion, spices, fresh herbs, cooked to perfection
Lamb Curry
Creamy onion and tomato based curry

South Indian Restaurant

Asian, Indian

9/2 Peachgrove Road, Hamilton East, Hamilton, Waikato, 3216, New Zealand

Little India

Indian, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

4 Alexandra Street, Hamilton, Waikato, 3204, New Zealand

Little India Sample Menu

Basmati Rice - Plain, steamed Basmati rice. $4.00
Amritsari Chole - Chickpeas cooked with ginger, garlic, finished with freshly ground spices, served with a naan & basmati rice. $14.00
Vegetable Kulcha - Naan stuffed with fresh seasoned vegetables and spices. $4.00
Lacha Parantha - Unleavened wholemeal flour bread layered with lashings of ghee. Baked in the tandoor. $4.00
Aloo Parantha - Unleavened wholemeal flour bread stuffed with potatoes, onions and spices. $4.00


Cafe Food, Indian

Corner Of Ward Street & Victoria Street, Hamilton, Waikato, 3204, New Zealand

New Delhi Restaurant


Whatawhata Road, Dinsdale, Hamilton, Waikato, 3204, New Zealand

New Delhi Restaurant Sample Menu

Chicken Manchurian
chicken pieces cooked in special Manchurian sauce
Chicken Biryani
Rice & Chicken cooked with herbs & spices
Chicken Banaras (Chefs special)
chicken pieces cooked m delicious banana gravy
Stuffed Naan
Garlic, Cottage Cheese, Potato
Do Piaza (Lamb/Beef/ Chicken) (Chefs Special)
Cooked with diced onion, spices and made into a dry curry

Pepper Corn

Cafe Food, Indian

1369 Victoria Street, Beerescourt, Hamilton, Waikato, 3200, New Zealand

Pepper Corn Sample Menu

Cafe toasted muesli
served with stewed mixed berry, trim milk and dollop of greek yoghurt(small/large)
Broccoli and basil pesto pasta
served with cash nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese and mint pesto
Hot cakes
served with maple syrup, grilled banana and crispy bacon
Peppercorn toasted bagels
with cream cheese and jam
Healthy breakfast
poached eggs on toast with fried mushrooms and sliced avocado


Indian, North Indian

260 Peachgrove Road, Enderley, Hamilton, Waikato, 3214, New Zealand

Spices Sample Menu

Non veg Mixed platter- for 2
Chicken tikka, seek kebabs, samosa and pakoras served with mint and tamarind sauce
Malabary Prawn/Fish
South indian style, cooked with coconut milk, capsicum and coriander
Tandoori Roti $2.00
Any two non-vegetarian curries except sea foods
Chilli Chicken/Prawn
Cooked with green chilli onion, capsicum and soya and tomato sauce gravy

New Delhi

Indian, North Indian

459 Ulster Street, Beerescourt, Hamilton, Waikato, 3200, New Zealand

New Delhi Sample Menu

Mango Kulfi
Mango flavored Indian ice cream
Tandoori Prawns
King prawns in tangy pickled dressing done in tandoor
Banquet for two
Chicken tikka, pakora, tamarind & mint sauces, poppadoms, any 2 mains (excluding seafood), 2 naans , 2 rice & raita
Malai Kofta
Homemade koftas cooked in cashew gravy
Lamb Pasanda
Lamb cooked with vegetables & herbs

Namaste Kitchen

Indian, Fast Food

11/120 Silverdale Road, Silverdale, Hamilton West, Waikato, 3216, New Zealand

Namaste Kitchen Sample Menu

Selection of vegetables coated in a chick pea flour butter & deep fried. Three pieces per portion.
Naan filled with grated cheese baked in Tandoor.
Whole chickpeas & potatoes cooked with onion gravy.
Naan stuffed with dry fruit baked in Tandoor.
Chicken pieces battered in egg & corn flour & cooked with capsicums, onions & spices.