Kaitaia Chinese Takeaway in Far North Menu

Kaitaia Chinese Takeaway in Far North has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as G.F /gluten Free V /vegetarian D / Dairy . G.F or Warm Artisan Breads (v) from Waterfront Restaurant & Bar. Kebabulous offers many options including Lamb & Falafel (mixed) and Chicken & Falafel (mixed). Split Bar & Restaurant includes a wide range like Eggs (all Ways) or Creamy bacon and mushrooms. Fresh Green Salad and Mixed Pickle, Poppadoms, Raita from . Madly Indian offers The Cove and Full butter croissant.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • pita $8.50
  • Falafel $16.50
    • Vegetarian chick pea patties
  • Falafel
    • Vegetarian chick pea patties
  • Schwarma $19.50
    • Lamb cooked with special spices
  • salad $13.50
  • Schwarma
    • Lamb cooked with special spices
  • Yuffit's yummy chocolate cake $8.50
  • Garlic pita $4.00
  • Double Cheeseburger Combo N/A
    • The double banger of your favourite burger. A Double Cheeseburger served alongside a chilled medium soft drink, and medium fries. You’ll be telling your grandkids about this one in years to come.
  • Gum Drop McFlurry® N/A
    • A kiwi favourite! For a delicious mouthful of gum drop pieces and bubblegum topping both blended into creamy soft serve, try the new Gum Drop McFlurry®.
  • Chick'n McCheese N/A
    • A delicious combination of crispy coated chicken, lettuce, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise.
  • Whipped Butter N/A
    • Our fluffy butter, in creamy, whipped peaks. It's like walking on air.
  • The Serious Angus® N/A
    • It’s time to get serious. With our new chilli chive bun, juicy 100% NZ Angus beef, crispy bacon, red onion, fresh tomato, lettuce and cheese, not much will be able to distract you from The Serious Angus.
  • The Clubhouse Chicken - Crispy N/A
    • Turn your attention to The Clubhouse Chicken - Crispy. With a crispy chicken patty, crispy bacon, grilled onion, Swiss Cheese, tomato, lettuce, and Big Mac® sauce in a brioche style bun; this burger tastes as good as it looks.
  • Massive McMuffin® Hunger Buster N/A
    • For a day full of massive missions, there’s no better start than a Massive McMuffin, a Bacon & Egg McMuffin®, a hash brown and a small hot chocolate.
  • Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap® N/A
    • We take a strip of succulent, marinated and crumbed 100% chicken breast fillet. Then we add fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayonnaise and carefully hand wrap it all in a soft tortilla wrap.
  • Vegetarian omelette $17.50
    • Creamed mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onion and toast
  • Waterfront breakfast $17.50
    • Bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes and toast
  • French toast $18.00
    • Bacon and berry maple glaze
  • Market fish $19.50
    • Poached eggs, fresh rocket, toasted bread and citrus hollandaise
  • Gluten free bread available $1.50
  • Eggs benedict $18.50
    • Bacon or salmon, fresh rocket, toasted bagel and hollandaise
  • Vegetarian eggs benedict $17.50
    • Fresh rocket, grilled tomatoes, creamed mushrooms and citrus hollandaise
  • Potato hash $17.50
    • Pesto creamed mushrooms, bacon and toasted bread
  • ●Don’t Be Shellfish
    • NZ Green-Lipped Mussels, in a garlic & white wine sauce with a couple of slices of toasted bread on the side to soak up that juice!
  • Minding Your Peas & Ewes $29.00
    • Seared NZ Lamb Rump, served on a smoked kumara & potato stack with a minted pea puree and red wine jus
  • -Garlic Butter
  • Pioneer Tasting Platter (2-4 people) $45.00
    • BBQ Chicken Wings, Pork Sliders, Cajun Fish Tacos, Ribs, Fries, Breads & Dips
  • Wedges $14.00
    • cheese, bacon, sour cream
  • Brûlée Banana Split $11.00
    • Our twist on an old winner - served with fresh cream, toasted praline, vanilla ice-cream & your choice of sauce - chocolate fudge, butterscotch or boysenberry compote
  • Fishin’ Thyme $31.00
    • NZ Salmon fillet oven baked with fresh Thyme and served over a seafood risotto then drizzled with balsamic & lemon hollandaise
  • Taco To The Limit $19.00
    • Blue Warehou fillets coated in a Cajun dry rub and pan seared with a summer salsa of pineapple, red onion, tomato and basil, served in soft tortillas with fries on the side
  • Hotdog $2.80
  • Cajun Chicken Burger $9.50
    • Diced chicken thigh, Cajun seasoning, bacon, salad, Cajun mayo & mayo
  • 3 Fillings $5.00
  • Buttered Fried Chicken Thigh $3.80
  • Roasted Tarakihi $4.50
  • Cheese Burger $8.50
  • 2 Fillings $4.50
  • Vege Burger $8.50
    • Potato fritter, salad, aioli and mayo
  • Sweet mango chutney $2.50
  • Lamb/Beef/Chicken Biryani $15.00
    • basmati rice cooked lamb or beef or chicken, dried fruits and nuts
  • Malai Kofta $12.00
    • Mashed potatoes and lightly spiced cottage cheese balls, lightly cooked until golden brown then finished in a rich mild yummy sauce
  • Beef Vindaloo(hot) $13.00
    • Spicy beef curry from the exotic beaches od South India
  • Roti $2.50
    • whole meal flour tandoori bread without butter
  • Dhal Makhani $13.00
    • lentils with fresh ground spices sauteed in butter, onions and tomatoes
  • Cheese & Garlic Naan $5.00
    • stuffed with tasty cheese & garlic
  • Saag Lamb $14.00
    • Tender lamb pieces cooked in traditional spices Spinach puree
  • Battered Hoki $5.00
    • We leave the skin on our fish for maximum flavour and we use tempura batter to make it extra crispy.
  • Mediterranean $16.00
    • Pepperoni, olives, red capsicum, cheese
  • Mini Chicken Burger $4.00
    • Chicken on a small roll with salad and sauce.
  • Squid Rings $1.00 each
    • Tender crumbed squid rings.
  • Meaty $18.00
    • Bacon, sausage, mince, red capsicum and cheese
  • All cakes are subject to change and availability. You are welcome to contact us to avoid any disappointment.
  • New Zealand Hot Dog $4.00
    • A battered pork sausage on a stick. Bought fresh from our local butcher.
  • 1x Small Fish
  • Garlic Miner S $7.00 / L $11.00
    • Garlic butter, cheese
  • -Add Eggs $1.00
    • Each
  • Gold Delight S $13.50 / L $17.50
    • Bbq sauce, shrimps, prawns, garlic butter, cheese, mushrooms, salami, feta cheese, red onions, olives
  • Chips $3.00
  • Miners Special S $11.50 / L $15.50
    • Puree, cheese, mushroom, capsicum, onion, tomato, olives, asparagus, potato, pineapple (optional)
  • Gold Nugget S $12.50 / L $16.50
    • Puree, cheese, mushrooms, ham, asparagus, red onions, pineapple, prawns
  • Roast Night $15.00
    • Served with roast vegies, steamed greens, gravy
  • Chicken Nibbles & Chips / Prawn Cutlets & Chips $9.00
  • Hot Chips $4.50
  • Bakehouse Antipasto Platter - fresh bakehouse breads with dressings & chef's antipasto selection $26.00
  • Smoked Chicken Salad $13.50
  • Keri Omelette - great breakfast or lunch - 3 egg omelette with your choice of 2 fillings (Bacon, Ham, Tomato, Onion, Cheese, Silverbeet, Avocado, Smoked Chicken, Salmon, Mushroom) $15.50
  • Winter Lasagne (with green salad) - layered bolognaise topped with roasted pumpkin, silverbeet & cheese sauce $13.50
  • Toasted bagel cream cheese & preserves $6.00
  • Pussy cat - 2 eggs (any style) on toasted ciabatta $10.50
  • Seafood Chowder $11.90
  • Bushman’s Winter Curry $27
    • Ask your wait staff for this weeks delicious winter curry, served with aromatic rice and salad
  • Mexican Sandwich $19
    • Chilli beef & beans on a soft tortilla topped with grilled cheese & filled with lettuce, tomato, red onion & avocado
  • Banana split $12.50
    • A classic never dies! Fresh banana served with chopped nuts, mini marshmallows, wafers, whipped cream, ice cream & your choice of strawberry, caramel or chocolate sauce
  • Smoked Chicken Wrap $18.50
    • Warm smoked chicken, with brie and our creamy country slaw wrapped up in a flour tortilla and served with fries
  • Smoked Fish Dip w/ toasted bread $13.50
  • Sweet Inspiration $12.50
    • House made specialty - chocolate tart served caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream
  • Chicken Roberto $27.50
    • Crumbed chicken breast, topped with chunky marinara sauce, served with smashed gourmet potatoes & creamy country slaw
  • Popcorn Shrimp $14.50
  • Light and fluffy cheesy courgette fritters served with dreamy lime mayonnaise $12.00
  • Grilled smoked salmon & cream cheese bruschetta with balsamic glaze $11.00
  • Prawns all wrapped up $15.00
    • 5 delicious Tiger prawns served with a delicious lemon butter
  • Marinated olives and creamy feta cheese served with fresh crusty bread $8.50
  • Mussels tossed in fresh chilli and coriander $13.00
  • Little Kitchen Pickle me Tender platter $22.00
    • Selection of cured meats served with breads and pickles (for 2-3 people)
  • Spicy Buffalo wings $15.00
    • 6 crunchy chicken wings and a creamy blue cheese sauce to dip them in
  • Pesto & garlic bread grilled $6.00
  • - Smoked Ham
  • Fresh Fruit & Yogurt
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Turkish Lamb Sandwich
  • Berry Pancakes
  • Lasagna & Side Salad
  • Fruit Salad
  • Omelette
    • cheese, tom, spinach & pesto
  • - shelled and pan fried in light hone, soy and sesame seed sauce E $19.00 / M$31.50
  • Seafood Salad $31.50
    • seared king prawns & scallops, mussels, smoked salmon & brie on salad greens dressed with an orange vinaigrette
  • Calamari E $17.50 / M$30.50
    • lightly pan fried in garlic butter & parsley
  • Scallops E $19.00 / M$31.50
    • pan fried with bacon and served in puff pastry with a marsala cream sauce
  • - chargrilled and served with tomato, mustard, artichoke bottoms, olives and roasted capsicum warmed in in walnut oi $30.50
  • All mains served with a fresh garden salad
  • Seafood Chowder $15.00
  • - wrapped in bacon, grilled and served with a spicy honey glaze E $17.50 / M$30.50
  • H= Half / F= Full
  • Mint Dressing $3.50
  • Vegetable Biryani $17.99
    • Basmati rice cooked along with vegetable and a selection of nuts and herbs
  • All mains are served mild, medium, hot or extreme hot. All mains are served with complimentary basmati rice.
  • Vegetable Korma $15.50
    • Fresh mixed vegetables cooked in ground cashew nut and cream based gravy to create a unique nutty flavor.
  • Chicken Vindaloo $17.99
    • A specialty from Goa. Boneless pieces of chicken prepared with special vindaloo paste and carefully selected spices.
  • Fish Dehra Dun $19.99
    • Fish cooked with combination of vegetables in onion based gravy.
  • Fish Masala $19.99
    • Lemon fish fillets cooked and simmered in a tomato, onion sauce and enriched with aromatic spices.
    • crispy bacon, grilled tomato, hash browns, fried eggs and toast
  • BOWL OF FRIES $6.00
    • crisp steak fries with aioli & tomato sauce
    • grilled chicken breast with bacon, parmesan and garlic dressing toasted with salad greens and a poached egg
  • BEEF BURGER $16.00
    • our tasty beef patty with crispy bacon, creamy mushroom, salad and fries
    • steak sauteed with onions and topped with fresh salad greens and tomato with a side of fries
  • LAMB BURGER $15.00
    • our own spiced lamb patty, with hummus, halloumi, salad and fries
  • FISH & CHIPS $16.00
    • 2 pieces of beer battered fish with fries and salad(add 2 eggs for $2.00
    • seasoned wedges with sour cream & sweet chilli
Kaitaia Chinese Takeaway

Kaitaia Chinese Takeaway



41 Commerce Street, Kaitaia, Far North, Northland, 0410, New Zealand





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$0 - $10




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Counter Service



Asian , Chinese



Dine in ,  Takeaway ,  Cash

41 Commerce Street, Kaitaia, Far North, Northland, 0410, New Zealand
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