Touch Of Country Cafe in Whangarei Menu

Touch Of Country Cafe in Whangarei has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Daal Makhni or Tadka Daal from Thai Garden Cafe. Provenir offers many options including Granola or Natural muesli with house hung vanilla yogurt, honeycomb and a Chilled pitcher of milk and Labneh, Blueberries, melon, corn crumble. Dizzy Lizzy's includes a wide range like Muesli in a Dome or 40 donuts. Classic cheese burger and Chicken, bacon & avocado burger from . Porthouse Bar & Eatery offers Nikau Restaurant and Paihia big breakfast (includes all items above).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Greed (Double / Snack) $16.00 / $8.00
    • Double Ham, Double Pineapple and Double Cheese. Made with 100% free range ingredients.
  • Free Range Chicken Tenders $8.00
    • 6 Crumbed and deep fried Chicken Tenders, served with your choice of dip.
  • Lamb Shank and Mash $12.00
    • One Lamb Shank with a Rosemary and Mint gravy, mash and minted peas.
  • Greek Salad $7.00
    • All the Essentials as well as Kalamata Olives & Feta.
  • Chicken Salad $7.00
    • All the Essentials as well as Free Range Chicken, Bacon & Avocado - with your choice of dressing on the side.
  • Mischief (Double / Snack) $18.50 / $9.00
    • Chorizo, Chicken, Cajun Herbs, Onions, Garlic, Chilli, Tomatoes, and Capsicum. Optional Kalamata Olives. Made with 100% free range ingredients.
  • Damned (Double / Snack) $18.50 / $9.00
    • Onions, Mushrooms, Fresh Spinach, Cashews, Avocado, Sundried Toms, Camembert. Optional Pineapple or Jalapenos.
  • Prawn Horns $7.50
    • 6 whole Prawns seasoned with coriander and green onions rolled in a crispy wonton style pastry..with your choice of dip.
  • Roast Duck Pineapple Curry $21.00
    • Red Curry and coconut milk with sweet pineapples, grapes, baby tomatoes, sweet basil leaves, and aromatic kaffir lime leaves.
  • - Whole Prawns $30.00
  • Tom Kha
    • A rich, delicious lemon flavoured soup with coconut milk, mushroom and herbs.
  • - Tofu $15.50
  • Red Curry
    • Cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoots and seasonal vegetables.
  • - Chicken, Pork or Beef $18.00
  • Curry Puffs (4 pieces) $7.00
    • Crushed chicken, onions, red kumara and curry powder stuffed in puff pastry and deep fried.
  • - Tofu $15.50
  • Chargrilled Chicken (x2) $7.00
  • Added with Panfryed Chicken Fillets $16.00
  • Added Combination Seafood $16.50
  • Chargrilled Lamb (x2) $7.00
  • Chargrilled Chicken Thighs $14.50
  • Added with Sliced Cooked Beef $16.00
  • Chargrilled Beef Sirloin $14.50
  • Stir-fried Sirloin Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion $16.50
  • Nasi Goreng
    • Malaysian style fried rice with roast pork, bean sprouts, onions, carrots and peas
  • Teriyaki
    • Udon noodles with chicken, onion, bean sprouts, carrots, spring onion and bok choy in a Japanese Teriyaki sauce
  • Satay Chicken
    • Egg noodles with chicken and fresh vegetables in a satay sauce
  • Sambal Fried Rice
    • Malaysian style fried rice with chicken, bean sprouts, onions, carrots, spring onions and peas in a Sambal sauce
  • Seafood Nasi Goreng
    • Malaysian style fried rice with a combination of seafood, beans sprouts, onions, carrots, spring onions and peas
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Beef
    • Egg noodles with beef and fresh vegetables in a sweet Thai chili sauce
  • Honey Chicken Noodles
    • Battered chicken in honey with wok tossed noodles and vegetables
  • Thai Curry Chicken
    • Thin rice noodles with chicken, tomato and fresh vegetables in a spicy Thai curry sauce
  • Fettuccine $18
    • chicken, streaky bacon, spring onion, cherry tomato, courgette, basil and olive oil topped with parmesan
  • Soup of the Day $14
    • served with garlic bread
  • Steamed vegetables $5
  • Potato wedges grilled with bacon & cheese $14
    • served with sour cream
  • Seafood Taster $18
    • kokoda, panko prawns and grilled half shell mussels with tomato salsa and bocconcini topping
  • With melted cheese $7
  • Mezze/Deep Fry Platter $31.5
    • Pickles, blue cheese, camembert, marinated mussels, salami, chorizo, kransky, guacamole, crackers and pistachio dukkah, squid rings, spring rolls, samosa and sweet chilli
  • Chicken breast burger with tomato, avocado, mesclun, red onion bacon, camembert, cranberry and aioli $22.50
  • Dicken's Breakfast $24.00
    • Two fried eggs, streaky bacon, kransky sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, grilled vine tomato, sautéed potato, slice of our sourdough toast, Worcestershire sauce
  • ●Pasta
  • -Add Streaky Bacon $3.00
  • -Fat Boy Unplugged $24.00
    • Our prime Angus beef patty, chicken thigh & a grilled egg w/ apple cider slaw, cos lettuce, tomato, beetroot, guacamole, Edam, our famous Monteith's Ale braised onions, herb mayo
  • ●Salads
  • -Oliver's Steak Sandwich $22.00
    • 150g sirloin w/ roasted vine tomato, our famous Monteith's Dark Ale braised onions, cos lettuce, topped w/ mushrooms in sauce
  • Thai Green Curry (Steamed Fresh NZ Mussels) 1/2 kg $17 / 1kg $27
    • Coconut cream, coriander, lemon grass
  • -Pappardelle Marinara $20.00
    • A bounty of seafood sautée w red onions & garlic in a creamy tomato & herb sauce
    • A juicy 1/3 pound of flame grilled 100% Angus beef with two slices of cheese, spicy jalapeños, crispy golden onion chips, tomato, lettuce, creamy mayo and a dash of our secret Angry hot sauce all on a lightly corn dusted bun. Take a bite out of the Angry Angus Steakhouse the next time you get hungry.
    • More delicious than ever, our signature piping hot salted fries are golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
    • Our tender chicken patty, topped with shredded lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, two slices of cheese and served on a long sesame seed bun. Everything a chicken burger should be. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • We called it that for a reason: with fresh scrambled eggs, two sausages, an English Muffin with soft melted butter, small Hash Bites and any regular hot drink; it’s a mouthful all right.
    • Crispy chicken fillet with freshly sliced tomatoes, fresh lettuce and creamy mayo with either Peri Peri, Caesar or BBQ sauce, all folded up in a soft wholemeal wrap. Add bacon or cheese if you like, and make it a value meal by adding regular fries and a regular soft drink or side salad and pump mini.
    • A new addition to the chicken family; delicious crispy tempura 100% chicken breast BK Nuggets, with crunchy lettuce and mayo in a sesame seed bun. That's #nuggetlove for you!
    • The latest edition to the Chicken Fries family has arrived.....Buffalo Chicken Fries! Fries made of real chicken, with a crispy coating and Buffalo spice and Buffalo attitude. Only available for a limited time so you'll better hurry.
    • With one classic BK Chicken Burger, one Bacon and Egg Muffin, small Hash Bites and one regular hot drink of your choice, you can take the medal for biggest and best breakfast in town.
  • Chicken Do Pyaza $13.90
    • Boneless chicken prepared traditionally in special spices & herbs and sauteed twice with sliced onions to create a unique flavour
  • Prawn Saag $15.90
    • Spinach, cream, garlic and ginger sauce based Prawn curry
  • Paneer Chettinad $12.90
    • Black pepper, garlic, ginger and herbs based cottage cheese curry
  • Tandoori Kebab Platter $15.50
    • Assorted kebabs of chicken and lamb cooked in tandoor, served with fresh green cabbage and mint dressing
  • All mains are served with complementary rice.
  • Beef Madras $13.90
    • A traditional south Indian dish, boneless beef pieces cooked in coconut based gravy
  • Beef Chettinad $13.90
    • Black pepper, garlic, ginger and herbs based beef curry
  • Chilli Paneer $12.90
    • Cottage cheese cooked with spring onions, capsicum, onion, soya sauce and chilli sauce
  • Cajun Chicken $16.00
    • with salad greens, crispy noodles, and dressed in a mango aioli - best value in town
  • Bowl of aioli $1.00
  • Creamy Seafood Chowder $14.50
    • with garlic bread
  • Fishermans basket $22.00
    • Fish, scallops, mussels, squid rings with fries
  • Fish & Chips $20
    • Cooked in crispy beer batter & served with fries, salad & tartare sauce
  • Feel free to exchange fries for salad
  • Mini dogs and fries $10.00
  • Sausage and fries $10.00
  • Crispy Pork Salad (Crispy Pork) $13.50
    • with Thai salad dressing, onion spring onion, and corianders
  • Deal 2 $16.50
    • Chicken fried rice with steamed Dim sims a crispy garlic and sweet soy
  • E-Sarn Classic (Beef) $11.50
    • Marinated beef skewers with sticky rice and accompaniment with peanut sauce
  • Laksa (Chicken) $13.50
    • Noodle in red curry sauce with chicken, egg, tofu, bean sprouts, crushed peanut and chili paste
  • Steamed Dim Sim $6.50
    • Thai style served with soy and crispy garlic
  • Prawns $16.50
  • Deal 3 $20.50
    • Pad Thai with chicken and beef satay served with peanut sauce your choice of a glass of tap beer or a glass of house wine
  • Cashew Nut (Chicken, Pork, Or Beef) $11.50
    • Sauteed with homemade sauce, cashew nuts, vegetables, served with Thai Jasmine rice
  • Beef Korma $15.50
    • boneless pieces of beef cooked in ground cashew nut and cream based gravy to create rich and nutty flavour
  • Mixed Vegetable $13.50
    • an assortment of vegetables cooked in an onion based sauce, a dry vegetarian delicacy
  • Chicken Chettinad $15.90
    • black pepper, garlic, ginger and herbs based chicken curry
  • Garlic Naan $3.50
    • traditional Indian bread, stuffed with garlic and coated with butter
  • Lamb Masala $15.90
    • creamy onion and tomato based gravy
  • Onion Bhaji $6.00
    • slices of onion, coated with a chick pea batter, deep fried and served with tamarind dressing
  • Chicken Do Piazza $15.50
    • boneless chicken prepared traditionally in special spices & herbs and sauteed twice with sliced onions to create a unique flavour
  • Cheese and Garlice Naan $4.00
    • Traditional Indian bread, stuffed with garlic and cheese and coated with butter.
  • Garlic Bread $7.00
  • Ladies Ribs, Salad & Fries $22.00
  • Reef & Beef . Rump Steak 250gsm , Warm Garlic Sauce. $30.00
    • Scallop, Mussel, Prawns, Cross Cut Fries & Salad
  • One Dozen Sticky Ribs + Chips $28.00
  • Fettuccine Creamy Garlic Prawns $18.00
  • Desserts Available, Sundae´s, Pizza Desserts, Puddings, Coffe, Tea, Ice Chocolate, Ice Coffee
  • Fish of Day, Salad & Fries or Cross Cut Fries Battered or Crumbed $23.00
  • Fettuccine Creamy Pesto Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom $16.00
  • Nachos $14.50
    • Home made Beef mince and chilli bean nachos served with sour cream, cheese, tomato salsa and corn chips
  • Fisherman's Burger $16.50
    • Crispy battered fish, lettuce, tomato and gherkin with chef made sweet chilli Aioli
  • Sausages and Chips $6.00
    • Grilled sausages served with chips and tomato sauce
  • Garlic Bread $6.50
    • 5 pieces of bread toasted with chef made garlic butter
  • Northland Pork Belly $21.50
    • Slow roasted pork belly with mash potato, steamed vegetables served with red wine jus and apple sauce
  • Twister chips $8.50
    • Served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce
  • Mini Burger $8.00
    • Beef patty with toasted bun, served with chips and tomato sauce
  • Sticky Date Pudding $6.50
    • Served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream
  • BLUE LAGOON $14.99
    • Blue Cheese, Chicken, Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Coriander, Mozzarella
    • Garlic, Tandoori Sauce, Marinated Chicken, Capsicum, Red Onions, Fresh Coriander, Chilli Flakes, Mozzarella
  • CHICKEN TENDERS (4 pieces) $5.00
  • GARLIC PIZZA $7.99
    • Garlic, beef, ham, coriander
  • HOT N SPICY $9.99
    • Tomato base, beef, bacon, ham, onion, tomatoes, jalapenos, red chilli flakes, black pepper, coriander
  • WEDGES $4.00
  • HAWAIIAN $7.99
    • Ham, pineapple, mozzarella & tomato
  • Fresh & only fresh 1/2 shell oysters Market Price
  • Chocolate Marquise $14.00
    • rich chocolate mousse on a mud cake base finished with ganache, chocolate flakes, mixed berries and whipped cream
  • 1 dozen $29.00
  • Slow cooked duck legs $37.00
    • fondant potato, green vegetables, roasted apples & cranberry sauce
  • - mushroom sauce
  • Our “world famous” tempura prawns with honey mustard & sweet chilli dipping sauces
  • - Chocolate Therapy ice cream
  • Steaming hot seafood chowder $18.50
    • Steaming hot seafood chowder-with a warm homemade toasted bread - it’s creamy but chunky
Touch Of Country Cafe

Touch Of Country Cafe



1675 State Highway 1, Hikurangi, Hikurangi, Northland, 0182, New Zealand





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Monday 7:30am–5pm Tuesday 7:30am–5pm Wednesday 7:30am–5pm Thursday 7:30am–5pm Friday 7:30am–5pm Saturday 7:30am–5pm Sunday 7:30am–5pm
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Table Service



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1675 State Highway 1, Hikurangi, Hikurangi, Northland, 0182, New Zealand
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