Barbeque Auckland City Restaurants and Takeaway Menus


Auckland City Barbeque

Auckland City's most popular Barbeque restaurants, cafes and takeaway menus such as Chowon Restaurant, Buenos Aires Restaurant Woodfire Grill, The Viaduct Grill, Buffalo Bar and Grill or Double Happy Barbecue Shop are found below. You can choose from many menu its like empanadas criollas - traditional filled and fried pastry. two flavours to choose from: premium beef (knife cut meat) or roasted chicken., don pedro - cocktail made with ice cream, whiskey and kahlua. delicioso!, breads & dips, add an additional sauce choice for only $1.50 per option. you have a choice of garlic sauce, pepper sauce, blue cheese sauce, mushroom gravy, bearnaise sauce, wholegrain mustard, english mustard, double happier duck, special chicken wings (3), jerusalem artichoke and cauliflower soup - toasted brioche, crispy sage, cauliflower gratin, blue cheese, parmesan crust, entrées - cold, brandy / whiskey / drambuie / kahlua / frangelico / rum / baileys / tia maria.

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