Passion Deli and Cafe in Manawatu Menu

Passion Deli and Cafe in Manawatu has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Fat chips (GF) or Garlic loaf (V) from The Strong Room. Burger King offers many options including BUFFALO CHICKEN FRIES and LONG BBQ BEEF RODEO. Morodoc Noodle House includes a wide range like PORK STEAM BUN or PRAWN TWIST. Snacks Garlic Bread and Breads from . The Grand Beer & Wine Cafe offers Lucky Bar + Kitchen and Polenta chips with aioli (V, GF).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Pepperoni $15.50
    • Anchovies, olives and pepperoni
  • Spinach & Mushroom / Smoked Chicken / Chorizo $16.50
    • Your choice of salad or fries
  • Mint Sticky Pork Ribs $14.50
    • Served with veggie crisps and a pineapple salad
  • Paprika Smoked Crunchy Chickpeas $5.50
    • Snack size
  • El Fuego $16.50
    • Smoked chicken, chorizo, jalapenos, tabasco and caramelised onions
  • El Fuego $16.50
    • Smoked chicken, chorizo, jalapeños, tabasco and caramelised onions
  • Battered Smoked Fish Cakes with Corn and Potato $18.50
    • Served with créme fraiche, guacamole, preserved lemon and cucumber ribbon salad
  • Pollo $16.50
    • Smoked chicken, brie and cranberry
  • Smoked Portobello mushroom $19.00
    • Grilled haloumi, Soft boiled egg, Roquette & pistachio pesto, Potato rosti
  • Sesame & polenta crusted calamari $19.00
    • Melon, Lime aioli, Balsamic rougette
  • Smoked garlic mash $8.90
  • Seasonal salad $6.90
  • Market vegetables $7.90
  • Chargrilled chicken salad $20.00
    • Leafy greens, Mango & chilli salsa, Brie, Crispy noodles, Pesto mayo
  • Big Breakfast $20.00
    • Grilled tomato, Kransky, Bacon, Eggs x 2, Ciabatta, Potato gratin
  • Crab, mussel & cumin fritters $18.00
    • Coriander infused sour cream, Apple slaw
  • Cordon Bleu $22
    • Chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese served on mash and finished with red wine jus
  • Chia and Coconut Pot $14
    • Served with mango and ginger compote and biscotti
  • Classic Fish and Chips $20
    • Tempura battered or polenta crusted pan fried served with housemade tartare, salad and fries
  • Big Breakfast $21
    • Bacon, mustard mushrooms, poached eggs, hashbrowns, chorizo, roasted tomato, sourdough and relish
  • Toasted Banana and Almond Loaf $17
    • With crème fraiche, berry compote and drizzled with apple syrup
  • Pasta of the Day $18
    • See the staff for today's flavour
  • Oeufs Benedicte (Eggs Benedict) $18
    • Served on English muffins with baby spinach and hollandaise. Mushroom
  • Orange Kumara, Feta and Herb Burger $21
    • Served on toasted focaccia with hummus, relish, battered onion rings and fries
  • Mushrooms on Toast $17.50
    • Mushrooms served on multigrain toast with blue cheese sauce, Portobello, and split poached egg.
  • Fish and Chips $18.50
    • Fish of the day deep fried in a sour dough crumb. Served with fries, salad and house made aioli.
  • Fries $7.50
    • Served with homemade BBQ sauce and aioli.
  • Extras bacon, tomato, avocado. mushrooms, sausage $4.00
  • Toasted Sandwiches
    • Cheese, tomato, ham, onion, pineapple, corn, mushroom
  • Yellow House Muesli $10.50
    • Toasted muesli, with fresh fruit, yogurt,milk, and blueberry compote.
  • extra filling $1.00
  • Eggs on Toast $10.50
    • Cooked how you like, served on multigrain bread.
  • Lamb Rack $35.50
    • Served with chateau potatoes. forest mushrooms, green beans and with a basil balsamic glaze
  • Venison Loin $39.50
    • Served with asmoked garlic mash, balsamic roasted beets, black kale and a port jus .
  • Twice Cooked Pork Belly $29.50
    • Served with braised savoy cabbage, apple potato mash, crispy crackling and black pudding sauce
  • Pan Fried $33.50
    • Fish of your choice, served with parsnip mash, pea panacoita and pea shoots
  • Angus Beef Fillet S35.00
    • Grilled eye fillet served with horseradish mash, roasted heirloom carrots, rosemary yorkshire pudding with a bordelaise sauce.
  • Fish Of The Day
    • Please select the type of fish you like then the way you want it cooked. (All fish is subject to availability)
  • Tempura Battered $30.50
    • Served with fries and a side salad accompanied by homemade tartare and lemon
  • Beetroot Risotto $32 00
    • A beetroot risotto served with goats cheese, toasted walnuts and rocket
Passion Deli and Cafe

Passion Deli and Cafe



77 Kimbolton Road, Feilding, Manawatu, MA, 4702, New Zealand





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$10 - $20




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Table Service



Cafe Food



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77 Kimbolton Road, Feilding, Manawatu, MA, 4702, New Zealand
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