Bosco Verde in 583 Manukau Road Menu

  • Pizza Bread $8.80
    • brushed with garlic
  • Pizza Bread $9.80
    • topped with pesto and parmesan
  • Our renowned chowder made with selected seafood. $13.00
  • Insalata Mista $9.50
    • Fresh garden salad tossed with our olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Best around!
  • Rocket and Parmesan Salad $9.50
  • Sicilian Green Olives $7.00
    • A side dish of premium olives.
  • Antipasto Freddo $26.80
    • A traditional Italian way of commending a meal with a stunning array of ingredients.
  • Calamari Fritti $16.00
    • Tender squid rings shallow fried with garlic, parsley and lemon juice.
  • Fegatini Di Pollo $16.50
    • Chicken livers sauteed with bacon, capsicum and mushrooms with a marsala jus.
  • Vol Au Vent Carciofi $16.50
    • Vegetarians choice! A puff pastry case filled with artichokes and mushrooms, bound with a creamy gorgonzola sauce.
  • Cozze $18.00
    • Fresh New Zealand mussels poached in napoletana sauce, with vodka and basil.
  • Misto Brushchetta $18.00
    • Grilled bread with 3 toppings, vine ripened tomatoes, cured salmon, and blue cheese, honey and walnuts, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Lasagne Casa Nostra $17.50 Entree / $25 Main
    • Speciality of the house - layered hand made pasta
  • Tortellini Del 24 Glugno 1987 M $26.80 / E $18.80
    • Pasta stuffed with chicken, served with a creamy pancetta and mushroom sauce.
  • Maccheroni Alla Mamma Mia $18 Entree / $26 Main
    • Gluten free, wheat free, tomato and basil infused macaroni, cooked to order, tossed with zucchini, vine ripened tomatoes, smoked provolone, served with walnut pesto. Unique!
  • Cannelloni $17.50 Entree / $25 Main
    • Large tubes of pasta filled with ricotta, pine nuts, spinach and pumpkin. Baked with napoletana and topped with three cheese sauce.
  • Bistecca Buon Gustalao $38.50
    • Medallion of prime eye-fillet, sauteed, with porcini mushrooms, served with a Chianti red wine beef jus.
  • Bistecca Burro e Peperoncino $32.00
    • Prime scotch fillet, char-grilled with garlic, rosemary and topped with chilli butter.
  • Vitello Sorpresa del Cuoco $33.00
    • Export quality veal, refer to blackboard for today's veal special.
  • Pesce all 'Uva $33.80
    • Fresh fish of the day, pan-fried, garnished with grapes, almonds, and flamed in Amaretto liqueur.
  • Agnello Croccante $34.00
    • Marinated lamb rump, topped with an olive, green peppercorn and mint crust, roasted, accompanied with char-grilled polenta and an orange, cranberry jus.
  • Pollo Farcito $33.80
    • Chicken breast filled with feta, mascarpone, green pea puree and red capsicum. Wrapped in bacon, roasted, and served with a bell-pepper coulis.
  • Risotto Pescatore $33.80
    • Arborio rice, cooked in a white wine, saffron lemon-scented seafood broth, tossed with king prawns, mussels and scallops.
  • Lombata alla Griglia $33.80
    • Char-grilled pork loin on a bed of creamy potato mash, topped with crispy bacon and served with a fig and apple doubonet jus.
  • Gamberoni M $36.80 / E $18.80
    • King prawns, shelled, sauteed in garlic and parsley, flamed in brandy, served in a creamy napoletana sauce. Or sauteed with garlic and olive oil, and finished with a white wine lemon buerre blanc.
  • Ortolana $22.00
    • Eggplant, artichokes, fresh seasonal vegetables, olives and capers, topped with mozzarella.
  • Pescatore $22.00
    • Baby prawns, mussels, calamari and anchovies, drizzled with pesto, topped with mozzarella
  • Ricca $22.00
    • Cajun chicken, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, camembert and mozzarella
  • Prosciutto $25.00
    • Whole peeled tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, rocket and shaved parmesan.
  • Barbecue $26.80
    • Chargrilled eye-fillet in a barbecue sauce, spinach, chargrilled capsicum topped with mozzarella and feta.
  • Frutta di Bosco $13.80
    • Our speciality, layers of berries soaked in grappa, raspberry mousse, topped with vanilla pannacotta.
  • Cioccolata Sorpresa $13.80
    • Chocolate pudding served warm with chocolate fudge sauce and cream.
  • Chocolate Mousse $13.80
    • Dark and white chocolate with a hint of coffee liqueur.
  • Gelati $13.80
    • A selection of three low fat gelato and sorbet. Pistachio, passionfruit, raspberry.
  • Budino di Datteri $13.80
    • Sticky date pudding, served warmed with caramel whiskey sauce.
  • Tiramisu $13.80
    • Sponge fingers soaked in coffee and brandy layered with mascarpone cream cheese.
  • Pizza Dolci (Recommended for 2 persons) $13.80
    • Dessert pizza topped with seasonal fruits. Refer to blackboard for current choice and price.
  • Speciale $15.50 S / $19.50 L
    • Tomato, Cheese, mushroom, onion, salami, olives, pineapple, ham, capsicum
  • Pancetta $14.50 S / $18.50 L
    • Tomato, cheese, mushroom, bacon
  • Quattro Stagioni $15.00 S / $19.00 L
    • Tomato, cheese, mushroom, ham salami, shrimps
  • Hawaiian $14.50 S / $18.50 L
    • Tomato, cheese, pineapple, ham
  • Pepperoni $14.50 S / $18..50 L
    • Tomato, cheese, salami, capsicum, onion
  • Ricca $17.50 S / $25.50 L
    • Tomato, cheese, mushrooms, cajun chicken breast, camembert, sun dried tomato, capsicum coulis
  • Ortolana $17.50 S / $25.50 L
    • Tomato, cheese, seasonal vegetables, eggplant, artichokes, olives, capers, mushrooms, capsicum
  • Pescatore $17.50 S / $25.50 L
    • Tomato, cheese, king prawns, mussels, calamari, anchovies, pesto sauce
  • Dolci $16.50 S / $19.50 L
    • Dessert pizza of seasonal fruit flamed in liquer, mascarpone cheese, chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis.
  • Lasagne $16.00 L
    • Sheets of pasta made on the premises, layered with ragu sauce, bechamel, diced ham and mozzarella
  • Canneloni $16.50 L
    • Pasta tubes filled with ricotta, pinenuts, spinach, pumpkin, Baked with tomato, topped with cheese sauce
  • Fettucine Bolognese $15.50 L
    • Broad strips of pasta in our special meat sauce
  • Tortellini $18.00 L
    • Crescent shaped pasta stuffed with chicken in a ham, mushroom and cream sauce
  • Fettucine Al Pollo $18.50 L
    • Broad strips of pasta with chicken, mushroom and bacon in a creamy napoletana sauce.
  • Pizza Bread $6.50 S / $9.50 L
  • Salad $8.00
    • Mesclun, olives, tomatoes, cucumber & sprouts in an olive oil vinaigrette

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Bosco Verde


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583 Manukau Road, Greenwoods Corner, Epsom, 1023, New Zealand

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