Westside Grille at 202 Great North Road Menu

Crumbed Prawns 8pcs $9.90
Salt and pepper squid 8 pcs $9.90
Battered Mussels 8pcs $9.90
Meatballs 10pcs $9.90
Buffalo Chicken $9.90
Spring rolls 12pcs $7.90
Garlic Bread 5 pcs $5.90
Greek Salad $9.90
Tuna or salmon salad $9.90
Chicken Caesar salad $9.50
Chief's special salad $9.90
Bowl of olives $2.50
1kg Steamed Mussels
in white wine lemon, onion. olive chili cream pepper & salt
1kg Cooked Mussels
in Pomodoro sauce, onion garlic basil and red chili pepper salt and wine
The Westside Flame Grilled Burger
150gram homemade beef pattie or chicken fancy lettuce aioli onion tomato pickled cucumber beetroot cheese chef's famous sauce on a toasted bun served with chips
pineapple, cheese egg $1.50/mushroom sauce bacon $2.00/150gram pattie $3.00
Ham $4.00
Cheese $4.00
Westside grilled famous club sandwich
lettuce mesclun onion tomato chicken bacon egg
tomato lettuce onion $1.00/cheese egg $1.50/ham bacon $2.00
Spaghetti Bolognaise $12.90
Spaghetti and meatballs $12.90
Creamy Chicken fettucine $12.90
Creamy bacon fettuccini $12.90
2 Pieces of fish of the day served with chips and salad $15.90
Seafood platter served 2 to 3 people
crumbed poached salt & pepper squid battered mussels fish of the day with garlic bread
Salmon served with salad and seasoned potatoes chips or steamed rice $25.90
250gram Flame Grilled Angus Rump steak
served with salad egg & chips
300gram Flame grilled Scotch Fillet
served with salad egg & chips
350gram Flame Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chops
served with salad egg & chips
BBQ Chicken flame grilled
served with salad egg & chips
Buffalo chicken pieces inFamous Westside sauce
served with chips and salad(amount varies to size of wings)
Meatballs and Gravy
served with mashed potatoes and peas
Sausage x3 and gravy
served with mash potatoes & peas
500gram pork ribs with Chef's special BBQ sauce
served with salad and chips
Salmon Steak
served with seasoned potatoes chips or steamed rice and salad
Approx 400grams of lamb shanks marinated in red wine
served with gravy mashed or roasted potatoes and peas
Pork Belly 300gram
served with apple sauce mashed potatoes and salad
Garlic Bread $5.90
Wedges and sour cream $8.90
Wedges bacon cheese & sour cream $9.90
Bowl of Chips $4.50
Kumara Chips $8.90
Seasoned or baked Potatoes $5.90
Mashed Potatoes $5.90
Peas $2.00
Cheese $1.50
meatballs 8 pcs $7.90
Aioli $2.00
Mushroom sauce $2.90
Garlic Sauce $3.50
Garlic Butter $3.50
Bowl of olives $2.50
2pcs of Bread and butter $1.70
2 pcs of Toast and Butter $2.00
Egg $1.50
Bacon Strip $2.00
Bowl of steamed rice $2.50
Beef gravy $2.90
Cheesecake(flavor varies weekly please ask) $6.50
Or with Ice cream $7.50
Chocolate chip waffles or plain and cream maple syrup and 2 scoops of ice cream $7.50
Doughnuts cream and Ice cream $8.50
Hot chocolate cake and ice cream $8.90
Crispy chicken chippies 10 pcs & french fries or salad $8.90
Crispy fish strips 5 pcs & french fries or salad $8.90
Fish and French fries or salad $8.90
Chicken Nuggets 6pcs & french fries and salad $8.90
Meatballs and French fries or salad $8.90
2 Hot Dogs & French fries or salad $8.90
Cheeseburger & Frenchs fries or salad $8.90
Chicken Burger and french fries or salad $8.90
2 Sausages & french fries or salad $8.90
Crispy Chicken nibbles and French fries or salad $8.90
Spaghetti & Bolognaise 150grams of pasta $9.90
Spaghetti and meatballs 150grams of pasta $9.90
Creamy Chicken fettuccini 150grams of pasta $9.90
Spring Rolls & French fries + sweet chili sauce $8.90
2 Scoops of ice cream topped off with wafer stick 100s and 1000s and chocolate sauce $5.90
Waffle with cream ice cream $6.90

We make every attempt to keep menus up to date, but prices and items are subject to change without notice. This menu is to be used as a guide only.

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Japanese Kitchen Coo. (sample menu)
Teriyaki chicken don
spicy teriyaki chicken available on request
Salmon & avocado sushi roll $8.00
Assorted sashimi $12.00
Chips (japanese style)
Salmon sashimi don
with avocado
Salmon sashimi $8.00
Side salad $4.00
Ginger pork don
stir-fried pork & onion with ginger soy sauce
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J's Tea (sample)
Crispy salt & pepper Squid $12.50
Spicy sliced pork on rice/noodles $13.00
Spicy Diced Chicken on Rice
spicy diced chicken served on rice with egg, tofu, and vegetable side dish
Plan Noodle Soup
bone soup with plain noodles
Edamame Beans $7.00
Crispy Pork Cutlets on Rice
fried pork cutlets served on rice with egg tofu and two vegetable side dishes
Teriyaki Chicken $10.00
Hot Grass Jelly w one Topping
toppings, peals/red bean/green bean/peanut
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Smith and Wong Takeaways (sample)
Chicken Sweetcorn Soup $6.00
American Hot Dog $3.50
Combination Meat $11.00
Combination Meat $12.50
Ham $2.20
Lemon Fish $10.00
Chicken Wonton Soup $8.00
Combination Meat Egg Foo Yong $11.00
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Kuzhikkadan's Kitchen (sample)
●Non veg
Dhal vada $1.00
Casava biryani $10.00
Mathu vada $1.00
Mutton kurma $10.00
Kerala chicken curry $10.00
Banana fry
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Kowloon Takeaways (sample)
Egg $4.80
Oyster $1.60
Cheese $4.80
Pork $1.20
Sweet Corn $4.00
3Fish, 3 Sausage, 4 Potato Fritter, $4 Chips $18.00
Fish $5.80
Fish $13.50
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Counter Service
202 Great North Road, Glendene, Auckland, 3204, New Zealand
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Takeaway Food

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