Dixie Brown's in Taupo Menu

  • Garlic Bread $7.90
    • Homemade pizza bread with olive oil, fresh garlic and oregano
  • Feta and Rosemary Bread $9.90
    • Feta, rosemary pizza bread served with a sun dried tomato pesto spread
  • Country Toasted Sandwich $9.90
    • Cheddar cheese and tomato with seasoned fries
  • Add ham $3.00
  • Roast Chicken and Mayonnaise Toasted Sandwich $15.90
    • Shredded roast chicken breast, creamy aioli served with seasoned fries
  • BLT $15.90
    • Bacon, lettuce and tomato toasted sandwich served with seasoned fries and aioli
  • Bacon and Avo Bagel $15.90
    • Lightly toasted bagel with lettuce, tomato, bacon and avocado served with aioli served with seasoned fries
  • The "Ruben" $15.90
    • Corned Beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut with a Russian dressing on rye bread and lightly toasted served with seasoned fries
  • Dixie Oyster Po’Boy $20.90
    • Beer battered New Zealand oysters, grilled bacon, jalapenos, lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun with a spicy emoulade sauce, served with seasoned fries
  • Soup of the Day $10.90
    • Always fresh, always homemade, always delicious, served with garlic bread
  • Cottage Pie $9.90
    • Savoury mince topped with garlic and potato mash and cheese then baked til crisp
  • Chefs Pie of the Day $9.90
    • Served with rich gravy and garlic and potato mash or salad and fruit chutney
  • Buffalo Skins $15.90
    • Crisp seasoned wedges tossed in sweet chilli, grilled mozzarella and topped with sour cream and bacon
  • Seafood Chowder $14.90
    • A firm Dixie Browns favorite with garlic bread
  • Kiwi Farmhouse Breakfast $21.90
    • Fried eggs, sausage, mushrooms, hash browns, bacon and grilled tomato served with hot buttered toast
  • Santa Fe Chicken Wrap $15.90
    • Grilled chicken, corn, black beans, avocado, red capsicum, baby spinach, salad greens in a light sour cream dressing with a side salad
  • Benmore Smoked Salmon Wrap $17.90
    • Smoked South Island Salmon with cottage cheese, lettuce, horseradish, capers, red onion and finished with olive oil and cracked black pepper, served with a side salad
  • Cajun Chicken Salad $18.90
    • Tender chicken pieces dusted with Cajun spices, roasted red pepper and bacon on salad leaves topped with a cucumber and yogurt dressing >>
  • Salmon Salad Nicoise $21.00
    • Lightly poached South Island Salmon, green beans, potato, poached egg, olives, and tomato on a bed of lettuce with a traditional dressing
  • Prawn and Avo Salad $19.90
    • A generous serving of succulent prawns lightly dressed in our delicious seafood sauce with avocado, smoked salmon and salad leaves
  • Turkey Burger $22.50
    • Turkey patty on a toasted ciabatta, whipped feta, sundried tomato pesto, rocket, cucumber and apple slaw served with fries and our onion rings
  • All our lunch thin base pizza’s are topped with napolitana sauce, mozzarella cheese and oregano
  • Gluten free pizza bases are available $4.00 extra
  • Margherita $15.90
    • Fresh tomato, napolitana sauce, mozzarella and basil
  • Prosciutto $22.50
    • Tomato, garlic, bocconcini, prosciutto, rocket and shaved parmesan
  • Hawaiian $17.50
    • Smoked ham, napolitana sauce, mozzarella and pineapple
  • South Island Salmon $19.90
    • Prawn, bacon, garlic, spring onion, napolitana sauce & mozzarella
  • Prawn and Bacon and Feta $18.90
    • Prawn, bacon, garlic, feta, spring onion, napolitana sauce & mozzarella
  • Pepperoni $17.90
    • Pepperoni, olives, garlic, red capsicum, red onion
  • Catch of the Day $20.90
    • Served either lightly pan-fried and finished with bearnaise sauce or beer battered and served with tartare sauce with salad greens and seasoned fries or Dixie Rice
  • Calamari $18.90
    • Lightly dusted in seasoned flour and flash fried until golden served with fresh salad and Dixie Rice
  • Butter Chicken $18.90
    • Tender chicken pieces in an authentic curry sauce served with Dixie Rice
  • Chilli Chicken Noodles $18.90
    • Tender chicken pieces, vegetables, oyster sauce and sweet chilli sauce tossed with hokkien noodles
  • Chicken Fettuccini $19.90
    • Tender chicken pieces sauteed with bacon, mushrooms, spring onion, Pasta Mia fettuccine, garlic and red pepper in a light cream sauce
  • Lambs Fry and Bacon $18.90
    • Tender New Zealand lambs liver lightly seared with bacon and mushroom sauce on our garlic and onion potato mash
  • Griddle Corn Cakes $18.90
    • Topped with avocado, crispy bacon, feta, salsa and finished with sour cream and basil pesto
  • Lamb Shank $26.90
    • Tender lamb in a rich cranberry and rosemary jus served on garlic and onion potato mash
  • Pork Belly $24.90
    • Crispy slow roasted pork belly with a mango glaze served with garlic and onion potato mash
  • BBQ Ribs $24.90
    • Tender baby back BBQ basted ribs served with seasoned fries and onion rings
  • Rump Steak $27.90
    • Perfectly seared and served with your choice of mushroom or pepper sauce, seasoned fries, onion rings and a fried egg
  • All burgers are served with seasoned fries and golden onion rings
  • Original Dixie Brown Burger $20.90
    • Prime beef patty grilled with our basting sauce on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and gherkin topped with aioli and your choice of plain, mushroom sauce or pepper sauce
  • Tuscan Chicken Burger $19.90
    • Grilled Tuscan spiced chicken breast on a toasted bun with grilled mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, onion and gherkin finished with our sundried tomato aioli
  • Add bacon $4.50
  • Mushroom Cheddar Melt $21.90
    • Our original Dixie Brown Burger topped with cheddar cheese and mushroom sauce
  • Add bacon $4.50
  • Hawaiian Burger $20.90
    • Our original Dixie Brown Burger topped with melted cheese and pineapple
  • Vegetarian Burger $19.90
    • Corn and feta patty, grilled on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and gherkin, topped with aioli and your choice of mushroom or pepper sauce

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Gerhard Burger $25.00
    • NZ grass-fed Wagyu beef pattie, onion jam, Swiss cheese, free-range egg, tomato, red onion, lettuce and aioli in an artisan sourdough bun. Served with straight-cut chips...the Ferrari of burgers, perfect with a Steinlager. - Also available as a vegetarian option with a lentil, pea and kumara pattie
  • Campfire Burrito $24.00
    • Rolled flour tortilla filled with seasonal roasted veges, spicy bean mix and rice. Topped with BBQ sauce, grilled cheese, salsa, sour cream and jalapeños. Served with buffalo chips and Lone Star coleslaw.
  • Redneck Ribs Six $19.00
    • Porky Pig's ribs blanched in honey and spices. Blasted in the Lone Star fire then piled high and smothered in our world-famous hoisin, orange and sesame seed sauce.
  • Buenos Nachos $19.00
    • Roasted seasonal vegetables with spicy bean mix on crispy corn chips with grilled cheese. Topped with salsa, sour cream and jalapeños.
  • The Milky Bar Pud $12.00
    • White chocolate and buttermilk pudding. Served hot with butterscotch sauce, white chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Chips $9.00
    • Buffalo Chips - Chunky potato chips, tossed in herb salt. Served with a side of salsa and sour cream. / Straight-Cut - Crunchy potato chips, tossed in herb salt. Served with a side of coriander aioli.
  • Judge Roy Bean Dip $11.00
    • Spicy red kidney beans, cheddar cheese, sundried tomatoes and jalapenos. Blended and served hot with sour cream and oven-baked flour tortilla chips.
  • Midnight Nachos $19.00
    • Corn chips topped with our famous spicy bean mix, with your choice of chicken, beef or both. Topped with grilled cheese and finished with salsa, sour cream and jalapenos.
  • -Flamed peaches
  • Tex Mex shredded chicken $24.00
    • 1/2lb
  • Flamed flat bread with grilled chorizo $16.00
    • S.M.K salsa
  • Bourbon toffee cheesecake $12.00
  • -Toffee sauce
  • Tex Mex shredded chicken, charred peppers, onions, slaw, salsa, aioli $22.00
  • BBQ pulled pork quesadilla $14.00
    • Oozing cheese, S.M.K salsa, sour cream
  • Hot smoked salmon $34.00
    • Southern rice, low country beans, house tartare
  • Slow cooked pulled Lamb
    • Carrot puree, spinach gnocchi, cumin carrots, black garlic pannacotta, lemon crème fraiche
  • Fries, aioli $7.00
  • Garden Salad $7.00
  • Salad of baby carrots
    • Medjool dates, almond cream, honey comb, panko crumbed olives
  • -Salt and Pepper Squid
    • Shaved fennel, crispy pancetta, anchovy crumb, miso mayonnaise
  • Mains
  • Cheese of the night
  • Duck Rillette
    • Beetroot, citrus segments, caramelised walnuts, white balsamic, orange blossom
  • Cheesecake $15.00
    • Our Chef’s special cheesecake that changes daily [Add a scoop of Kapiti ice cream +$2]
  • Pan-fried Market Fish $35.00
    • Our Chef’s special dish that changes daily
  • Pork Ribeye $37.00
    • Partnered with cherry compote, seasonal greens and a kumara and leek risotto cake
  • Almond Cake $15.00
    • Warmed orange and almond cake with lemon curd and fresh vanilla bean yoghurt [Add a scoop of Kapiti ice cream +$2]
  • Chef's Potatoes $8.00
    • Potatoes served with sour cream and chives
  • Steak Diane $12.00
    • 100g of sirloin in our chef's special diane sauce, served with crispy fries [Add fresh salad +$3]
  • Soup of the Day $15.00
    • Our Chef’s soup of the day served with freshly toasted bread
  • Banana Split $6.00
    • Flamed banana with your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, wafers, sprinkles and your choice of chocolate, caramel, or strawberry topping
  • Sirloin Steak $32.00
    • (300G)
  • Bernaise Sauce (GF) $5.00
    • An Emulsion Of Clarified Butter, Egg Yolks And White Wine Vinegar; Flavoured With Shallot, Chervil, Pepper, And Tarragon.
  • Ice-Cream Sundae
    • (You Can Have It Any Day!) Two Big Scoops Of Vanilla Ice-Cream With Chocolate Sauce.
  • T-Bone Steak $51.00
    • (500G) 35-Day Aged
  • Trio Of Gelato (GF) $12.00
  • The Steak House Burger $26.00
    • House-Made Angus Burger Pattie, Bacon, Fried Egg, Sliced Betroot, Salad Leaves, And Chef'S Special Tangy Sauce, Served With A Side Of Fries And Aioli.
  • Chocolate Indulgence $12.00
    • With Toasted Macadamias, Raspberry & Creme Fraiche
  • - Alpha Domus (Hawkes Bay) - Bottle $30.00
  • Cured Meats and Pate $22.00
    • Assorted cured meats served with smooth chicken liver pate, garlic crostini and mango chutney
  • Mini Hotdogs
    • With Fries and Coleslaw
  • Ham and Pineapple Pizza
    • With Fries and Coleslaw
  • Cheese Platter $17.00
    • Selection of cheeses, crostini, chutney and fruits
  • Lamb Shank $25.00
    • Twice cooked - glazed with kiwifruit and honey served with gravy
  • Chicken 'Wellington' $25.00
    • Roasted chicken breast with bacon chutney, cheddar cheese, wrapped in pastry with gravy on the side
  • Mains $8.50
  • Sirloin Steak $28.00
    • 21 day aged and cooked to your liking with your choice of sauce - Peppercorn, Mushroom, Garlic or Gravy
  • Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap® N/A
    • We take a strip of succulent, marinated and crumbed 100% chicken breast fillet. Then we add fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayonnaise and carefully hand wrap it all in a soft tortilla wrap.
  • Gum Drop McFlurry® N/A
    • A kiwi favourite! For a delicious mouthful of gum drop pieces and bubblegum topping both blended into creamy soft serve, try the new Gum Drop McFlurry®.
  • BLT Bagel N/A
    • Lightly toasted bagel with a rasher of bacon, crisp lettuce, a juicy slice of tomato and creamy mayonnaise.
  • Filet-o-Fish® N/A
    • Dive in and enjoy our Filet-o-Fish. Sourced for its succulent and fresh flavour, the fish we use is renowned for its succulent moist texture, white flesh and great taste.
  • Medium Frozen Coke & Medium Fries Snack Deal N/A
    • Get more bang for your buck with this fantastic snack bundle! Just $3 will get you a medium Frozen Coke and medium fries! Snack-time - sorted!
  • Crispy Chicken & Aioli McWrap® N/A
    • Introducing the new Real Choices delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap®, with 100% NZ crispy chicken, juicy tomatoes, crisp cos and iceberg lettuce drizzled with creamy garlic Aioli all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla and ready to eat on the go.
  • Strawberries & Cream Flavour Frappé N/A
    • A delicious Starwberries & Cream flavour Frappé, topped with irresistible whipped cream and a yummy strawberry drizzle.
  • $40 Mega ShareBox® $40
    • Included in the $40 Mega ShareBox: 2 x Big Mac®, 2 x McChicken®, 2 x Cheeseburger, 4 x Medium Fries, 4 x Medium Soft Drinks, 4 x Regular Sundaes
  • Fish Burger $18.50
    • Pan fried fish, hashbrown, egg, salad & beetroot served with pub chunky fries
  • B.L.T $18.50
    • Bacon, lettuce & tomato topped with aioli on toasted ciabatta & served with pub chunky fries
  • 6 Ribs $23.50
  • Pork Spare Ribs
    • Marinated in garlic, chilli &Speights 5 Malt Old Dark, served with pub chunky fries & slaw
  • Salt & Pepper Squid $13.50
    • Crispy salt & pepper squid served with citrus aioli
  • - Creamy Cajun Chicken
  • All Day Pub Brekky $16.90
    • Bacon, eggs, tomato, hashbrown on toasted ciabatta
  • Fish & Chunky Fries $9.00
  • Party Pack C $55
    • 45 pcs sushi pack - Teriyaki Chicken, Salmon & Avocado, Tuna, Crispy Chicken, Rainbow rolls
  • Miso Soup $2.60
    • Japanese miso soup
  • Traditional Sushi Rolls (9 pcs) $12
    • Avocado, Cream Cheese, Pineapple
  • Party Pack B $65
    • 54 pcs sushi pack - Teriyaki Chicken, Salmon & Avocado, Tuna, Crumbed Chicken, Crispy Chicken, Rainbow rolls
  • Udon $12
    • Japanese style thick noodle soup - Teriyaki Chicken
  • Dynamite Roll $11
    • Lattuce, Carrot, Avocado, Cucumber, Capsicum, Breadcrumbs, Creamy Sauce (Cream Cheese $0.50)
  • Katsu Don $14
    • Bowl of rice with deep fried cutlets, cooked onion, egg served on top - Pork
  • Teppanyaki $15
    • Japanese dish cooked on a hot steel plate - Teriyaki Chicken
  • Prawn Chowder $19.50
    • A silky thick soup, with prawn tails & crusty ciabatta bread. We recommend: Bell Bird Bay Chardonnay
  • -1 Kilo $98.90
  • Salt & Pepper Squid $16.00
    • Lightly coated seasoned squid with garlic and caper mayonnaise
  • Extra Sauces $1.00
    • Aioli/ Lime Aioli/ Soya/ Tartare/Seafood/Chilli Citrus/Vinegar/Hot Chilli Oil.
  • Warm Prawn Skewer Salad ( GF) $26.00
    • Mango and cucumber salad, with a fresh citrus dressing & lime aioli dipping sauce.-We recommend: W5 Pinot Gris
  • Greek Salad ( GF) $10.90
    • Salad greens, olives, feta, tomatoes, with a fresh greek dressing.
  • Chicken Dish Available
    • Please ask our wait staff
  • -optional - tossed in garlic butter
  • Mashed potato $5.00
  • Baked aubergine & bocconcini pastry $16.00
    • carrot puree pickle cockktail onion, micro watercress salad (v)
  • Buttered green beans w/ almond & bacon $5.00
  • Soup of the day $13.50
    • changed daily your wait staff will advise
  • Steamed seasonal vegetables w/ herb butter $5.00
  • Five spices infused braised pork belly $35.00
    • kumara & carrot gratin, braised cabbage apple puree with honey mustard jus
  • Slow cooked lamb belly $17.50
    • w/ warm lebanese couscous, spicy red pepper & eggplant confit with tzatziki sauce
  • Rocket salad w/ shave parmesan, walnut & balsamic vinaigrette $5.00
  • Curly Fries / Wedges / NZ Hoki / Batt Mussel $4.00
  • Fresh Fish $5.50
  • Cheeseburger $4.50
  • Chicken CranBerry Brie $9.50
    • Crumbed Schnitzel brie and salad
  • -With Garlic Butter $3.50
  • Mussel Fritter $3.30
  • Puppy Dog / Potato Fritter / Donut $1.00
  • Hawaiian $9.00
    • 120g Beef, bacon, pineapple, and salad
  • Fish of the day $24.50/$26.50
    • served with salad greens, fries, tartare and tomato sauces(1 fillet/2 fillets)
  • Gourmet toasted sandwich options: cheese, ham, tomato, onion, pineapple. served with a green salad $18.50
  • Sausages $4.00
  • French Toast - Chef's Signature Dish $21.00
    • served with bacon, banana, maple syrup and berries
  • Bacon & Eggs $14.50
    • poached or fried
  • Steak sandwich $26.50
    • with fries with garlic aioli, onion, and slow-roasted tomato
  • Baked Beans $4.00
  • Natural Muesli $16.00
    • served with berry compote, yoghurt and honey gluten free option
  • Mashed potato $5
  • Grilled steak sandwich $28
    • Mesclun, brie, onions, tomato relish, chunky fries
  • Grilled T-bone steak $32.50
    • w/ green salad, chunky fries, fried egg & red wine jus
  • Bruschetta $14.5
    • w/ ciabatta, cream cheese, smoked salmon, roasted peppers & olive tapenade.
  • Beef carpaccio $17.5
    • seared tenderloin, truffle croquette, blue cheese, cranberry gel, horseradish yoghurt, baby watercress
  • Tempura battered fish fillets $28
    • chunky fries, green salad & tartare sauce
  • Buttered green beans $5
    • w/ almonds & bacon
  • Chunky fries $5
    • w/ tomato sauce & aioli
  • Bacon/Egg/Cheese Muffin $6.00
  • Bacon & Eggs $10.50
  • Sausage & Eggs $9.50
  • Eggs on Toast $9.00
  • Spaghetti on Toast $6.50
  • Bake Beans on Toast $6.50
  • All Day Breakfast $13.00
    • Toast / Bacon / Eggs / Sausage / Tomato / topped with Italian herbs
  • Bacon Butties $6.00
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