First In Cafe in Southland Menu

First In Cafe in Southland has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as ANTIPASTO PLATTER or BAKED CAMEMBERT from The Hideaway 201. Bento offers many options including Wakame Inari and Carrot Inari. McDonald's includes a wide range like BLT Bagel or NYC Benedict Bagel. Garlic Bread(V) and Garlic Bread(V) from . Bailiez Cafe offers Pita Pit and Brownie.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Farmhouse Platter
    • Hot smoked salmon, selection of cheeses, cold cut meats, tomato chilli mussels, popcorn squid, chutney, garlic butter, kalamata olives & char grilled vegetables served with bread & crackers.
  • Coconut Cream Brullee $13.50
    • With biscotti & chocolate ice cream.
  • Komene Kass
    • The classical Dutch cheese set with cumin seeds. Made in smaller rounds than the traditional Dutch cheese & enrobed in yellow wax.
  • 2-4 person $42.00
  • Mushrooms On Toast $19.50
    • Sauteed mushrooms with mascarpone on toasted bread with poached eggs & truffle oil.
  • Eggs Benedict $19.50
    • Toasted bun with mascarpone, spinach & poached eggs drizzled with a rich hollandaise. Served with either smoked salmon, crispy bacon or roasted mushrooms.
  • Pasta Special $26.00
    • Regularly changing with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Your wait staff will inform you on todays flavour
  • Farmers Lamb Rump $26.50
    • Grilled lamb rump with cumin & garlic, served on a potato, baby spinach, tomato & feta salad with mint dressing & beetroot relish.
  • Satay Chicken Skewers $19.00
    • Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in our very own satay sauce. Served on a bed of ginger and coconut rice with salad.
  • - An egg can be added $2.00
  • Smokehouse Salmon $21.50
    • Smoked on the premises using citrus tea, brown sugar and manuka sawdust. Served with apricot & capsicum relish, aioli and freshly toasted bread.
  • Herb Roasted Potatoes $6.80
  • Battered or Pan Fried Southland Blue Cod $25.00
    • The freshest Southland blue cod fillets either fried golden brown or dusted in flour and pan fried. Served with chips, salad and a duo of sauces.
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich $23.50
    • Juicy pork shoulder marinated in spices, braised for hours then pulled apart served in a French stick with coleslaw and apples. Served with a handful of fries.
  • – Extra fillings $2.00
  • John’s Pea Pie Pud $23.00
    • A delicious premise made pie changing regularly, with golden brown pastry, creamy mash and peas. Drizzled with jus.
  • Bread and Dips $14.00
    • with our own Focaccia
  • Garlic or salami & cheese pita bread $6.00
  • Sour cream lemon cake, maple roasted pineapple & cream $11.00
  • Oven roasted lamb rack $33.00
    • on a kumara & feta mash with rosemary jus
  • Ribeye steak $34.00
    • served with field mushroom sauce or bacon, Bourbon jam
  • Pan fried Orange Roughy & scallop stack $21.00
    • layered with rice paper, micro greens & Thai curry sauce
  • Tortilla $21.00
    • filled with beef, roasted beetroot, salad greens & chimichurri dressing
  • Prawn cocktail $21.00
    • with house made Thousand Island dressing, topped with pan fried prawns
  • Glazed Pork Belly $27.90
    • Rolled with a sage and onion stuffing and served on seeded mustard mash and glazed with a sticky pear and ginger sauce. Accompanied with a seasonal vegetable medley.
  • -Steak fries
  • The Famous Burger Combo $24.90
    • Our house specialty - a co-joined double burger bun. On one side a small chicken burger – on the other a small beef burger. Together they make a fun and hearty meal. Served with beer-battered fries and tomato sauce.
  • ●Additional Extras for your Steak Meal - $3.50
  • Side salad of fresh greens $5.50
  • -Eggs (2)
  • All of our steaks are Prime Hereford Beef
  • ●Step 3 - Choose One Sauce
  • Chick n Fala Pita $11.5 Reg / $9.5 Petita
  • Custom Mix $10.00 per head
  • Extra Dip $1.00
  • Chicken Breast Salad $11.9 Reg / $9.9 Petita
  • Roast Beef Pita $10.9 Reg / $8.9 Petita
  • Super Vege (3 Fillings) $4.00
  • Garden Pita $8.5 Reg / $7.5 Petita
  • Happy Ham $5.00
  • Citrus tart >. served with berry compote, vanilla ice-cream and cream $12.00
  • Ice-cream sundae $12.00
    • vanilla ice-cream with your choice of chocolate, strawberry, caramel or passionfruit sauce served with cream and a chocolate wafer stick
  • Hollandaise pan fried fish $28.90
    • pan fried gurnard fillets with prawns served with your choice of vegetables or house salad and either potato croquettes or crispy fries, topped with hollandaise sauce and lemon
  • Lamb shanks (1 shank/2 shanks) $24.90/$32.90
    • slowly braised lamb shanks served on mash with onion gravy
  • Potato croquettes x3 $6.00
  • Mushrooms $6.00
  • Chilli cheese bread $11.90
    • freshly baked ciabatta load smothered in cheese, garlic butter and drizzled with sweet chilli
  • Chicken schnitzel $19.90
    • a succulent cut of crumbed chicken breast fried until golden, topped with mushroom sauce served with house salad and crispy fries
  • Pop Corn Chicken $12.9
    • served with homemade sweet chilli sauce and coconut rice
  • Kumara And Chick Pea Curry (V, G.F, VEGAN) $19.9
    • with coconut rice and naan bread
  • Slowly Braised Lamb Spare Ribs $19.9
    • Served on creamy mash with pea puree and roasted veggies
  • Delicious Fillet Of Today’s Fresh Catch $19.9
    • accompanied with plump scallops or tantalising prawns on our home made wedges with green salad, The fillets can be crumbed, battered or pan fried
  • Salt And Pepper Squid $12.9
    • with paddy’s dipping sauce and oriental slaw
  • Slowly Braised Lamb Belly $12.9
    • served on hong kong style on tossed noodles with fresh coriander and roasted peanuts
  • Add A Kids Ice Cream Sundae On To Their Main Meal For Only $2
  • Chocolate Truffle Tart $9.9
    • with raspberry ice cream
    • hearty winter soup filled with vegetables,beans,meat served with toasted ciabatta.
  • CAESAR SALAD $8.00
    • in house manuka smoked salmon with chervil lemon mascarpone served with toasted breads and crackers.
    • drizzled with warm caramel sauce and served with ice cream.
    • 6 chicken nuggets with hideaway coleslaw,chips and sweet and sour cream.
  • FISH AND CHIPS $10.00
    • battered cod bites with hideaway coleslaw,chips and tomato sauce.
  • JACKO PAK $10.00
    • 3 chicken nuggets ,1 mini hotdog and 2 cod bites with hideaway coleslaw,chips and tomato sauce.
  • EGGS $12.50
    • 2 Eggs - Poached, Fried or Scrambled on Ciabatta
  • ALL-OUT $19.50
    • Eggs, Bacon, Kransky, Mushrooms, Hash Brown Smokey Baked Beans & Ciabatta
    • House Made Served with Spreads
    • 1 Soft Boiled Egg with Toasted Soldiers
  • -ADD Mushroom, Tomato, Baked Beans, Hash Browns or Kransky $2.50ea
  • FRENCH TOAST $15.00
    • Served with Maple Syrup, Whipped Cream & Berry Compote
  • PANCAKES $6.00
    • Served with Berry Compote, Whipped Cream and Maple Syrup
  • TOAST & SPREADS $4.50
    • 2 Slices + Selection Of Spreads
  • House Loaf with Spreads $11.90
    • Oven baked pull apart cob loaf served with herb, garlic, plain butter and spreads
  • Beef and Chilli Nachos $17.90
    • Mild chilli beans and ground beef served on warmed salsa nachos then topped with cheese and sour cream
  • Fish and Chips $10.90
    • Kiwi Kids Classic
  • Ham Steak $25.90
    • Real ham steak with pineapple ring and served with garden salad
  • Mini Dogs and Chips $10.90
    • For when they wanted fish and chips and you wanted a decent meal
  • Steak, Eggs and Chips $27.90
    • 250g prime Ribeye steak cooked to your liking topped with two eggs, chunky fries, and garden salad. Served with your choice of mushroom, garlic or pepper sauce
  • Ham Steak $19.90
    • Real ham steak topped with a creamy mushroom sauce, two wffs and served with garden salad and fries.
  • Fishermans Basket $14.90
    • Crumbed prawns, shrimp sticks and fish bites served with chunky fries
  • Served with Fries $17
  • Getaway Wings $10
    • Spicy chicken nibbles coated in a crispy tempura batter and served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.
  • Cadillac Eggs Benedict $15
    • A couple of poached eggs on toasted English muffins with your choice of salmon or good old bacon, with spinach and coated with a creamy hollandaise sauce. (GF option available please ask)
  • Served with Onion Rings or Kumara Bolts $22
  • DeSoto Wraps $21
    • Spicy chicken wraps served with wedges, sour cream & sweet chili sauce.
  • Half size $22
  • Served with Fries $20
  • Flat Head Pancakes $15
    • A stack of warm pancakes topped with either bacon and banana or mixed berries and cream served with a jug of warm maple syrup on the side. (GF option available please ask)
  • Tempura Prawns(DF) $15.00
    • 6 prawns served with tossed salad and smoked garlic aioli
  • Skewered Prawns(GF/DF) $15.00
    • lemon marinade, mixed leaf salad and chipotle mayonnaise
  • 300gm Pure Angus Beef Sirloin $37.00
  • Pan Seared Mount Cook Salmon Fillet(GF) $33.00
    • with grilled prawns, sautéed broccolini on a bed of mashed potato and creamy horseradish sauce
  • Garlic Bread(V) $10.00
    • ciabatta with cheese
  • Chicken Fillet(GF) $26.00
    • roasted chicken breast served with potato rosti, braised corn and baby carrots with a white wine mustard sauce
  • Soy Braised Pork Belly(GF) $32.00
    • twice cooked, served with West Coast black pudding, creamy potato gratin, 2 seared scallops with bok choy and apple sauce
  • Bailiez Club Sandwich, served on fresh sourdough bread, filled with turkey, ham, brie, lettuce, mayonnaise and cranberry sauce with fries. $22.00
  • Wedges $12.50
    • With bacon, cheese, sour cream & sweet chilli
  • Surf 'n' Turf, Salad & Fries $34.50
    • With a creamy scallop & prawn sauce
  • Eggs on Toast $8.50
    • Poached or scrambled
  • Stewart Island Mussels (Steamed) $12.50
  • Soup of the Day $9.50
    • Seasonal
  • All Day Breakfast $16.00
    • Sausage, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, hashbrown, egg, onion rings & toast
  • Chicken, Lamb or Vegetarian Wrap $14.50
    • With salad or fries
  • Anchorage Ribeye, Salad & Fries $29.50
    • Mushroom, garlic or pepper sauce
    • served with roasted garlic mash potato, vegetable timbale, grilled polenta and Carmenere jus.
    • traditional south American dish made with locally caught citrus-marinated seafood.Served three ways with avocado tomato salsa and toast.
    • classic soup loaded with the finest seafood served with bread
    • homemade ravioli served with prawns, mussels and scallops in a caper-anchovy butter sauce.
  • BREAD AND DYPS $14.00
    • freshly made selection.Serves 2
  • BLUE COD DUO $37.00
    • fresh pan fried blue cod served with Israeli couscous stuffed pepper and salsa, served alongside a blue cod chupe(fish parmesan and bread pudding)
  • SOUP OF THE DAY $12.00
    • please ask for today's choice - served with bread.
    • served with roasted vegetables, tomato & red onion salsa, feta cheese crumbs and rocket salad.
  • Maccheroncini All Ortolana
    • Short pasta with vegetable sauce, (olives optimal), parmesan cheese and basil
  • Pizza Ai Funghi $21.5
    • Mozzarella, mushroom, tomato sauce, and oregano
  • Pizza Ai Carciofi $22
    • Artichoke with cooked ham, tomato sauce, mozzarella
  • Crostinii $15
    • Smoked salmon on toasted bread with butter and onion
  • Millefoglie $12
    • Layers of puff pastry with Chantilly cream and fruit of the day
  • Pizza Ai Pepperoni $22.5
    • Pepperoni salami, tomato sauce, mozzarella
  • Fettuccine Bolognese $19
    • Fettuccine with a traditional meat sauce
  • Filetto Di Pesce Al Pepe Verde $30
    • Fish Fillet in green pepper sauce
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