First In Cafe in Southland Menu

First In Cafe in Southland has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as ANTIPASTO PLATTER or BAKED CAMEMBERT from The Hideaway 201. Bento offers many options including Wakame Inari and Carrot Inari. McDonald's includes a wide range like BLT Bagel or NYC Benedict Bagel. Garlic Bread(V) and Garlic Bread(V) from . Bailiez Cafe offers Pita Pit and Brownie.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • John’s Pea Pie Pud $23.00
    • A delicious premise made pie changing regularly, with golden brown pastry, creamy mash and peas. Drizzled with jus.
  • Chocolate Walnut Brownie $14.00
    • A triple chocolate and walnut brownie served with chocolate fudge sauce, ice cream and whipped cream.
  • Seafood Bowl (GF) $26.00
    • Foveaux blue cod, mussels, smoked salmon and prawns cooked in a creamy spicy coconut and tomato sauce. Served with steamed ginger rice.
  • Vegetables of the Day $7.20
  • Ziff’s Bangers and Mash $25.50
  • Tomato $2.90
  • Baked Portobello Mushrooms and Blue Cheese Brioche $17.50
    • Portobello mushrooms baked in a creamy blue cheese sauce served on toasted brioche drizzled balsamic reduction and infused olive oil.
  • Wedges, Sour Cream & Chilli $8.50
  • Seekh Kebab $10.00
    • Lightly spiced lamb mince rolled in skewers and cooked in tandoor served with shredded lettuce and mint sauce. Four pieces per serving
  • Chicken Tikka $10.00
    • Succulent morsels of chicken mildly spiced, cooked in tandoor, served with shredded green lettuce and mint sauce. Four pieces per serving
  • Butter Chicken $19.00
    • Tender morsels of boneless chicken cooked in a creamy tomato and butter gravy
  • Chicken Saag $19.00
    • Tender chicken cooked in a subtly flavoured spinach and cream sauce
  • Potato and Pea $8.50
  • Tamarind Chutney $3.00
  • Lamb Madras $10.00
  • Tandoori Chicken $10.00 / $16.00
    • Tender chicken marinated in yoghurt dressing and cooked in tandoor
  • Bowl of sautéed mushrooms $6.00
  • Glazed Pork Belly $27.90
    • Rolled with a sage and onion stuffing and served on seeded mustard mash and glazed with a sticky pear and ginger sauce. Accompanied with a seasonal vegetable medley.
  • Lamb Shank (GF) $28.90
    • Braised in the oven with herb minted jus and served with a garlic mash and roast vegetable stack. Garnished with cherry tomatoes and broccoli.
  • Vegetable Stack (GF) $24.90
    • Seasoned roast vegetable stack topped with grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, wilted greens, herb butter and a baked capsicum filled with mild curried lentils then all surrounded by a tomato salsa.
  • These dishes are for lovers of fragrantly smoked foods. They are lightly smoked with Red Beech chips after being rubbed in our own special mix of spices. They are then roasted in our famous sweet and sticky BBQ sauce to ensure tender meat that will fall off the bone.
  • -Fillet (Tenderloin) 200g $37.90
  • -Béarnaise butter
  • -Homemade stout and brown onion
  • Pork belly (GF) $26.90
    • Slow cooked pork belly with maple roasted kumara, buttered green beans, roasted parsnip, crispy crackling, streaky bacon and our signature bbq sauce
  • Chicken salad $21.00
    • Pan fried slices of tender breast fillet served on salad greens with crumbed camembert, roasted cashew nuts, garlic aioli & sundried tomato tapenade.
  • Steak & guinness hotpot $20.90
    • Oven baked dish of tender beef marinated in guinness & red wine, topped with golden pastry, served with mash, green beans & herb roasted tomato.
  • Side of gravy. $2.00
  • Venison fillet (GF) $33.90
    • Wild fiordland venison fillet marinated in olive oil, cracked pepper and thyme, served with kumara croquettes, green beans, roasted beets, raspberry & merlot jus & a balsamic reduction. Gluten free on request
  • Paddy’s pasta $18.50
    • Penne pasta with chicken, red onion, mushroom & basil pesto in a white wine & cream reduction, finished with parmesan.
  • Assorted deep fried seafood platter $55.00
    • Salt and pepper squid, prawn twisters, fish bites, battered mussels, steak fries & seasoned wedges served with tartare & sweet chilli sauce.
  • Side of fries, tomato sauce & aioli. $5.00
  • Chick n Fala Pita $11.5 Reg / $9.5 Petita
  • Signature Vegetarian $9.00 per head
  • Falafel Pita $10.9 Reg / $8.9 Petita
  • Ediballs $3 or $5 for two packs
  • Grilled Wedges $4.90
  • Extra Dip $1.00
  • Brownie $2.50
  • Chicken Caesar Salad $12.5 Reg / $10.5 Petita
  • Crumbed camembert $15.90
    • delicious camembert cheese coated in breadcrumbs, fried until crispy served with plum sauce and garlic toast
  • Hollandaise pan fried fish $28.90
    • pan fried gurnard fillets with prawns served with your choice of vegetables or house salad and either potato croquettes or crispy fries, topped with hollandaise sauce and lemon
  • Mud cake $12.00
    • rich mississippi mud cake served with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
  • Warm chicken salad $24.90
    • marinated chicken breast served with bacon, grapes and salad greens, tossed together with armadillo's homemade dressing, finished off with crispy noodles
  • Chicken schnitzel $19.90
    • a succulent cut of crumbed chicken breast fried until golden, topped with mushroom sauce served with house salad and crispy fries
  • Beer battered gurnard fillets $27.90
    • fresh fillets of gurnard in a beer batter served with your choice of vegetables or house salad and either potato croquettes or crispy fries accompanied by tartare sauce and lemon
  • Zucchini fritters $14.90
    • zucchini, sweet corn and feta fritters served with our chef's own honey mustard dressing
  • Vege burger $19.90
    • zucchini, sweet corn and feta fritter, swiss cheese, smoked tomato relish, lettuce, tomato and aioli, stacked in a fresh toasted bun served with crispy fries
  • MUESLI $12.00
    • Lightly Toasted with Cinnamon & Honey Served with Natural Yogurt & Fruit
  • ALL-OUT $19.50
    • Eggs, Bacon, Kransky, Mushrooms, Hash Brown Smokey Baked Beans & Ciabatta
  • PANCAKES $6.00
    • Served with Berry Compote, Whipped Cream and Maple Syrup
  • KIDS ALL - OUT $9.00
    • 1 Egg Poached on Baked Beans, Bacon & Toast
    • House Made Served with Spreads
  • FRENCH TOAST $5.00
    • Served with Whipped Cream and Maple Syrup
  • PANCAKES $16.90
    • Trio of Pancakes Served with Banana & Bacon -OR -Berries & Yogurt
  • OMELETTE $16.50
    • 2 eggs + Ciabatta or Salad + 3 Fillings Cheese, Ham, Mushrooms, Tomato, Onion or Spinach
  • The Oldsmobile (GF) $20
    • Smoked salmon, capers and cream cheese,
  • Served with Onion Rings or Kumara Bolts $17
  • DeSoto Wraps $21
    • Spicy chicken wraps served with wedges, sour cream & sweet chili sauce.
  • Available 12pm - late daily
  • Served with Fries $18
  • Add Cheddar cheese for $1
  • The Rambler $15
    • A succulent lamb patty is topped with mint jelly. This is 100% real lamb and the taste says it all!
  • Hot Dogs
    • Mini hot dogs served with fries and Watties tomato sauce for dipping.
  • 250gm Southland Rack of Lamb $35.00
  • Pan Fried Southern Blue Cod(GF) $33.00
    • on a bed of thyme and lemon risotto, served with 2 seared scallops and topped with parmesan cheese
  • 300gm Pure Angus Beef Sirloin $37.00
  • Thai Red Curry(V) $20.00
    • Asian vegetables and jasmine rice
  • Fiordland Venison Pie(DF) $27.00
    • slow cooked venison stew topped with a pastry lid, served with kumara fries and a tossed salad
  • Lamb Mince on Toast $21.00
    • topped with a fried egg and cheddar cheese and served with fries
  • Queen Scallops(DF) $17.00
    • 6 tempura scallops served with a tossed salad and garlic soy sauce
  • Pan Seared Mount Cook Salmon Fillet(GF) $33.00
    • with grilled prawns, sautéed broccolini on a bed of mashed potato and creamy horseradish sauce
  • Blue Cod, Salad & Fries $24.50
    • Most popular dish, either battered, crumbed or poached
  • Soup of the Day $9.50
    • Seasonal
  • Anchorage Ribeye, Salad & Fries $29.50
    • Mushroom, garlic or pepper sauce
  • Panini $10.50
    • With your choice of (please inform of fillings)
  • Bacon & Egg Muffin $8.50
  • Chicken, Lamb or Vegetarian Wrap $14.50
    • With salad or fries
  • All desserts served with fresh whipped cream
  • Pancakes $8.50
    • With maple syrup & cream
  • chicken Burger $8.00
    • (Lettuce, relish, cheese, mayo & chicken fillet pattie)
  • Vege Burger $16.00
  • Pottle of Nuggets $3.50
  • Pottle mini Hot dogs $3.50
  • toasted Sandwich $6.50
  • Large Sausage $4.00
  • Beef Burger $17.00
  • Today's Big Burger $18.00
  • Spicy pumpkin
  • Scoop of chips $ 4.00
  • Bowl of soup $ 12.00
  • Freshly battered blue cod $ 9.00
  • Corn fritter $ 8.00
    • with sour cream & sweet chilli
  • Seafood chowder $ 18.00
    • with a toasted garlic roll
  • Minestrone
  • Pasta of the day $ 14.00
    • bacon, onion, mushroom
  • Mixed Green Salad (Giardino Insalata) $7.00
  • Fettucine Alfredo $23.00
    • Bacon, field mushroom in a creamy sauce with a touch of truffle, served with fettucine.
  • Bomba $25.00
    • Tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami, fire roasted capsicum, red onion, blue cheese and garlic.
  • Smoked Salmon Pizza $27.00
    • White pizza mozzarella, Stewart Island smoked salmon on cushions of spinach – a lighter summer option.
  • Gamberetti Salad $25.00
    • Salad greens, sautéed prawns, figs, olives, feta and pecorino.
  • Mini Pizza
    • Your choice of:
  • Dairy-free mozzarella available as a vegan option ($2 extra) Gluten free bases available ($2 extra) – All pizza are 12”/32cm Half half pizza $5 extra not available during peak ($2 each additional topping, $5 for additional bocconcini, seafood, prawns, venison or salmon. White pizza is pizza without the tomato base.)
  • Meat Lover $25.00
    • Tomato, mozzarella, ham, spicy salami, chicken, sausage.
  • - Caramel
  • Or: Herb Bread +$4.50
  • - Cheese/Bacon
  • - Ham
  • Or: Herb Bread +$4.50
  • - Roast Beef
  • - Spinach/Parmesan
  • ** French Toast $14.00
    • With: Berry Compote, Maple Syrup & Cream
  • Insalata Mista $7
    • Mixed green salad with tomatoes, carrots, onion and vinaigrette
  • Lasagna $23
    • Layers of pasta and meat sauce baked slowly in the oven
  • Bruschetta $10
    • Ciabatta bread topped with fresh tomato, basil, capers and red onions in olive oil
  • Pizza Ai Carciofi $22
    • Artichoke with cooked ham, tomato sauce, mozzarella
  • Orechiette Italia $20
    • Pasta with basil pesto and fresh tomato
  • All Seconds Meal are served with mix vegetables
  • Tiramisu $12
    • Traditional Italian dessert, Layers of mascarpone cheese and coffee dipped sponge fingers
  • Maccheroncini All Ortolana
    • Short pasta with vegetable sauce, (olives optimal), parmesan cheese and basil
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