The Return Of Rad in Auckland Menu

  • Mircher Buesli GF, VG, DF ( Just for the early birds before 11am) 13.5
    • This tropical take on bircher contains apple-soaked oats, not one, but two kinds of coconut nectar, seasonal fruit, shaved coconut, macadamia nuts and bit of mint, for, you know... fun times..
  • So Frenchy, So Toast VGA 19.5
    • Comprising of a choc chip brioche, nutty crumb, roasted white chocolate and caramelised banana, vanilla bean ice-cream served with crispy free range bacon. Sans pig option is 16.5.
  • Eggs Benny GF 19.5
    • Served with pulled bacon hock, potato gratin, apple cider hollandaise, apple slaw and an apple cider vinaigrette. Mmmm...appley.OR Served with our house-cured salmon cured with lemon and dill, potato gratin, apple cider hollandaise and water cress.
  • Salmon on Herb Waffle 19.5
    • Served with our house cured salmon on herb waffles with a Romesco sauce topped off with basil, crispy capers, pickled red onion and whipped avocado/sour cream.
  • Freedom Rangers (AKA Big Brekky)G FA 20.5
    • Comes with free-ranged eggs, Freedom Farm bacon, free-to-roam rosemary lamb sausages, ‘I will smash you’ avo with feta and basil, vine ripped tomatoes and served on bread of the day, that was not free and definitely not ranged, but is still very delicious.
  • Omelette Exhibit ‘A’G FA 18.0
    • Roast pumpkin, pine nuts, spinach, cheddar cheese, tomato chutney, toast. (Not guilty)
  • Omelette Exhibit ‘B’G FA 19.0
    • Prosciutto, Dolce Gorgonzala blue cheese, vine-ripped tomatoes, baby spinach, toast. (A little bit guilty, but should get off with a warning ).
  • Mushrooms on ToastG FA , VG 17.5
    • Enoki, Oyster, Portobello, Button and Radmaximus (we made that one up) mushrooms on toast with goats cheese and a spot of truffle oil because we’re fancy like that.
  • Grilled Polenta CakesGF, VGA, VG 16.5
    • Comes with ‘I will smash you’ avo with feta and basil, Portobellomushrooms and goats curd. Plus it has cake in the name, you can’t go wrong. >>
  • Black Stack Burger 18.5
    • Crispy braised pork belly with pickled celeriac, Bazza’s coriander and peanut sauce with fresh mint and cucumber embraced by a squid ink brioche bun and served with fries.
  • Beef Lemon Grass Vermicelli Noodles 18.5
    • A ‘just-like-home’ recipe stepped up with next level ingredients: grass-fed beef, pickled daikon and carrot, bean sprouts, roast peanuts, coriander and dosed with a dressing called ‘nuoc mam’.
  • Sea, Sea, Land, Mouth 21.5
    • Deliciously poached octopus is pared with prawns in this farro risotto. Its flavours are toned with a lemon and herb undercurrent that matches well with the shaved baby carrotwithin. >>
  • Chicken, Quinoa and Baby Kale Salad* G FA 18.5
    • Also dubbed as ‘the healthy option’, this dish contains redand white quinoa, baby kale, orange slices and an orange dressing. Yum! *Team with ‘The Apolog y’ and you’ve officially said sorry to your body for all the wrong you did to it on the weekend. >>
  • Carrot Risotto VG 18.5
    • This rich farro risotto is made with a carrot puree and contains a soulful mix of roast baby beets, goats cheese, candied walnut, baby carrots, brocolini and watercress.
  • Grandma’s Pork Bánh mì 13.5
    • Been years in the making! Light and crispy, traditional home-bakedVietnamese bread with Viet-style marinaded pork, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumber, coriander,mild red chilli and chicken cognac pate. >>
  • Chick ‘n’ Roll G FA 13.5
    • Grilled chicken marinated in soy, hoisin, ginger and coriander on a bed of ‘Raw Slaw,’ which contains bok choy, cabbage and vietnamese mint then topped with pickled cauliflower andcoriander. >>
  • It’s ‘Ham’mer time G FA 13.0
    • Thick slices of country ham paired with Gruyère cheese topped with walnut mustard, gherkins and pickled red onion.
  • Kiwi Catch G FA 13.5
    • Our fish of the day is ‘tempurafied’ then delicately laid onto Rad’s fresh home-made brioche bread, layered with cos lettuce, fresh tomatoes and lightly massaged with our custom-made tartare... there’s some sort of sandwich day spa going on here.
  • Secret Vegetable Business (SVB)G FA , VG 12.5
    • There is a vego roll special that is available every day, just ask the staff about it. Code is SVB.

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The Return Of Rad


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397 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, 1024, New Zealand
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