Wok Express in Auckland Menu

  • Sauces $0.80
    • 75ml portion cups
  • Roti Bread (V) $2.50
    • 1x Malaysian style Roti Bread
  • Brown Jasmine Rice - $2.50
  • Jasmine Rice $2.00
  • Cashews $3.00
  • Mixed Appetisers 5pc’S $10.00
    • Selection of our made in house Appetisers: Prawn & Chicken Spring Roll, Vegetarian Spring Roll, Firecracker Prawn, Curry Puff & Money Bag
  • Homemade Money Bags $9.00
    • 4 money bags filled with chicken, prawn & spices Made in house
  • Homemade Firecracker Prawns $9.50
    • Prawn cutlets marinated in a red curry sauce and wrapped in spring roll pastry Made in house (4)
  • Homemade Curry Puffs $9.50
    • Flaky Pastry Puffs made in house filled with chicken, potato, sweet potato and spices (4)
  • Homemade Satay Skewers (GF) $9.50
    • Chicken tenderloins with our Thai satay sauce Made in house (4)
  • Homemade Steamed Dumplings (V) $6.50
    • Steamed Dumplings served with dipping sauce (6)
  • Homemade Spring Rolls(V) $8.50
    • All made inhouse with the best of ingredients (4)
  • Fried Rice ( GF,V) $14.00
    • Classic fried rice with egg, fresh veges, and choice of meats. Can't be made without egg.
  • Nasi Goreng ( GF,V) $15.00
    • Indonesian style fried rice with Chicken or Prawn or Tofu, egg, fresh vegetables, and bean sprouts. Can't be made without egg.
  • Works Fried Rice (GF) $17.00
    • Special Egg Fried Rice with Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Cashew Nuts & Veges. Can't be made without egg.
  • Tom Yum Fried Rice ( GF,V) $15.00
    • Chicken or Prawn or Tofu stir fried with egg, fresh vegetables, lime leaves, coriander and palm sugar. Can't be made without egg.
  • Perfect as a sharing dish or just eat it yourself !
  • Yang Chow Fried Rice $15.00
    • A light chinese style fried rice with two eggs, BBQ Pork, Shrimp, slices of sweet cured pork and mix veges.
  • Chicken and Vege Noodle Soup $12.50
    • Chicken, vegetables and noodles in a chicken broth (Large Size)
  • Dumpling Soup $12.50
    • Homemade Pork and Chive dumplings with vegetables and beansprouts in a clear chicken broth
  • Malaysian Curry with 2 Roti (V) $17.50
    • Creamy Malaysian style coconut cream curry with chicken or tofu, potato, carrot and star anise and cinnamon
  • Duck Curry (GF) $19.00
    • BBQ Roast Duck with fresh vegetables and pineapple in a coconut cream red curry
  • Panang Curry ( GF,V) $16.00
    • Thick Panang curry with Chicken, Beef, Prawn or Tofu and fresh veges, kaffir lime leaves and crushed roasted peanuts
  • Red Curry ( GF,V) $16.00
    • Thai red curry with fresh green bean, carrot, red capsicum, broccoli, cauli and kaffir lime leaf.
  • Mussaman Curry ( GF,V) $16.00
    • Mild creamy curry with Chicken or slow cooked Beef and potato, carrot and crushed roasted peanut.
  • Green Curry ( GF,V) $16.00
    • Creamy Thai green curry with broccoli, cauliflower, courgette, carrot, bamboo strips and kaffir lime leaves
  • Laksa (RICE NOODLES) ( GF,V) $17.00
    • Delicious curry based Laksa. Chicken, Prawn or Tofu with egg, fresh vegetables, rice noodles and beansprouts. Gluten Free
  • Laksa (V) $17.00
    • Delicious curry based Laksa. Chicken, Prawn or Tofu with egg, fresh vegetables, yellow noodles and beansprouts
  • Slow Cooked Pork Red Curry $16.00
    • Pork leg simmered for 12 hours in coconut milk and spices and then served with a delicious red curry sauce and veges.
  • Noodle Works $17.00
    • Chicken, Shrimp, BBQ pork, Cashew Nuts, seasonal veges and bean sprouts wok fried in our special sauce. (The Works)
  • Khao Dee Noodles ( GF,V) $16.00
    • Literally means "Good Rice Noodles" Fresh flat rice noodles stir fried with chicken, shrimp, egg, vegetables and beansprouts in a Malaysian Sambal sauce. (Sambal contains candlenuts, onion and shrimp paste as some of its ingredients)
  • Drunken Noodles ( GF,V) $16.00
    • Fresh Rice Noodles with chicken or pork or Tofu, egg, seasonal vegetables and stir fried in a Thai spicy basil sauce
  • Dragon Noodles(V) $15.50
    • Our most popular spicy noodle dish. Yellow noodles, dried chilli's, and vegetables stirfried in a szechuan style sauce
  • Blackbean Garlic Noodles(V) $14.50
    • Fresh yellow noodles stirfried with chicken or beef and vegetables in black bean and garlic sauce
  • Shanghai Noodles(V) $15.00
    • Thick yellow noodles stirfried with Chicken, BBQ Pork, Prawn or Tofu, vegetables and beansprouts
  • Garlic Ginger Noodles (V) $15.50
    • The noodle version of our popular garlic ginger stir fry. Fresh yellow noodles, seasonal vegetables and choice of meat or tofu wok tossed in a tasty garlic ginger sauce
  • Satay Noodles (V) $15.00
    • Fresh yellow noodles with your choice of meat or tofu, fresh vegetables and wok tossed with our delicious country style peanut sauce
  • Singapore Noodles( GF,V) $15.00
    • Thin rice noodles, Chicken or BBQ pork, egg, vegetables and beansprouts with a mild curry flavoured sauce.Can't be made without egg.
  • Teriyaki Noodles (V) $14.50
    • Fresh yellow noodles with Chicken, beef or Tofu, fresh vegetables and wok tossed with our homemade Teriyaki sauce
  • Pad Thai ( GF,V) $14.00
    • Rice noodles, chicken or prawn, egg, bean sprouts and chives.
  • Sweet n Sour Battered Chicken Noodles $17.00
    • Our popular sweet and sour battered chicken wok tossed with fresh yellow noodles
  • Pulled Pork Noodles $16.00
    • Wok tossed fresh yellow noodles and veges topped with a generous serving of slow cooked pulled pork and delicious sauce.
  • Mee Goreng $15.00
    • Malaysian classic noodle dish made with our own sambal. Fresh yellow noodles, choice of chicken, shrimp, prawn, pork sausage. Sambal contains onion and dish has egg.
  • Kung Pao $16.00
    • Famous Chinese dish of Chicken or pork stirfried with dry chili's ,vegetables and peanuts in a spicy sauce
  • Battered Sweet n Sour Chicken $17.00
    • Chunks of fresh Chicken Breast thinly battered and served with Pineapple, vegetables and a Thai Sweet & Sour sauce
  • Spicy Battered Chicken $17.00
    • Chunks of Chicken Breast rolled in a thin dry batter and then stirfried in a spicy sauce
  • Cashew Battered Chicken $17.50
    • A popular version of the classic chicken cashew dish except the chicken is rolled in a thin dry batter and then stirfried with veges and oyster sauce
  • Sesame Honey Chicken $14.50
    • Lightly Battered Chicken Breast Chunks with a delicious Honey & Sesame Sauce
  • Teriyaki Battered Chicken $15.00
    • Chunks of chicken breast lightly battered and topped with our popular teriyaki sauce and vegetables
  • Delite Spicy Basil Garlic (No Oil No Carb)( GF,V) $15.50
    • A spicy fusion of chicken, prawn or tofu stirfried with garlic, chili, fresh basil and vegetables with no oil.
  • Delite Garlic Ginger (No Oil No Carb) ( GF,V) $15.50
    • Chicken, Prawn or Tofu and seasonal vegetables carefully stirfried in Garlic Ginger sauce but no oil
  • Delite Chicken Cashew (No Oil No Carb) ( GF,V) $16.00
    • Chicken, Prawn or Tofu and seasonal vegetables carefully stirfried in its own tasty sauce but no oil
  • Coconut Stir Fry ( GF,V) $16.50
    • The Good Oil Coconut Stir Fry Succulent Prawns or Chicken or Tofu and fresh vegetables carefully stirfried with healthy coconut oil
  • Blackbean Garlic Stir Fry (V) $14.50
    • Beef or Chicken and vegetables stir fried in a Blackbean and Garlic sauce
  • Szechuan ( GF,V) $15.50
    • Spicy Szechuan Pepper stir fry , dried chilli's, garlic, ginger and seasonal vegetables.
  • Teriyaki Stir Fry(V) $14.50
    • Chicken or Beef stir fried with seasonal vegetables and our own Teriyaki sauce
  • Satay Stir Fry ( GF,V) $15.00
    • Home made, delicious peanut sauce wok fried with choice of meat and seasonal veges
  • Spicy Basil and Garlic (GF,V) $15.50
    • Classic thai flavours of chili, garlic, basil and fish sauce stirfried with vegetables and chicken or pork
  • Garlic Ginger Stir Fry(GF,V) $15.50
    • Light zingy flavoured dish with your choice of protein and wok fried with fresh garlic and ginger.
  • Chicken and Cashew Nuts(GF,V) $16.00
    • Our most popular stir fry, plenty of seasonal veges stirfried with your choice of protein and wok fried with our tasty sauce and cashew nuts

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17/379 Parnell Road, Auckland, Auckland, 1052, New Zealand
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