Minami Jujisei Restaurant in Queenstown-Lakes Menu

 Sushi & Sashimi
  • Mixed Sashimi, A Selection of Thinly Sliced Fresh Fish $18.00/$28.00
  • Tuna Sashimi $18.00/$28.00
  • Salmon Sashimi $14.00/$22.00
  • Tuna & Salmon Sashimi $16.00/$30.00
  • White Fish Sashimi $10.00
  • Octopus Sashimi $14.00/$20.00
  • Squid Sashimi $14.00
  • Mackerel Sashimi $10.00
  • Mixed Platter, Chef's Selection of Sushi, Sashimi & Sushi Rolls $28.00/$35.00
  • Tuna & Salmon Platter, Tuna & Salmon Sushi, Sashimi & Sushi Rolls $32.00/$40.00
  • Chef's Selection Sushi, A Selection of Seafood served on lightly Vinegared Rice $16.00/$22.00
  • Maki Sushi Set, A California Roll, Hand Roll and Chef's Selection of Maki Roll $20.00
  • Hand Roll Sushi Set, Make your own Sushi Rolls on your Table from the Selection on the Plate $25.00
 Nigiri Sushi
  • Eel $8.00/2pcs
  • Tuna $7.00/2pcs
  • Salmon $7.00/2pcs
  • Smoked Salmon $7.00/2pcs
  • Prawn $6.00/2pcs
  • Mackerel $6.00/2pcs
  • Daily White Fish $6.00/2pcs
  • Baby Squid $6.00/2pcs
  • Tako Wasabi $6.00/2pcs
  • Octopus $5.00/2pcs
  • Mussel $4.00/2pcs
  • Inari $4.00/2pcs
  • Egg $4.00/2pcs
  • Tuna Donburi $15.00/$25.00
  • Salmon Donburi $12.50/$20.00
  • Tuna & Salmon Donburi $25.00
  • Chirashi Sushi, A Bowl of Sushi Rice Topped with a Mixed Seafood Selection $25.00
 Maki Sushi
  • Minami Roll, Slices of Fish, Prawn, Lettuce, Cucumber, Avacado & Egg $25.00
  • Rainbow Roll, California Roll & Slices of Fish $12.00
  • Caterpillar Roll, Eel, Cucumber & Avacado $12.00
  • Futomaki, Egg, Cucumber, Kampyo, Pickles & Avacado $8.00/$15.00
  • Spider Roll, Soft Shell Crab $7.50/$8.50
  • Tempura Prawn Roll $5.50/$8.50
  • Eel & Kappa Roll, Eel, Cucumber $7.00/$8.00
  • California Roll, Salmon, Avacado & Cucumber $5.00/$6.00
  • Chicken Roll $5.00/$6.00
  • Crunchy Tuna Roll, Tempura Batter with Mayo $5.00/$6.00
  • Crunchy Salmon Roll, Tempura Batter with Mayo $5.00/$6.00
  • Spicy Tuna Roll $4.00/$5.00
  • Tuna Roll $4.00/$5.00
  • Salmon Roll $4.00/$5.00
  • Mentaiko Mayo Roll, Spicy Cod Roe with Mayo $4.00/$5.00
  • Tako Mayo Roll, Octopus with Sweet Mayo $4.00/$5.00
 Vegetarian Nigiri Sushi
  • Egg $4.00/2pcs
  • Tofu $4.00/2pcs
  • Avocado $4.00/2pcs
  • Asparagus $4.00/2pcs
  • Alfalfa $4.00/2pcs
  • Pickled Cucumber $4.00/2pcs
  • Inari $4.00/2pcs
  • Cucumber $4.00/2pcs
  • Carrot $4.00/2pcs
  • Lettuce $4.00/2pcs
  • Pickled Radish $4.00/2pcs
 Vegetarian Maki Sushi
  • Vegetarian Roll, Avocado, Kappa, Alfalfa & Lettuce $5.00/$6.00
  • Tempura Roll, Pumpkin & Kumara $5.00/$6.00
  • Kappa Roll, Cucumber $3.00/$4.00
  • Pickles Roll, Pickled Radish $3.00/$4.00
  • Natto Roll, Fermented Soy Beans $3.00/$4.00
  • Kanpyo Roll, Marinated Japanese Vegetable $3.00/$4.00
  • Ume & Kappa Roll, Pickled Plum & Cucumber $3.00/$4.00
 Miso Soups
  • Miso Shiru, A Soy Bean Paste Soup garnished with Tofu, Spring Onions and Wakame Seaweed $4.00
  • Crayfish Miso Soup, A rich Crayfish Miso soup served with spring onions and Wakame seaweed $15.00
 Udon Noodle Soups
  • Tempura Udon, Served with Deep Fried Seafood and Vegetables $13.50
  • Chicken Udon, Served with Chicken $13.50
  • Kitsune Udon, With Soy and Mirin Marinated Deep Fried Tofu $12.00
  • Kake Udon, Plain Noodle Soup Garnished with Spring Onions $10.00
  • Fresh Tofu, Chilled and Served with Spring Onions, Ginger and Dried Fish Flakes $5.00
  • Deep Fried Tofu, Dusted with Corn Flour and delicately Deep Fried, Served with a Soy Based Broth. Topped with Spring Onion, Nori seaweed and Dried Fish Flakes $10.50
  • Tofu Dengaku, Grilled Tofu Topped with a Special Miso Paste and Sesame Seeds $10.50
  • Green Salad, Garden Fresh Vegetables Served with a rich and Creamy Miso and Sesame Dressing $5.00
  • Seaweed Salad, Green Salad Topped with a Selection of Seaweed $10.00
  • Minami Spinach Salad, Crisp Fresh New Zealand Spinach tossed in our Chef’s Special Soya and Onion Dressing. Garnished with Sprouts and a choice of: Smoked Chicken, Smoked Salmon, Octopus or Vegetarian $15.00
  • Seafood Salad, Green Salad Topped with a Selection of Seafood $16.50
  • Venison Tataki, New Zealand Farm raised Venison thinly sliced and prepared Tataki Style $15.00
  • Beef Tataki, Prime New Zealand Beef thinly sliced and prepared Tataki Style $15.00
  • All Dishes are available as set meals including Kobachi, Special Entree, Miso Shiru, Pickles, Rice and Ice Cream. $13.50
  • Prawn Tempura, Delicious King Prawns $3.50/piece
  • Mixed Tempura, A Selection of Vegetables, Prawns and Fish $15.00/$25.00
  • Vegetarian Tempura, Pumpkin, Kumara, Mushroom and Seasonal Vegetables $10.00/$18.00
  • Yakitori, Skewered Chicken and Onion Grilled with a Semi-Sweet Soy Sauce $4.00/stick
  • Teriyaki Chicken, Tender Chicken Pan fried and Basted with our Teriyaki Sauce $12.00/$25.00
  • Deep Fried Chicken, Chicken pieces, lightly coated with Chef’s Special Sauce dusted with Corn flour then deep fried, served with Japanese Mayonnaise $12.00/$25.00
  • Squid Rings, Succulent Bread crumbed Squid served with Japanese Mayonnaise $12.00/$25.00
  • Blue Cod Teriyaki, Dusted with Corn Flour and delicately Pan fried Served with our Teriyaki Sauce $25.00
  • Yakizakana, Slices of Fresh New Zealand King Salmon Fillet lightly dusted with Salt or Teriyaki Sauce and Grilled $27.00
  • Salmon Fillet, A large piece of King Salmon Fillet with Sweet Soy and Ginger Sauce served on bed of Spinach $28.00
  • Tuna Steak, Pan fried and Basted with our Teriyaki Sauce $28.00
  • Tuna Tataki, Slices of Fresh Tuna quickly Seared served with our Wasabi Dressing $18.00/$30.00
  • Seafood Teppan, Salmon, Blue Cod, Squid, Shellfish, and Prawns served on Vegetables on a Sizzling Platter with Dipping Sauces $30.00
  • Jumbo Whole King Prawns, Pan fried in Garlic and Japanese Mayonnaise served on Salad and Deep Fried Shoe String Potato Basket $28.50
  • Ebi-fry, Succulent Bread crumbed King Prawns served with Japanese Mayonnaise $28.00
  • Seared Scallops, Plump Scallops Seared with a Light Soy and Onion Sauce until medium rare $15.00/$28.00
  • Pacific Rock Oysters, Fresh Oysters Farmed in Northland and flown down daily. 1/2 dozen or 1 dozen. Served Natural, Tempura or Deep Fried $15.00/$28.00
  • Beek Teriyaki, Choice Fillet, Pan Fried to your specifications and drizzled with our Teriyaki Sauce $28.50
  • Beef Teppan, Prime New Zealand Fillet Beef served on Vegetable on a Sizzling Platter with Dipping Sauces $30.00
  • Deep Fried Crumbed Pork Fillet, Succulent Bread crumbed Pork Fillet served with Japanese BBQ Sauce $28.00
  • Venison Steak, Prime New Zealand Venison quickly Pan fried in our Teriyaki & light Chilli Sauce $28.50
  • Lamb and Ginger, Export quality New Zealand Lamb Fillet Pan fried with Shiitake Mushroom and Japanese Pickle in a light Ginger and soy sauce $28.50
  • Shioyaki, Lightly Sprinkled with Salt and gently Grilled served with Salad $78.00
  • Teriyaki, Grilled and Basted with our Teriyaki sauce served with Salad $78.00
  • Sashimi, Served Raw in the Traditional Japanese Style $78.00
  • Poached, Gently Poached with Japanese Mayonnaise on the side served with Salad $78.00
 Nabe Mono
  • Sukiyaki, Pan Fried Beef, Vegetables, Tofu and Noodles in a Light sweetened Soy based Sauce $33.00
  • Shabu Shabu, Beef, Vegetables, Tofu and Noodles Cooked in a Light Broth with Dipping Sauce $35.00
  • Yose Nabe, Selection of Seafood, Chicken, Tofu, Vegetables and Noodles cooked in a light Soy and Fish stock broth $30.00
  • Ishikari Naba, A Hokkaido Speciality. Salmon, Vegetables, Tofu and Noodles cooked in a Miso Soup $30.00
  • Tofu Nabe, Fresh Tofu, Vegetables and Noodles delicately Boiled in Seaweed Stock with Dipping Sauce $25.00
 Individual Set Meals
  • Makunouchi Box, A Special Dinner Box Containing Suno Mono, Salad, Sashimi, Tempura, Pickles, Miso Shiru, Rice, Dessert and a Choice of One of the Following: Yakizakana, Beef Teriyaki or Chicken $35.00
  • Vegetarian Choice, Kake Udon, Tofu Spinach Salad, Vegetable Tempura, Vegetarian Sushi, Pickles, and Dessert $36.00
  • Reyna's Choice, Special Entree, Sashimi, Chawanmushi, Tempura, Teriyaki Chicken, Miso Shiru, Rice, Pickles and Dessert $40.00
  • Crayfish Set, Sashimi, 1/2 Crayfish, Miso Shiru, Rice, Dessert $48.00
  • New Zealand Set, Mussel Suno Mono, Sashimi, Beef Tataki, Chawan Mushi, Yakitori, 1/2 Crayfish, Miso Shiru, Rice, Pickles, and Dessert $75.00
  • Minami Special, Special Entree, Mussel Suno Mono, Salmon Sashimi, Venison Tataki, Whole Crayfish, Miso Shiru, Sushi, Pickles and Dessert $110.00
 Special Sets
  • Queenstown Special, Special Entree, Sashimi, Venison Tataki, Tempura, Miso Shiru, Rice, Pickles, Dessert and a Choice of One of the Following: Sukiyaki, Yosenabe, Ishikari or Shabu Shabu $55.00/person

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Minami Jujisei Restaurant


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45 Beach Street, Queenstown Central, Queenstown Central, Otago, 9300, New Zealand

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