Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in 570 Hillsborough Road, Lynfield Menu

  • Chicken Club $9.20
    • These aren't some boring old chicken sandwiches. Meet Wendy's Chicken Club – tender, all-white whole chicken breast topped with thick-cut manuka smoked bacon, natural cheese, creamy mayo, hand-cut lettuce, and freshly sliced tomatoes.
  • Avocado Bacon Supreme $10.20
    • Smooth creamy avocado and NZ manuka smoked bacon, combined with Wendy’s Homestyle Chicken fillet – unbeatable. Topped with aioli, sweet thai chili sauce, red onions, red tomato and crisp fresh lettuce.
  • Baconator Mushroom Melt $10.70
    • The much loved Baconator Mushroom Melt is chock full of oozy, cheesy mushroom sauce, sandwiched between half a pound of juicy, Quality Mark sourced fresh beef, and NZ bacon.
  • 1/2 LB Double $9.70
    • Double up with a half pound of fresh NZ beef, natural cheese and the freshest premium toppings of tomato, red onion, hand cut lettuce, and pickle, plus mayo and ketchup on a warm toasted bun.
  • 3/4 LB Triple $13.40
    • Satisfy your hunger with three juicy fresh NZ beef patties, natural cheese and the freshest premium toppings of tomato, red onion, hand cut lettuce and pickles, plus mayo and ketchup on a warm toasted bun.
  • Baconator $10.20
    • Introducing the meaty masterpiece. Four strips of New Zealand manuka smoked bacon, two Quality Mark sourced fresh beef patties, natural cheese, and topped with mayo and ketchup on a premium toasted bun. Carnivores rejoice!
  • Big Bacon Classic $9.20
    • Premium juicy fresh beef, manuka smoked bacon on a toasted premium bun. It’s a classic.
  • Low Carb Burger $8.90
    • The low carb burger features Wendy’s quality mark sourced fresh NZ beef or Inghams whole chicken breast, NZ natural cheese, manuka smoked bacon, pickles, onions, tomato, ketchup and mayo, all wrapped in a fresh lettuce leaf.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger $4.20
    • 100% fresh NZ beef topped with natural cheese, manuka smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a plain bun.
  • Cheeseburger $3.10
    • Made with fresh 100% quality mark beef, topped with natural NZ cheese, red onion, pickles, mustard and ketchup on a plain bun.
  • Hamburger $2.90
    • Made with fresh 100% Quality Mark beef, topped with red onion, pickles, mustard and ketchup on a plain bun.
  • Deluxe Double Stacker $6.50
    • The everyday burger for those lovers of fresh and juicy beef. Featuring natural NZ cheese, handcut lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles, alongside two fresh Quality Mark sourced beef patties.
  • 1/4 LB Single $6.90
    • Our delicious, 100% fresh NZ beef patty topped with all the essentials: tomato, lettuce, pickles, mayo and ketchup.
  • Single Mushroom Melt $7.60
    • We start with our famous 100% fresh NZ beef patty, and top it with cheese, NZ Manuka smoked bacon, and Wendy’s signature mushrooms in creamy cheese sauce.
  • Son of Baconator $7.30
    • A chip off the old block, Son of Baconator features two NZ quality mark sourced beef patties, four slices of Manuka smoked bacon and NZ cheese on a warm bun.
  • Kids Meal Cheeseburger $5.90
    • Made with fresh 100% Quality Mark beef, topped with NZ natural cheese and ketchup, on a plain warm bun. Add your choice of fries or mandarin pieces and a range of drinks (soft drinks, Keri Kids blackcurrant juice, Calciyum in three flavours, or Pump water 400ml), plus the kids toy.
  • Kids Meal Hamburger $5.90
    • Made with fresh 100% Quality Mark beef, topped with ketchup on a plain warm bun. Add your choice of fries or mandarin pieces and a range of drinks (soft drinks, Keri Kids Blackcurrant, CalciYum in three flavours or Pump 400ml), plus the kids toy.
  • Kids Meal Nuggets $5.90
    • Four pieces of juicy whole chicken breast, coated in a crispy crumb. Add your choice of fries or mandarin pieces and a range of drinks (soft drinks, Keri Kids Blackcurrant, CalciYum in three flavours or Pump 400ml) plus the kids toy.
  • BBQ Deluxe Double Stack $6.50
    • Featuring two fresh NZ beef patties, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and topped with tangy BBQ sauce
  • Deluxe Cheeseburger $3.70
    • Fantastic value, featuring a top line up of 100% fresh NZ beef, natural cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a plain toasted bun
  • Grilled Chicken Fillet $8.10
    • A tender, marinated whole chicken breast, served with a gorgeous honey mustard dressing, freshly handcut lettuce and tomatoes on a premium toasted bun.
  • Spicy Chicken Fillet $8.10
    • With its irresistible fiery blend of eight spices and peppers, this original classic has long been Wendy's top selling chicken sandwich. The tender and flavourful Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich gets its kick from a special mix of black pepper, chili powder and cayenne pepper, and is topped by mayo, lettuce, and a red, ripe tomato – all on a premium toasted bun
  • Homestyle Chicken Fillet $8.10
    • Juicy succulent whole chicken breast, lovingly coated in a lightly seasoned crispy coating, paired with tomato, lettuce and creamy mayo in a premium toasted bun.
  • Bacon Chicken Chompa $6.30
    • A crispy all meat chicken patty partnered with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo, delivered on a plain bun.
  • Hoki Fish $6.00
    • Ocean caught Hoki wrapped in a crunchy coating, then topped with natural cheese, freshly prepared lettuce and tangy tartare sauce.
  • Spicy Chicken Strips
    • Spice up your life with 100% real chicken breast, coated in an amazing hot and spicy crumb and partnered with your choice of aioli or sweet thai chili sauce. Available in 3 pc, 5pc or 7 pc.
  • 3 pcs $5.90
  • 5pcs $9.30
  • 7 pcs $12.20
  • Chickenator $12.90
    • The Chickenator is layered with two premium whole chicken fillets, manuka smoked bacon and natural cheese, topped with creamy mayo and tangy BBQ sauce, all on a freshly toasted Kaiser bun.
  • Crispy Chicken Burger $3.50
    • A tender breaded chicken patty topped with crisp lettuce and creamy mayo
  • Loaded Cheese Fries $5.80
    • Wendy’s hot and crispy fries, made from NZ grown potatoes and topped with creamy cheese sauce and crunchy bacon pieces.
  • Crispy Chicken Nuggets
    • Premium whole chicken breast lovingly coated in a crispy crumb, with your choice of BBQ or sweet and sour sauce.
  • 5 pcs $4.20
  • 9 pcs $7.30
  • 12 pcs $9.80
  • Guacamole Crunch Bowl $6.10
    • This tasty snack starts with a bed of crunchy corn chips, and then we spoon on a generous amount of meaty chili, and top with tangy guacamole and smooth sour cream, for a Mexican themed treat.
  • Chili Guacamole Fries $6.10
    • We start with a bed of hot and crispy fries and then spoon over a generous amount of meaty chili and then top with tangy guacamole and smooth sour cream.
  • Chili Chips and Cheese $6.10
    • A bed of crunchy corn chips topped with Wendy’s famous meaty chili and a creamy cheese sauce
  • J $1.50
  • S $3.50
  • Frosty Dairy Dessert
    • Creamy indulgent Frosty, in four sizes. Available in vanilla everywhere, and chocolate at selected outlets.
  • M $4.10
  • L $4.80
  • Frosty Cone $2.00
    • The best value ice-cream cone! Creamy indulgent Frosty in a premium waffle cone.
  • Frosty Parfait $5.90
    • A decadent way to finish your meal. We have created the ultimate dessert: A fusion of cool creamy Frosty and chocolate cookie pieces. Also available in berry.
  • Bacon & Cheese Potato $6.20
    • Warm up to the distinctive taste of rich, creamy cheese and manuka smoked bacon on our delicious oven-baked potato. It’s the just-right choice for lunch, dinner or late-night snack.
  • Chili & Cheese Potato $6.20
    • Oven baked potato topped with Wendy’s tasty chili and cheese.
  • Chili $S $3.80 / L $5.70
    • Try our signature rich and meaty Chili that's low in fat and high in fibre. Great taste and great value.
  • Sour Cream & Chives Potato $3.60
    • Slow-baked in an oven, not zapped in a microwave. Need we say more? Our Sour Cream and Chives Baked Potato is perfect by itself or paired with a burger. Great taste. Great value.
  • French Fries
    • Made from New Zealand grown potatoes, golden, crunchy and generously sized.
  • V $3.10
  • S $3.20
  • M $3.40
  • L $4.00
  • Side Salad $3.50
    • Freshly handcut lettuce, cucumber, grated cheese, tomatoes and red onion.
  • Taco Salad $9.20
    • Crispy hand cut lettuce, topped with Wendy’s slow cooked chili, partnered with corn chips and sour cream makes for a hearty filling salad.
  • Bacon Chicken Fiesta Salad $9.90
    • Grilled chicken fillet on a bed of crispy lettuce, diced tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese, corn and manuka smoked bacon. Topped with honey mustard and a smoky BBQ ranch dressing.
  • Mushroom & Cheese Potato $6.20
    • Lovingly wrapped in foil and baked in an oven, then topped with Wendy’s signature mushroom in cheese sauce.
  • Salad Burger $4.60
    • Who says that salad has to taste boring? Wendy's salad burger has creamy guacamole, tangy sweet thai chili sauce, onion, pickles, freshly chopped tomato and lettuce, and natural NZ cheese on a premium Kaiser bun.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Gharee $40.00
  • Kachori $1.00 (each)
  • Paneer Vada Pav $7.00
  • Cheese Vada Pav $6,00
  • -(1kg) $30.00
  • Shrikhand (Any Flavour) $30.00
  • Chutney
  • Ghana Puri (4 Puris) $8.00
  • Avocado/Grilled Tomato/Onions 2.3
  • Fluffy 1.2(Small)
  • Smashed Avocado served on toasted sourdough with melted brie, poached egg and drizzled with a balsamic reduction / with manuka smoked bacon 17.8 16.2
  • Kakapo ‘Barrel Fermented’ Chardonnay - Nelson Rich and finely balanced the palate is creamy, long and mouth filling, with hints of peach and nectarine. A mineral finish and firm and acid backbone. 10.0/Glass(180ml) 37.0/Bottle
  • Lemon Peppered Calamari lightly pan fried and served with an asian slaw & chilli lime dressing 16.7
  • Classic Omelette a three egg omelette with ham, cheese, tomato, and mushroom served with house chutney and bread 16.5
  • Coke / Diet Coke 4.5
  • Antipodes Sparkling Water 5.5
  • Chicken Nuggets (1/2 Doz & sauce) $5.50
  • Steak $6.30
  • Sweet corn $3.80
  • Fresh Tarakihi $5.50
  • Seasoned Potato wedges $5.50
  • Fresh Snapper $7.00
  • Tomato $1.00
  • Scallops $2.20
  • Toasted Sammies $10
    • Your choice of Hangi cooked meat: Pork, Chicken or Lamb with kumara, watercress salad & kamokamo pickle
  • Gourmet Hangi $22
    • The same choices as the original Hangi meal including baby vegetables and watercress salad
  • Steamed Pudding $4.50
    • Delicious hot Steamed Pudding served with custard & cream
  • Nanny's Rewana Bread $2 each
    • Traditionally made Rewana Bread using potato 'bug'
  • Boil Up Meals $15
    • Your choice of Brisket or Porkbones with potato, kumara, watercress, doughboys and broth
  • Nanny's Fried Bread $2 each
    • Hot fried bread- the perfect companion to a delicious Hangi or Boil Up meal
  • Watercress Salad $4
    • Watercress, cherry tomatoes, red onion & feta cheese drizzled with olive oil
  • Hangi Meal $15
    • Your choice of Pork & Chicken or Lamb & Chicken with potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, cabbage and stuffing
  • Gum Drop McFlurry® N/A
    • A kiwi favourite! For a delicious mouthful of gum drop pieces and bubblegum topping both blended into creamy soft serve, try the new Gum Drop McFlurry®.
  • Chicken McBites® - 10 piece pack N/A
    • Get them while they're hot. Our legendary, super-tasty chicken mcbites are the perfect side to any meal. We only use the highest quality chicken.
  • Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap® N/A
    • We take a strip of succulent, marinated and crumbed 100% chicken breast fillet. Then we add fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayonnaise and carefully hand wrap it all in a soft tortilla wrap.
  • $30 Legends Sharebox® $30
    • Included in the $30 Legends ShareBox®: 2 x Big Mac®, 1x McChicken®, 1x Filet-o-Fish®, 1 x 6pk Chicken McNuggets®, 2 x Medium Fries, 2 x Small Fries, 4 x Medium Soft Drinks
  • Soft Serve Cone with Cadbury Flake® N/A
    • Get your hands on our famous soft serve topped with a mouth-watering chocolate Cadbury Flake®.
  • Fruit Bag N/A
    • Our delicious crisp apple slices are picked from New Zealand orchards. They're fresh, washed, sliced, ready to eat and extremely yummy.
  • Double Quarter Pounder® N/A
    • Satisfy your ultimate hunger. Take two quarter pounds* of 100% NZ beef, then complete the tasty picture with cheese, onions, tangy mustard and pickles. Bet your mouth is watering right now.
  • Frozen Fanta™ Sour Grape McFloat N/A
    • Brighten up your day with a Frozen Fanta™ Sour Grape McFloat
  • Chicken $5.50
  • Deep fried chicken in tomato sauce $13.90
  • Chicken fried soft noodle/rice noodle $9.00/$11.90
  • Chicken Nuggets 1/2 doz $4.50
  • Steak $11.90
  • Bami Gorang $13.90
    • meats, fried noodle, veges
  • Hot Dogs & tomato Sauce $2.00
  • Squid CM/CS $10.00/$12.90
  • Chicken fried Noodles $9.50
  • Fried Rice with Prawns $12.00
  • Fish ball soup noodle vermicelli rice noodle $8.00
  • Fried Rice with Seafood $11.00
  • Beef ball soup with rice $8.00
  • Chicken Fried Rice $9.50
  • Fried Vermicelli with Seafood $11.00
  • Fried Rice Noodle with Prawns $12.00
  • Larb Thai Salad (Chicken, Beef or Pork) $14.50
    • Finely chopped choice of meat cooked with lime juice, Thai herbs and chilli
  • Mixed $9.00
    • Our chef's selection of mixed appetizers
  • Tom Kha Soup (Chicken / Prawns or Seafoods) $9.50 / $10.50
    • Lightly spiced chicken soup with mushrooms and coconut milk
  • Cashew Nut Vegetables $14.00
    • Stir fried vegetables, tofu with cashew nuts and oyster sauce
  • Pra-Ram (Chicken, Beet or Pork / Prawns) $15.50 / $16.50
    • Stir fried choice of meat with vegetables topped with peanut sauce
  • Green Curry (Chicken, Beef or Pork / Prawns) $14.50 / $16.50
    • Traditional Thai green curry with coconut mik, bamboo and green vegetables
  • Garlic & Pepper (Chicken, Beef or Pork / Lamb or Prawns / Seafood) $14.50 / $16.50 / $17.50
    • Stir fry choice of meat with special sauce, ground pepper, fresh garlic
  • Kari Puffs Vegetables $8.50
    • Vegetables cooked with curry powder, onion and kumara in puff pastry
  • Tonkotsu Ramen $13.00
  • Curry Chicken Katsu Don $15.50
  • -Add Hot Selection
  • Teriyaki Salmon Don $16.50
  • Miso Ramen $11.50
  • Any Hot Selection $3.50
  • Teriyaki Chicken Udon $14.00
  • Prawn Tempura Udon $14.00
  • Large 12" $25
  • Regular 9" $13
  • Entree $18.50
  • Tortellini Alla Panna
    • Chicken filled bundles of pasta served with mushroom and ham in a cream sauce
  • Regular 9" $15
  • Filetto Ai tre Pepi $38.50
    • Eye fillet, butterfly cut, served in our home made red wine and three peppercorn sauce.
  • Gamberoni All' Aglio
    • Black tiger prawns in olive oil, garlic, parsley & lemon juice (not shelled)
  • Gamberoni All' Inferno
    • Black tiger prawns in hot sauce (not shelled). Delicious!
  • Buffalo Chicken burger $4.80
  • Hamburger $2.80
  • Peri-Peri Beef Burger $5.80
  • Squid Rings $0.70
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings 6pcs $5.00
  • Sausage $1.30
  • Crispy chicken burger $4.80
  • Chicken nibbles 8 pcs $5.00
  • Caprese salad $16.50
    • vine ripened tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, lemon, rye crisps, EVO
  • Witloof, candied walnuts, blue cheese, citrus dressing $8.00
  • Fusilli Pasta $17.90
    • with summer tomato sauce, chorizo, Parmesan & Parsley crumb
  • Goat’s cheese gnocchi, Summer confit tomatoes, asparagus, parsley oil, olive tapenade $23.00
  • Paleo Chicken Salad $22.90
    • w/ pumpkin, avocado, baby spinach, almond, zucchini & roast beetroot
  • Smashed avocado & feta $6.00
  • Heirloom beets three ways $17.00
    • pickled, roasted & fresh, prosciutto, orange, Pomegranate, goats' cheese, snow Pea tendrils
  • Smoked Salmon $7.00
  • CHICKEN FRIED w. cumin, coriander, tomato, olives & crispy soft egg (g) $19
  • Macs Gold $7.90
  • APPLETEASER 42 fejioa,sparkling apple, citrus squeeze $13.50
  • KNAPPSTEIN SHIRAZ Clare Valley 2010 (SA) - / $54
  • CRAGGY RANGE PINOT NOIR TE MUNA ROAD Martinborough 2010 - / $74
  • CHORIZO SAUSAGE braised onion, potatoes, rosemary (d) $19
  • LAWSON’S DRY HILL RESERVE Marlborough 2012 $11.5 / $54
  • TERRACE EDGE SYRAH Waipara Valley 2011 $11 / $52
  • EGG BURGER $4.00
  • STEAK EGG $4.50
  • HAM& EGG $3.70
  • HAMBURGER $4.00
  • Mince Savory $1.00
  • Beef Roll $3.50
  • Mince Pie $ 2.80
  • Steak & Cheese Pie $ 3.00
  • Steak Roll $ 3.50
  • Club Sandwich $ 2.00
  • Steak Pie $ 2.80
  • Ham Sandwich $ 3.00
Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers



570 Hillsborough Road, Lynfield, Auckland City, AU, 1041, New Zealand





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Mon 9 AM to 11 PM Tue 9 AM to 11 PM Wed 9 AM to 11 PM Thu 9 AM to 11 PM Fri 9 AM to 12 Midnight Sat 9 AM to 12 Midnight Sun 9 AM to 11 PM
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$10 - $20




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Fast Food , Hamburgers , Takeaway Food



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570 Hillsborough Road, Lynfield, Auckland City, AU, 1041, New Zealand