Quickly Fresh in Auckland Menu

Taiwanese Beef Stew Noodle / Rice $10.90
Crispy Salted Chicken on Rice $10.90
Uncle Jack's "Ja-Jun" Noodle $9.50
Crispy Chicken Breast with Rice $10.90
Taiwanese Pork Chop on Rice $10.90
Braised Meat Ball with Rice / Noodle $12.00
Braised Pork in Soy Sauce with Rice $12.00
Braised Trotters Noodle / Rice $12.00
Pork Trotters Thin Noodle Soup $12.00
Combination Rice $12.00
Taiwanese Sausage on Rice $10.90
Meat Balls Noodles with Vege and White Sauce $10.90
Shredded Chicken on Cold Noodle (Spicy Sesame & Peanut Soy Sauce) $10.90
Spicy Taiwanese Beef Stew Noodle $11.90
Taiwanese Fish Ball with Thin Noodle Soup $10.90
Taiwanese Chicken Thigh on Rice $10.90
Taiwanese Chicken Nibbles on Rice $10.90
Taiwanese Chicken / Beef Vegetables in BBQ sauce $11.90
Prickled Mustard Noodle / Rice Noodle Soup $9.50
Taiwanese Spiced Minced Pork on Noodles $9.50
Beef Offai Noodle $9.00
Stew Chicken Drum Stick on Rice $10.90
Famous Taiwanese Crispy Salted Chicken $7.00
Spiced Minced Pork on Rice $6.00
Shredded Chicken on Rice $7.00
Taiwanese Sausage $4.00
Fried Snacks Combination $8.50
Popcorn Chicken with Potato & Mayo $6.90
Deep Fried Chicken Drum Sticks (2 pieces) $6.90
Crispy Chicken Nibbles $7.00
Soy-Stewed Tofu Curd $5.00
Fried Squid Ball $6.00
Formosa Tempura Soup $7.00
Sticky Rice wrap in Bamboo Leaves $5.50
Formosa Meat Ball
Deep Fried Cumin Lamb $8.00
Taiwanese Egg Pancake $6.00

We make every attempt to keep menus up to date, but prices and items are subject to change without notice. This menu is to be used as a guide only.

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Below you'll find samples from menus of places nearby.

Nearby sample menus

Westside Grille (sample menu)
Crispy Chicken nibbles and French fries or salad $8.90
tomato lettuce onion $1.00/cheese egg $1.50/ham bacon $2.00
Meatballs and Gravy
served with mashed potatoes and peas
The Westside Flame Grilled Burger
150gram homemade beef pattie or chicken fancy lettuce aioli onion tomato pickled cucumber beetroot cheese chef's famous sauce on a toasted bun served with chips
Meatballs 10pcs $9.90
Buffalo Chicken $9.90
meatballs 8 pcs $7.90
Ham $4.00
Clean Here for the full menu for Westside Grille
Japanese Kitchen Coo. (sample)
Teriyaki chicken don
spicy teriyaki chicken available on request
Salmon & avocado sushi roll $8.00
beef & potato/ salmon & potato/ beef & pumpkin
Beef tataki
lightly seared, thinly sliced juicy beef sashimi with soy sauce based dressing
Fried vege set $6.00
Pork curry on rice $10.00
Salmon sashimi $8.00
Side salad $4.00
Clean Here for the full menu for Japanese Kitchen Coo.
J's Tea (sample)
Crispy Chicken Cutlets on Noodles
Fried Chicken cutlets with vegetables on noodle soup
Sweet and Spicy Shredded Pork on Rice/noodles $12.50
Stir-fry Rice Noodles with beef
stit fry rice noodles with beef onion and bean sprouts
Spicy Cumin Lamb on Rice/noodles $15.00
Braised Beef Brisket on Noodles
braised beef brisket with vegetables served on noodle soup
BBQ Pork Ribs on Rice
BBQ pork ribs served on rice with egg tofu and vegetable side dish
Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs $8.50
Beef Tendon Soup
beef tendon and vegetables topped with green onion
Clean Here for the full menu for J's Tea
Smith and Wong Takeaways (sample)
Bar-B-Q Pork Soft Noodles $10.50
Scallop (in batter) $1.50
Curry Rice Roll $2.00
Chicken $9.50
flavoured with ginger, garlic & wine, cashew nuts N/A
Prawns Egg Foo Yong $11.00
Singapore Fried Noodle $10.00
Fish Cake $1.80
Clean Here for the full menu for Smith and Wong Takeaways
Kuzhikkadan's Kitchen (sample)
●Non veg
Mixed fried rice $10.00
Plain dosa $8.00
Veg: samosa $1.50
Chicken stew $10.00
Beef curry $10.00
Ghee rice $7.00
Mutton biryani $10.00
Clean Here for the full menu for Kuzhikkadan's Kitchen

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Name Cuisines
Manhattan Catering
Westside Grille Takeaway Food
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Japanese Kitchen Coo. Japanese, Sushi
Thunder Burgers Hamburgers, Takeaway Food
Aladdin Kebabs Turkish, Middle Eastern
J's Tea Asian, Taiwanese

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Restaurant Details

21-25 Elliott Street, Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
EFTPOS, Takeaway, Vegetarian Friendly, Bar Not Available, Cash, Quick Bites, Food Court, Seating, Cards accepted
Beverages, Taiwanese

Opening Hours

10 AM to 6 PM (Mon-Sat), 10 AM to 5 PM (Sun)