The Taste in Auckland Menu

  • Entree $6.90
  • Chicken, Beef, Or Pork $15.90
  • Tofu $13.90
  • Prawn $17.50
  • Duck $21.50
  • Jasmine Rice $2.00
  • Spring Rolls N/A
    • Four Handcrafted Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Cooked In 100% Rice Bran Oil Until Golden Brown And Crispy. Served With A Delicious Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce. You Won’T Find Better Quality When It Comes To Devonport Thai Food. In Thailand, Spring Rolls Come In Many Variations And Are Commonly Known As ‘Popia’. There Are Two Popular Versions Of The Dish: ‘Popia Sot’ (Fresh Spring Roll) Or ‘Popia Thot’ (Deep-Fried Spring Roll).
  • Curry Puff $7.90
    • Four Pieces Of Crispy Puff Pastry Cooked In 100% Rice Bran Oil And Stuffed With A Blend Of Minced Chicken, Potato, Carrot And An Authentic Yellow Curry Paste.The Curry Puff Is A Popular Snack Or Appetiser Which Can Be Found Throughout Southeast Asia, Where It Originated. You Will Frequently Find Curry Puffs, Either Vegetarian Or Not, Served At Street Food Stalls And In Bakeries Across Thailand And Neighbouring Countries
  • Chicken SAtay $9.90
    • Four Satisfying Skewers Of 100% Chicken Breast, Marinated With Thai Herbs Before Being Pan-Grilled To Order. Covered With A Liberal Helping Of Our Handmade Crunchy Peanut Satay Sauce. Satay (Or Sate) Is A Popular Dish In Thailand And In Thai Restaurants Across The Globe. There Are Several Variations On The Satay Dish, Though None More Loved Than The Traditional Chicken Skewers In Satay Sauce.
  • Pad Prik Gang N/A
    • Marinated Chicken Breast Stir-Fried With Our Authentic Spicy Red Curry Paste. Served With A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Such As Zucchini, Leek, Capsicum, Long Bean, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushroom, Carrot, Bamboo, Onion And Cabbage
  • Cashew Nuts N/A
    • Marinated Chicken Breast And Cashew Nuts Are Stir-Fried With Our Top-Secret Sauce. The Dish Is Served With A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Such As Zucchini, Leek, Capsicum, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushroom, Carrot, Onion And Cabbage. Our Regular Customers Adore This Dish, Making It One Of The Most Popular Items On Our Menu. Cashews Were First Introduced Into Thai Cooking Following The Columbian Exchange In 15Th And 16Th Centuries
  • Pad Khing Duck N/A
    • Roast Duck Is Stir-Fried With Fresh Ginger And Our Homemade Sauce To Give This Dish It’S Unique Flavour. Cooked In A Wok On A Very High Heat And Finished With A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Such As Zucchini, Leek, Capsicum, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushroom, Carrot, Onion And Cabbage. Pad Khing Is A Popular Dish In Thailand And Laos. Khing (Ginger) Is The Crucial Ingredient That Gives This Dish Its Distinctive Taste
  • Pad Kaplao N/A
    • 100% Chicken Breast Is Stir-Fried With Both Fresh Thai Basil And Our Homemade Spicy Basil Sauce. The Dish Is Finished With A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Such As Zucchini, Leek, Capsicum, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushroom, Carrot, Onion And Cabbage. A Very Popular Choice In Thailand, This Dish Is Characterised By Tastes Of Fresh Thai Basil, Known Natively As ‘Holy Basil’. Holy Basil Has A Peppery Clove-Like Flavour That Tastes Spicy Rather Than Sweet.
  • Thai Garlic Black Pepper N/A
    • A Protein Of Your Choice, Stir-Fried In A Punchy Garlic And Black Pepper Sauce. Topped With A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Such As Zucchini, Leek, Capsicum, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushroom, Carrot, Onion And Cabbage. Known In Thailand As ‘Gai Pad Gratiem Prik Thai’ Or ‘Kratiem Prik Thai’, This Dish Is Traditionally Made With Three Simple Ingredients: Garlic, Black Pepper And Cilantro (Coriander) Root. Those Three Ingredients Are Blended Together, Usually With A Pestle And Mortar, To Make A Paste That Forms The Base Of Many Thai Dishes
  • Pad Nam Mun Hoi N/A
    • A Protein Of Your Choice, Stir-Fried In Our Delicious Oyster Sauce. Topped With A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Such As Zucchini, Leek, Capsicum, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushroom, Carrot, Onion And Cabbage. Oyster Sauce Is A Thick And Flavourful Sauce Full Of Umami, Which Gives This Dish A Punchy Flavour. There’S A Perfect Harmony Of Sweet And Salty With A Deep, Earthy Undertone. It Is A Well-Loved Sauce In Thai Cuisine And Is Used Commonly In A Variety Of Dishes.
  • Thai Beef Salad N/A
    • Authentic Thai Yam-Style Salad With A Generous Helping Of Quality Beef, Fresh  Red Onion, Chilli, Spring Onion, And Tomato. A Light But Nourishing Dish That Tastes Delicious. Thai Salads Fall Into Four Main Methods Of Preparation: ‘Yam’, ‘Tam’, ‘Lap’ And ‘Phla’. ‘Yam’ Literally Means To Mix And This Style Of Salad Will Usually Encompass Fresh Shallots Or Onions, Chillies, Fish Sauce, Lime Juice And Sugar
  • Pad Thai N/A
    • Crispy Fried Rice Noodles With A Lightly Scrambled Egg, Bean Sprouts, Crushed Peanuts And A Temptingly Sweet Tamarind Sauce. Add A Protein Of Your Choice. Head On Over To Our Blog  To Find Out More About The History Of This Classic And Well-Loved Thai Dish.
  • Pad Mee Goreng N/A
    • Fried Egg Noodles With Your Selection Of Protein, Our Special Homemade Sauce And A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Such As Zucchini, Leek, Capsicum, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushroom, Carrot, Onion And Cabbage. Mee Goreng (Or Mi Goreng) Means Fried Noodles. This Dish, Made With Thin Yellow Egg Noodles, Is Flavourful And Spicy. It’S A Popular Dish Throughout Southeast Asia That Is Served Everywhere, From Street Food Stalls To High-End Restaurants
  • Thai Fried Rice N/A
    • Grade-Aaaaa Quality Jasmine Rice, Fried With Fresh Eggs, Seasonal Vegetables And Your Choice Of Protein. Rice Farming Counts For A Big Portion Of The Economy In Thailand, With 40% Of Thais Working In Agriculture
  • Tom Yum N/A
    • This World-Famous Hot And Sour Soup Can Be Made With A Protein Of Your Choice. It Includes Mushrooms As Well As A Generous Blend Of Fragrant Spices And Herbs That Give Its Distinctive Hot And Sour Taste. The Name Derives From Two Thai Words: ‘Tom’ And ‘Yam’. ‘Tom’ Signifies The Boiling Process, While ‘Yam’ Refers To A Spicy And Sour Thai Salad.
  • Green Curry N/A
    • This Popular And Delicious Dish Is Made With Green Curry Paste, Coconut Milk, Vegetables And Your Protein Of Choice. Topped With A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables. Kaeng Khiao Wan (Green Curry), Literally Translates As ‘Sweet Green Curry’. ‘Wan’ Or ‘Sweet’ Refers To The Specific Creamy Green Colour Of The Soup, And Not To The Taste Of The Dish.
  • Red Curry N/A
    • Your Selection Of Protein Added To A Flavoursome Blend Of Red Curry Paste, Coconut Milk And Vegetables. Topped With Bamboo Shoots And A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables. Phrik Kaeng Phet (Red Curry Paste) Which Is Traditionally Made With A Mortar And Pestle, Forms The Base Of This Dish. The Red Colour Of The Dish Comes From The Dried Red Chilli Peppers Which Go Into The Paste Along With Garlic, Shallots, Coriander And Cumin Seeds, Coriander Root, Peppercorns, Lemongrass, Galangal, Salt, Shrimp Paste And Kaffir Lime Peel
  • Panang Goong N/A
    • Prawns With Our Salty, Sweet And Nutty Panang Curry Paste, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Peas And Coconut Milk. Topped With A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables. ‘Goong’ Is The Thai Word For Prawns, And ‘Panang’ Is A Thick Version Of Thai Red Curry That Tastes Salty, Sweet And Nutty. The Earliest Known Mention Of A Panang Was In A Book Published In 1890.
  • Massaman Lamb $19.90
    • Authentic Massaman Curry With Tender Pieces Of Lamb, Coconut Milk, Peanuts And Potatoes. Rich And Relatively Mild, This Dish Is Full Of Aromatic Spices. Massaman Curry Originated In 17Th Century Central Thailand. The Curry Features In An 18Th-Century Poem, Attributed To Prince Itsarasunthon Of Siam.
  • Tom Kha N/A
    • This Is A Hot And Sour Soup Made With Coconut Milk, Galangal And Your Choice Of Protein. It’S Spicy And Comes Topped With Fragrant Herbs And A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables. Tom Kha Kai Translates Literally To ‘Chicken Galangal Soup’. In The Late 19Th Century, Tom Kha Kai Was Not Known As A Soup, It Was A Dish Of Either Chicken Or Duck Simmered In A Light Coconut Broth With A Generous Helping Of Galangal.
  • Yellow Curry N/A
    • Yellow Curry Paste Is Blended With Coconut Milk And Vegetables To Make This Delightful Dish. Add Your Choice Of Protein And We’Ll Top With Fresh Seasonal Vegetables. The Third Of The Three Major Kinds Of Thai Curry Found Outside Of Thailand, This Dish, Known In Thailand As ‘Kaeng Kari’, Is Richer And Creamier Than Other Curries.
  • Choo Chee Goong N/A
    • Stir-Fried Prawns With Red Curry Paste, Coconut Milk, Basil, Kaffir Lime Leaves And Peas. A Light And Flavourful Traditional Thai Dish.Goong’ Is The Thai Word For Prawns, And Choo Chee (Or Chu Chee), Is A Variation The Red Thai Curry Paste. Traditionally, It Is Similar In That Red Chillies Dominate The Flavour, But The Proportion Of Aromatics (Including Lemongrass, Galangal And Kaffir Lime Leaves) Are Greater, Whereas The Use Of Spices, Such As Coriander And Cumin Seeds Is Limited Or Non-Existent. Choo Chee Is Always Matched With Seafood.
  • Duck Red Curry N/A
    • Succulent Duck With Red Curry Paste Blended With Coconut Milk, Tomatoes, Pineapple And Vegetables. Topped With A Selection Of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables. Frequently Served In Thailand For Special Occasions, Such As Weddings Or Dinner Parties, This Deluxe Dish Is Elegant And Intricate In Both Taste And Texture. Variations Of This Dish Use A Different Protein And/Or A Different Fruit, The Traditional Combination Of Duck And Pineapple Is The Most Popular Version.

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  • Chicken / Steak / BBQ Pork $9.50
  • Special $10.90
    • With prawn, chicken, steak, roast pork, cashew nuts
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  • Combination meat $10.50
  • 6 wontons $3.50
  • Spicy chicken / Lemon chicken $10.90
  • Oyster / Scallop / Fish Cake / Cheese onion potato ball $1.50
  • Lemon Fish / Braised chicken & cashew nuts / Braised chicken & mushroom $10.90
  • Farmers Omelette $18.50
    • Three egg omelette with mushroom, potato, onion, peppers and cheddar cheese served
  • Creamed mushrooms $16.50
    • with chorizo, cream, pesto and parmesan cheese on toast
  • -with smoked salmon $19.50
  • Fish and chips $16.50
    • battered and fried served with house made tartar sauce, fries and coleslaw, can be grilled!
  • -Add smoked salmon $6.00
  • Smoked salmon $12.50
    • Served with our lemon and thyme cream cheese, capers and five grain bread
  • BLAT $15.50
    • bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado served with coleslaw and fries
  • Chicken nuggets $10.50
    • with fries or salad
  • Snapper Fritter $4.50
  • Fish $1.80
  • Wonton Soup (1 Doz) $9.80
  • Chicken Nugget $0.60
  • Chicken Special $6.80
    • $1 Chips, 9 Chicken Nibbles
  • Pineapple Fritter $0.80
  • Squid Ring $0.70
  • Hot Dog $1.80
  • Mattar Paneer $12.90
    • Cubes of Ricotta cheese and peas cooked in specially prepared Roganjosh sauce
  • Prawn Malabari $17.90
    • Prawn cooked with onion and spicy coconut flavored sauce
  • Chilly Chicken $14.90
    • Chicken cooked with chopped onion capsicum and green chilly with dry tomato sauce
  • Mixed Platter (Minium 2 People) $15.90
    • Samosa,onion bhaji,sheekh kebab chicken tikka with tamarind & mint sauce
  • Lamb/Chicken/Beef $15.90
    • cooked with Basmati Rice
  • Mixed Vegetables $12.90
    • Selection of seasonal mixed vegetable cooked in Roganjosh flavored sauce
  • Mattar Mushroom $12.90
    • Mushroom& peas cooked in thick onion gravy & spices
  • Tandoori Prawn $18.90
    • Prawn marinated in Tandoori sauce & smoke roasted
  • Roasted Pork & Smoked Bacon Hock Pie
    • with mustard & red onions
  • Green salad with ginger sesame dressing $7.50
  • Fresh market fish, beer battered, shoestring fries & green salad (available pan-fried) $22.50
  • Fries with homemade tomato sauce $7.50
  • 250g Angus sirloin, tempura onions rings, béarnaise sauce $25.00
  • ALL $19.50
  • Smoked Salmon, Herb Cream Cheese, Capers & Wild Rocket $23.00
  • Caesar Salad / Chicken, Cos Lettuce, Croutons & Parmesan With A Choice Of Traditional Anchovy Dressing Or Blue Cheese Dressing $17.00
  • B.L.A.T or C.L.A.T $12.90
    • 5 pcs streaky bacon or grilled chicken, lettuce, avocado, tomato with hollandaise sauce on turkish toast
  • -Stander two fillings $4.00
  • Vegetarian Noodle $11.90
  • Dolma Salad $6.50
    • Pickled vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and spices and served with salad
  • -Extra Filling $2.00/e
  • White or Multigrain Bread
  • Muffin $2.80
  • Garden Salad $7.90
  • The Sampler $17.5
    • 3 mini bagels. Pick from The Cab, The Kransky, The Classic, The Blat or The Vege
  • Bagel Burger $12.5
    • House made beef pattie, bacon, rocket, tasty cheese, tomato, HP sauce and aioli
  • The Blat Bagel $10
    • Crispy bacon, baby spinach, avocado, tomato, aioli and relish
  • The Classic Bagel $12
    • Smoked salmon, avocado, rocket, spring onion and a lemon caper cream cheese
  • The Kransky Bagel $11
    • Specialty Westmere kransky, tasty cheese, tomato, rocket, aioli and relish
  • Vege Salad $15
    • Sun dried Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Mesclun, Avocado, Feta and a Quince vinaigrette
  • The Cab Bagel $10
    • Chicken, avocado, bacon, rocket, aioli
  • Chicken Liver Pate $13
    • With a gg apple chutney and a toasted bagel
  • Thai Fish Cake $4.50
    • For 5
  • Garden Fish $14.50
  • Sweet Chilli Fish / Deep Fried Marinated Snapper $14.50
  • Curry Triangle $4.50
  • Ginger + Mushroom / Oyster Sauce $11.90
  • Tom Yum 600ng / Tom Kha Gai / Green Curry / Red Curry $11.50
  • Jumbo Size Fish $16.00
  • Grilled Chicken Salad / Seafood Vermicelli Salad / Larb Gai / Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice $11.90
  • Fish Nuggets $7.00
  • French Toast $14.50
    • French toast served with bacon, grilled bananas and maple syrup
  • Fish & Chips $12.00
    • Served with homemade tartar sauce bowl of chips with aioli sauce
  • Soup of the Day $15.00
    • Served with toast
  • Chicken Nuggets $6.00
  • Bowl of Chips $6.00
  • Eggs on Toast (Scrambled, Fried, Poached) $5.00
  • Omelette Served with Focaccia Bread $14.00
    • Ham, cheese, onions, tomatoes, bacon
  • Black pepper beef (chicken) rice $11.00
  • Three color eggplant $16.50
  • Extra hot chicken pot $17.80
  • Beef with black bean sauce (chicken) $11.00
  • Pork kuncklepork mixed with chili sauce $12.50
  • Cucumber Salad $10.00
  • Double mushroom vegetables $15.50
  • Double cooked pork slices $17.50
  • Buttermilk ice cream $16
    • Turkish delight ice, candied walnuts, plum, meringue
  • Arabic doughnuts $15
    • black cumin syrup, fennel ice cream
  • Pashmak $14
    • saffron floss, clotted cream, seeds, dried fruits, apricot tea
  • Fattoush $19
    • watermelon, beetroot, cucumber, orange blossom, parsley
  • Wedding tabbouleh $24
    • mograbiah, zucchini flower, kadaif pastry, goats cheese, heirloom tomato
  • Merguez $27
    • fennel, Afghani black grape, Pedro Ximenez sherry, parsley
  • Slow braised goat $30
    • cinnamon, fenugreek leaf, ginger olive, smoked rice, radish
  • Kingfish Kibbeh Nayeh $23
    • white S yellow turmeric, citrus, honey, pink peppercorn
  • -Salmon $4.50
  • Wedges $9.50
  • Garden salad $10.50
  • Seafood basket $28.90
  • -With avocado & feta $11.90
  • Chips $6.50
  • Chicken burger $17.90
  • Cheese-bacon $13.50
  • Seafood / Vege curry laksa $13/$10
  • Sambal tofu on rice $13.00
  • Fish head vermicelli soup $14.00
  • Singapore style stir fried vermicelli $12.00
  • Char kuey teow $11.50
  • Sambal chicken on rice $13.00
  • Nasi goreng $11.50
  • Chicken curry laksa $11.50
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3/67 Lake Road, Devonport, Auckland, Auckland, 0624, New Zealand
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