Thai restaurant and takeaway menus in Auckland City

White Swan Takeaways

Takeaway Food, Asian, Chinese, Thai, Fast Food

218-220 White Swan Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland, Auckland, 1041, New Zealand

White Swan Takeaways Sample Menu

Mussel $2.50
Sea dog with Cheese & Onion $3.40
Onion Ring $0.60
Fish (Hoki) $1.70
Mussel $1.10

Chong Thong Thai Cafe

Cafe Food, Thai

552 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland City, AU, 600, New Zealand

Chong Thong Thai Cafe Sample Menu

Beef / Chicken / Pork / Tofu $11.00
N15 Egg Noodle with Sweet Chili Paste
Stir fried egg noodle with gai lan, green onion, onion, red pepper and basil served with lime
Sticky Rice $3.00
Beef / Chicken / Pork / Tofu $12.00
Beef / Chicken / Pork / Tofu $12.50

Hong Thai Restaurants

Cafe Food, Asian, Chinese, Thai

145 New North Road, Morningside, Eden Terrace, Auckland, Auckland, 1021, New Zealand

Nickies Thai Restaurants and Bar

Asian, Thai

34 Broadway, Newmarket, Newmarket, Auckland, 1023, New Zealand

Nickies Thai Restaurants and Bar Sample Menu

Param Gai Stir fried chicken with vegetables and topped with peanut sauce. $22.90
Tom Kha Soup A delicious coconut soup with mushroom and lemongrass. Chicken $7.00 / Prawns $8.00 / Vegetarian $6.00 -
Tofu Med Deep fried bean curd stir fried with vegetables, cashew nuts and chilli saurce $20.90
Church Road Hawke's Bay Pinot Gris floral and spice aromas are evident on the nose. Concentrated fruit, yeast lees stirring and a touch of natural sweetness has helped to build a palate that is soft a $10.50 / $47.50
Green Curry (Gaeng Keaw Wan) Green curry paste, chicken, beef or lamb with coconut milk and vegetables. $20.90

Thai Friends Restaurant

Asian, Thai, Vegetarian

311 Parnell Road, 311 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland City, Auckland, 1052, New Zealand

Thai Friends Restaurant Sample Menu

Tamarind Fish (Medium Hot)
Crisp whole snapper coated with chilli tamarind sauce and lime leaves
Prawn Wonton Soup (Mild)
Minced prawns wonton in clear soup topped with spring onion, crisp garlic and coriander
Stir Fried Vegetable [Mild
Stir fried seasonal vegetable in light oyster sauce and cashew nuts
Larb Gai (Hot)
Chicken breast minced cooked with lime juice, chilli, Thai herbs and salad
Noodle With Duck Garlic
Stir fried egg noodle with roasted duck in garlic & pepper sauce

Thai House Restaurant

Asian, Thai, Vegetarian

25 Ponsonby Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, Auckland, 1011, New Zealand

Thai House Restaurant Sample Menu

S: $9.80
Roasted Duck Curry
Boneless roasted duck slices in red curry with pineapple, tomato, bamboo shoots and fresh basil.
Mixed Platter
Chicken satay, spring roll and curry puffs.
Salmon Salad
Lightly fried salmon fillets with fresh chilli dressing, lemongrass and green apple slices.
Prawns Panang (Thick Curry)
King sized prawns cooked with coconut milk, red chilli paste, fresh basil and Thai spices, served with pumpkin and sliced eggplant.

Thai Pothong Take Aways

Asian, Thai

883B Manukau Road, Onehunga, Onehunga, Auckland, Auckland, 1061, New Zealand

Thai Pothong Take Aways Sample Menu

Pad Pak and Tofu (Vegetarian) (No Chilli)
Stir fried broccoli, cabbages, cauliflowers, baby corns, carrots, tofu, bean sauce
Mix Vegetables or Tofu
Light spicy soup with coconut milk and mushrooms, Thai herbs
Prawns or Seafood
Traditional Thai Soup with egg, spring onion, garlic, coriander
Pad Nam Mun Hoy (No Chilli)
Stir-fried onions, celeries, mushrooms, broccoli, spring onions and oyster sauce
Pla Lard Prik (Snapper) (Medium)
Deep fried whole snapper topped chilli and tamarind sauce

Thai Village Restaurant

Asian, Thai, Vegetarian

10/415 Remuera Road, 415 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland, Auckland, 1050, New Zealand

Thai Village Restaurant Sample Menu

Knom Pang Na Moo, Deep fried minced pork and prawn on toast $5.50
Pad Priew Wan, Stir fried combination of chicken and pork in sweet and sour sauce served with steamed Jasmine rice $14.50
Choo Chee Fish (Salmon/Snapper), Grilled fish fillets in red curry with sweet basil and coconut milk $27.50
Kaeng Kari Gai, Yellow curry dish of lightly sauteed chicked with potato in coconut milk served with steamed Jasmine rice $13.50
Green Curry, Green curry of chicken, beef or pork with coconut milk $21.50

Tomyom Eden Thai Cuisine

Asian, Thai

257 Dominion Road, Mount Albert, Auckland City, Auckland, 1024, New Zealand

Tomyom Eden Thai Cuisine Sample Menu

stir fried rice noodle with vegetable egg and dark soy sauce
stir-fried with cucumber, tomato, pineapple, onion, cauliflower, mushroom, capsicum with sweet and sour sauce
stir fried vermicelli + prawns, ginger, black fungus, served in iron pot
Thai red curry served with mixed vegetables and coconut milk
a good combination of deep fried fish fillet, prawn, squid, chicken meat, cashew nuts and seasoning with lemon juice, fish sauce, fresh chilli and green apple

Sunflower Thai Vegetarian Restaurant

Asian, Chinese, Thai, Vegetarian, Fast Food, Vegan, Gluten Free

50 High Street, 50 High Street, Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Sunflower Thai Vegetarian Restaurant Sample Menu

Sour and Spicy Soup $8.50
Red Curry $14.50
Fried Rice with Tofu & Vege $14.00
Hot Plate tofu and Vege $23.00
Sesame Pancake $4.00

Thai Street

Asian, Thai, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

3/12 Jellicoe Street, Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Thai Street Sample Menu

Oodles of noodles
Pad Thai mix with chicken and prawns, egg, bean sprouts, peanut and wedge of lemon
Clevedon oyster (each)
Freshly Shucked
Nua daddiew
Country style fried beef strip. great with beer
Khao Pad Krapao
Minced chicken, chilli, garlic with jasmine rice and fried egg
Flash in a pan
Stir-fried chicken with cashews seasonal vegetables and oyster sauce

Zap 4 Esan Thai Cuisine

Asian, Thai

6 Commerce Street, Auckland City Centre, Auckland City, AU, 820, New Zealand

De GRAND Thai Restaurant and Bar

Asian, Thai, Vegetarian, Vegan, Contemporary, Gluten Free

93 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland, Auckland, 1051, New Zealand

De GRAND Thai Restaurant and Bar Sample Menu

Cashew Nut (Chicken, Beet or Pork / Prawns / Snapper)
Stir fried choice of meat with cashew nuts, vegetables and oyster sauce
$15.50 / $17.50 / $18.50
De GRAND Vegetables Soup
Special clear flavoured soup with vermicelli, bean curd and vegetables
De GRAND Curry (Chicken / Prawns)
Special Yellow curry with potato, shalot and coconut milk.
15.00 / $17.00
Panang Curry Vegetables
Thick Rea curry with coconut milk crushed roasted peanuts, tofu and vegetables
De GRAND Noodle (Chicken / Prawns)
Stir fried nooodle with special homemade sauce and vegetables
$14.50 / $16.50

Deejai Thai Restaurant

Asian, Chinese, Thai

477 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Newmarket, Auckland, Auckland, 1023, New Zealand

Bua Thai Restaurant

Asian, Thai

424 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, Auckland, 1024, New Zealand

Jasmine Rice

Asian, Chinese, Thai

598 Remuera Road, Remuera, Remuera, NZ, 1050, New Zealand

Jasmine Rice Sample Menu

Tom Yam Tao Hu
Spicy bean curd soup with mushrooms
Meat $4.00
Tom Churd
Clear soup with glass noodles and bean curd
Tom Kha Talay
Spicy coconut soup with mixed seafood
Thai Country Soup
Clear soup with chicken, tomato, potato and onion

Mai Thai Restaurant

Asian, Thai, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

57 Victoria Street West, Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Mai Thai Restaurant Sample Menu

J8 Tow Hoo Priew Wahn
Stir fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce.
M18 Som Tam **
Country style carrot salad with shrimps and toasted peanuts.
●Tom Yum **
The most popular Thai soup with mushrooms, chilli and lemongrass.
-Prawns $20.50
J9 Tow Hoo Kra Pao ***
Lightly fried tofu with garlic, chilli and basil leaves.

Ocean Tele Seafood

Asian, Thai, Seafood, Fish & Chips

106 Ponsonby Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1011, New Zealand

Mekong Neua Thai Restaurant

Asian, Thai

483 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland City, Auckland, 1021, New Zealand

Mekong Neua Thai Restaurant Sample Menu

Pad Pong Kari Thalay (Medium) Stir Fried mixed seafood with egg, curry powder, capsicum, onion ,spring onion,celery .served on a hot platter. $25.50
Pla Goong Prawns served with onion,spring onion, coriander,lemongrass,kaffir limeleaves, chillies,mint tomato, roasted ground rice ,fish sauce ,lemon juice and cucumber. $25.50
Mixed Appetisers (4 pcs) Appetisers - one each of Poh Peah, Toong Thong, Satay Gai and Tod Mun Pla $11
Mixed Seafood (Bowl/2 or more steamboat) $10.50/$22
Chicken, Beef, Pork, Pork Meatballs Curry (Green , Med-Hot/Red/Yellow, Mild-Med/Gaeng Pa, Hot/Panang, Med) $22

Nite Spice

Japanese, Asian, Thai, Indian

407 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, Auckland, 1024, New Zealand

Nite Spice Sample Menu

ONION BHAJI, Sliced onions dipped in chick pea batter & deep fried(Hand full) $6
SIZZLER PLATTER FOR TWO, Selection of 4 entrees (samosa, Onion bhaji, chicken tikka & seekh kebab) $17.99
DAL MAKHANI, Black lentils cooked with ginger, onions, tomatoes & coriander leaves $12.99
INDIAN ROTI, Wholemeal flour $2.50

Ruangthong Thai

Asian, Thai

197 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Ruangthong Thai Sample Menu

Thai spicy curry without coconut milk in mixed herbs and vegetables.
Stir fried hot chili, garlic, green bean, bamboo shoots, vegetables and basil leaves.
5. ROTI $2.00
Stir fried meat with red chilli paste, coconut milk, kachai and vegetables.
Yummy homemade chicken sausage with celery, tomato, onion and homemade salad dressing.

Ruan Thai Restaurant

Asian, Thai, Asian Fusion

71 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay, Auckland, Auckland, 1071, New Zealand

Ruan Thai Restaurant Sample Menu

Indonesian Chicken Kari Ayam
Lime leaf, shrimp paste, tamarind, pickled eggplant and apple chutney, fragrant rice, roti
Crispy Duck Salad
Asian herbs, crispy kale, mandarin, cucumber, tomato, spiced lime dressing
Sushi, choice of Prawn, Salmon or Tuna
6 pieces
Mango Sorbet
Toasted Waffles, strawberry fondue, cream, mint
Barbequed Bamboo Rib Smoker
Thai and Memphis fusion of dry rubbed smoked pork ribs, Asian herbs, rose petal melon salsa
S $18.50 / L $29.50

Red Star Roast Takeaway

Takeaway Food, Thai

123 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Onehunga, Auckland, Auckland, 1061, New Zealand

Star Thai Restaurant

Asian, Thai

1 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Ponsonby, Auckland, Auckland, 1011, New Zealand

Star Thai Restaurant Sample Menu

Tod Mun Khao Pod - Corn cakes served with sweet chilli sauce $7.00
Khao Pad Jay - Traditional Thai fried rice with vegetables and cashew nuts. $15.50
Gaeng Mus-sa-mun Nua - Tender stewed beef curry with aromatic Thai herbs, potatoes and peanuts. $16.90
Tom Yum Hed - Spicy button mushroom soup with lemongrass and kaffir leaf. $7.00
Priaw Waan Talay - Combination seafood sautéed in a sweet and sour sauce with onion, capsicum, pineapple, tomato and cucumber. $19.90

Royal Siam

Asian, Thai, Vietnamese

124 Symonds Street, Royal Oak, Auckland City, AU, 1061, New Zealand

Royal Siam Sample Menu

Fish Cakes
Deep fried Thai sifh cake style with curry paste served with cucumber & sweet chilli sauce
Spring Rolls
Thai style spring rolls filled with vermicelli and vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce
Chicken Satay
Grilled marinated chicken on skewer served with thick peanut sauce
Panang Curry
Thick red curry in coconut milk with peas, capsicum and crushed roasted peanut
Sweet & Sour
Stir fried with pineapple, cucumbers, onion, tomatoes in sweet and sour sauce

Angel Thai Restaurant and Bar

Asian, Thai

411 Tamaki Drive, Saint Heliers, Saint Heliers, Auckland, Auckland, 1071, New Zealand

Angel Thai Restaurant and Bar Sample Menu

RED CURRY (Hot) Red curry paste with tofu and vegetables in coconut milk. $10.50
Main Course -
Soup -
KA REE PUFF (4 pieces) Minced chicken with onions and kumara in puff pastry. $7.50

Zap 2 Thai Cafe and Bar

Cafe Food, Asian, Thai, Vegetarian

639 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Mount Eden, Balmoral, Auckland, 1041, New Zealand

Zap 2 Thai Cafe and Bar Sample Menu

Chu Chee - Thick & Creamy red curry without vegetables made with coconut milk, Red Curry paste & lime leave - Lamb, Prawns, Seafood or Fish $18.00
Pad Pong Garee - Stir fried eggs in sweet chilli paste and yellow curry powder with salary, onion, spring onion and capsicum - Chicken, Pork or Beef $15.00
Pla Lui Suen - Deep fried whole fish topped with hot Thai country sauce $25.00
Steamed Jasmine Rice $2.00
Pad Khing - Stir fried ginger with onion, spring onion, mushroom, carrots & capsicum - Chicken, Pork or Beef $14.00

Thai Me Up

Japanese, Asian, Thai, Sushi

244 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland City, AU, 1011, New Zealand

Thai Classic Restaurant

Asian, Thai

282 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland City, AU, 1011, New Zealand

Thai Noodles

Asian, Thai

15 Mason Avenue, Otahuhu, Auckland, Auckland, 1062, New Zealand

Thai Noodles Sample Menu

Rad nar crispy noodles
prawns or seafood
Pad thai
Fried egg noodles
Dry egg noodles with BBQ pork $10.00
Meat & seafood noodles soup $13.00

Thai Archer

Asian, Thai, Vegetarian

10 Campbell Road, Royal Oak, Auckland, Auckland, 1061, New Zealand

Thai Archer Sample Menu

Choo Chee Pla
Steamed whole snapper topped with ginger, red curry and coconut cream
Pad Met Ma Muang
Slices of chicken or pork or beef stir fried with cashew nuts, vegetables and oyster sauce
Goong Sam Ros
Deep fried battered prawns with courgette, capsicum, onion, pineapple in sweet tangy sauce
Moo Ka Ta
Pork marinated in sweet sauce and garlic, pepper and vegetables. Presented on a hot plate
Panang Puk
Thick red curry with mixed seasonal vegetables, tofu, crushed peanuts and coconut cream

Tusk Thai Restaurant

Asian, Thai

590 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Balmoral, Auckland, 1041, New Zealand

Tusk Thai Restaurant Sample Menu

Green Curry (Gang Kiew Waan Paak) - With market fresh vegetables, tofu, kaffir lime leaf & fresh sweet basil $19.50
Thai Jasmine Rice $2.50
Vegetable Cashew Nuts (Pad Med Ma-Meung Jay) - Wok tossed with tofu & roasted chilli paste $19.50
Salmon Satay (Satay Pla Salmon) - Southland salmon skewers grilled with tamarind & served with tangy red onion & cucumber salsa $11.50
Thai Roti Bread $4.50

Erawan Thai Restaurant

Asian, Thai

6/280 Richmond Road, Corner of Lawrence Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland, Auckland, 1021, New Zealand

Erawan Thai Restaurant Sample Menu

GAENG DANG TAO HOO Thai red curry cooked in coconut milk with mixed vegetables, tofu and basil leaves $19.50
TEMPURA VEGETABLES Crispy battered of mixed vegetables served with Thai style plum sauce $9.00
PRAWNS $23.50
THAI CHICKEN WING Deep fried chicken wing in Thai herbs, served with sweet chilli sauce $9.00
GAENG MASSAMUN Stewed beef or lamb curry cooked in massamun paste and coconut milk with potato, onion and peanut $19.50

Muang Thai Restaurant

Asian, Thai

70 King Street, Pukekohe, Pukekohe, Pukekohe, Auckland, 2120, New Zealand

Muang Thai Restaurant Sample Menu

Chicken Cashew Nuts (mild)
Stir fried chicken with sweet chilli paste, vegetables and cashew nuts
Chicken Hot Hot (thai hot)
Mixed green curry, red curry, yellow curry in coconut milk with steamed vegetables
Vegie Spring Roll (Vegetarian) (5 pieces)
Vermicelli and vegetables in crispy spring roll skin served with sweet chilli sauce
Pork Ginger (mild)
Stir fried pork with ginger, cauliflower, mushroom, onion in brown bean sauce
Prawn Panang Curry (med)
Red Panang curry prawns with chopped peanuts, vegetables in coconut milk

Narm Thong Restaurant

Asian, Chinese, Thai

1484A Dominion Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland, Auckland, 1041, New Zealand

Narm Thong Restaurant Sample Menu

stir fried with vegetables in light oyster sauce with chicken
GOONG YANG(hot plate)
BBQ tiger prawns served with salad & delicious Narmthong sauce
stir-fried with sweet and sour sauce, pineapple, cucumbers, baby corn, spring onions and tomatoes with prawns
stir fried with broccoli, mushrooms and cauliflower in light oyster sauce with chicken
a mild coconut soup with mushrooms, coriander and galingale with prawns

Thai Cuisine

Asian, Thai

942 New North Road, Mount Albert, Auckland City, Auckland, 1025, New Zealand

Thai Cuisine Sample Menu

Pad Sam Ros
Our popular dish cooked meat with sweet chilli paste, cashew nut & vegetables
Gaeng Ped Yang
modern curry of duck tenderly roasted with red curry, tomatoes and grapes
Very hot 8 raw king prawns with lemon juice, chilli & Thai herbs.
Pad Thai Jae
Stir-fried rice noodles with tofu, bean sprouts, egg & crushed peanuts.
Thick curry with mushrooms, pumpkin and peanut.