Fat Dog 2 Go in Rotorua Menu

Fat Dog 2 Go in Rotorua has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Whole Chicken or - On its own from Nando's. Turkish Delight Cafe offers many options including Chicken and Lamb. Cafe Eleven includes a wide range like Bacon, Egg (Any Style), Hash Brown And Toast or House Made Muesli. 7 am- 2.30 pm and ●Just eggs from . Quantum Vis Eatery offers Dine @ Fourth Steakhouse and Cheese spring rolls 6 pcs.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Sour Cream & Chives Potato $3.60
    • Slow-baked in an oven, not zapped in a microwave. Need we say more? Our Sour Cream and Chives Baked Potato is perfect by itself or paired with a burger. Great taste. Great value.
  • Bacon Chicken Chompa $6.30
    • A crispy all meat chicken patty partnered with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo, delivered on a plain bun.
  • Frosty Parfait $5.90
    • A decadent way to finish your meal. We have created the ultimate dessert: A fusion of cool creamy Frosty and chocolate cookie pieces. Also available in berry.
  • 3 pcs $5.90
  • Mushroom & Cheese Potato $6.20
    • Lovingly wrapped in foil and baked in an oven, then topped with Wendy’s signature mushroom in cheese sauce.
  • Kids Meal Cheeseburger $5.90
    • Made with fresh 100% Quality Mark beef, topped with NZ natural cheese and ketchup, on a plain warm bun. Add your choice of fries or mandarin pieces and a range of drinks (soft drinks, Keri Kids blackcurrant juice, Calciyum in three flavours, or Pump water 400ml), plus the kids toy.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger $4.20
    • 100% fresh NZ beef topped with natural cheese, manuka smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a plain bun.
  • 1/4 LB Single $6.90
    • Our delicious, 100% fresh NZ beef patty topped with all the essentials: tomato, lettuce, pickles, mayo and ketchup.
  • Kit kat cheesecake brownie $11.90
    • The ultimate 'break' A layer of rich brownie topped with kit kat and a baked cheesecake filling with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream
  • Classic fries (S/L) $6.90/ $9.90
  • lamb trio $38.90
    • New zealand lamb cut 3 ways - cutlet, rump and loin with fresh mint jus and our waldorf and warm potato nicoise salads
  • Natural (Min order 3) $3.50
  • Three cheese & garlic (v) $12.90
    • Mozzarella, blue and parmesan with garlic
  • The craft plank crafted to share (4-6) $69.90
    • The best of CBK: Smoked bacon & chicken poppers, slow-smoked chicken wings, venison devils, crispy pork belly dice, salt and pepper calamari, smoked salmon dip & grain crackers!
  • Eggs on toast (v) (gfa) $9.90
    • Free range eggs your way- poached, scrambled or fried. Served with hand-cut white, wholegrain or ciabatta
  • Coleslaw $6.00
  • Steamed vegetables $8.00
  • Middle eastern lamb $23.00
    • With red onion, olive, feta hummus sumac and lemon yoghurt
  • Sticky toffee pudding
    • With butterscotch sauce
  • Chef's garden salad (G)
    • Avocado, cucumber cherry tomato, capsicum, brie, sprouts, honey mustard dressing
  • Tomato sauce $2.00
  • Seafood chowder $19.00
    • Mussels, scallop, fish and prawn with lemon and chive creme fraiche and crusty bread roll
  • -Entree $12.00
  • -Mains $16.00
  • Chicken Caesar Pita $11.50/ $9.50
    • Regula/ Petita
  • Free Range Chicken Tenders $4.90/ $7.90
    • 4 Pack/ 8 Pack
  • Brave Beef $5.00
  • Falafel (V) Pita $10.90/ $8.90
    • Regular/ Petita
  • Extra Dip $1.00
  • Chicken Crave Salad $12.50/ $10.50
    • Regular/ Petita
  • Chicken Breast Pita $10.90/ $8.90
    • Regular/ Petita
  • Marmite Mania $4.00
  • - 200g Canterbury lamb rack $10.00
  • The Grill and Pasta Kitchen
    • Freshly cooked pasta (penne or fettuccine), served with your choice of bolognaise sauce, creamy mushroom sauce or basil pesto and roasted garlic, Japanese beef curry with steamed rice, grilled fish fillets, with lemon white wine sauce, butter blanched seasonal market vegetables
  • Art of the Grill
    • Aged beef rump steak with herb rub, New Zealand lamb chops
  • Mediterranean Fare
    • Italian salami, shaved smoked ham, roasted chicken
  • Flame Rotisserie and Carvery
    • Lebanese chicken or pork roast, roasted field vegetables and potatoes, homemade gravy, mustards, horse radish, apple sauce, sweet chilli sauce, Korean pepper sauce
  • The Southern Oceans
    • In-house marinated green-lipped mussels with sweet chilli and ginger, cooked prawn salad with bamboo shoots, toasted sesame seeds, lime and fresh coriander, whole cooked tiger prawns, smoked kahawai
  • Antipasto Pickles and Preserves
    • Greek kalamata olives, pickled cucumber, creamy feta cheese with spring onion
  • Mussel Pot
    • Live green-lipped mussels from the tank, steamed fresh, served with your choice of red curry and coconut cream or traditional garlic, white wine and herb stock
    • Served hot and crispy, our golden Onion Rings are the perfect treat.
    • You can'’t go wrong with our new Creamy Mayo Double Cheeseburger, 2 signature flame-grilled beef patties, topped with 2 slices of melted cheese, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, ketchup and of course, mayo. All on a toasted sesame seed bun. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • Our WHOPPER JR.® features a flame-grilled beef patty topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. Sized right for a smaller appetite
    • Make room for our Double Cheeseburger, two signature flame-grilled beef patties topped with two slices of melted cheese, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal
    • Made with 100% chicken breast from our mates at Ingham, our bite-sized BK Chicken Nuggets are tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Coated in a flavorful tempura style batter, they are perfect for dipping in any of our delicious dipping sauces. Nugget packs include 3, 6, 9 and 12 packs. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • We called it that for a reason: with fresh scrambled eggs, two sausages, an English Muffin with soft melted butter, small Hash Bites and any regular hot drink; it’s a mouthful all right.
    • A new addition to the chicken family; delicious crispy tempura 100% chicken breast BK Nuggets, with crunchy lettuce and mayo in a sesame seed bun. That's #nuggetlove for you!
    • Served hot and crispy, our golden Onion Rings are the perfect treat.
  • Summer Salad $19.5
    • pepper coated Squid on an asian style salad with a lime dressing
  • Baked beans $4.0
  • Chicken, blue vein and pear ragout $17.5
    • filled crepes served with salad
  • Ceasar salad $22.0
    • with chicken or prawns
  • Omelette served with toasted foccacia $17.5 / $19.5
    • Filling choices of: bacon, cheese, mushroom, onion, capsicum, spinach, tomato and ham. 2 fillings / 3 fillings
  • Bacon $4.0
  • Hashbrowns $4.0
  • Pappardella ( home made pasta) $18.5
    • with chicken, roast veggies, parmesan cheese and pesto
  • Kae Panaeng $15.50
    • Lamb curry cooked in coconut cream, vegetables and crushed peanuts.
  • Tod Mun Khow Port (Entree) $8.50
    • Marinated sweet corn cake with curry paste and Thai herbs served with sweet chilli sauce.
  • Tofu with Cashew Nuts $14.50
    • Stir fried tofu with cashew nuts and vegetables
  • Kata Talay $21.50
    • Pan fried combination seafood, prawns, scallops, squid, mussels and fish with vegetables served on a sizzling hot plate.
  • Tom Yum Talay $10.50
    • Traditional hot and sour seafood soup with mushrooms and lemon grass.
  • Gai Praram $23.50
    • Char grilled chicken breast cooked in Thai green herbs and steamed vegetables topped with peanut sauce.
  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls (Entree) $8.50
    • Thai style spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables, vermicelli and served with sweet chilli sauce.
  • Ped Pad Khing $25.50
    • Stir fried roasted duck, pineapple, garlic, ginger and vegetables.
  • YOUR CHOICE OF $35.00
    • 2 boil ups or 2 burgers or 2 chicken or pork or lamb hangi and 2 kid's burgers and 4 drinks
  • HOT CHIPS $3.00
  • BACON + EGG $11.00
  • REWENA HOT DOG $5.00
  • WHOLE DOZEN $17.00
  • FOUR $6.00
  • WAHA-NUI $16.00
    • steak, Large Angus pattie + bacon+egg
  • 1/2 DOZEN $9.00
  • Mean Maori Mean Burger (Mussel) $16.95
    • Combo with Chips & Drink
  • Moko Burger (Kids Burger) $11.90
    • Combo with Chips & Drink
  • Hei Bro Burger (Chicken) $16.95
    • Combo with Chips & Drink
  • Edor-Edor Burger (Egg) $10.95
    • Gourmet beef pattie, free range egg, tomato, beetroot, red onion, mustard, relish, aioli on rewena porotaka bun
  • Chips $3.50
  • Chor Doi Burger (Cheese) $15.95
    • Combo with Chips & Drink
  • Chor Doi Burger (Cheese) $9.95
    • Gourmet Beef Pattie, Cheese, Tomato, Beetroot, Red Onion, Mustard, Relish, Aioli on a rewena porotaka bun
  • Tumeke Burger (Hamburger) $8.95
    • Gourmet Beef Pattie, Tomato, Beetroot, Red Onion, Mustard, Relish, Aioli on a porotaka bun
  • - Creamy Mushrooms
  • Golden Camembert Wedges $14.50
    • deep fried, served with a spicy plum sauce & micro greens (V) (N)
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread $8.50
    • toasted ciabatta generously spread with herb and garlic butter and parmesan cheese, served with tomato salsa (N) (V)
  • Golden Camembert Wedges
    • deep fried, served with a spicy plum sauce and micro greens (V) (N)
  • Vanilla Crome Brulee $13.00
    • served with fresh strawberries (GF) (V)
  • Golden Camembert Wedges $14.50
    • deep fried, served with a spicy plum sauce and micro greens (V) (N)
  • A member of staff will assist you With your choice and selection of beverages and cooked items.
  • - add lemon chicken extra $4.00
  • Sequoia Chicken Sandwich $23
    • Succulent grilled free range chicken breast served on salad greens, tomato, camembert, bacon, house aioli, and spicy jamacian jerksauce on grilled focaccia.
  • Fish N Chips $POA
    • Croucher IPA beer battered catch of the day and chunky fries with tartare sauce, lemon to squeeze and ranch slaw.
  • Toasted Ciabatta $4
  • Bagel $12
    • Streaky bacon, red onion, sliced tomato ,lemon, cream cheese, and capers.
  • Garden General $21
    • poached eggs with coarinder pesto served on chickpea, pumpkin, & kale cakes with roasted garlic mushroom, grilled tomato,toasted multigrain and crispy kane
  • Hot Cakes with bacon, fresh banana and maple syrup $9
  • Bacon and eggs of your choice on toasted ciabatta or multigrain $9
  • Chunky Fries $9
    • With our house aioli and tomato sauce or sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.
  • Chicken madras $15.50
    • a spicy curry dish, meat cooked with aromatic spices and coconut
  • Fried rice lamb/beef $12.00
  • Square roti $2.50
  • Indian thali non veg $13.50
    • rice, 2 veg curry, 1 non-veg curry, 1 roti, pappadum and pickle
  • Biryani chicken $12.00
  • Kerala potato curry $13.00
    • potato cubed cooked in special coconut gravy and spices
  • Chilli chicken $15.50
    • grilled marinated boneless chicken/beef cooked with capsicum, onion an chinese sauce
  • Crab curry (Kerala style) $17.50
    • fresh crabs cooked in to the coconut & tomato masala gravy with aromatic spices and herbs
  • Seasonal vegetables $7
  • Pan fried duck breast, confit leg, cider roasted squash puree, pickled red cabbage, cranberry & passionfruit glaze (GF) $39
  • Spiced apple crumble, vanilla ice cream, star anise anglaise $16
  • Roast potatoes w rosemary & garlic $7
  • Green pea risotto, feta, tomato, candied olives (GF, V) $35
  • French onion soup w gruyere crouton $16
  • Dark & white chocolate marquise, raspberry sorbet, praline, berry compote (GF) $16
  • Crème brulee, rhubarb sorbet, orange & thyme biscotti $16
  • Cheese & Garlic Naan - Leavened bread with a generous sprinkling of crushed garlic & cottage cheese stuffing $6.00
  • Lamb or Chicken Korma - A delicate creamy curry with coconut, sultanas and cashews $15.50, Lamb: $16.50
  • Ginger Chicken /Lamb - Onion and tomato based exotic curry simmered with fresh ginger $15.50, Lamb: $16.50
  • Vegetable Jaypuri - Crisp seasonal vegetables with aromatic spices – garnished with cashews and poppadom pieces $14.50
  • Chicken or Lamb Palak - Creamy spinach cooked with tomato, whole and ground spices, and a hint of garlic $15.50
  • Lamb or Chicken Madras - Lamb or Chicken pieces in a spicy tomato masala sauce, garnished with coconut – renowned South Indian dish $15.90, Lamb $16.50
  • Mango Chicken - An exotic curry with tender chicken in a subtle creamy sauce $15.50
  • Chili Shrimp - A feisty seafood curry with green chilies – garnished with fresh coriander $15.50
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1159 Arawa Street, Rotorua, Rotorua, BA, 3010, New Zealand
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