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New Zealand Bar and Grill

New Zealand's most popular Bar and Grill restaurants, cafes and takeaway menus such as Wildside Bar and Grill, MacKenzies Cafe Bar and Grill, MacKenzies Cafe Bar and Grill, The Alamo Bar and Grill or The Alamo Bar and Grill are found below. You can choose from many menu its like the wildside, this burger is mighty and not for the faint hearted, you are at your own risk if you attempt to take it on and we advise regular exercise, eating all your greens and enjoying no more than on wildside challenge burger per day as part of a balanced lifestyle. one person per burger... no sharing allowed, however much you want too., braised lamb shank, any "turf " can 'surf"for $7 add a prawn skewer to your stonegrill, beer battered fries served with your choice of sauce, spicy wedges served with sweet chilli and sour cream, handle of garlic prawns, mixed ice cream sundae, french toast, death by chocolate.

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