Theo's Wrap Shack in Rotorua Menu

  • BEEF $4.00/$7.00
  • CHICKEN $6.00/$10.00
  • SALAD $4.00
  • WATER $2.00
  • SLICE $4.00
  • BEEF $9.50/$12.50
    • includes wrap salad or slice and water
  • CHICKEN $11.00/$15.00
    • includes wrap salad or slice and water

Nearby Sample Menus

  • L $4.00
  • Son of Baconator $7.30
    • A chip off the old block, Son of Baconator features two NZ quality mark sourced beef patties, four slices of Manuka smoked bacon and NZ cheese on a warm bun.
  • Salad Burger $4.60
    • Who says that salad has to taste boring? Wendy's salad burger has creamy guacamole, tangy sweet thai chili sauce, onion, pickles, freshly chopped tomato and lettuce, and natural NZ cheese on a premium Kaiser bun.
  • Kids Meal Cheeseburger $5.90
    • Made with fresh 100% Quality Mark beef, topped with NZ natural cheese and ketchup, on a plain warm bun. Add your choice of fries or mandarin pieces and a range of drinks (soft drinks, Keri Kids blackcurrant juice, Calciyum in three flavours, or Pump water 400ml), plus the kids toy.
  • Taco Salad $9.20
    • Crispy hand cut lettuce, topped with Wendy’s slow cooked chili, partnered with corn chips and sour cream makes for a hearty filling salad.
  • Chili Guacamole Fries $6.10
    • We start with a bed of hot and crispy fries and then spoon over a generous amount of meaty chili and then top with tangy guacamole and smooth sour cream.
  • Frosty Cone $2.00
    • The best value ice-cream cone! Creamy indulgent Frosty in a premium waffle cone.
  • 5 pcs $4.20
  • Dal makhani (mild) $12.00
    • Lentils stewed on a slow fire overnight, garnished with coriander
  • Chicken tikka masala (med) $13.50
    • Succulent tandoori chicken morsels cooked in a spicy gravy with greens peppers
  • Roti $2.50
  • Korma (chicken/lamb/beef)(mild) $13.5/$14/$13
    • indian style curry garnished with almonds and cashew nuts
  • Prawn masala (med-hot) $16.50
    • Succulent prawns cooked in spicy gravy with green peppers
  • Butter chicken (mild) $13.50
    • Tender pieces of boneless chicken, half cooked in tandoor and finished, in a creamy tomato flavoured sauce
  • Chicken manchurian $14.00
    • Boneless diced chicken deep fried with cornflour and spices, finished in a thick garlic sauce
  • Plain basmati rice $2.50
  • -Add chicken, pulled pork or duck for $6.00
  • Hook line and sinker $17.50
    • Seafood chowder, served with ciabatta
  • 7AM - 11:30AM
  • Butcher's best $23.00
    • Venison burged served with sriracha, rocket, roasted red capsicum, swiss cheese and criss cut fries
  • The holy hunt-Eggs benedict $19.90
    • Poached eggs served with spinach and scope hollandaise on our speciality toasted bread of the day w smoked salmon / bacon / mushroom
  • -Add chicken, pulled pork or duck for $6.00
  • Mai mai duck $23.00
    • Braised duck served with rocket, pickled red onions and salsa verde. with criss-cut fries and aioli
  • Bush tucker $18.00
    • Scope seasoned mince on our speciality bread of the day served with poached egg
  • Salad of the Day $16.90
    • Seasonal vegetables made fresh to order.
  • We have a fine selection of beers, including Guinness, Kilkenny, Boddingtons & Ciders. Hennessy’s also stocks well-known craft beers such as Emersons and Little Creatures, both bottled and on-tap. We are very proud of our thoughtful wine list, with a good selection of exclusive and popular brands. N/A
  • Onions or Extra Sauces $2.50
  • Chicken Nuggets $9.90
    • With golden fries & sauce.
  • Piece of Fish $5.50
  • Breads & Spreads $13.90
    • A mixture of freshly baked breads lightly toasted. Served with Dips of the Day. Serves 2 people.
  • BLAT $19.90
    • Smoked crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, avocado, mayonnaise & tomato on toasted white bread served with fries.
  • Murphy’s Chicken $19.90
    • Freshly baked pita bread with hummus topped with salad greens, grilled chicken breast & Hennessy’s own Mediterranean salsa.
  • Ayran (yoghurt drink) n/a
  • Combo $14.90
    • doner kebab roll, chips & coca cola
  • Kuru kofte $14.90
    • shucco's special meat balls topped with potatoes and sam's chunky tomato sauce and served with turkish balgur pilaf
  • Pilav kebab $13.90
    • choice of chicken, lamb or falafel topped with sam's famous chunky tomato sauce
  • Combo $11.90
    • kebab burger, chips & coca cola
  • Pasta (makarna or manti) $12.90
    • toppe with sam's famous chunky tomato sauce and your choice of chicken, lamb or falafel. served with yoghurt, garlic sauce and tabouleh
  • Baklava n/a
  • Extras $2.20/each
    • cigar borek & falafel
  • Mini Mummas $5.95
    • Six mini fried bread with cream, two sauces, two toppings (extra topping 50C)
  • Mean Maori Mean Burger (Mussel) $16.95
    • Combo with Chips & Drink
  • Tumeke Burger (Hamburger) $14.95
    • Combo with Chips & Drink
  • Chor Doi Burger (Cheese) $9.95
    • Gourmet Beef Pattie, Cheese, Tomato, Beetroot, Red Onion, Mustard, Relish, Aioli on a rewena porotaka bun
  • Edor-Edor Burger (Egg) $10.95
    • Gourmet beef pattie, free range egg, tomato, beetroot, red onion, mustard, relish, aioli on rewena porotaka bun
  • Mean Maori Mean Burger (Mussel) $10.95
    • Double mussel fritters, tomato, mesculin, red onion, tomato relish on a rewena porotaka bun
  • Edor-Edor Burger (Egg) $16.95
    • Combo with Chips & Drink
  • The Big Cuzzie Burger (Beef / Bacon) $16.95
    • Combo with Chips & Drink
  • - add lemon chicken extra $4.00
  • Soup Du Jour $11.00
    • served with a warm crusty dinner roll and unsalted butter (N)
  • - add lemon chicken extra $4.00
  • South Indian Style Pumpkin and Lentil Curry $24.00
    • served with basmati rice and naan bread (V) (H)
  • Fish of the Day $32.00
    • inquire for the chef's daily selection (GF) (N) (H)
  • - Bacon
  • Minute Steak Open Sandwich $19.00
    • grilled sirloin served on toasted ciabatta With tossed salad, crispy onions and tomatoes
  • Hot Smoked Salmon and Brie $17.50
    • With sour cream and fresh herbs (GF)
  • Venison osso buco $29.9
    • served on buttered swede w/ red cabbage
  • Apple and raisin strudel $11.9
    • a favourite, served w/ custard and icecream
  • Pepperoni $2.9
  • Crepe mixed berry $11.9
    • warmed berries wrapped in our fresh crepe
  • Pollo picatta $29.9
    • roasted chicken breast served on frazzled vegetables w/ an olive & prune salsa
  • Porchetta simoncelli $29.9
    • pork , served on braised Mediterranean vegetables
  • Mavericks -roasted artichoke and spinach $21.9
    • oven roasted artichoke, roasted garlic, sautéed spinach, mozzarella, parmesan
  • Potato rosti with salmon $15.9
    • w/ creme fraiche & dill
  • Grilled Chicken & Aioli McWrap n/a
    • The new delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap®, with ingredients like 100% NZ grilled chicken, juicy tomatoes, all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla
  • Kiwi Big Breakfast n/a
    • The complete breakfast to kick start your day. This Kiwi Big Breakfast includes two Sausages, Hash Brown, freshly cracked scrambled eggs, and a Toasted Muffin
  • Garden Salad n/a
    • Tuck into a healthy and delicious garden salad with fresh lettuce, cucumber and tomato, it's ideal as a snack or addition to a meal
  • Crispy Chicken & Aioli McWrap n/a
    • Introducing the new Real Choices delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap®, with 100% NZ crispy chicken, juicy tomatoes, crisp cos and iceberg lettuce drizzled with creamy garlic Aioli all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla and ready to eat on the go
  • Sausage McMuffin n/a
    • A hot beef sausage patty, topped with a slice of cheese on a toasted English muffin. Simple and satisfying
  • Strawberry Jam n/a
    • Your toasted bagel has never tasted this good. Slather on some of Craig's® sweet Strawberry Jam, made with real strawberries
  • Sausage & Egg McMuffin n/a
    • A hard-hitting combo of egg, a beef sausage patty and melting slice of cheese on a classic English Muffin. Served warm and tasty
  • Filet-o-Fish n/a
    • Dive in and enjoy our Filet-o-Fish. Sourced for its succulent and fresh flavour, the fish we use is renowned for its succulent moist texture, white flesh and great taste
  • Vegetariano $25.00
    • For our vegetarian friends, we have three pieces croquets made with chickpeas, Peruvian super grain quinoa, black beans, lentils, garlic, onions and herbs. Served with Pebre sauce and Chilean bread.
  • Peruvian Style Raw Fish $14.00
    • Fresh fish marinated in lemon, ginger, garlic, red onion and coriander. Served with roasted kumara, deep fried spiced corn and Chilean bread.
  • Squid $13.00
    • Baby squid tubed filled with chicken, topped with mango sauce and chilli flakes. Served on the side with Chilean bread and Che's special spicy sauce.
  • Camarones al Pil Pil $14.00
    • Sizzling prawns cooked in garlic served in hot oil with bread and Che's special sauce.
  • Pie de Limon (Lemon Merengue Pie) $10.00
    • Traditionally eaten all throughout South America. A lemony custard in a pastry shell topped with toasted meringue. Fresh cream on the side.
  • Parrillada $36.00
    • Our signature dish. A wonderful platter of different meats barbecued the real Argentinian way, slow cooked in Manuka embers, Beef steak, Chicken thigh, Chorizo, Pork ribs, Lamb. Served with our chimichurri sauce, mesclun salad and Chilean bread. (approx 600 grams)
  • Empanadas 2pcs/serving $13.00
    • Stuffed, deep fried pastry, popular in many countries in Latin America. Our choices are as follows: Beef - beef, cumin, paprika, olives / Humita - sweetcorn, basil, tomato, garlic, cheese. / Mushroom - mushroom, cheese / Seafood - seafood, capsicum, garlic, merken (traditional spice from Chile's indigenous people) / Chicken - Lean chicken, capsicum, garlic, oregano, paprika (All served with fresh Pebre Salsa and small salad.)
  • Molleja $27.00
    • Lamb sweetbread barbecued in our own home built grill. Spiced with merken and lemon juice. Served on a bed of pickled vegetables with chimichurri sauce, mesclun salad and Chilean bread.
  • Sultan $18.00
    • Onions, mushrooms, cream cheese, apricots, chicken, topped with sweet chili
  • Falafel $ 9.00
  • Chicken $10.00
  • Kashrut $16.00
    • Your choice of lamb, chicken, or Falafel cooked with tomatoes, herbs, spinach, mushrooms, onions, Berber spices, wrapped in the thin Kebab bread with olives, mozzarella, and cream cheeses and baked in Ali Baba’s oven. Topped with garlic mayonnaise and sweet chili sauces and served with a fresh side salad
  • Garlic cheese bread $4.50
  • Lamb $ 9.50
  • Arabian $18.00
    • Spinach, mushroom, onions, capsicum, cream cheese, olives, chicken, topped with sweet chili
  • Medina $18.00
    • Capsicum, cheese, mushrooms, onions, cream cheese, capers, olives, chicken, topped with sweet chili
  • Linguini Pasta $10.00
    • Tomatoes, capsicum, red onion, olives, basil pesto
  • Trio of Ice Cream $8.00
    • 3 flavours of kapati ice cream
  • Salt n Pepper Calamari $3.50
  • - Tomato, Brie & Avocado $12.50
  • Eggs Benedict:
  • Herbed Garlic Bread $7.50
  • Pork Ribs $28.00
    • Oven-roasted, with salad, fries & aioli
  • Toasted Ciabatta $5.50
  • Plain dosa $10.00
    • light and crispy crepe made from rice and urid lentil mix flour
  • Chilli fish/prawn $17.50
    • fried fish/prawn cooked with onion, capsicums and chinese sauce
  • Coconut chicken curry special $15.50
    • boneless chicken braised with tomatoes, fresh coconut masala and herbs
  • Masala fish/prawn $17.50
    • a rich thick tomato, onion & capsicum with spices and herbs
  • Tadka dall $13.00
    • varieties of lentils simmered and cooked with garlic and finished with tomatoes
  • Cheese roti $3.00
  • Fruit salad $3.50
    • is a dessert consisting of various kinds of ruit served in mango pulp, milk and topped with vanilla essence
  • Chicken korma $15.50
    • a mild creamy rich curry with cashew paste, cream and coconut milk powder
  • Daal Makhni $13.50
    • A harmonious combination of lentil cooked with butter and cream
  • Chicken Korma $15.50
    • Boneless chicken simmered in cashew gravy and garnished with almonds
  • Saag Chicken $15.50
    • Boneless chicken cooked with spinach and onion gravy garnished with ginger
  • Lamb Seekh Kebab (6 pcs) $10.50
    • Lamb mince lightly spiced and rolled on skewers and roasted in tandoor
  • Bread Basket $12.50
    • A Selection of roti, plain naan, garlic naan and onion kulcha
  • Cheese & Garlic Naan $5.00
    • Naan stuffed with mild cheese and garnished with garlic and butter
  • Daal Tadka $12.50
    • Yellow spit lentils cooked with garlic and cumin seeds (Punjabi style)
  • Vegetable Pakoda $5.50
    • Fresh vegetable battered with chickpea flour and deep fried
  • Cucumber & Shrimp Salad N/A
  • Cottage Pie N/A
  • Corn Cream Soup N/A
  • Sweet Chili Mussels N/A
  • Miso Soup N/A
  • Fish and Chips N/A
  • Slices N/A
  • Steamed Mussels N/A
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Kuirau Park, Rotorua, 3010, New Zealand
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