Alice Road Night 'N' Day in Invercargill City Menu

Alice Road Night 'N' Day in Invercargill City has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Cabbage Tree Soup Bowl or Seafood Chowder from The Cabbage Tree Restaurant. Elegance at 148 on Elles offers many options including Garlic Bread and Bread & Spreads. Radhas Takeaway includes a wide range like Soup of the day or Onion Bajees (6pcs). Chips and Kumara Chips from . A1 Roast offers Ainos Steakhouse & Restaurant and Garlic pita Bread.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Apache Fish medium $27 / classic $32
    • Fresh fillets of fish dusted in seasoned flour, egg-washed, then pan-fried in a lemon and herb butter, finished with a classic tartare sauce. Served with straight-cut chips and a fresh green salad.
  • Comfortably Numb $9.00
    • 2 scoops Premium Killinchy Gold New Zealand ice cream. Served with wafers and berry coulis.
  • We’re proud to serve our guests only 100% free range chicken. Medium meals are served with one chicken breast, classic meals with two.
  • Free Range Egg $2.00
  • - Also available as a vegetarian option with a lentil, pea and kumara pattie
  • Lone Star Coleslaw $5.00
  • Lone Star Artisan Loaf $10.00
    • A traditional seeded Ciabatta loaf, handcrafted exclusively for Lone Star. Served warm with butter.
  • We’re proud to serve our guests only 100% grass-fed prime steer.
  • Baked Pull-Apart Loaf $11.90
    • Fresh and soft, oven-baked loaf (easily enough for two) served with a garlic spread.
  • Chicken Sandwich on Sourdough $20.90
    • Buttered and toasted sourdough on bread with a creamy garlic aioli. Served with grilled chicken, bacon, sweet tomato, cucumber, cottage cheese, salad greens and fries.
  • Beer-battered Sweet Breads $14.90
    • Lamb sweet breads seasoned with a mild spice rub and then coated with our beer batter and served with a sweet plum and berry dipping sauce.
  • Goat Shank $30.90
    • Chevon goat shank marinated and braised with dark ale beer and fresh rosemary. Served with parmesan mashed potatoes and a medley of seasonal vegetables.
  • Thai Prawn Skewers $15.90
    • 6 large prawns seared with our Thai sauce served with steamed jasmine rice.
  • Salmon Fillet $28.90
    • Pan fried to crisp the skin then oven baked with garlic tomato butter and served on boulangere potato, bok choy, crème fraiche and chive on chilli jam and drizzled with extra virgin oil
  • Prawn & Pappardelle Pasta $29.00
    • Pappardelle pasta with prawn cutlets in a creamy roast garlic, lime and dill sauce topped with parmesan cheese, caramelised lemon, freshly chopped Italian parsley and garnished seared tomatoes.
  • Baked Alaska $11.50
    • Defying all logic, this show stopping dessert will certainly impress. Baked meringue surrounding a raspberry sorbet and chocolate sponge cake. Served with berry coulis and chantilly cream.
  • Gum Drop McFlurry® N/A
    • A kiwi favourite! For a delicious mouthful of gum drop pieces and bubblegum topping both blended into creamy soft serve, try the new Gum Drop McFlurry®.
  • Balsamic Dressing N/A
    • Splash your salad with our delicious combo of Balsamic and white wine vinegar. Love that Mediterranean flavour.
  • Triple Cheeseburger Combo N/A
    • A towering Triple Cheeseburger with a refreshing medium soft drink, and medium fries. It’s stacked with unforgettable value. Like when you were showing off and almost stacked it off your skateboard in front of a bus stop full of girls.
  • 10pk Chicken McBites & Small Fries Snack Deal N/A
    • Get more bang for your buck with this amazing snack bundle! 10 chicken McBites and small fries for just $4! Snack-time - sorted!
  • $30 Legends Sharebox® $30
    • Included in the $30 Legends ShareBox®: 2 x Big Mac®, 1x McChicken®, 1x Filet-o-Fish®, 1 x 6pk Chicken McNuggets®, 2 x Medium Fries, 2 x Small Fries, 4 x Medium Soft Drinks
  • BBQ Cheeseburger Combo N/A
    • A tangy BBQ Cheeseburger, a chilled medium soft drink, and medium fries. You’ll never forget that time there was a BBQ in your burger, a party in your wallet, and you were invited.
  • Cheeseburger N/A
    • Our legendary cheeseburger is a combo of 100% beef, onions, pickle, ketchup, mustard and cheese, all in a soft burger bun.
  • Hamburger N/A
    • The original. 100% beef patty, topped with onion, pickle and zesty ketchup and mustard, all on a soft, fluffy bun.
  • Soup (GF) $12
    • Freshly prepared seasonal ingredients, served with toasted ciabatta
  • Seafood Chowder $15.50
    • Smoked local fish, mussels, capers,lemon and thyme with toasted ciabatta.
  • Salad $8.50
  • -Add chicken $7.00
  • Chicken Ciabatta Stack (GF) $21.00
    • Grilled apple cider marinated chicken breast layered over tossed ciabatta with rocket, fetta and tomato. Apricot,pomegranate and molasses chutney.
  • -Large $18.50
  • Pizza $18
    • Individual, baked on a Naan bread base. Gourmet toppings, daily specials with fries and salad.
  • Caesar Salad (GF) $19.00
    • Garden fresh salad leaves, anchovies, bacon lardons, flaked parmesan and soft boiled eggs with garlic dressing and toasted foccacia bread.
    • These tiny, golden pieces of crunchy potato are just waiting to be eaten. These guys add a bit of bite (and crunch) to your breakfast.
    • The Chicken Bacon Meaty Burger: 2 crispy chicken patties, 6 rashers of bacon, 2 slices of cheese, and BBQ sauce. Oh, and we added some onion too. It’s part of the Meatatarian Range, available for a limited time.
    • We teamed our sausage patty with a fresh egg, cheese, bacon, hash bites, barbeque and hollandaise sauce. We've got breakfast literally wrapped up. And toasted.
    • Our signature streaky bacon, a freshly cooked egg and cheese inside a toasted English muffin. This combination's been around forever because it tastes so good. Add a regular hash bytes and large hot drink to make it a regular value meal
    • The Summer Chicken Crunch Burger: A crunchy chicken patty, slice of cheese, 4 rashes of bacon, 2 pineapple rings, premium lettuce, all topped with lashings of Heinz Seriously Good Aioli! Part of our Summer Crunch Range, available for a limited time
    • Two signature flame-grilled beef patties topped with 2 slices of melted cheese and the winning combination of sizzling bacon and smoky BBQ sauce. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • A juicy 1/3 pound of flame grilled 100% Angus beef with two slices of cheese, 6 rashes of bacon, red onions, premium lettuce, freshly sliced tomato, pickles, all topped with creamy mayo, BBQ sauce and mustard sauce in our delicious corn dusted bun.
    • Crispy onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and cheese with our creamy mayonnaise, all served on a toasted sesame seed bun. One bite and you’ll be hooked. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal
  • Mushroom Matar Masala $15.50
    • Mushroom and green peas cooked in a tangy masala sauce
  • Onion Bhajees $6.90
    • Crispy onion fritters - a Bombay specialty!
  • Vegetable Samosa (2 samosas) $6.00
    • Seasoned potatoes and peas wrapped in a flaky pastry
  • Chicken Jalfrezi $15.90
  • Raita $3.00
    • Classic cooler with cucumber, carrot and yoghurt
  • Onion, Cheese and Chilli Kucha $6.50
    • Stuffed with onion, cheese, green chilli, herbs and spices
  • Butter Chicken $15.90
  • Chicken Afghani $15.90
    • Barbequed chunks of chicken simmered in delicate cashew sauce.
  • Chocolate Delight $12.90
    • For the Chocolate Lovers; rich, baked to order, individual Chocolate Cake served with Mascarpone Cream & Berry Puree.
  • Scallops $34.90
    • Large Scallops with their Roe on are flash pan-seared & drizzled with Lemon, Lime & Saffron Butter. Served on Potato Pom-Poms accompanied by a Leafy Green Side Salad Main
  • Rum Sultana Sundae $10.80
    • Plump Sultanas soaked in ‘Jamaican Rum’ with Almonds & Brown Sugar. Served with locally made Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce & topped with Cream.
  • Ice Cream Sundae $9.90
    • Vanilla Ice Cream with a choice of topping; Caramel, Chocolate, Raspberry or Strawberry.
  • Fresh Bluff Oysters $26.90
    • Available three different ways, Natural, Beer Battered or ‘The Elegance Speciality’ – natural topped with Lemon & Lime Crème Fraîche ½ Dozen
  • Garlic Bread $10.50
    • Freshly Baked Bread spread with creamy Garlic Butter then toasted under a hot grill. A Southland tradition.
  • Beer Battered Blue Cod $27.80
    • Fresh Blue Cod encased in crisp Beer Batter served with Sea Salted Makikihi Fries, our own homemade Tartare Sauce & fresh Lemon Wedges.(With a Leafy Green Side Salad $34.70) >>
  • Side Salad $5.90
    • Leafy Green Salad drizzled with our own Olive Oil & Fresh Herb Vinaigrette.
  • Oven Roasted Chicken N/A
  • Subway Club N/A
  • Beetroot N/A
  • Capsicum N/A
  • Ham, Egg and Cheese N/A
  • Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt N/A
  • Italian Herbs & Cheese N/A
  • Wheat N/A
  • Extra Cheese $2.00
  • Classic B.L.T (g.f) $16.00
    • Toasted Foccacia bread packed full of bacon, lettuce, tomato & relish
  • Eggs Benedict (g,f) $17.50
    • Two poached eggs on an English muffin with homemade hollandaise and your choice of salmon, spinach, ham or bacon
  • Chicken Sandwich (g.f) $17.00
    • Toasted focaccia with grilled smoked chicken, fresh salad and brie cheese finished with Tuatara-made aioli dressing
  • Tuatara Wilderness Salad (v) (g.f) $17.00
    • Salads made with generous helpings of leafy salad greens with your choice of; marinated beef, chicken and bacon, or grilled tofu
  • Blue Cod $18.00
    • Straight from the southern waters fresh to your plate. Beer battered blue cod served with salad greens and beer battered fries
  • Open Steak Sandwich (g.f) $18.00
    • Juicy rib eye steak served with an egg, fresh salad and smoky bbq sauce
  • Wedges $9.00
  • Warm Crepes $11.90
    • Tempting and light - summer fruits wrapped in warm crepes, drizzled with maple syrup and served with fresh cream and vanilla ice-cream
  • Breakfast Sausages (3) $2.50
  • Soup of the Day $12.50 / $20.00
    • Today's chefs choice served with warm bread and garlic butter.
  • Sorbet Delight $13.50
    • A selection of summer fruit served with mouth watering raspberry sorbet
  • Bowl of Chips $6.50
  • Egg (1) $2.50
  • Duck $30.00
    • Duck leg served with potatoes, mushroons and green vegetables served with an orange & thyme sauce
  • First's Famous Apple Shortcake $13.50
    • Homemade hot apple shortcake with icecream and cream
  • Fish and Chips $26.90
    • Fresh southern fish beer battered served with thick cut fries, a fresh garden salad and homemade tartare sauce.
  • Pizza $20.90
    • Italian Tomato sauce on a thin base topped with cheese, bacon ham, chorizo, onion tomato and fresh herbs.
  • Steak Sandwich $28.90
    • 200gm ribeye steak cooked to your liking, on toasted sour dough with lettuce, tomato and beetroot topped with caramelised onions and a fried egg served with fries
  • Seafood Chowder R $17.90 / L$21.90
    • Jagz own recipe of succulent seafood in a thick creamy chowder served with warm bread and garlic butte
  • -Add Salmon $23.90
  • Bruschetta $11.90
    • Fresh cherry tomato, chorizo and herb ricotta on toasted sour dough.
  • Kumara and Bacon Salad $23.90
    • Grilled bacon with warm roasted kumara tossed through seasonal salad greens, pumpkinseeds and cashew nuts finished off with Jagz homemade aioli
  • Jagz Fried Chicken $26.90
    • Jagz special recipe fried chicken with homemade wedges and summer slaw served sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.
  • Lamb $18.90
    • Rosemary garlic marinated lamb medallions served medium rare with a salad of mesclun, baby beetroot, red onion, cherry tomato & feta. Dressed with a sweet mint vinaigrette
  • The Kiln Bread Selection $19.90
    • Chefs choice of bread and accompaniments for two
  • Vegetable Frittata $17.90
    • Red pepper, courgette, red onion and kumara bound by 2 free range eggs and creamy feta served with a wild rocket mesclun salad
  • Steak Eggs & Chips $26.90
    • Premier pasture raised 250g sirloin steak, cooked to your liking on a bed of beer battered fries, topped with a duo of free range eggs and a side of sauce of your choosing
  • Rakiura Salmon $32.90
    • Local Rakiura salmon topped with a locally grown hazelnut crust & fresh salsa verde, served on a bed of tasty Mediterranean couscous
  • Free Range Eggs 2
  • Lamb Wellington $36.90
    • Tender lamb back strap seared and topped with sautéed onion, mushrooms spinach and cream cheese wrapped in flaky pastry and baked to perfection resting on a potato mash
  • Mussels $17.90
    • Riddler, chilli, ginger, garlic and coriander 1/2 kilo
  • NACHOS $4.50
    • chili mince cheese sour cream sweet chili sauce tomato salsa cheese sour cream chili sauce small
    • vegetable or chicken corn large
  • BACON BUTTY $3.50
    • buttered bread hot bacon relish
    • chili mince, cheese, coleslaw, sour cream each
    • cheese ham tomato, onion, pineapple 2 fillings(extra filling $0.50)
  • Olives N/A
  • Natural Swiss N/A
  • Tuna N/A
  • Italian Dressing N/A
  • Honey Oat N/A
  • Sweet Onion N/A
  • Steak and Cheese N/A
  • Italian B.M.T N/A
  • OMELETTE $27.00
    • filled with mushroom, onion, tomato, cheddar or and ham served with salad
  • Mini Hot Dogs & curly fries
  • Chocolate, raspberry, caramel, strawberry, passion fruit sundaes $10.00
    • served with fries & salad
  • Chocolate Brownie chocolate sauce $12.00
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Curried Chicken on rice $10.50
  • DIANNE $33.00
    • rich garlic sauce
Alice Road Night 'N' Day

Alice Road Night 'N' Day



235 Elles Road, Invercargill City Centre, Invercargill, Southland, 9812, New Zealand





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Takeaway Food



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235 Elles Road, Invercargill City Centre, Invercargill, Southland, 9812, New Zealand
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