Eat on Windsor in Invercargill City Menu

  • Gluten Free options are available
  • Eggs on Toast $12.50
    • Poached, fried or scrambled
  • Eggs Benedict (GFA) $19.50
    • Eggs Benedict ham off the bone or smoked salmon served hot, served on grilled EAT bread with two poached eggs, mustard hollandaise and tomato chilli jam with a little salsa
  • Toast $14.50
    • EAT breads accompanied by spreads and EAT jams
  • Hell Fry Up (GF) $21.00
    • Spicy sausage, bacon, tomato, mushroom, and potatoes tossed through butter and thyme, served with toasted EAT bread, two fried eggs and EAT chutney.
  • Pancakes $16.50
    • Two hot fluffy vanilla sweet pancakes served with crispy bacon, fresh banana and maple syrup.
  • -Small serve $12.50
  • -Add compote $2.50
  • Famous Hash Brown $19.50
    • Grated potato, whole seed mustard, cheese and onion, combined into a cake. Wrapped in fresh breadcrumbs and fried till golden and crispy. Served with creamy button mushrooms, grilled bacon, fresh tomato salsa and a poached egg.
  • An Awesome Omelette (GF) $19.50
    • Three eggs whipped up and seasoned, have your choice of 3 fillings glazed ham off the bone, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes or potatoes
  • Muesli $15.50
    • Eat a combination of rolled oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, dry roastec with vanilla, maple and brown sugar served slightly warmed with yoghurt, banana, berry compote and a little jug of milk.
  • Com Fritter $19.50
    • 3 corn fritters with avocado, relish, bacon and hollandaise served with a poached egg.
  • Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs $18.50
    • Smoked salmon scrambled eggs with sour cream and chive on EAT toast.
  • Blue Cod $26.50
    • Blue cod in a local Stanley Green beer batter served with fresh green salad, steak fries and housemade tartare
  • Chicken Filo $19.50
    • To die for creamy thyme, Dijon mustard and chicken filo with light green salad and vinaigrette.
  • Corn Fritter $19.50
    • 3 Corn fritters with avocado, relish, bacon and salad greens
  • Open Steak Sandwich $26.50
    • Open steak sandwich with lettuce, tomato, local smoked brie, a fried egg, red onion chutney, steak fries and garlic aioli
  • Squid $18.50
    • Salt, pepper and chilli flake squid with basil aioli and tomato chilli jam with salad greens
  • Curry $25.50
    • EAT style curry served with flat bread, labne and chutney - refer to blackboard for today's creation
  • Fish of the Day $24.50
    • Refer to blackboard for today's special
  • Mixed Grill $28.50
    • Mixed grill option of the day - refer to blackboard for today's special - served with housecut kumara fries, and fresh green salad
  • Prawns $19.50
    • Chilli and garlic panfried prawn cutlets with green salad
  • Pork $24.50
    • Fresh well seasoned NZ pork chop with kumara fries served with apple sauce and a fresh green salad
  • Big Fat Toasted Sandwich $11.00
    • Tomato, bacon, ham, cheese, pineapple, onion, mushroom (choose 3 fillings)
  • -extra fillings $1
  • Fries $9.50
    • Freshly deep fried steak fries with tomato sauce.
  • Southern Sushi $2.20
    • Traditional cheeserolls
  • Bread & Spreads $15.50
    • In house made classic white bread with hummus, roasted garlic, maldon sea salt and XV olive oil.
  • house made chicken liver and green peppercorn pate $16.50
    • served with chutney, flatbread and cornichons
  • Soups $16.50
    • A really hot, creamy, thick and fulfilling seafood chowderwith mussels, white fish, squid and vegetables, served with toasted garlic bread
  • Soup of the Day $14.50
    • served with EAT bread - refer to blackboard
  • Salads $22.50
    • Chicken salad with chicken breasts dusted in spicy seasoning and fried, served with fresh banana, avocado, cashew nuts, brie, crispy bacon and dressed with basil aioli
  • Chef's salad refer to blackboard
    • changes daily
  • A retro EAT spin on the Greek salad $22.50
    • pan roasted lamb fillet with local feta, tomato, cucumber, red onion, EAT olives and saffron aioli
  • Pasta/Risotto $23.50
    • style carbonara with chicken or bacon in a creamy white wine sauce
  • Prawn and saffron risotto $23.50
  • Sanchez $23.50
    • with sausage, mushroom, olive, chilli and tomato
  • style chargrilled vegetarian pasta $23.50
    • with a medley of fresh seasonal vegetables, feta and EAT olives and basil pesto
  • Wild mushroom and spinach risotto $23.50
  • Antipasto $24.00
    • a selection of local cheese, in house pate, EAT relish and chutney, ham on the bone, smoked salmon, New Zealand chorizo, EAT marinated olives, EAT bread and hummus
  • -extras $8

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Eat on Windsor


38 Windsor Street, Invercargill Central, Invercargill, Invercargill City, Southland, 9810, New Zealand



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Monday: 07:30-05:00, Tuesday: 07:30-05:00, Wednesday: 07:30-05:00, Thursday: 07:30-05:00, Friday: 07:30-05:00, Saturday: 07:30-05:00, Sunday: 07:30-05:00








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38 Windsor Street, Invercargill Central, Invercargill, Invercargill City, Southland, 9810, New Zealand

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