Level One Restaurant & Bar in Invercargill City Menu

  • Fresh Soup of the Day with House Baked Bread V $13.00
  • Southland Famous Seafood Chowder with House Baked Bread $15.00
  • House Baked Breads and Spreads ( Enough for 1-2) $14.50
  • Warm Ciabatta Loaf Served with Garlic Butter $9.50
  • Pork Belly on Potato and Kumara Bake with Caramel Glaze & Crackling GF $17.50
  • Sweet Chilli Lime Prawns & Scallops, served on Vermicelli Noodles In a Crispy Wonton Cup $18.00
  • Grilled Halloumi on Crisp Polenta Strips Beetroot Puree & Pistachio Crush GF $15.00
  • Venison Stuffed Mushrooms wrapped in Bacon, Crumbled with Blackberry & Balsamic Sauce $17.50
  • Lemon Salt & Pepper Squid with Mesclun, Capsicum & Walnut Salad Drizzled with Lime Pepper Aioli GF $17.00
  • Battered Chicken Balls on Mini Risotto Cakes Splashed with Sweet Spice Sauce & Pistachio Crush $17.00
  • Macadamia Crusted Salmon with Fried Capers, Lime Pepper Aioli & Citrus Noodles GF $18.00
  • Ceaser Chicken Salad, Cos Lettuce , Crispy Bacon, Permesan, Anchovies, Croutons, Ceaser Dressing & Finished with a soft Poached Egg $21.00
  • Beetroot and Halloumi Salad with Spinach, Pumpkin Seeds & Rasperry Vinaigrette V $18.00
  • Warm Lamb Salad, Roast Vegetables, Feta, Pine nuts with Spinach, Cherry tomatoes & Balsamic Dressing $26.00
  • Roast of the Day with Cauliflower, Roast Potatoes, Pumpkin, Green Beans and Carrots GF on request $22.50
  • Southern Blue Cod Served Beer Battered or Pan Fried, Accompanied with a Green Leaf Salad and Fries $32.00
  • Molly's Legacy Sizzler, 250g Ribeye, Topped with Swiss Cheese, Onions, Mushrooms and Tomato, On a HOT plate Served with Salad and Fries GF $37.00
  • Wild Mushroom Fettuccine with Spinach, Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes in Garlic Cream topped with Parmesan Cheese V $25.50
  • Grilled Hereford Beef Fillet on Parmesan Truffle Mash with Cherry Tomato's, Glazed Baby Onions & Spinach topped with Battered Onion Rings Drizzled with Port Jus & Mustard Cream $45.00
  • Cashew and Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast With Pumpkin & Kumara Mash, Baby Carrots, Crumbled Brie, Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes & a Citrus Hollandaise sauce $32.00
  • Grilled 250g Hereford Beef Ribeye on Lemon Pepper Potato Wedges topped with Battered Onion Rings and your choice of Mushroom or BBQ Bourbon Sauce $35.00
  • Basil & Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rumb on Mustard Mash, Baby Carrots, crumbled sweetbreads, Port Jus & Pea Crush $34.00
  • Seared Venison on Creamy Potato & Kumara Bake with Spinach, roasted Beetroot, Chocolate Sauce & Blackberry Compote $34.50
  • Butter Chicken with Steamed Rice, Naan Bread & Minted Yoghurt $28.00
  • Grilled Stewert Island Salmon Fillet on Rosemary Rock Salted potato Wedges, with Grilled Prawns & Citrus Lemon Hollandaise Sauce GF $32.00
  • Pistachio, Apricot Pork Filler Wrapped in Bacon on Potato & Kumara Bake, Cherry Tomatoes, topped with Citrus Hollandaise & Chutney $33.00
  • Beer Battered Fried with Aioli Fried Eggs (2) Garlic Butter Mushrooms Steamed Vegetables Green Garden Salad All $5.50
  • Raspberry Brule with Sugared Shortbread Sticks $13.00
  • Rich Chocolate Lava Cake with Chocolate Sauce with Fresh Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream $13.00
  • Rich Chocolate Torte with Berry Compote, Raspberry Sauce, Chocolate Ice Cream and Pistachio Nut Cream GF $13.00
  • Cheeseboard $30.00
    • Blue Cheese, Brie Cheese and a Selection of Kapiti Waxed Cheeses, Dried Nuts and Crackers with our own Apricot Chutney
  • Cheesecake of the Day Served with Raspberry Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream and Pistachio Nut Cream $13.00
  • Warm Apple and Rhubarb Crumble with a Crispy Topping, Served with Vanilla Ice Cream & Fresh Cream $13.00
  • Lemon Meringue Pie with Passionfruit Mascarpone & Vanilla Ice Cream $13.00

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Beef salad (GF ) $12.50
    • wok fried beef or chicken slices mixed with thai herbs, lemongrass, coriander, lime juice and chilli. Chicken or beef
  • Vietnamese salad (GF ) ( V ) $13.00
    • mint, lime juice, fish sauce and fresh coriander flavours, mixed with chopped cucumber, carrots, red onion and tomato. Served with thin slices of crispy kumara. Chicken or pork
  • (available in certain meals) $14.50
  • Battered fish $14.50
  • Spring rolls (4) $6.00
    • tasty sautéed vegetables, pork and chicken, mixed with vermicelli noodles, rolled in pastry then deep fried.
  • Chilli and fresh basil ( V ) * $12.50
    • fresh basil herb and hot chilli cooked with a generous assortment of fresh vegetables – very popular. Chicken, beef, pork or vegetables & tofu
  • Spicy fried rice (GF ) ( V ) $12.50
    • fried rice cooked with special curry paste and spices, blended to enhance the traditional favourites. Chicken, beef, pork or vegetables & tofu
  • Larb chicken salad (GF ) $12.50
    • minced chicken mixed with special roasted rice powder, shallots, fresh spring onions, coriander, chilli and lime juice. Chicken
  • Chicken Sandwich on Sourdough $20.90
    • Buttered and toasted sourdough on bread with a creamy garlic aioli. Served with grilled chicken, bacon, sweet tomato, cucumber, cottage cheese, salad greens and fries.
  • Raspberry and White Chocolate Mudcake $11.50
    • This cake is rich, sweet, moist and totally addictive. Served warm with white chocolate ganache, raspberry sorbet and lashes of Chantilly cream.
  • Pan Fried Blue Cod $31.90
    • Fresh fillet dusted in flour and pan fried in butter and olive oil. Served with boulangere potatoes, a fresh seasonal salad garnish and tomato and capsicum salsa.
  • Honey and Walnut Chicken Breast $29.50
    • Tender basted chicken breast stuffed with a walnut and cream cheese filling and served on an oven baked polenta cake and wilted spinach, topped with a creamed honey and walnut sauce. Double breast $38.90
  • Sweet Kumara Pancakes $16.90
    • Orange Kumara turned into batter, pan seared and served with toasted almonds, honey, topped with natural yoghurt.
  • Battered Blue Cod or Pan Fried and Salsa $26.50
    • Fresh from Foveaux Strait and into a light beer batter or pan fried - your choice. Served with tartare sauce, salad garnish and fries.
  • Lamb Pot Pie $21.90
    • Sweet lamb and onion and rich red wine jus baked in a pot with puff pastry topped with onion rings and served with a medley of vegetables.
  • Feature Blackboard Fish N/A
    • Your waiter will present a blackboard menu of the best seafood we can find for today. Our aim is to offer you a real treat by preparing a dish with some flair and innovation.
  • Roast lamb and gravy sliders $15.00
  • Hollandaise $5.00
  • Fish and chips with salad $12.00
  • Potato skins with aioli $7.00
  • Baby carrots & broccolini tossed in rosemary butter $7.00
  • Spinach, rocket and Iceberg salad with burnt orange vinaigrette $7.00
  • Individual Beef Wellington served with duck fat roast potatoes, broccolini & baby carrots and finished with rosemary butter and port wine $38.00
  • Slow roasted honey duck served over potato gnocchi with spinach and game jus $28.00
  • Strawberry Jam N/A
    • Your toasted bagel has never tasted this good. Slather on some of Craig's® sweet Strawberry Jam, made with real strawberries.
  • $25 Classics ShareBox® $25
    • Included in the Classics ShareBox®: 1 x Big Mac®, 1 x Cheeseburger, 1 x Quarter Pounder®, 1 x McChicken®, 2 x Small Fries, 2 x Medium Fries, 2 x Small Soft Drinks, 2 x Med Soft Drinks
  • $30 Legends Sharebox® $30
    • Included in the $30 Legends ShareBox®: 2 x Big Mac®, 1x McChicken®, 1x Filet-o-Fish®, 1 x 6pk Chicken McNuggets®, 2 x Medium Fries, 2 x Small Fries, 4 x Medium Soft Drinks
  • McChicken® Hunger Buster N/A
    • A crunchy McChicken burger, with medium fries, medium drink and a small sundae to top it all off. Who knew you could buy so much satisfaction?
  • Georgie Pie: Steak Mince ‘N’ Cheese N/A
    • Made to the original recipe using quality New Zealand beef, the classic Steak Mince 'N' Cheese pies are baked fresh in store each day for you to enjoy.
  • Chick’n McCheese® Combo N/A
    • With a crispy Chick’n McCheese, a chilled medium soft drink, and a medium fries, it’s a chicken lover’s dream. Just like that time you turned up to school, wearing your pyjamas. But luckily you woke up and realised it was all a dream.
  • Frozen Fanta™ Sour Grape McFloat N/A
    • Brighten up your day with a Frozen Fanta™ Sour Grape McFloat
  • Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap® N/A
    • It may be little, but there's a lot to love. 100% chicken breast fillet marinated with spices and grilled to perfection. With fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayonnaise.
  • Bacon & Eggs $17.90
    • Poached, scrambled or fried with honey cured belly bacon resting on wilted spinach & toasted ciabatta.
  • Portobello Mushrooms (GF) $17.50
    • Seasoned & roasted with olive oil, brie. Topped with tomato, coriander & capsicum salsa, served on toasted ciabatta.
  • Vegetarian Stack (GF) $17
    • Roasted mushroom, sticky sweet potato, red pepper, tomato , Spanish onion, courgette and feta with spinach and fresh pesto.
  • Popcorn Squid Salad (GF) $20.00
    • Crunchy salt and peppered squid, golden grilled manuka smoked bacon over crisp salad of lettuce & rocket leaves, toasted sesame,cucumber, tomato, mango salsa and aioli.
  • Egg $1.50
  • Breads and Spreads $12
    • Roast garlic whipped butter, with in house spreads.
  • Salad $8.50
  • Soup (GF) $12
    • Freshly prepared seasonal ingredients, served with toasted ciabatta
  • The Outpost, Favourite Salmon Sandwich $27.90
    • Warm hot smoked sea salmon, topped with hollandaise sauce.
  • Ham Steak $26.90
    • The old classic meal grilled ham with beer battered fries, grilled pineapple and side of gravy.
  • The Fisherman’s Sandwich $25.90
    • Pan-fried fish with squid rings, shrimps and thousand island dressing.
  • The Cabbage Tree, Mushroom & Bacon Sandwich $24.90
    • Pate filled mushrooms, and grilled bacon, topped with our onion sauce.
  • Outpost Loaf $7.50
    • Oven Baked loaf with garlic butter and Cabbage Tree dip. 1/2 loaf (1-2 persons)
  • Ice Cream Cone $3.90
    • Plain Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Boysenberry Yoghurt, or Cookies and Cream with 100’s and 1000’s topping. (Can be chocolate dipped. Please ask)
  • Steak Dianne $44.50
    • Grilled pieces of fillet served with Dianne sauce, made from tomato concase, red wine, garlic, and cream. Delightful. Served on potato mash with salad greens, steamed vegetable medley and hollandaise sauce.
  • Bowl of Baby Kumara Fries with Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli Sauce $9.90
  • Raita $3.00
    • Classic cooler with cucumber, carrot and yoghurt
  • Mango Chicken $15.90
    • Tender chicken cooked in exotic creamy curry sauce.
  • Baby Corn Palak $15.90
    • Baby corn and spinach
  • Chicken, Cheese and Chilli Kucha $6.50
    • Stuffed with chicken, cheese, green chilli, herbs and spices
  • Mushroom Shimla Mirch $15.50
    • Mushroom and capsicum cooked with spices and onions in a thick sauce
  • Bollywood Vegetarian Feast $33.90
    • A selection of vegetarian starters, a choice of 3 curries from the main menu with Roti, Basmati rice, Raita and chutney. PRICE IS PER PERSON (MINIMUM OF 2 ORDERS)
  • Boti Kebab (5 Pieces) $10.90
    • Tender cubes of premium lamb seasoned in a marinade of fresh ginger, lemon and yoghurt & char grilled
  • Prawn Malabari $17.90
    • Prawn curry made with freshly ground coconut and an array of masterfully blended spices.
  • Corn Fritters (v) $12.00
    • Served with fresh salad goodness and topped with homemade aioli dressing (add salmon $4.00 add bacon $4.00 add portabello mushrooms $3.00)
  • Extra Egg $1.50
  • Chicken Sandwich (g.f) $17.00
    • Toasted focaccia with grilled smoked chicken, fresh salad and brie cheese finished with Tuatara-made aioli dressing
  • Extra Cheese $2.00
  • Jug of Gravy $2.50
  • English Muffin with Jam $4.00
  • Eggs Benedict (g,f) $17.50
    • Two poached eggs on an English muffin with homemade hollandaise and your choice of salmon, spinach, ham or bacon
  • Bacon $4.00
  • Tomatoes (2 halves) $2.50
  • Garlic Bread $8.50
    • Served warm with garlic and herb butter.
  • Creamy Vege Pasta $22.00 / $27.00
    • Fresh mushrooms, spanish onion, roast pumpkin, spinach and pinenuts tossed with fresh penne pasta, finished with a sweet chilli cream sauce and parmesan cheese
  • Gourmet Potatoes $5.00
  • Lamb Shank $30.00
    • Slowly braised lamb shanks with a plum and oranges served with mashed potatoes and vegetables
  • First Chocolate or Carrot Cake $7.00
    • Served with fresh cream or yoghurt
  • Light Cooked $16.00
    • Bacon, scrambled eggs & toast
  • Creme Brulee $13.50
    • Creamy delicious passionfruit brulee served with lemon shortbread and fresh cream
  • Roasted Beetroot & Feta Salad (GF) (V) $22.90
    • Roasted beetroot tossed with roast potatoes, spinach, green beans and toasted walnuts finished with feta and house vinaigrette.
  • Lambs Fry $18.90
    • Seared lambs fry with bacon in rich onion gravy served on kumara mash.
  • Garlic Loaf $9.90
    • Warm toasted loaf topped with garlic herb butter
  • Pasta $23.90
    • Smoked Ham, button mushrooms and peas tossed through pappardelle pasta with creamy white wine sauce, finished with parmesan cheese and fresh herbs.
  • Chicken Cannelloni $24.90
    • A Jagz speciality - A creamy mixture of chicken, Spanish onion, red pepper and a hint of chilli wrapped in fresh pasta and served with a mixed salad, drizzled with aioli.
  • Steak Sandwich $28.90
    • 200gm ribeye steak cooked to your liking, on toasted sour dough with lettuce, tomato and beetroot topped with caramelised onions and a fried egg served with fries
  • Bruschetta $11.90
    • Fresh cherry tomato, chorizo and herb ricotta on toasted sour dough.
  • Seafood Chowder R $17.90 / L$21.90
    • Jagz own recipe of succulent seafood in a thick creamy chowder served with warm bread and garlic butte
    • poached eggs, English muffin, hollandaise sauce bacon or vegetarian
    • choice three filling, bacon, tomato, cheese, onion, spinach, mushrooms, salmon
  • MUESLI $9.50
    • fruit yoghurt + milk
    • bacon grilled tomato, mushrooms + two eggs
  • MOUSETRAPS $4.90
    • cream cheese + jam
    • cream cheese and salmon
  • Mussels $25.90
    • Creamy lemon, herb beurr blanc 1 kilo
  • Prawns 3
  • Steak fries $4.00
  • Chicken Filo $17.90
    • Chicken bound by camembert, cranberry sauce and cream cheese, served with gourmet potatoes
  • Rakiura Salmon $32.90
    • Local Rakiura salmon topped with a locally grown hazelnut crust & fresh salsa verde, served on a bed of tasty Mediterranean couscous
  • Grilled tomatoes
  • Choose your steak $37.90
    • Sirloin (Porterhouse) 250G -
  • Seafood Chowder $18.90
    • The best in town served with a fresh baked batard
    • vegetable or chicken corn large
  • NACHOS $4.50
    • chili mince cheese sour cream sweet chili sauce tomato salsa cheese sour cream chili sauce small
    • cheese ham tomato, onion, pineapple 2 fillings(extra filling $0.50)
    • large 475ml
  • BLT $5.00
    • bacon lettuce tomato on toasted bread
  • BACON BUTTY $3.50
    • buttered bread hot bacon relish
    • chili mince, cheese, coleslaw, sour cream each
  • Inari with Avocado N/A
  • Tuna Onigiri N/A
  • Salmon and Cream Cheese N/A
  • Vegetarian N/A
  • Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetable Californian N/A
  • Tuna Californian N/A
  • Prawn Californian N/A
  • Teriyaki Chicken with Sweet Chilli Sauce Onigiri N/A
  • Tomato N/A
  • Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt N/A
  • Old English N/A
  • Olives N/A
  • Pickles N/A
  • Double Choc Chip N/A
  • Pizza Sub with Cheese N/A
  • Roasted Garlic N/A
Level One Restaurant & Bar

Level One Restaurant & Bar



20 Kelvin Street, Invercargill, Invercargill, Southland, 9810, New Zealand





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Monday: 6:30 AM – 11:30 PM, Tuesday: 6:30 AM – 11:30 PM, Wednesday: 6:30 AM – 11:30 PM, Thursday: 6:30 AM – 11:30 PM, Friday: 6:30 AM – 11:30 PM, Saturday: 6:30 AM – 11:30 PM, Sunday: 6:30 AM – 11:30 PM
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Table Service



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20 Kelvin Street, Invercargill, Invercargill, Southland, 9810, New Zealand