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Snackers Cafe in Whangarei has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as TRY OUR DELICIOUS FRESH MADE SPECIALTY FLATBREADS. CHOOSE FROM: or COUNTRY CLUB from Rocksalt Bar and Restaurant. Indian Spice offers many options including Prawn Kadai and Vegetable samosa. Kamo Club Inc includes a wide range like Bread with dips or Chicken skewers. Soup of the Day and Gourmet Toasted Sandwiches from . Robert Harris Cafe offers Waterfront Cafe and Bar and Served until 11:30am.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Choices of Meat Available :
  • Lychee Loi Keaw $6.00
    • Chilled lychee in syrup
  • Larb Gai $19.90
    • A spicy minced chicken salad with dried rice and Thai herbs
  • Chicken / Beef / Pork $12.90
  • Gaeng Kua
    • Red curry with pineapple, tomato, peas and capsicum
  • Gari Puff (4) $7.90
    • A puff pastry with minced chicken, kumara and onion
  • Chicken / Beef / Pork $12.90
  • Poh PiaTod (4) $7.90
    • A Thai vegetarian spring roll
  • Added Chargrilled Shrimp $16.00
  • Added Combination Seafood $16.50
  • Chargrilled Lamb (x2) $7.00
  • Spicy Chicken fried rice $15.50
  • Chargrilled Beef Sirloin $14.50
  • Added with Panfryed Beef Sirloin $16.00
  • Chargrilled Chicken (x2) $7.00
  • Chargrilled Lamb $14.50
  • Thai Curry Chicken
    • Thin rice noodles with chicken, tomato and fresh vegetables in a spicy Thai curry sauce
  • Honey Chicken Fried Rice
    • Battered chicken in a honey sauce with wok tossed fried rice and vegetables
  • Vegetarian Soy Noodles
    • Egg noodles mixed with tofu, mushrooms and fresh vegetables in a dark soy sauce
  • Satay Chicken
    • Egg noodles with chicken and fresh vegetables in a satay sauce
  • Teriyaki
    • Udon noodles with chicken, onion, bean sprouts, carrots, spring onion and bok choy in a Japanese Teriyaki sauce
  • BBQ Pork
    • Egg noodles with roast pork, tomato and fresh vegetables in a Chinese barbecue sauce
  • Mongolian Beef
    • Thin rice noodles with beef and fresh vegetables in a Mongolian sauce
  • Garlic Prawns
    • Egg noodles with king prawns and fresh vegetables in a delicious garlic sauce
  • Roast Beetroot Salad $17.00
    • With baby spinach, pear, blue cheese and honey roasted walnuts
  • Works Fries $16.00
    • Large factory fries smothered in bacon and cheese
  • -Greek $18.00
    • Spinach, olives, feta, capsicum, tomato with mint swirl
  • Small Chilli Cheese Fries $10.00
    • A smaller portion of fries smothered in chilli beef mince and cheese
  • Tomato sauce, bbq sauce, aioli, sweet chilli sauce, sour cream, ranch
  • -Half Rack $20.00
  • -Ham, bacon, caramelised onion & blue cheese $18.00
  • -Roast veges, spinach and feta (V) $18.00
  • Chicken burger $7.50
  • Hash browns $1.00
  • Snapper $6.50
  • 2 Fish, 2 sausage, scoop chips, 2x 300 ml drink $20.00
  • Carbsticks $1.80
  • Lemon chips $4.50
  • Oysters $2.00
  • Hot dogs $2.50
  • Spicy Lamb Tortillas $14.00
    • Three w/ rocket, roast capsicum & Tzatziki
  • -Dicken's Caesar $18.00
    • Cos lettuce, streaky bacon, anchovies, shaved Parmesan, croutons & our Caesar dressing, topped with a soft boiled egg
  • -Monteith's beer battered w/ tangy tartare sauce $10.50
  • Fish & Chips $28.00
    • Market fresh fillets in our crispy Monteith's golden beer batter w/ chunky chips, charred lemon & tartare sauce
  • Salt & Pepper Squid w/ soy, coriander, chilli & lime dip $14.00
  • Braised Alpine Origin Merino Short Ribs $30.00
    • With a sticky citrus plum marmalade, horopito crumbed sweetbreads, red cabbage & crisp apple w/ thyme & garlic baked potatoes
  • Scallop & Prawn Kebabs $16.00
    • Three w/ Japanese Mayo, charred lemon
  • ●Fresh Baked Sourdough Cobb Loaf
  • Caramelised Onion Goats Cheese Tart, Tapenade Dressing $17.00
  • Toffee Crème Brûlée with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream $9.50
  • Marinated Kalamata Olives $6.50
  • Toffee Crème Brulée, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream $15.00
  • Creamy Potato Gnocchi, Basil Pesto,Truffle Oil $15.00
  • Broccoli with Almond Butter $6.50
  • Tonic’s Mushroom Risotto with Fresh Shaved Parmesan and Truffle Oil $16.50
  • Today's Fish $33.00
    • The classic Whopper with a Crunchy twist! Comes with all the goodness of a Whopper plus BBQ sauce, Cheese, 4 Rashes of Bacon and Onion Chips. Part of our Summer Crunch Range, available for a limited time.
    • our bite-sized BK Chicken Nuggets are tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Coated in a flavorful tempura style batter, they are perfect for dipping in any of our delicious dipping sauces.
    • A juicy 1/3 pound of flame grilled 100% Angus beef with two slices of cheese, spicy jalapeños, crispy golden onion chips, tomato, lettuce, creamy mayo and a dash of our secret Angry hot sauce all on a lightly corn dusted bun. Take a bite out of the Angry Angus Steakhouse the next time you get hungry.
    • Try a mouth watering Tendercrisp chicken patty made with 100% Ingham's chicken breast, cheese, premium salad, aioli and our tangy honey mustard sauce! This tender, crispy chicken fillet burger is only available for a limited time!
    • Our WHOPPER JR.® features a flame-grilled beef patty topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. Sized right for a smaller appetite
    • Try our latest King's Collection addition! Juicy Tendercrisp Chicken Patty made with 100% Ingham's Chicken Breast, 2 slices of Cheese, Premium Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onions, 2 layers of Bacon Rashes and Aioli sauce, all on a lightly corn dusted bun
    • A flame-grilled beef patty topped with a simple layer of melted cheese, crispy golden onion rings, and smoky, smoky BBQ sauce. All on a toasted sesame seed bun
    • All the goodness of a Cheeseburger plus bacon! Made with our signature flame-grilled beef patty topped with a simple layer of melted cheese, bacon rashes, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun.
  • Pork Belly $22.00
    • Free range. A slice of slow cooked pork belly grilled. With peppered strawberry & apple salad and balsamic glaze
  • Served to the table: Garlic roasted potatoes, warm salad of shredded lettuce & peas tossed with finely chopped and sautéed red onion & freshly made bread to mop the juices
  • Affogato $9.00
    • Ice cream, double espresso & almond biscotti
  • Apple & Blueberry Pie $17.00
    • Caramelised apples & poached blueberries. Wrapped in filo pastry & baked crisp. Served warm with vanilla bean ice cream
  • Red Onion Marmalade $20.00
    • On top of flat herb bread baked with pumpkin, avocado, nicoise olives & parmesan
  • Ceviche $22.00
    • Today's white fish quickly marinated in lemon juice. Tossed in a lightly spiced coconut cream with capsicum, spring onion & a hint of fire
  • Duck Breast $42.00
    • Roasted pink, crispy skin. On roasted pumpkin finished with pan jus, a splash of pinot noir & poached mulberries
  • Northland Fresh Fish $44.00
    • From the long-line. Grilled. Served with NZ whitebait in a champagne & lemon butter sauce with capers & tomatoes
  • Pad Thai (Chicken, Pork, or Beef) $11.50
    • Rice noodle with bean sprout, tamarind sauce, spring onion, and crushed peanuts
  • E-Sarn Classic (Beef) $11.50
    • Marinated beef skewers with sticky rice and accompaniment with peanut sauce
  • Green Curry (Chicken) $11.50
    • Green curry with chicken, bamboo shoots, capsicum, and green beans served with Thai Jasmine Rice
  • Cashew Nut (Chicken, Pork, Or Beef) $11.50
    • Sauteed with homemade sauce, cashew nuts, vegetables, served with Thai Jasmine rice
  • Fried Rice
    • Your choice of meal with mixed vegetables served with salad and cucumber
  • Garlic Pepper
    • Sauteed garlic and Pepper with sour choice of meat served with
  • Crispy Pork Salad (Crispy Pork) $13.50
    • with Thai salad dressing, onion spring onion, and corianders
  • Oyster Sauce (Beef) $11.50
    • Beef broccoli, onion and mushrooms sauteed in oyster sauce served with rice
  • Lamb Saag $15.90
    • tender pieces of lamb cooked in a subtly flavored spinach and cream
  • Tandoori Chicken Half $12.00 Full $21.00
    • Indian aroma's speciality dish, a tender whole chicken, marinated in yoghurt dressing and cooked in our tandoor, half portion is one leg and one breast piece, served with green cabbage and mint dressing
  • Chicken Tikka $11.50
    • succulent morsels of chicken mildly spiced with tikka marinade and cooked in the tandoor, served with green cabbage and mint dressing, four pieces per serving
  • Tandoori Prawn $18.50
    • king prawns marinated with yoghurt and our special tandoori sauce, roasted in our tandoor, served with fresh green cabbage and mint dressing nine pieces per serving
  • Lamb Rogan Josh (We Guarantee You The Best) $15.90
    • a traditional North Indian boneless lamb dish cooked with crushed spices in tomato based gravy
  • Mango Chicken $15.50
    • boneless chicken morsels cooked together with mango and cream based gravy lightly spiced with herbs and spices
  • Prawn Masala $17.50
    • shelled succulent prawns cooked with sliced onions in aromatically spiced tomato based gravy
  • Chicken Naan $4.50
    • naan stuffed with chicken pieces
  • Panna cotta (GF) $8.50
    • smooth yogurt with a choice of fruity sides.
  • Gold diggers dessert $7.00
    • ice cream sundae with whipped cream & chocolate or strawberry topping or an ice cream spider with chocolate & strawberry swirls
  • Seafood basket $14.00
    • selection of crumbed seafood including fish bites, squid rings, scallops served with a side of chips
  • Hawaiian $18.50
  • Menu available weekdays from 12.00 P.M - 2.00 P.M. Takeaway available
  • -Two shanks $27.00
  • Salt & pepper calamari $17.00
    • served on a crispy lemon oiled slaw
  • Toasties with 2 fillings $5.50
  • Burger Menu N/A
    • All burgers served with fries & tomato sauce
  • 2 eggs $3.00
  • Bacon & Egg Burger $14.50
    • Served with bacon, fried eggs, tomato, beetroot, lettuce and Garlic Aioli
  • Apple Crumble $5.50
    • Chefs special made apple crumble served with ice cream
  • Thai coconut chicken Salad $17.50
    • Chicken tender cooked in Thai coconut sauce tossed with lettuce, tomato, onion, capsicum and crisp noodles
  • Chips $3.00
  • Bacon $3.00
  • Nachos $14.50
    • Home made Beef mince and chilli bean nachos served with sour cream, cheese, tomato salsa and corn chips
  • MAD FOR MEAT $9.99
    • Pepperoni, rasher bacon, Italian sausage, ham, capsicum, onions, olives, mozarella
  • MEXICANA $9.99
    • TOmato, cheese, ham, hot salami, jalapeno, capsicum, onion, olives, chili flakes, garlic
  • CHICKEN TENDERS (4 pieces) $5.00
  • KEBABS (Foot Long Approx) $7.50
    • Smoked tandoori chicken or lamb, salads, lettuce, capsicum, carrots, onions with mint & yogurt chutney, date & yogurt chutney, add mayo & BBQ free
  • GLADIATOR $14.99
    • Ham, Beef, Feta Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted, Peppers, Capsicum, Mushroom, Roasted, Cashew, Mozzarella, Fresh Herbs
  • PRAWN MASALA $9.99
    • Spicy Chilli Prawns Marinated, Capsicum, Red Onion, Garlic, Coriander, Crushed Black Pepper
    • Pepperoni, bacon, ham, garlic, capsicum, mushrooms, kalamata olives, mozzarella
  • CHEESY BEEF $7.99
    • Cheese, beef, red onion, herbs
  • Cookies & Cream Overload $12.50
    • A creamy cookie cheesecake, served with cookies and cream ice cream sandwiched between Chef’s chocolate cookies
  • Grilled tomato $3.00
  • Gluten free bases +$2.00
  • Teriyaki Salmon $27.50
    • Seasoned crispy grilled salmon in a miso broth with soba noodles, spring red onion shoots, shitake mushrooms and bok choy
  • Mediterranean Couscous Salad $18.50
    • A medley of roasted Mediterranean spiced vegetables mixed with Israeli couscous and topped with golden grilled haloumi >>
  • Wedges w sour cream $5.00/$8.00
    • side / bowl
  • Smoked chicken and avocado $21.50
    • Smoked chicken tossed in mesclun with red onion, crispy noodles, toasted almonds dress with ginger, lime and coriander finished with avocado >>
  • Pork Belly $27.50
    • Crispy roasted pork belly served with silky truffle mash, braised red cabbage and fresh apple slaw drizzled with pancetta jus
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Snackers Cafe



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Peter Snell Road, Ruakaka Town Centre Marsden Point Rd, Ruakaka, Northland, 0171, New Zealand
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