Aqaba in Palmerston North Menu

  • Toasted Muesli $12.00
    • With banana and natural yoghurt.
  • Eggs on Toast $12.50
    • Two eggs on ciabatta or vogel’s with your choice of – poached, scrambled or fried. Add bacon $3.00
  • Open Breakfast Buttie $14.50
    • Toasted ciabatta, bacon, fried egg, spinach, hash brown and hollandaise sauce.
  • Creamy Mushrooms $16.50
    • Sautéed mushrooms and baby spinach in a creamy garlic sauce on toasted Vienna. Add bacon $3.00. Add lambs fry $3.00
  • Pulled Pork Stack $17.50
    • Slow cooked glazed pulled pork belly stacked on potato and sage rosti’s, spinach and poached egg. Drizzled with hollandaise and balsamic reduction.
  • Aqaba Big Brekkie $20.00
    • Bacon, kransky sausages, chunky creamy mushroom sauce, hash browns, grilled tomato, fried eggs and toasted Vienna. Add black pudding $3.50
  • Vege Stack $16.50
    • Portobello mushroom pan-fried in garlic butter, grilled red capsicum, potato and sage rosti’s and rocket. Topped with a poached egg and drizzled with hollandaise.
  • Aqaba Benedict $17.50
    • Poached eggs served on focaccia, drizzled with hollandaise and served with bacon.
  • Aqaba Benedict $19.50
    • Poached eggs served on focaccia, drizzled with hollandaise and served with Grilled salmon and rocket
  • Mince on Toast $16.50
    • Savoury mince and chilli beans on toasted Vienna. Topped with a poached egg.
  • French Toast $17.50
    • Oven-baked French toast with bacon, banana and maple syrup.
  • Roasted Moroccan Chicken $31.00
    • Marinated and roasted chicken breast, filled with Mediterranean vegetables, stacked on honeyed pumpkin roasties and lightly dressed rocket.
  • Fish of The Day $33.00
    • Please refer to specials board (changes daily).
  • Pork Belly $34.00
    • Slow cooked pork belly, creamy potato mash, caramelised red cabbage and green beans.  Served with a sweet apple cider jus and beetroot reduction.
  • Scotch Fillet $36.00
    • With: Fries and salad. or Crispy potato roasties, spinach, green beans and beer battered and fried red onion rings. And your choice of: Garlic butter / Béarnaise sauce / Mushroom sauce
  • Lamb Shoulder $37.00
    • Slow‐roasted lamb shoulder, creamy potato mash, green beans and honeyed baby carrots.  Served with a béarnaise sauce.
  • Soups $12.00
    • Soup of the Day (see specials board) served with toasted bread.
  • Soups $16.00
    • Seafood Chowder, served with toasted garlic bread.
  • Seasoned Potato Wedges $10.50
    • With sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.
  • Seasoned Potato Wedges $16.50
    • Topped with bacon, mozzarella and sour cream.
  • Dips And Spreads $13.50
    • Toasted and garlic buttered pita bread with sundried tomato dip and a bacon and mushroom   pâté.
  • Garlic Bread $12.50
    • Toasted and garlic buttered baguette slices served on a bed of rocket, basil pesto and sundried  tomato pesto. Drizzled with balsamic glaze.
  • Antipasto Platter $38.00
    • Selection of toasted breads with bacon and mushroom pâté, sundried tomato dip, basil pesto and garlic butter. Sweet chilli meatballs, thai curry chicken nibbles, slow cooked silverside slices, roast vege chutney, feta, camembert, gherkins and sundried tomatoes. (Enough for 3‐6  people to share )
  • Creamy Garlic Mussels $19.00
    • Sautéed mussels in a creamy white wine, garlic and dill sauce. Served with garlic bread.
  • Aqaba Nachos $17.00
    • Spicy beef mince with chilli beans and crispy corn chips. Topped with mozzarella, salsa and sour cream.
  • Gluten‐free bread $0.50
  • Salad bowl $6.50
  • Fries and aioli $7.50
  • Seasonal vegetables $6.50
  • Kumara chips $9.50
  • Side of fries $3.00
  • Fish’N’Chips $16.50
    • Crispy beer battered fish fillet served with a side salad, fries and aioli. Extra piece of fish $5.00
  • Mediterranean Calamari Salad $19.50
    • Salt and pepper fried calamari, salad greens, olives, sundried tomatoes, red onion and feta with a sweet chilli and lime sauce.
  • Scallop and Bacon Salad $26.00
    • Pan‐fried scallops, bacon, mesclun salad, cherry tomatoes, red onion, tomato relish and aioli.
  • Crispy Chicken and Corn Salad $21.00
    • Lightly crumbed and seasoned chicken pieces, salad greens, red onion, capsicum, cucumber, pumpkin seeds and sweet corn. Served with fresh coriander and aioli.
  • Pasta of the Day $22.00
    • Please refer to our specials board (changes daily).
  • Burger of the Day $20.00
    • Please refer to our specials board (changes daily).
  • Open BBQ Chicken Sammie $17.00
    • Marinated chicken breast on toasted focaccia with lettuce, tomato, cheese and topped with  caramelised onions and aioli. Side of fries $3.00
  • Spiced Lamb Pita Pocket $19.50
    • Slow cooked Cajun spiced pulled lamb with lettuce, fresh tomato salsa and a mint yoghurt dressing.
  • Thai Yellow Chicken Curry $19.00
    • Sautéed chicken and crispy potato cubes in a yellow curry sauce. Served with rice.
  • Roast Honey Pumpkin and Beetroot Salad $17.50
    • Roasted sweet pumpkin chunks and beetroot cubes tossed through spinach, basil pesto, feta  and walnuts with a balsamic dressing and crispy beetroot noodles. Add bacon $3.00

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Pork Belly $22.50
  • Premium Bangers and Mash $16.00
  • Lamb Shanks x1 $15.50 x2 $25.00
  • Cobb Shout $18.50 large $24.50
  • Fish & Chips $18.80
  • Chocolate Mud Cake $9.95
  • Seafood Platter $19.50 large $29.50
  • Crispy Chicken &  Chips $14.50
    • Come’s with Fizzy or Juice and Ice Cream Sundae
  • Catch of the Day $29.50
    • Allow our chefs to create for you a taste sensation using daily fresh fish from the markets. Please ask your waiter for today's inspiration. Beer Match: A glass of Speight's Pilsner is just great with fish.
  • Mushroom Sauce $2.50
  • Garlic Sauce $2.50
  • Side Salad $6.00
  • Gold Medal" Calamari $19.80/ $25.80
    • Seasoned and lightly golden fried, match this with salad greens, lemon and aioli and there you have the makings of a classic. Small or large portions available. Beer Match: Goes without saying. Speight's Gold Medal – perfect!
  • Musterer's Roast Lamb Cutlets $00.00
    • Thyme infused lamb cutlets accompanied with kumara, parsnip and ginger hash, roasted vine ripened tomatoes, green beans then drizzled with our chefs special onion sauce and a rich jus. Beer Match: A pint of Speight's Distinction Ale will go great with this.
  • Beef Schnitzel $20.00
    • Beef schnitzel lightly crumbed, served with either mushroom sauce or Ale House gravy, fries and salad greens.
  • Fries $4.00
  • Beef Fried Noodles $11.90
  • Egg Fried Rice $11.90
  • Sesame Paste on Noodles (Cold) $9.90
  • Sweet and Sour Pork on Rice $11.90
  • Cold Noodle Soup $9.90
  • Egg and Leak Pancakes $5.50
  • On Rice (Spicy) $11.90
  • Braised Pork with Pickled Mustard $11.90
  • Bruschetta $19.00
    • Garlic brushed, Roasted red peppers, Vine tomatoes, Red Onion, Basil, Aged balsamic reduction, Parmesan
  • Prawns $18.00
    • NYC pepper, Maldon sea salt, Honey, Sesame and ginger dipping sauce - Aioli
  • Lamb burger $22.00
    • Artisan bun, Gruyere cheese, Grilled red onion rings, Fries
  • Big Breakfast $20.00
    • Grilled tomato, Kransky, Bacon, Eggs x 2, Ciabatta, Potato gratin
  • Eggs Benedict $16.00
    • Ciabatta, Hollandaise - with Bacon
  • Southern style onion rings with smokey BBQ sauce $9.00
  • Seasonal salad $6.90
  • Market vegetables $7.90
  • m. $28.90
  • garlic pizza pane $ 6.90
  • Bruschetta Alla Pizzaiola
  • Capesante Inferno
    • gently pan fried scallops in olive oil, flamed w. napoleon brandy, bacon, tomato salsa, chilli, garlic, parsley & served w. arborio rice & rocket
  • pesto pizza pane $8.90
  • Cocktail Di Gamberetti $16.90
    • the classic shrimp cocktail
  • marinated feta cheese $8.90
  • Antipasto Toscano $22.90
    • a fine assortment of italian & NZ delicacies
  • Pain Perdu (French Toast) $18
    • Cinnamon Brioche, with bacon, banana, maple syrup
  • Chia and Coconut Pot $14
    • Served with mango and ginger compote and biscotti
  • Toasted Banana and Almond Loaf $17
    • With crème fraiche, berry compote and drizzled with apple syrup
  • Petit Dejeuner Vegetalien (Vegan Breakfast) $18
    • Sauteed potato chunks, tomato, mushroom, kale and herb salad, roasted chickpea served with wholegrain toast and tomato chilli jam
  • Bowl of Fries $7.5
    • Served with tomato sauce or aioli
  • Big Breakfast $21
    • Bacon, mustard mushrooms, poached eggs, hashbrowns, chorizo, roasted tomato, sourdough and relish
  • Stuffed Squid $24
    • With a prawn, pea and squid ink Risotto served on a roquette garnish salad finished with a lemon and caper sauce
  • Classic Fish and Chips $20
    • Tempura battered or polenta crusted pan fried served with housemade tartare, salad and fries
  • The Classic
    • Cabanossi Sausage, Bacon and Eggs
  • Petita $9.90
  • Kids Combo Add $4.00
    • Pita + Snack + Small Drink
  • Petita $8.90
  • #2 The Protein Pack $15.00
    • Petita Chicken Breast with Double Meat + Smoothie with Protein Scoop
  • Roast Beef
  • Petita $8.90
  • Double Protein From $2.00
  • Bacon and eggs $14.50
    • served on toast
  • Eggs any style $9.00
    • served on toast
  • Fries $6.00
    • with aioli $7.00
  • Steak Sandwich $18.00
    • with prime cut beef, onion rings, rocket, beetroot, horseradish sauce and fries
  • Garlic Bread $6.00
  • Lambs Fry and Bacon $15.00
    • served in onion sauce on toast
  • Toasted Breads $6.50
    • grain bread, sourdough or toast
  • Eggs Benedict $17.00
    • with bacon
  • Choc Top Cone N/A
    • The Choc Top Cone features Macca’s classic soft serve dipped in a chocolate coating, served inside a crunchy waffle cone.
  • Crispy Chicken & Aioli McWrap® N/A
    • Introducing the new Real Choices delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap®, with 100% NZ crispy chicken, juicy tomatoes, crisp cos and iceberg lettuce drizzled with creamy garlic Aioli all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla and ready to eat on the go.
  • Chicken 'n' Mayo N/A
    • Enjoy mouth watering crispy-coated chicken with crunchy, fresh iceberg lettuce and cool delicious mayo, all within a tasty bun.
  • The Clubhouse Angus N/A
    • We’ve gone all out with this new burger. 100% NZ Angus beef, crispy bacon, Swiss cheese, caramelised onion and salad, topped with Big Mac® sauce. Get ready to be completely absorbed in The Clubhouse Angus.
  • Mega Waffle Cone N/A
    • Put a twist on our classic soft-serve with a crunchy waffle cone, topped with a delicious helping of hot chocolate fudge sauce and two chocolate Cadbury Flake®. It’s pure pleasure.
  • Salted Caramel Frappé N/A
    • A decadent, freshly blended salted caramel explosion topped with irresistible whipped cream and indulgent caramel drizzle.
  • Crispy Chicken & Aioli McWrap® N/A
    • Introducing the new Real Choices delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap®, with 100% NZ crispy chicken, juicy tomatoes, crisp cos and iceberg lettuce drizzled with creamy garlic Aioli all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla and ready to eat on the go.
  • Warm Chicken Salad: Grilled or Crispy N/A
    • The new Warm Chicken Salad. With ingredients like crispy or grilled 100% NZ chicken, red cabbage & plump sliced tomatoes, it’s surprisingly delicious.
  • GARLIC BREAD $4.40
  • CHIPS $4.20/$8.40
    • small/large
  • CHUNKIES $6.70/$13.70
    • small/large
  • Ice Cream (Kapiti) $3.00
  • Lamb & Egg Roll (Kebab) $11.00
  • Chicken Kabuli $13.50
  • Garlic & Potato Kulcha $4.00
  • Jeera / Peas Pulao $6.00
  • Pickle $2.50
  • Bread Pakora $6.00
  • Prawn Twister $9.50
  • Samosa (Vegetable) 5.50
    • Flakey pastry filled with traditional stuffing of spicy potatoes and peas (Two per portion)
  • Chicken Methi 14.90
    • Traditionally North Indian delicious chicken curry cooked with onion gravy, ginger/garlic and tenugreek leaves
  • Palak Paneer 14.90
    • Fresh homemade cottage cheese, grounded spices and tomatoes cooked in spinach gravy
  • Prawn Malabari 16.90
    • A Bombay specialty cooked with coconut cream, tomatoes and assortment of spices
  • Chicken/Beef Kadhai 14.90
    • Smoked tandoori chicken cooked with onions, capsicum, tomato gravy finished with fried cumin and coriander
  • Chicken/Beef Korma 14.90
    • Traditionally a mild dish cooked in a creamy sauce made of cashew nut paste, cream and spice
  • Butter Prawns 16.90
    • King Prawns cooked in tomato gravy and butter finished with cream
  • Lamb Rocanjosh 15.90
    • The master chef's of the Royal Mughal kitchens boasted about perfecting this dish. Lean lamb cooked with onion and tomato gravy
  • Ham & Cheese Toastie N/A
    • Toasted with red onion & tomato
  • Breakfast Wrappo N/A
    • With bacon, egg, tomato & BBQ sauce
  • Wexford N/A
    • egg mayo & lettuce
  • Chicken Caesar N/A
    • With parmesan, bacon, egg, mixed leaves, crutons & caesar dressing
  • Nicoise N/A
    • Tuna, egg, olives, pine nuts, red onion, mixed leaves & balsamic dressing
  • House Toassed Salad N/A
    • Parmesan, sundried tomatos, peppers, red onion, sweetcorn, mixed leaves & balsamic dressing
  • Tuna Mayo Wrappo N/A
    • With sweetcorn, cucumber & mixed leaves
  • Tuna & Cheese Melt Toastie N/A
    • Toasted with thousand island sauce, red onion, tomato & mixed leaves
  • Eighty Acres Clare Valley, Cabernet, Shiraz, Merlot, Australia 8.00 / 36.00
  • Grilled Sirloin Steak (GF) Cooked to your liking and served with sautéed button mushrooms, grilled tomato, crispy fries, garden salad and hollandaise sauce. $25
  • Lindauer Brut Special Reserve cuvée 750ml 40.00
  • Kim Crawford Pinot Gris,Marlborough 8.00 / 38.00
  • Grilled Sirloin Steak (GF) Cooked to your liking and served with butter mash, sautéed button mushrooms, red onions, green beans and silver beet, hollandaise sauce, balsamic reduction and kumara chips. $29
  • Omelette of the Day A 3 egg omelette filled with the Chefs special fillings for the day. Served with baby leaf salad with a honey and mustard dressing. Your waiter will let you know today's special. $12
  • Fresh Toasted Garlic Bread $8 / $10(With Cheese)
  • Seared Scallops (GF) With a tomato coulis, roast artichokes, edamame bean and tomato salsa and a pine nut and kalamata olive crumb. $15
  • Arabian kebab $14.90
    • your choice of beef, chicken, lamb, falafel, cooked on a stone top & served with our specialty house rice & salad. with your choice of sauce
  • Mosgah $14.90
    • seasoned eggplant with baked lamb mince & served with specialty rice, salad & lebanese bread
  • Basbousa $6.90
    • a sweet semolina cake soaked in a simple syrup with a touch of rose water
  • Stuffed leaves - grape or cabbage $8.90
    • hand rolled vine leaves stuffed with steamed rice & spices, seasoned with garlic, onion & a hint of lemon
  • Vegetable safary $15.90
    • a mix of stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cabbage leaves, vegetable samosa, falafel, babaganoush, hummus & taboulleh salad
  • Molokhya $14.90
    • a traditional north african cuisine consisting of a broth made from specialty leaves & served with lamb on our specialty house rice & salad
  • Mediterranean $13.90
    • anchovies, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato sauce, olives, capsicum & capers
  • Little monster (for kids) $9.90
    • delicious deep fried chicken nuggets served with potatoe wedges & dipping sauce




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186 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North, Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, 4410, New Zealand