Chang Siam Thai Restaurant in Northland Menu

  • Money bag $7.90
    • 4 pcs. Thai style dumpling filled with chicken and vegetables and served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Golden tofu (V) (G) $7.90
    • Deep-fried tofu served with homemade peanut sauce
  • Por pia tod $7.90
    • 4 pcs. Thai crispy vegetarian spring roll served with a sweet chilli sauce
  • Karee puff (v) $7.90
    • 4 pcs. Vegetarian deep-fried pastry filled with potato, sweet corn, peas and served with a sweet chilli sauce.
  • Satay gai (P) (G) $7.90
    • 3 skewers of grilled, marinated chicken with homemade peanut sauce.
  • Vegetarian summer roll (v) $7.90
    • pcs. Fresh lettuce, carrot, cucumber, chive, mint, tofu and rice vermicelli wrapped in rice paper. Served with a sweet chilli sauce and hoi-sin sauce.
  • Prawn & cheese rolls $8.90
    • 4 pcs. Served with mayonnaise
  • Goong hom pah (P) $8.90
    • 4 pcs. Marinated prawns with garlic and herbs and wrapped with pastry
  • Prawn summer roll $8.90
    • 2 pcs. Fresh lettuce, carrot, cucumber, chive, mint, rice vermicelli and prawn.
  • Kanom jeeb $9.90
    • 4 pcs. Steamed dim sim filled with prawn, pork and mushrooms. Served with soy sauce wrapped in rice paper and served with a sweet chilli sauce and hoi-sin sauce
  • Salmon chao praya $9.90
    • Fresh salmon sashimi roll with fresh ginger, mint, red onion and served with special Thai seafood dressing
  • Tod maan pla (P) $9.90
    • 4 pcs. Thai fish cake served with sweet chilli sauce and crushed peanuts.
  • Kong wang benjarong (P) $11.00
    • Start your meal with a mixed entrée; combination of spring roll, curry puff, Thai fish cake, money bag and satay gai served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Salt & pepper tofu (v) $11.00
    • Deep-fried salt & pepper tofu on a bed of steamed vegetables with oyster sauce
  • Bangkok dangerous $11.00
    • Marinated chicken wings tossed with homemade sauce, shallot, garlic and fresh chilli.
  • Salt & pepper squid $11.00
    • Deep-fried squid seasoned with salt & pepper and served with a sweet chilli sauce
  • Lemongrass wings $11.00
    • Marinated chicken wings with our special sauce and garnished with crispy lemon grass
  • Paul’s precious prawns $20.00
    • 12 prawns in a yummy, spicy sauce
  • with your choice of meat
  • Tom yum
    • A famous Thai soup dish flavoured with lime juice, fresh chilli, Thai herbs, tomato and mushroom.
  • Tom kha
    • Sweet & sour coconut milk soup with galangal, mushroom, tomato, lime juice and a dash of fresh chilli
  • With your choice of
  • -vegetables and tofu (V) / chicken E $8.90 / M $18.50
  • -squid or prawn or fish / seafood (prawn, mussel, squid, fish) E $10.90 / M $19.90
  • with your choice of meat
  • Gaeng massaman (G) $19.00
    • (Beef only) Slow-cooked beef chunk in mild massaman curry with potato and onion
  • Gaeng keaw waan (G)
    • The famous spicy green chilli curry with coconut milk, eggplant, bamboo shoot, capsicum and fresh basil
  • Gaeng dang (G)
    • A traditional Thai red curry cooked with coconut milk, pumpkin, green beans, eggplant and basil.
  • Gaeng karee (G)
    • Aromatic yellow curry paste cooked with coconut milk, carrot and sweet potato with dried onion topping.
  • Gaeng par (G)
    • A traditional spicy curry, without coconut milk, cooked with Thai herbs, vegetables and fresh basil.
  • Gaeng panang (G)
    • Mild thick curry with your choice of meat and finely chopped lime leaves
  • with your choice of meat
  • Crispy chicken
    • Stir-fried crispy chicken with mixed vegetables, cashew nuts and Chang Siam mild sauce.
  • Pad med mamuang himmapan
    • Mild chilli jam sauce, topped with roasted cashew nuts.
  • Pad bai kra phrao (G)
    • Cooked with garlic, fresh chilli & basil sauce, with your choice of meat.
  • Pad nham mun hoi (G)
    • Stir-fried with mixed vegetables, garlic and oyster sauce.
  • Pad kra tiem prik tai dum (G)
    • Your choice of meat cooked with fresh garlic and ground black pepper, vegetables and topped with fried onion.
  • Pad khing
    • Homemade sauce cooked with choice of meat, young ginger and shallot
  • Pra ram ling sung (P)
    • Simple stir-fried dish, but really good with our satay sauce
  • Pad priew wan
    • Sweet and sour, using traditional Thai Methods of blending contrasting flavours. Your choice of meat is tossed with a light tangy sauce and is served with fresh vegetables
  • Pad prik gang
    • Stir fried red curry paste dish with fresh herbs & vegetables
  • Stir-fried spicy eggplant
    • Cooked eggplant with chilli basil sauce and vegetables.
  • with your choice of meat
  • Khao pad (thai fried rice) (G)
    • Thai fried rice with egg, tomatoes, vegetables and seasoned with homemade sauce
  • Khao pad kra prao
    • One of the most popular dishes. Fried rice with basil sauce and fresh chilli
  • Som tum (P) (v) $17.00
    • Fresh green papaya salad tossed with green beans, carrot, crushed peanuts, tomato and seasoned with fresh chilli lime dressing (SEASONAL)
  • Yum nua (G) $18.50
    • North Eastern style warm Thai beef salad: tender beef, tossed with red onion, cucumber, tomato, shallot, mint, pan-roasted rice, chilli powder and lime dressing
  • Larb gai (G) $18.50
    • North Eastern style minced chicken tossed with fresh Thai herbs, red onion, shallot, mint, pan-roasted rice, lime juice, a dash of fish sauce and pinch of chilli powder
  • Pla goong $18.50
    • Thai salad with king prawns, cucumber, tomato, shallot, red onion and mint, tossed with mild chilli jam dressing and topped with cashew nuts
  • Moo tok kruk (P) $18.50
    • Grilled marinated pork tossed with lime juice dressing and carrot, green beans, tomato and crushed peanuts
  • Yum similan $19.50
    • Parade of Seafood. Combination of fresh king prawn, fish, squid and mussel tossed with lime dressing, fresh chilli, red onion, cucumber, tomato, shallot and mint
  • All served with jasmine rice
  • Prawn snow pea (G) $23.00
    • Stir-fried King prawns, snow peas, capsicum, carrot and mushroom, cooked with oyster sauce
  • Golden chicken curry $23.00
    • Mild yellow curry with golden crispy chicken, sweet potato, carrot, onion
  • Macadamia chicken $23.00
    • Stir-fried mixed vegetables, chicken and roasted macadamia nuts, with chilli jam sauce
  • Sweet and sour golden chicken (P) $23.00
    • DEEP-fried chicken with steamed vegetables, pineapple, lychee and our special sweet and sour sauce
  • Chilli jam duck $25.00
    • Stir-fried sliced roasted duck with mild chilli jam sauce on a bed of steamed vegetables and topped with cashew nuts.
  • Khao ob saparot (G) $25.00
    • Baked rice with pineapple, curry powder, raisins, eggs, onion, mixed vegetables, cashew nuts and served in a pineapple with seafood
  • Marina volcano $25.00
    • Combination of seafood cooked in a mild herbal creamy curry paste with kaffir lime and basil (served flambé)
  • Samui duck $25.00
    • Slices of roasted duck in red curry with Thai eggplant, cherry tomato, pineapple, lychee and fresh basil, served in a whole young coconut
  • Duck delight $25.00
    • Stir-fried roasted duck with fresh herbs, lemongrass and garlic topped with crispy basil
  • Whole fish $25.00
    • Deep-fried whole snapper with a mild three flavour sauce or a medium garlic and black pepper sauce or a hot sauce with thai herbs, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and a spicy lime dressing
  • Salmon special $25.00
    • Grilled salmon and king prawns on a bed of steamed vegetables in a mild panang curry sauce
  • Lamb shank $25.00
    • (when available) Slow cooked in mild massaman sauce with vegetables
  • Mann's khao soy $25.00
    • (Chang Mai Beef) Slow-cooked beef in massaman sauce, curry powder, egg, onion and served with crispy won-ton noodles
  • Gai tra krai $20.00
    • Sizzling marinated chicken with lemongrass, garlic and herbs served with a sweet chilli sauce
  • Moo yang $20.00
    • Sizzling marinated, sliced pork served with a chilli lime sauce
  • Crying tiger $20.00
    • Sizzling marinated beef rump steak, Thai style; served with a chilli lime sauce
  • Somboon's nua kata $20.00
    • Stir-fried sizzling marinated beef with tomato, chilli sauce, vegetables, onions and red wine
  • Vegetable and tofu (v) $17.00
  • Squid or prawns or fish $20.00
  • Seafood $20.00
    • Prawns, mussel, squid, fish
  • Chicken or beef or pork $19.00
  • Combination $21.00
  • Thai jasmine rice $2.00
  • Peanut sauce / steamed vegetables $5.00
  • Prawn crackers with homemade peanut sauce $7.90
  • Sticky rice / coconut rice $3.00
  • Roti $4.00
  • with your choice of meat
  • Khao pad
    • Thai fried rice with egg, green peas, onion, diced carrot and seasoned with homemade sauce.
  • Pad hokkien
    • Stir-fried hokkien noodles with egg, vegetables and seasoned with homemade sauce
  • Pad thai (P)
    • Famous Thai fried noodles with thin rice noodles, egg, shallot, crushed peanuts, dry shrimp, bean sprouts, and seasoned with sweet & tamarind sauce.
  • Your choice of:
  • -vegetable and tofu (v) $12.50
  • -squid or prawn or fish $15.00
  • -chicken or beef or pork $12.50
  • -seafood $15.00
    • Prawn, mussel, squid, fish
  • -combination $15.00
  • Mango sorbet / vanilla ice cream $7.50
  • Chocolate brownie & ice cream / thai iced fruits & ice cream $8.50
  • Light creamy cheesecake with ice cream / mango sorbet $9.00
  • Chocolate molten $10.00
    • Warm chocolate pudding served with whipped cream and a mixed berry coulis.
  • V = Vegetarian/ G = We can make gluten free / P = Peanuts

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248 Waipapa Road, Waipapa, Northland, 0295, New Zealand

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