Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack in Northland Menu

  • The Classic Chicken Caesar Salad $18.90
    • A fresh crisp lettuce salad with bacon & parmesan topped with a lightly poached egg, chicken and a classic caesar dressing.
  • Prawn Avocado Salad (GF option) $19.90
    • A Fresh collection of plump prawns and avocado in a dreamy dressing
  • Golden Texus Salad $19.90
    • Crispy breaded chicken morsels in our classic salad with potato cubes and an amazing dressing
  • This salad is to die for- One bite and you will be hooked !
  • Succulent Scotch (GF option) $29.90
    • 220gm scotch fillet drizzled with your choice of pepper or mushroom sauce served with a choice of mash or fries.
  • Jimmy’s Surf and Turf (GF) $39.90
    • Taken a aged 400gm scotch fillet steak with your choice of mushroom or pepper sauce, served on mash.
  • Jimmy’s Rib Taster $19.90
    • A ½ rack of succulent slow cooked pork ribs covered in our secret sauce and served with fries.
  • Jacked-Up Ribs and Skewers $39.90
    • A full rack of succulent slow cooked pork ribs covered in our secret sauce , and our beef skewers - great low carb meal.
  • The Big Rib Combo Board(Perfect For One) $29.90
    • Get our famous ribs ,small coleslaw, a chicken kebab and beef kebab,served with fries.
  • Ribs and Smoked Wings $24.90
    • Slow cooked chicken wings and half a rack of pork ribs in a secret sauce.
  • Rocking Ribs $32.90
    • A great full rack of succulent slow cooked pork ribs covered in our secret sauce and served with coleslaw.
  • The Double Rib Deal $59.90
    • This is the real RIB SHACK experience! Two full racks of ribs on the board ready to go , served with fries.
  • The Single BIG RIB Challenge $65.00
    • Two full racks of ribs,wedges & fries.
  • BBQ Chicken Burger $19.90
    • Barbeque chicken, onion and bacon with our BBQ sauce with tomato and lettuce served with fries.
  • Jack’s Premium Steak Sandwich $19.90
    • Succulent rump steak, grilled tomato, caramelized onion and sweet red pepper on our local specialty bread and served with fries.
  • Chicken Satay Burger $17.90
    • Coated chicken,lettuce, tomato with our famous satay sauce and served with fries.
  • Vegetarian Burger(V)(GF Option) $19.90
    • A tasty vegetarian patty,mushroom cheese and our special sauce on a locally made roll with coleslaw and fries.
  • The BBQ Bacon and Cheddar Burger $18.90
    • Take the thickest slice of manuka smoked bacon, grill it to crispy and slide on cheese,prime beef pattie then topped with BBQ sauce Served with fries and garlic aioli.
  • Classic Kiwi Burger $17.90
    • Pure KiWi beef,tomato,lettuce,egg,cheese,BBQ sauce and onion rings.
  • Add beetroot for $1.00
  • Ribs & Wings $18.90
  • Chicken Nuggets & Fries $9.90
  • Kids Fish & Fries $9.90
  • Mini Hotdogs & Fries $9.90
  • Ribshack Donuts $9.90
    • Cinnamon donuts served with chocolate ice cream and topped with chocolate or caramel sauce.
  • Ice-cream Sundae $9.90
    • Two scoops of New Zealand ice cream with chocolate or caramel sauce and nuts to top it all off.
  • Warm Chocolate Brownie $9.90
    • Served with ice cream,whipped cream and topper with more chocolate sauce(contains nuts).
  • Warm Apple Pie $10.90
    • Warm apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream.
  • Chunky Fries $6.90
  • Wedges $7.90
  • Curly Fries $7.90
  • Side Salad $7.90

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Bullocky Sml $13 / Lrg $28
    • Shrimbs, ham, bacon, red onion, mushroom, aioli
  • Barn burgers N/A
    • All burgers come in a toasted ciabatta bun with lettuce & tomato & are served with crispy smashed potatoes.
  • Scottish chocolate cake $13.50
    • Double iced. Beautifully moist, enough said. Served warm with raspberry coulis, cream & ice cream
  • Kids sundae - Each $11.00 5.8
    • Vanilla ice cream with your choice of topping : chocolate, strawberry or caramel.
  • Chicken nuggets & fries N/A
  • Kids panic plate N/A
    • Ham, cheerios, cheese, pineapple, fruit, nacho chips & iollies
  • Extra topping $2 Lrg / $1 Sml
  • Greek salad $11.50
    • Mixed gourmet leaves with red onion, cucumber, tomato, feta and olives tossed through our balsamic vinaigrette
  • Shrimp & Pork (x2) $7.00
  • Chargrilled Chicken Thighs $14.50
  • Chargrilled Chicken (x2) $7.00
  • Pork Belly (x2) $7.00
  • Rice Noodles Soup with Herbs, Bean Sprouts & Lime $10.50
  • Added Chargrilled Shrimp $16.00
  • Smoke Chicken (x2) $7.00
  • Vegetarian Salad $10.50
  • Garlic Prawns
    • Egg noodles with king prawns and fresh vegetables in a delicious garlic sauce
  • Hokkien Mee
    • Egg noodles with roast pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, onion, bok choy & spring onions in a dark soy & mild chilli sauce
  • Teriyaki
    • Udon noodles with chicken, onion, bean sprouts, carrots, spring onion and bok choy in a Japanese Teriyaki sauce
  • Fried Kuai Teow
    • Thick rice noodles with roast pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, onions, carrots, spring onions in a dark soy and chili sauce
  • Tom Yum
    • Rice with chicken, tomato, pineapple and fresh vegetables in a Thai hot and sour soup
  • Singapore Fried Noodles
    • Thin rice noodles with roast pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, onions, carrots and spring onions in a light curry sauce
  • Thai Curry Chicken
    • Thin rice noodles with chicken, tomato and fresh vegetables in a spicy Thai curry sauce
  • Nasi Goreng
    • Malaysian style fried rice with roast pork, bean sprouts, onions, carrots and peas
  • Carbsticks $1.80
  • Squid rings $1.00
  • Ham and pineapple $5.00
  • 6 Fish bites, 2 sausage, scoop chips $13.00
  • Wedge supreme $6.00
    • Bacon, cheese, sour cream
  • Cheese and onion $4.00
  • Bacon burger $7.50
  • Lemon chips $4.50
  • Prawns $14.00
    • Garlic & Chilli Roasted Tiger Prawns with White Bean Puree
  • Beef Fillet $35.00
    • Grass Fed Beef Fillet, Pommes Anna, Heirloom Carrots, Parsnip, Green Peppercorn Sauce
  • Calamari $14.00
    • Salt & Pepper squid with Rocket and Aioli
  • (v & gf available)
  • Cheese board $25.00
    • Selection of Local and International Cheese, Chutney, Quine, Fruits & Nuts
  • - Add Black Pudding $21.00
  • Marsden Breakfast (untill midday only) $6.00
    • Toast & Preserves
  • Chicken
    • Chicken Nuggets and Chips w/ Salad
  • Mermaid S $16 L $24
    • Garlic butter base, scallops, prawns, mozzarella cheese topped with sweet chilli & mayonnaise
  • Beer battered fries $5
  • Sunline S $12 L $20.5
    • BBQ base, red onion, grilled eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, feta & mozzarella cheese
  • Salt & Pepper Squid $12
    • Succulent squid in crispy salt & pepper pyjamas - with garlic aioli
  • Chicken Carbonara $18
    • Chicken, bacon & mushroom
  • Topped with mozzarella cheese $18
  • Fried egg $1.5
  • Beef Nachos $15
    • Melted cheese, sour cream & sweet chilli
    • Enjoy a classic Whopper with regular fries, a regular soft drink, three chicken nuggets and a sundae all for only $12 – what a deal! Available for a limited time at participating restaurants.
    • Our world famous WHOPPER® features our flame-grilled beef topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • These tiny, golden pieces of crunchy potato are just waiting to be eaten. These guys add a bit of bite (and crunch) to your breakfast.
    • A juicy 1/3 pound of flame grilled 100% Angus beef with two slices of cheese, 6 rashes of bacon, red onions, premium lettuce, freshly sliced tomato, pickles, all topped with creamy mayo, BBQ sauce and mustard sauce in our delicious corn dusted bun.
    • All the goodness of a Cheeseburger plus bacon! Made with our signature flame-grilled beef patty topped with a simple layer of melted cheese, bacon rashes, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun
    • A juicy 1/3 pound of flame grilled 100% Angus beef with two slices of cheese, spicy jalapeños, crispy golden onion chips, tomato, lettuce, creamy mayo and a dash of our secret Angry hot sauce all on a lightly corn dusted bun. Take a bite out of the Angry Angus Steakhouse the next time you get hungry.
    • The latest edition to the Chicken Fries family has arrived.....Buffalo Chicken Fries! Fries made of real chicken, with a crispy coating and Buffalo spice and Buffalo attitude. Only available for a limited time so you'll better hurry.
    • Stay cool this Summer with our NEW Maltesers Filled Waffle Cone. Creamy and velvety Soft Serve topped with Maltesers served in a waffle cone filled with more Maltesers goodness
  • 4x Squid Rings
  • 4x Sausages
  • 4x Donuts
  • or
  • 4x Potato Fritters
  • 4x Crabstix
  • 1x Chips
  • $6 Chips
  • Mango Chicken $13.90
    • Boneless chicken morsels cooked together with mango and cream based gravy lightly spiced with herbs and spices
  • Aromatic Basmati Rice $2.50
    • Served free with all main dishes or gravy dishes, additional order
  • Chicken Korma $13.90
    • Boneless chicken pieces cooked in ground cashew nut and cream based gravy to create rich and nutty flavour
  • Lamb Chettinad $13.90
    • Black pepper, garlic, ginger and herbs based lamb curry
  • Vegetarian Mix Platter for 2 $12.90
    • An assortment of samosa, onion bhaji, pakora and subz kebab served with mint and tamarind dressing
  • Chilli Paneer $12.90
    • Cottage cheese cooked with spring onions, capsicum, onion, soya sauce and chilli sauce
  • Fish Masala $15.90
    • Fish fillets cooked and simmered in a tomato, onion sauce enriched with our chef’s special spices
  • Beef Masala $13.90
    • Creamy onion and tomato based beef gravy
  • Gluten free bread available $1.50
  • Market fish $19.50
    • Poached eggs, fresh rocket, toasted bread and citrus hollandaise
  • Potato hash $17.50
    • Pesto creamed mushrooms, bacon and toasted bread
  • Bagels $11.00
    • Salmon cream cheese or bacon, tomato and avocado
  • Muesli (GF) $11.00
    • Fresh fruit and yoghurt
  • Smoked salmon potato cakes gf $17.50
    • Fresh rocket poached eggs and citrus hollandaise
  • Waterfront breakfast $17.50
    • Bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes and toast
  • Eggs benedict $18.50
    • Bacon or salmon, fresh rocket, toasted bagel and hollandaise
  • Seafood basket $14.00
  • Soup of the day $7.00
    • chef's choice served with toasted bread
  • Seafood chowder $12.50
    • delicious mix of seafood served with garlic bread
  • Gold chick nuggets $8.50
    • 6 battered chicken nuggets served with chips and a soft drink
  • Beef n reef $29.50
    • sirlion steak & a side of seafood served with salad & chips
  • Lasagna $4.00
  • Meat lovers $18.50
  • Panna cotta (GF) $8.50
    • smooth yogurt with a choice of fruity sides.
  • Hotcakes (4) With Bacon, Fresh Fruit, Maple Syrupand Whipped Cream On The Side $16.90
  • Creamy Seafood Chowder Served With Toasted Artisan Bread $14.90
  • French Fries With Tomato Sauce $ 6.90 With Aioli $7.50
  • Warmed Croissant With Butter And Jam $6.90
  • 2 Free-Range Eggs, Hash Browns, Sausages, Grilled Tomato $3.50
  • Bacon, Eggs & Hash Browns On Wholegrain Toast $15.90
  • Roast Pumpkin Salad Served With Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Crumbled Feta, Baby Spinach Leaves, Red Onion And A Light And Tasty House Vinaigrette Dressing $17.90
  • Angus Beef Burger With Cheese, Tomato & Char Grilled Veggie Relish In A Ciabatta Bun, Served With A Side Salad, Fries And Tomato Ketchup $19.90
  • Sweetcorn Fritters N/A
    • a kiwi classic complete with bacon and a salsa twist.
  • Columbus Breakfast N/A
    • with all the trimmings and eggs just how you like.
  • Hotcakes or French toast N/A
    • with berry compote, mascarpone and drizzled with maple syrup.
  • Mushrooms on Toast N/A
    • a real treat for the taste buds with Portobello mushrooms and truffle oil. Served grilled or creamy.
  • Portobello Burger N/A
    • a hearty burger complete with Portobello mushroom and crunchy potato roasties.
  • Eggs Benedict N/A
    • free range poached eggs served on crusty ciabatta bread.
  • Salmon Hash Cakes N/A
    • our own homemade hash cakes.
  • Paleo Breakfast N/A
    • One of our many Lifestyle Favourites items -a clean eating inspired version of the Big Breakfast, served with salmon.
  • ·lamb korma
    • Lamb in thick gravy with tomatoes
  • Vegetable samosa $2.00
    • Deep indian fried puff pastry
  • -medium $17.00
  • -large $20.00
  • -medium $15.00
  • -medium $15.60
  • -large $23.50
  • Sweet mango chutney $2.00
  • Bushmans Platter $46
    • Breads & dips + hot wings + fish fingers + pork spare ribs + prawn horns + mussels + scallops + fries
  • Cajun-Battered Chicken Wings
  • Kumara Salad $13.50
    • Chunks of kumara tossed through tomato, red onion and capsicum, with a passionfruit & balsamic dressing
  • Smoked Chicken Wrap $18.50
    • Warm smoked chicken, with brie and our creamy country slaw wrapped up in a flour tortilla and served with fries
  • Pork Spare Ribs $14.50
  • 350gm Angus Scotch Fillet $39
    • The big cut of our locally sourced Angus Scotch fillet, cooked to your liking and served with chunky home cut fries & salad
  • Mignon $36
    • A 250gm Angus Scotch fillet, cooked to your liking, served with mushrooms, smokey bacon, chunky home cut fries & salad
  • Sweet Inspiration $12.50
    • House made specialty - chocolate tart served caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream
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