Omata Estate Vineyard in Southland Menu

Omata Estate Vineyard in Southland has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Garlic or salami & cheese pita bread or Soup of the Day from Howl At The Moon. Capri Restaurant offers many options including EGGS BENEDICT and TALIA'S MINCE ON TOAST WITH ORGANIC POACHED EGG. Mamma Lina includes a wide range like Bruschetta or Selezione Di Salumi. Asian slaw and Nachos from . Sound offers Black Dog Bar and Kiwi style tapas - 4pm til 9pm.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Apple Pie N/A
    • Crisp pastry, lovingly filled with crisp Granny Smith apples picked in New Zealand orchards and served piping hot.
  • Chicken McWrap Caesar - Grilled N/A
    • It may be little, but there's a lot to love. 100% chicken breast fillet marinated with spices and grilled to perfection. With fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayonnaise.
  • The Clubhouse Chicken - Grilled N/A
    • A tender, grilled chicken patty, crispy bacon, grilled onion, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and Big Mac sauce in a brioche style bun. Feast your eyes, and your mouth, on the Clubhouse Chicken – Grilled.
  • The Clubhouse Chicken - Crispy N/A
    • Turn your attention to The Clubhouse Chicken - Crispy. With a crispy chicken patty, crispy bacon, grilled onion, Swiss Cheese, tomato, lettuce, and Big Mac® sauce in a brioche style bun; this burger tastes as good as it looks.
  • Strawberry Jam N/A
    • Your toasted bagel has never tasted this good. Slather on some of Craig's® sweet Strawberry Jam, made with real strawberries.
  • Wake up with a Chicken McMuffin N/A
    • Take one delicious chicken patty made with NZ chicken breast sourced from Ingham, in a seasoned tempura coating, then sandwich it with creamy mayo and cheese inside a warm, toasted English muffin.
  • Crispy Chicken & Aioli McWrap N/A
    • Introducing the new Real Choices delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap, with 100% NZ crispy chicken, juicy tomatoes, crisp cos and iceberg lettuce drizzled with creamy garlic Aioli all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla and ready to eat on the go.
  • $40 Mega ShareBox $40.00
  • Dark Knight N/A
    • Prime NZ Venison, kumara rosti, grilled mushrooms, fancy lettuce, tomato, red onion with Plum Chutney & Aioli. Wild Man's Choice
  • Devil Recommendsheese N/A
    • Add edam cheese & bacon
  • Garlic Cheese Chips N/A
    • Portion of chips sprinkled with grated edam cheese & covered with Devils homemade garlic aioli
  • Chips w/ Sauce N/A
    • Sauces: BBQ, Tomato, Aioli, Plum, Sweet Chilli, Tartare, Devil Relish or Hollandaise.
  • Chicken Tenders N/A
    • Chicken tender strips in a crunchy crumb with roasted capsicum-apricot relish
  • Man Killer N/A
    • Double serving of Prime NZ Beef, streaky bacon, grilled mushrooms, Edam cheese, egg, caramelised onions, fancy lettuce, tomato with Devil Relish & Aioli. The Real Deal.
  • She Devil N/A
    • Prime NZ Beef, Edam cheese, egg, caramelised onion, beetroot, fancy lettuce, tomato, with Devil Relish & Aioli. A Favourite.
  • Hash Brown N/A
  • -5x Cheese $32.50
  • Beef Burger $22.00
    • A large ground beef pattie layered with bacon, lettuce, tomato and beetroot in a toasted bun with mayo and tomato relish. Served with chunky fries.
  • Mushrooms $5.80
  • Seasonal Salad with French Dressing $6.20
  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes $5.80
  • French Toasted Brioche $19
    • Brioche dipped in egg and cream then fried with grilled banana and maple syrup.
  • Seafood Chowder $16.50
    • A rich and creamy blend of fresh local seafood dashed with white wine and fresh dill served with a freshly baked garlic bread roll.
  • Baked Beans $5.30
  • Slow roasted pork scotch fillet $29.50
    • with a medley of roast vegetables, carmelised apple jus
  • Doris plum & creme fraiche ice cream sundae $10.00
  • Ribeye steak $34.00
    • served with field mushroom sauce or bacon, Bourbon jam
  • Sour cream lemon cake, maple roasted pineapple & cream $11.00
  • Whole baked brie studded with garlic & herbs, drizzled with honey, bread & relish $16.00
  • Prawn cocktail $21.00
    • with house made Thousand Island dressing, topped with pan fried prawns
  • Sticky char siu pork belly $21.00
    • with Asian greens & crispy noodles
  • Saddleback chicken breast $29.50
    • filled with mozzarella kumara & bacon, sweet corn & roast pepper salsa
  • Lamb Anarkali $10.00
  • Chicken Tikka Masala $10.00
  • Beef Vindaloo $10.00
  • Chicken or Lamb Naan Roll $10.00
    • Slices of chicken or lamb tikka, shredded carrots, lettuce,cabbage, tomato & cucumber with mayo and dressing, rolled in fresh plain naan bread
  • Lamb Rogan Josh $10.00
  • Saag Aloo $16.00
    • Spinach, cream, ginger and garlic sauce based potato curry. A vegetarian delicacy.
  • Tamarind Chutney $3.00
  • Potato and Pea $8.50
  • Lamb Sweet Breads $15.90
    • Seasoned and coated in the Thar & Feather smoked rub and then battered. Served with our minted mayonnaise and a plum sauce.
  • -Eggs (2)
  • Stewart Island Blue Cod $15.90
    • Fresh pan fried blue cod, served with our home-made tartare sauce and a slice of lemon (GF).
  • Southern Style Fried Chicken $26.50
    • Crisp and spicy coating with just enough heat to tickle your mouth. Served with creamy mash, seasonal salad and a jug of peppercorn gravy on the side.
  • Beer-battered fries $5.90
  • ●Step 3 - Choose One Sauce
  • -Seasonal vegetables
  • Warm Chicken Salad (GF Option) $22.90
    • 5-spice seasoned chicken breast, salad greens, sliced avocado, fresh vine tomato, brie, roasted cashews, crispy bacon and finished with a raspberry vinaigrette.
  • Paddy’s Dessert Trio $9.9
    • a selection of sweet treats
  • Crumbed Prawns $12.9
    • with paddy’s own sweet chilli dipping sauce
  • Trilogy Of Paddy’s Homemade Ice Creams $9.9
    • served in a brandy basket
  • Delicious Fillet Of Today’s Fresh Catch $19.9
    • accompanied with plump scallops or tantalising prawns on our home made wedges with green salad, The fillets can be crumbed, battered or pan fried
  • Slowly Roasted Pork Belly $12.9
    • with paddy’s apple and balsamic glaze, pineapple chutney and salad garnish
  • Roast Beef
    • With roast potatoes, mash, peas and Real Home Made Gravy
  • Lightly Poached Prawns $12.9
    • with paddy’s tomato and lime salsa, shredded lettuce and roasted cashew nuts
  • Banger And Mash
    • With peas and Real Home Made Gravy
  • BASMATI RICE $8.00
    • citrus flavoured baked custard.
  • SIDE OF GRAVY $8.00
    • a slow braised succulent cube of pork served on parsnip puree and waldorf salad.
    • medley of seafood mixed through a creamy garlic pappardelle pasta.
    • our handcrafted icecream.
    • crumbed chicken , capsicum,red onion,cucumber,fresh mint,green pesto,roasted cashews and tomatoes tossed with salad greens.
  • Sizzling garlic prawn pot, cooked in butter and olive oil with a touch of chili, served with fries, garden salad and grilled ciabatta bread $28.00
  • Roast of the day accompanied with roast vegetables, potatoes and traditional gravy with all the trimmings $25.50
  • Dripping chips $6.00
  • Steamed seasonal vegetables $6.00
  • Bowl of fries $5.00
  • Beef carpaccio, sticky walnuts, gorgonzola, rocket and basil oil $15.50
  • Potato mash $5.00
  • Hereford prime scotch fillet 250g, spelt, beer and broad bean risotto, salt beef pasty, horseradish hollandaise served with vegetables on side $34.00
  • Garlic Bread $8.00
    • Baked garlic and herb bread
  • Pan Fried Market Fish Half$22.00/Full$31.50
    • Minted new potatoes, asparagus, garlic butter and spinach
  • Paella $20.00
    • Prawns, mussels, calamari, clams, chorizo, tomato and saffron rice. Served with crusty bread
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread $9.00
    • Baked garlic, herb and cheese bread
  • Ribeye Steak $32.50
    • Garden salad and fries. Choose from the following sauces: mushroom, red wine jus or garlic butter. Add four garlic prawns $38.50
  • Steak Sandwich $23.50
    • Ciabatta, tomato, lettuce, relish and fries
  • Seafood Chowder $15.00
    • Market fish, local seafood, seasonal vegetables bound in a creamy chowder
  • Battered Market Fish Half$22.00/Full$32.00
    • With fries, salad and housemade tartare sauce
  • (Choose one or each: Drink, Onner and Dessert) Comes with free kids pack!
  • Mini Tailgater $10
  • Fill ‘er Up Wedges $12
    • Wedges heaped with sour cream, ham, cheese and sweet chilli sauce.
  • Hot Dogs
    • Mini hot dogs served with fries and Watties tomato sauce for dipping.
  • Served with Onion Rings or Kumara Bolts $22
  • The Packard (GF) $18
    • Lots of ham and lots of pineapple!
  • Served with Onion Rings or Kumara Bolts $20
  • Big Block V8 Brekky $20
    • Our full cooked breakfast with eggs (your choice of scrambled, poached or fried), bacon, hash browns, chipolata sausages, tomato and sour dough toast. Served with some tomato & capsicum relish on the side. (GF option available please ask)
  • All served with a side of fries. Choose extra fillings for $2.00 each. Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Pineapple, Onion, Hash Brown
  • Chicken Nuggets & Fries $8.00
  • Mixed Grill $32.00
    • Meat lovers delight. Small steak, sausage, bacon, pattie, hash browns and 2 eggs. Served with salad
  • Cheese Burger & Fries $9.00
  • Fries $5.00
  • Creamy Basil Pasta $18.00
    • Vegetarian option served on fettuccini
  • Wrap $15.00
    • A choice of steak, chicken or vegetarian tortilla wrap with salad, aioli & sweet chilli sauce
  • Garlic Bread $7.00
    • Toasted baguette with garlic butter
  • toasted Sandwich $6.50
  • All day breakfast $20.00
  • Eggs Benny $16.00
  • Eggs on toast $10.00
  • Blue Cod $7.00
  • Beef Burger $8.00
    • (Lettuce. bbq sauce, cheese, mayo & beef pattie)
  • Pottle of Nuggets $3.50
  • Large Sausage $4.00
  • Add bacon & corder salad $ 14.00
  • Athol burger $ 12.00
  • Chicken tender $ 2.50
  • Spicy pumpkin
  • Minestrone
  • Scoop of chips $ 4.00
  • Bowl of soup $ 12.00
  • Prawn Twister $ 1.50
  • Bread and Dips $ 10.5
    • Homemade breads with hummus, pesto and Balsamic olive oil
  • Lamb salad GF $ 22
    • Strips of tender lamb, tomato, onion, roast capsicum and Feta
  • Pesto Flatbread V $ 10
    • 12" bread topped with basil pesto. Sweet chilli. Cream cheese and mozzarella
  • Manapouri Meat Lovers $ 22
    • Bacon, ham, pepperoni, onion and BBQ sauce
  • Steak sandwich GF $ 20
    • Prime ribeye, caramelized onion, tomato. Lettuce and cheese on homemade Focaccia.Topped with garlic aioli and served with golden fries.
  • Lakeview supreme $ 22
    • Bacon, chicken, mushroom, olive, capsicum, onion
  • Battered Blue Cod $ 24
    • Served with salad, golden fries & tartare sauce
  • Chicken Enchiladas $ 22
    • Baked tortilla wrap filled with spiced chicken, spring onion and cheese. Served with salad
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