Toshi's Kitchen in Christchurch City Menu

Toshi's Kitchen in Christchurch City has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as BUFFALO CHICKEN FRIES or LONG BBQ BEEF RODEO from Burger King. The Beach Bar offers many options including Eggs on toast and Eggs on toast. Chopped includes a wide range like Pancakes or -With Bacon Maple Syrups & Grilled Banana. Oven baked garlic & herb loaf and Cheesy pizza bread from . Woolston Club Inc offers Monteith's Brewery Bar Rangiora and Chowder.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Avocado $3.50
  • Chipotle hollandaise $5.50
  • Smoked tomato chilli beans $3.50
  • Bacon $5.00
  • Bowl of shoestring fries with relish and mayo $7.00
  • Honey maple roasted muesli, coconut yoghurt, saffron poached pear, seasonal fruit, passionfruit $13.00
  • Daily soup served with bread $12.00
  • Little Pom's Benny, smoked bacon, poached eggs, cheddar buttermilk biscuits, corn, avocado, coriander, smoked jalapeno lime hollandaise $25.00
  • Two Hash browns $21.50
  • Brioche Muffin $19.50
  • GRANOLA $12.50
    • House made granola with dried fruit, seeds and nuts served with seasonal fruit, milk and natural yogurt
  • Pork Belly Nacho $19.50
    • Grilled pork belly with corn crisps, fennel & apple slaw, tomato salsa, chipotle mayo
  • Available till 11am
  • BLAT $16.50
    • Sliced tomato, smashed avocado, lettuce with crispy bacon, house made aioli
  • Karaage Fried Chicken Small $14 - Large $17
    • Specially marinated Japanese fried chicken, mixed cabbage slaw, roasted sesame seeds, kewpie mayonnaise
    • Eggs any style, streaky bacon, pork sausages, slow roasted tomato, field mushrooms, house made hash brown served with toast
  • Steamed Pork Tripe $3.50
  • Crispy Roast Pork on Rice $10.00
  • Fish Porridge $5.00
  • Egg & Seafood on Rice $10.00
  • Sharp Fin Dumpling $3.80
  • Pork with Pickled Cabbage Fried Rice Noddles $10.00
  • Deep Fried Steamed Bun (4 pieces) $4.50
  • B.B.Q Pork Fried Rice $10.00
  • Steak $3.50
  • Double Meat / Chicken $4.40
  • Potato Fritters / Fish Bite $0.90
  • ● Meals
  • Garlic Butter $1.55
  • Potato Wedges $3.80
  • Mussels 1/2 doz. $4.80 / 1 doz. $9.60
  • -Sausage & Egg Meal $10.50
    • 3 sausages, 2 eggs, chips, salad
  • Roti $3.00
    • Whole wheat flour
  • Mushroom Mutter $13.50
    • Mushrooms & green peas cooked with garlic, cream & spices, garnished with coriander
  • Onion Bhaji (4 Pcs) $5.00
    • Chickpea better mixed with chopped onions & spices, fried to a crispy texture, served with mint chutney
  • Mushroom Dopyaza $13.50
    • Mushrooms cooked with chunks of onion & tomato, topped with ginger, garlic & spices, garnished with coriander
  • Aloo Kulcha $4.50
    • Potato & pea filling
  • Mixed Platter for 2 $22.00
    • All of the above items (two pieces of each) served on fresh salad along with mint & tamarind chutney
  • Chicken Tikka Masala $14.50
    • Marinated chicken pieces cooked in tomato-based sauce, garnished with coriander
  • Saag $14.50
    • Your choice of meat cooked in fresh spinach & spices, garnished with fresh cream - makes people "green" with envy
  • Prawn Egg Foo Young $14.00
  • Roast pork with Vegetables $10. 50
  • Beef with Cashew Nuts $12.00
  • Beef’ with Vegetables Mein $9.90
  • Pork with Cashew Nuts $12. 00
  • Pork Fried Noodles $9.90
  • Beef Fried Noodles $9.90
  • Satay Beef mein $10.50
  • Bacon benedict $19.00
    • Free farmed local bacon, free range eggs, organic toast and hollandaise sauce.
  • With free farmed bacon $14.50
  • Bagels and spread $7.50
  • Mushrooms $4.00
  • Creamy chilli mushrooms $16.50
    • Creamy spicy mushrooms on organic toast
  • Sausages (x2) $4.50
  • 7am - 2pm / 7 days a week
  • On organic toast $10.50
  • GIANT BURGER $8.50
    • A king size treat melted cheese fried egg crispy bacon & a ring of pineapple & all the trimings
  • BACON & EGG BURGER $6.80
    • Crispy fried bacon & fried egg with all the trimmings
  • ONION BURGER $5.80
    • Basic burger with heaps of grilled onions
    • Crispy fried bacon, melted cheese & fried egg with all the trimmings
  • Unagi $ 6.50
  • Salmon & Avocado $ 9.50
    • Sliced pieces of raw tuna salmon (4pcs) and avocado.
  • Kaki Fried $ 12.00
    • Deep fried bread crumbed oyster accompanied with wasabi sauce (3pcs)
  • Sushi $ 12.00
    • Assortment of nigiri ( 5 pcs ) accompanied with wasabi and pickled ginger.
  • 5pcs of Nigiri + 8pcs of Sashimi $ 19.00
    • Comes with rice and miso soup.
  • Fried Fish $ 9.50
    • Deep fried bread crumbed pieces of salmon, terakiki and gurnard (4pcs)
  • Spicy Fried Squid $ 9.00
    • Deep fried spicy squid with spicy sauce.
  • Kenzo $ 10.00
  • 1/2 Doz Wontons with sauce $6.00
  • Cheese $4.30
  • 1 Chicken and Chips $18.00
  • Chicken Chow Mein $11.50
  • Chicken Foo Young $12.50
  • Extra Topping (excl Bacon & Meat) $0.80
  • Vegetarian Chow Mein $11.00
  • Cashew Nuts $3.50
    • Grilled halloumi cheese, chargrilled capsicum, basil pesto, caramelised onion, lettuce and mayonnaise. Served with salad and/or fries.
    • A free-range egg omelette with onion, cheese, fresh herbs and either mushroom or tomato. Served with a side salad.
    • A tasty veggie pattie topped with grilled cheese, gherkins, tomato and mayo. Served with fries and a fresh seasonal salad. Gluten free and vegan options.
    • A tasty sunflower seed pattie with melted cheddar, mayo, house chutney, gherkins, tomato and lettuce. Served on a Turkish roll. The sunflower seed pattie is vegan. Vegan cheese and mayo are available by request.
    • Refrito beans served with melted cheese, salsa and organic sour cream on corn chips with a seasonal salad garnish. Gluten-free. Vegan option.
    • A tasty protein pattie inside a soft tortilla wrap with fresh salad, grated Edam cheese and mayo. Vegan cheese adds $2.50.
    • Today’s curry with basmati rice served with a fresh Dosa and house chutney. Vegan option available. Gluten-free.
    • A tasty sunflower seed pattie with melted cheese, house chutney, mayo and fresh salad. Served with salad and/or fries. Vegan & gluten free options.
  • Koi Dio Phad
    • Thick rice noodles stir fried wife seasonal vegetables and your choice of meat.
  • Steamed Mussels
    • with Thai spices, fresh basil, chilli and served wife a garlic sauce.
  • Larb Salad
    • Spicy minced meat wife ground roasted rice, seasoned wife herbs, spices, mint leaves and coriander.
  • Phad Phong Karee
    • Seasonal vegetable stir fried with curry powder, egg. evaporated milk, chili paste and your choice of meat
  • Drunken Noodles
    • Thick rice noodles stir fried with vegetables in a Thai style basil and chilli with your choice of meat
  • Vegetable Golden bag
    • In house made deep fried pastry parcels filled with seasonal vegetables in Thai spices. Served wife sweet chilli sauce.
  • Tom Yum
    • spicy lemongrass soup with meat of your choice, fresh mushrooms and coriander
  • Steak Satay
    • Marinated beef steak skewers, served with special Bahn Thai peanut sauce.
  • Ensalada de Pollo (Chicken Salad) $16.50
    • Grilled chicken strips and bacon seasoned with a chipotle cream dressing and served on a bed of green salad
  • Ensalada de Camaron (Prawn Salad) $17.50
    • Delicately grilled prawns on a bed of green salad with our unique salad dressing
  • Tostadas $25.50
    • From Mexico city, these beautiful homemade crunchy corn tortillas are lavishly topped with refried beans, shredded lettuce, cheese and red salsa, served with guacamole and pico de gallo and your choice of chicken, beef, vegetarian or prawns (available for $2 extra)
  • Salsa Selection $13.50
    • Our Chef's selection of the most traditional sauces eaten in Mexico, including green and red salsa, black beans and guacamole served with freshly made corn chips
  • Fajitas $24.50 / $40.00
    • A basket of soft warm flour tortillas served with beautiful grilled strips of red and green capsicum, mushrooms and onion and your choice of chicken, beef or prawn (available for $2 extra) served with sides of guacamole, beans and sour cream. Available in a single serving or for two people
  • Mini Empanadas $16.50
    • Filled with only cheese or add chicken or beef
  • Antojitos Mexicanos $17.00
    • The translation for this dish is literally "little Mexican cravings", these little cravings are usually prepared by street vendors and most of them include corn as an ingredient. Includes mini salbutes (chicken) and fried vegetarian quesadillas. Served for two people or more
  • Ensalada de Mango con Almendras (Mango Salad with Almond) $16.50
    • Succulent sliced mango with a mix of green salad, fresh lime juice and almonds to make the perfect salad. Mexico is now one of the world's largest exporters of mangos
  • Steak satays $9.90
    • 4 marinated kebab sticks topped with peanuts sauce
  • Extra meat/ Combination of meats (chicken, beef, pork) $4.90
  • Rice $2.00
  • Guay tiew rad na - $12.90
    • Served With meat and vegetables and gravy on fried noodles
  • Kao pad kaprao - $12.90
    • Stirfried meat with chilli, basil and vegetables with rice
  • Fish cakes $8.90
    • Spicy fish cakes served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Fish cakes $8.90
    • Spicy fish cakes served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Pad Krathium Rad Kao - $12.90
    • Stir fried meat with garlic with rice [no vegetables]
  • GARLIC BREAD $10.00
    • toasted slices of ciabatta with homemade garlic butter
  • SHARE PLATTER $22.50/$45.00
    • squid rings, Hoki bites crumbed prawns onion rings spring rolls vegetable samosas and crinkle cut fries with a selection of sauces, sweet chili, tartare and tomato sauce
    • served with tomato sauce
    • served with garlic aioli
    • served on lightly toasted ciabatta
  • EGGS BENEDICT $15.00
    • English muffin served with crunchy bacon poached egg and a side of hollandaise
  • WEDGES $11.00
    • with cheese and bacon served with salsa and sour cream
  • CATCH OF THE DAY $17.00
    • choice of pan fried or beer battered fillet served with a side of fries fresh garden salad and lemon comes with tomato and tartare sauce
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