Brew Union Brewing Company in Palmerston North Menu

Brew Union Brewing Company in Palmerston North has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Soup of the day or Garlic Bread with Cheese from Amayjen the Restaurant. The Church Cafe' offers many options including B.L.T WITH HOLLANDAISE AND PLUM SAUCE and STEAK SANDWICH AND CHIPS. Argyle Hotel includes a wide range like Garlic bread or Classic shrimp cocktail. Onion Bhaji and Vegetable Samosa from . Indian 2night offers Parnells cafe and gallery and Nacho's.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Selection from Cabinet $6.00
  • Meat Patties $3.00
  • Blue Cod $55.90 / kg
  • Battered Scallops $2.00 / $10.00 / $20.00
    • Each / ½ Dozen / Dozen
  • Hotdogs $2.50
  • Battered Mussels $1.40 / $7.00 / $14.00
    • Each / ½ Dozen / Dozen
  • Red Cod $18.90 / kg
  • Donuts $1.50
  • Calamari Alla Griglia
    • grilled squid rings tossed in garlic, olive oil, parsley, lemon juice & rocket
  • m. $38.90
  • Prosciutto E Melone $18.90
    • parma ham, fresh melon & cracked pepper
  • Gamberi Romani
    • prawn cutlets pan fried in olive oil & garlic, flamed w. brandy, parsley & crema sauce, arborio rice & rocket
  • e. $19.90
  • Insalata Con Feta $16.90
    • fresh tomato, olives, feta, onion, white cannellini beans & capsicum
  • cheese pizza pane $ 7.90
  • Prosciutto E Bufala $26.90
    • buffalo mozzarella w parma ham, sundried tomato, fresh basil & marinated olives (as available)
  • Orange Kumara, Feta and Herb Burger $21
    • Served on toasted focaccia with hummus, relish, battered onion rings and fries
  • Classic Fish and Chips $20
    • Tempura battered or polenta crusted pan fried served with housemade tartare, salad and fries
  • Big Breakfast $21
    • Bacon, mustard mushrooms, poached eggs, hashbrowns, chorizo, roasted tomato, sourdough and relish
  • Pasta of the Day $18
    • See the staff for today's flavour
  • Oeufs Brouilles (Savoury Scrambled Eggs) $18 without bacon $15
    • With spinach, bacon, homemade tomato and onion relish and drizzled with truffle oil
  • Oeufs Benedicte (Eggs Benedict) $18
    • Served on English muffins with baby spinach and hollandaise. Mushroom
  • Petit Dejeuner Vegetalien (Vegan Breakfast) $18
    • Sauteed potato chunks, tomato, mushroom, kale and herb salad, roasted chickpea served with wholegrain toast and tomato chilli jam
  • Stuffed Squid $24
    • With a prawn, pea and squid ink Risotto served on a roquette garnish salad finished with a lemon and caper sauce
  • Pork Salad $19.50
    • Marinated Pork strips served on Baby Spinach, Fresh Garden Vegetables and Mung Beans with a Sweet Five Spice Dressing
  • Moxie Fry (Small Breakfast) $16.50
    • Gluten free toast, hash brown, bacon, sausage, tomato & mushrooms
  • Thai Beef Salad $19.50
    • Thai marinated sirloin strips served on salad greens with Cherry Tomatoes and a Balsamic Honey Vinegarette
  • Fresh Fruit Salad $10.80
    • Served with Caramelised Nuts and Yoghurt
  • Lamb Salad $19.50
    • Lamb strips served on a bed of Rocket, Cherry Tomatoes, Beetroot and Fennel Honey Roasted Pumpkin
  • Moxies Hawaiian Burger $19.50
    • Grilled Chicken tenders, Crispy Bacon and a Pineapple ring, with Fresh Coleslaw and Apricot and Capsicum Chutney in a toasted Focaccia Bun, with a side of Fries
  • Vegetarian Fry $16.50
    • Toasted Sourdough, Tomato, Hash Browns, Mushrooms & Baby Spinach with either poached, scrambled or fried eggs
  • Lamb Salad $19.50
    • Lamb strips served on a bed of Rocket, Cherry Tomatoes, Beetroot and Fennel Honey Roasted Pumpkin
  • Cheese & Garlic Naan $5.99
    • Refined flour bread stuffed with cheese and garlic
  • -Saag Aloo $12.90
    • Potato cooked in creamy spinach gravy
  • Chicken Malai Kebab $8.50
    • Tender pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, cheese and cream sauce, cooked in charcoal oven
  • Keema Naan $5.00
    • Refined flour bread stuffed with mince lamb
  • -Mushroom Palak $13.90
    • Fresh mushroom cooked in creamy spinach and spices
  • Indian Kachumber $5.00
    • Diced onion, tomato, cucumber with coriander leaves and freshly squeezed lemon
  • Entrée
    • Onion bhaji, spring rolls, chicken tikka and seekh kebab
  • -Lamb Mushroom Masala $15.50
    • Fresh mushroom tender diced lamb cooked with garlic, tomato and onion sauce
  • Hamburger N/A
    • The original. 100% beef patty, topped with onion, pickle and zesty ketchup and mustard, all on a soft, fluffy bun.
  • $25 Classics ShareBox® $25
    • Included in the Classics ShareBox®: 1 x Big Mac®, 1 x Cheeseburger, 1 x Quarter Pounder®, 1 x McChicken®, 2 x Small Fries, 2 x Medium Fries, 2 x Small Soft Drinks, 2 x Med Soft Drinks
  • McChicken® N/A
    • Made with New Zealand chicken breast sourced from Ingham®, in a seasoned tempura coating. Topped with locally grown crunchy iceberg lettuce and our exceptional McChicken® sauce, between a sesame seed bun. It's difficult to beat a classic.
  • Double Cheeseburger N/A
    • Bite into a double helping of your favourite burger. Two 100% beef patties topped with mouth-watering melted cheese, pickles, a tangy mustard and sweet tomato ketchup makes this burger irresistible.
  • Chicken McNuggets® N/A
    • Everything's better when it's bite-sized. Like our nuggets made with tender juicy chicken breast in a crisp tempura coating. Start the fun with our delicious dipping sauces, in BBQ, Sweet 'n Sour or Mustard.
  • Sweet 'n Sour Sauce N/A
    • Enjoy the fruity taste, with a hint of spice and soy.
  • Salted Caramel Frappé N/A
    • A decadent, freshly blended salted caramel explosion topped with irresistible whipped cream and indulgent caramel drizzle.
  • The Clubhouse Chicken - Grilled N/A
    • A tender, grilled chicken patty, crispy bacon, grilled onion, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and Big Mac® sauce in a brioche style bun. Feast your eyes, and your mouth, on the Clubhouse Chicken – Grilled.
  • Toastie $10.00
    • Cheese and ham toasted sandwich with fries
  • Kids Lunch Pack $10.00
    • Ham or Marmite sandwich Rice crackers, raisins and banana
  • Vegetarian Benny (GF V) $15.00
    • Hash browns (topped with) spinach, avocado and oven roasted tomato (topped with) soft poached eggs, hollandaise and rocket
  • Thai Beef Salad (GF) $18.00
    • Prime beef slices marinated in Thai satay flavours served on mesclun salad with mangos, radish, tomato, cucumber and black sesame seeds. Topped with crispy kumara chards and nam jam dressing
  • Chicken Burger $18.50
    • Herb and chilli marinated chicken served with caramelised pineapple,tomato, bacon, brie, apricot chilli chutney and mayo, on toasted burger buns with fries and house made aioli
  • Open Steak Sandwich $19.50
    • Prime scotch fillet minute steak with fresh salad greens, caramelised onions, oven roasted tomato, portabella mushroom, swiss cheese, house made bernaise sauce and green tomato relish on toasted sour dough Served with a side of fries >>
  • Beef Burger $12.00
    • With cheese and tomato sauce served with fries
  • Potato Dippers $12.00
    • Served with sour cream and sweet chilli or aioli(Add cheese and bacon $2.00)
  • B.L.T SANDWICH $12.00
  • CHIPS $4.20/$8.40
    • small/large
  • BANGERS & MASH $18.20
  • Malahi / Methi tikka
    • Chicken pieces, marinated with yoghurt, spices and the cooked in oven
  • -Half $10.00
  • Gobhi naan $4.00
    • Filled with cauliflower stuffed in
  • Lamb masala $16.90
    • Cooked in a wok in a spicy blend on masala
  • Chicken tikka
    • Juicy morsels of boneless chicken marinated in spices overnight and slow roasted in the tandoor
  • Lamb nawabi $16.90
    • Sauteed lamb with onions and tomatoes, garnished and flavoured with cashew nuts and onions
  • Chicken nuggets & chips $9.90
  • Fish biryani $17.90
    • Flavoured basmati rice cooked with marinated fish and spices
  • Wonton $0.80
  • Chocolate Explosion $3.20
    • Jam Rap & Chocolate Bar
  • Tartare Sauce $1.50
  • Tomato Sauce $1.00
  • 1 Fish ,1 Sping Roll & Chips $5.50
  • Sausages, Eggs & Chips $8.00
  • Spring Roll $2.50
  • Vege Roll $2.50
  • Seafood Platter $18.5
    • Pan fried in garlic butter green lipped mussels in half shell, scallops, prawns w tails & deep fried prawn twisters, served with tartare sauce
  • Gourmet Venison Burger $22
    • House-made venison patty served on a toasted bun with fresh salad, sliced tomato drizzled with aioli and topped with our special beetroot salsa - served with rustic thick-cut fries
  • New Zealand Diamond-Shell clams & Nz green lipped mussels (GF w/o the ciabatta) $29
    • This dish is one to get your mouth watering! Fresh clams & mussels steamed together in tomato, chilli & mint - served with toasted ciabatta
  • (GF = Gluten Free)
  • Chocolate Brownie $14
    • Warmed, drizzled with choc sauce & served with French vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
  • Onion & garlic stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon(GF) $32
    • drizzled w spiced plum & served on a swede & parsnip mash accompanied by steamed vegetables
  • Beef & Reef (GF) $38
    • 200gm of Premium New Zealand Angus eye fillet, seared prawns & scallops infused w garlic butter accompanied by button mushrooms, cherry tomatos & green beans
  • 300g Scotch Fillet Steak $34
    • Premium New Zealand Angus scotch fillet steak served on thyme potato’s, wilted spinach drizzled with béarnaise sauce & topped with house made onion rings
  • Soup of the Day $11.50
    • Ask for today’s soup, served with toasted focaccia bread
  • Lamb Shank (Gluten Free) $18.00
    • Braised lamb shank, slow cooked in a vegetable and rosemary stock, served upon a bed of creamy potato whip, kumara chips, grape tomatoes and a lamb jus
  • Pancake Stack $15.00
    • This classic combination of crispy bacon and bananas sandwiched between hotcakes finished off with maple syrup on the side
  • Thai-Style Salmon Salad (Gluten Free) $18.00
    • Smoked salmon with a vegetable salad, basil, coriander and mint chilli sauce and sweet chilli lime dressing
  • Bowl of Wedges with relish $6.00
  • Crispy Pulled Pork Spring Rolls (Gluten Free) $17.00
    • Served with an Asian slaw and dipping sauce
  • Garlic Mushrooms $6.00
  • Dark Chocolate Cake $15.00
    • Served with triple chocolate ice cream and a rich dark chocolate sauce
  • Wraps $7.50
  • Eggs on Toast $7.00
  • Club and Pinwheel $4.00
  • Flans $7.50
  • Raisin Toast - 2 slices $4.00
  • Sweet and Savoury $4.50
  • Big Rolls $7.50
  • Bacon & Eggs $12.00
    • Old fashioned beer battered fries, served with aioli and spicy tomato sauce
    • Homemade fish cakes garnished with a tropical salad, accompanied with a baguette
  • SPICED WEDGES $15.50
    • Grilled with tomato basil salsa and cheese, topped with sour cream
    • Traditional seafood cocktail of shrimp, prawn, crab, white fish and mussels, served on a chiffonade of lettuce, topped with a tangy seafood sauce accompanied With a wedge of lemon
    • Pan-fried coastal snapper topped with mango and orange cucumber salsa, served on a bed of wilted greens with a sweet potato galette, drizzled with lemon scented butter and accompanied with a light green salad
    • Fresh green lipped mussels lightly steamed and topped with a rich tomato, garlic and lemon infused sauce, served with crusty bread
    • Prime venison and beef marinated with ginger, garlic and spicy arornats, skewered on bamboo with honey cured bacon and lightly grilled, topped with garlic roasted capsicums drizzled with 880 sauce and served on a bed of white rice, accompanied with a light green salad
    • Filled with ham, tomato, mushroom and cheese, served With buttered wholegrain toast and finished with a tossed green salad
  • Lebanese bread $2.00
  • Desert dessert $6.90
    • a light creamy caramel mousse, topped with a dusting of fine milk chocolate
  • Basbousa $6.90
    • a sweet semolina cake soaked in a simple syrup with a touch of rose water
  • Konafa $6.90
    • a cheese pastry soaked in a sweet sugar based syrup & garnished with pistachio
  • Arabian kebab $14.90
    • your choice of beef, chicken, lamb, falafel, cooked on a stone top & served with our specialty house rice & salad. with your choice of sauce
  • Mediterranean $13.90
    • anchovies, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato sauce, olives, capsicum & capers
  • Also available in prawn or mixed +$2.00
  • Grilled cheese $8.90
    • grilled halloumi cheese served with lebanese bread
Brew Union Brewing Company

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