Espresso 101 in Palmerston North Menu

Espresso 101 in Palmerston North has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as - Add streaky bacon or - Add smoked salmon from Springvale Cafe. Portofino offers many options including garlic pizza pane and cheese pizza pane. Masonic Hotel Restaurant includes a wide range like Continental or Kiwi Breakfast. Seasoned Wedges with Sour Cream and Add Bacon and Cheese from . Flat Hills Cafe and Tourist Park offers Barista and Toast & Spreads.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Chicken Katsu Roll
    • Panko crumbed crispy chicken, avocado, lettuce, mayo, teriyaki sauce, furikake
  • Teriyaki Chicken Roll
    • Teriyaki chicken, avocado, coleslaw, japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce
  • Rainbow Roll
    • Fresh tuna, salmon, white fish, prawn, crab meat salad, avocado, wasabi, mayo, tobiko
  • -Small moriawase (5 pcs) $13.00
  • Vegetable Tempura $16.00
    • 10 pieces of seasonal vegetable with dipping broth
  • Prawn Tempura $18.00
    • 5 pieces of large shelled prawns with dipping broth
  • Haru Dinner Set (V) $28.00
    • Choose one main: Teriyaki chicken / teriyaki salmon / teriyaki beef / teriyaki tofu (V) / spicy pork. Comes with mixed tempura, sushi & sashimi, karaage chicken, agedashi tofu, salad, rice, miso soup
  • Teriyaki Aburi Salmon Roll
    • Seared fresh salmon, avocado, capsicum, japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce
  • Humus
  • Small $9.90
  • Tiramisu $7.50
    • Mascarpone cheese, lady fingers and espresso coffee
  • Served with rice, salad, carrot, hummus and jack dip
  • Vege Falafel Meal (Large size only)
    • Falafel with tabouleh, eggplant, hummus and jack dip served on salad
  • Beef / Lamb Chips Meal
  • Fries $4.50
    • With garlic mayo
  • Beef & Lamb Kebab Salad
    • Beef & Lamb doner served on fresh garden salad with hummus and jack dip
  • Veg Fritter $2.50
  • Mixed $7.50 / $9.90
    • Mini / Large
  • Falafal $8.50 / $9.90
    • Wrapped in Pita Bread. Small / Large
  • Beef $9.00 / $10.50
    • Wrapped in Pita Bread. Small / Large
  • Beef $11.90 / $14.90
    • Served with Rice. Small / Large
  • Vegetarian $10.00 / $12.00
    • Served with Rice. Small / Large
  • Chicken $7.50 / $9.90
    • Mini / Large
  • Falafel $2.00
    • Organic Tofu, Teriyaki Sauce, Peanut Sauce, Smashed Avocado, Salad, Relish And Free Range Aioli On A Smaller Bun Remove Aioli To Make It Vegan
    • 100% Pure Grass Fed Beef, Melted Cheddar, Sliced Sandwich Pickles, Free Range Mustard Aioli and Relish
    • European white chocolate with a raspberry sauce
  • BASTARD $14.90
    • 100% Pure Grass Fed Beef, Melted Cheddar, Tasty Bacon, Raw Grated Beetroot W/Chia Seeds, Juicy Mango, Smashed Avocado, Salad, Relish And Free Range Aioli
    • Dutch cocoa goodness combined with rich dark chocolate
    • Sweet chunks of toffee floating in a dreamy cloud of delicious ice cream
  • THUNDERBIRD $10.90
    • Free Range Grilled Chicken Breast, Sliced Jalapenos, Salad, Relish and Free Range Chipotle Aioli
  • BAMBINA $7.20
    • 100% Pure Grass Fed Beef, Salad, Relish And Free Range Aioli On A Smaller Bun
  • The Clubhouse Chicken - Grilled N/A
    • A tender, grilled chicken patty, crispy bacon, grilled onion, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and Big Mac® sauce in a brioche style bun. Feast your eyes, and your mouth, on the Clubhouse Chicken – Grilled.
  • Cheeseburger N/A
    • Our legendary cheeseburger is a combo of 100% beef, onions, pickle, ketchup, mustard and cheese, all in a soft burger bun.
  • The Boss® N/A
    • Eat like a boss with this Kiwi favourite. With two juicy beef patties, two cheeses, lettuce, onion, tomato and sauce all on a sesame seed bun. The Boss is back.
  • Wake up with a Chicken McMuffin® N/A
    • Take one delicious chicken patty made with NZ chicken breast sourced from Ingham®, in a seasoned tempura coating, then sandwich it with creamy mayo and cheese inside a warm, toasted English muffin.
  • Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap® N/A
    • We take a strip of succulent, marinated and crumbed 100% chicken breast fillet. Then we add fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayonnaise and carefully hand wrap it all in a soft tortilla wrap.
  • Chicken McWrap® Caesar - Grilled N/A
    • Introducing the new delicious Chicken Caesar McWrap®, with grilled 100% NZ chicken, tasty bacon pieces, shaved parmesan and crisp iceberg lettuce drizzled with creamy Caesar sauce all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla and ready to eat on the go.
  • Chicken McWrap® Caesar - Crispy N/A
    • Introducing the new delicious Chicken Caesar McWrap®, with crispy 100% NZ chicken, tasty bacon pieces, shaved parmesan and crisp iceberg lettuce drizzled with creamy Caesar sauce all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla and ready to eat on the go.
  • Grilled Chicken & Aioli McWrap® N/A
    • The new delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap®, with ingredients like 100% NZ grilled chicken, juicy tomatoes, all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla.
  • Onion Kulcha $3.00
    • Stuffed with onion cilantro and spices
  • Prawn / Scallop Malabari $13.99/$14.49
    • Tiger Prawns/ Scallops cooked in ginger, garlic and tomato, finished with delicious coconut gravy
  • Biryani Chicken/Lamb/Beef/Prawn/Veg $11.99/$12.49/$12.49/$10.49
    • Rice flavoured with whole spices, rose water and meat cooked with onion tomato sauce garnished with nuts, cilantro and brown onion
  • Chicken / Lamb / Beef Do-Pyaza see above
    • Boneless meat tossed with diced onion and finished with thick onion and tomato sauce
  • Mains N/A
    • All mains served with Basmati rice
  • Aloo Gobi $11.99
    • Potato and cauliflower florets cooked with chopped onion and tomato, garnished with ginger and cilantro
  • Vindaloo Prawn / Scallop $13.99/$14.49
    • Prawn/Scallop cooked in tomato sauce and strong aromatic spices
  • Raita $2.00
  • Kumara fries $12.90
    • loaded with salsa
  • Open chicken sandwich $20.00
    • free range chicken breast marinated in a jerk seasoning. Served with savoury plum sauce and fresh salad leaves on homemade bread
  • Avocado smash $19.00
    • avocado, spinach and feta on GF toast, topped with a poached egg
  • Jackfruit Royale $16.50
    • shredded and spiced jackfruit served on a homemade bun with greens & and apple & onion relish
  • Freedom farm $9.50
    • ham, mustard, mayo & salad
  • Chorizo hash $16.50
    • Woody’s Farm chorizo, potatoes and onion topped with a soft poached egg
  • Bean tacos $18.50
    • slow cooked beans, lightly spiced and served with finely sliced red onion, tomato and salad greens on soft corn tortillas, served with a creamy dill dip
  • Royale tempeh salad $17.50
    • fresh salad leaves tossed in our vinaigrette and nut mix, topped with beetroot relish and grilled tempeh
  • Beef masala $16.90
    • Cooked in a wok in a spicy blend of masala
  • Chicken jal frazie $16.90
    • Boneless chicken pieces cooked with juliennes of onion, tomato, capsicum, carrot and onion sauce
  • Paneer or aloo mattar $16.90
    • Potatoes, cottage cheese and peas cooked together in a subtle spicy gravy
  • -Half $10.00
  • -Full $16.00
  • Tandoori chicken
    • Chicken (with bone) marinated in yoghurt, spices and cooked in tandoor
  • -Full $15.99
  • Lamb madras $16.90
    • Delicious curry farnished and prepared with coconut sauce in south indian style
  • Vegetable Pakora $5.50
    • Fresh seasonal vegetables dipped in spiced chickpea batter and deep fried.
  • Paneer Tikka $6.50
    • Cottage cheese marinated with yoghurt, spices and then cooked in our tandoor
  • Lamb Roganjosh $10.00
    • A deliciously spiced slow cooked lamb in a rich onion gravy with a special mix of spices giving this dish its brilliant colour.
  • Beef Korma $10.00
    • Tender beef pieces cooked in a rich cashew nut gravy.
  • Chicken Korma $10.00
    • Tender boneless chicken pieces cooked in a rich cashew nut gravy.
  • Lamb Seekh Kebab $8.00
    • Tender lamb mixed with spices, herbs and cooked in our tandoor.
  • Lamb Korma $10.00
    • Tender boneless lamb pieces cooked in a rich cashew nut gravy.
  • MAIN combo $13.50/$13.50
    • Includes ‘Full Menu’ curry (excl. seafood), rice, plain naan and your choice of Coke, Fanta or Sprite
  • Lamb Sekuwa 15.90
    • Tender piece of lamb marinated in Nepalese spicy, sauce and cooked in a charcoal oven, served with Nepali Achar (sauce)
  • Butter Naan 3.50
    • Leavened flour bread with butter
  • Prawn Jalfrezi 16.90
    • Jalfrezi was one of the supreme dishes created during the days of the Raj "Thaj" is hot and "freeze" is stir fried cooked with red capsicum, tomatoes, spring onions and spices
  • Dal Makhni 13.90
    • Lentils and kidney beans cooked in caramelized onions and spices with creamy sauce
  • Plain Naan 3.00
    • Leavened flour bread
  • Chicken Tikka Masala 14.90
    • An internationally renowned dish, boneless chicken cooked in a secret recipe of yoghurt, cream and spices
  • Mango Chicken 14.90
    • Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a creamy mango sauce flavoured with green cardamon
  • Lamb Chennai 15.90
    • A South Indian dish with coconut cream, onions, tomatoes, ginger/garlic of spices. Lemon rice is a real compliments with this dish
  • Vegetarian Tempura
  • Green Tea Ice-Cream $9.00
  • Sizzling Prawn
    • prawns wrapped with our special creamy sauce
  • Vegetarian Tempura $12.00
  • Vegetarian Sushi With miso soup $16.00
    • Maki sushi filled with vegetables, our own dressing and sweet chili sauce
  • Ice-Cream with Plum Wine $11.00
    • for 18 years old and over
  • Rice
  • Nigiri Sushi $16.00
    • 6 pieces of hand-molded sushi with two type of topping, salmon and chicken (no seaweed)
  • Continental
    • Juice - Cereal & Fruit - Toast & Jam - Tea or Coffee
  • • Bacon & Eggs two fried eggs – two rashers bacon - hash brown - tomato – spaghetti
  • • Scrambled Eggs on toast – two rashers bacon - hash brown - tomato – spaghetti
  • • Mixed Grill one sausage – one rasher bacon - two fried eggs - hash brown - tomato - spaghetti
  • Kiwi Breakfast
    • Juice - Cereal & Fruit - Toast & Jam - "Cook Up" (below) - Tea or Coffee
  • • Poached Eggs on toast – two rashers bacon - hash brown - tomato – spaghetti
  • • Sausages & Eggs two sausages - hash brown – two fried eggs - tomato –spaghetti
    • Fresh homemade fruit cheesecake served with ice-cream and double cream
    • Homemade lemon meringue pie served with ice cream and double cream
    • Homemade flour free lasagne served with a tossed green salad and garlic baguette
  • FRENCH TOAST $17.50
    • Sugar and cinnamon toasted baguette topped with grilled bacon, banana and pineapple, drizzled with maple syrup
    • Please ask for today's choice, served with ice-cream and double cream
    • Hearty burger comprising of 100% homemade ground beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, egg, beetroot, tomato relish and mayonnaise, served with beer battered fries
  • KILIMANJARO $15.50
    • Tropical fruit salad infused with cognac and topped with meringue
    • Traditional homemade trifle with layers of sherry infused sponge, custard, jelly and fruit, finished with double cream
  • Beet Salad $13
    • roasted beetroot, pecan nuts & goats cheese salad with lemon dressing
  • Lemon & Lavender Chicken $14
    • grilled chicken tenderloins infused with lemon & lavender & served on shaved fennel, orange segments & red onion salad
  • extra-large $24
  • Confit Duck $32
    • whole leg of duck served with mustard & tarragon mash, light aromatic broth pickled red cabbage & beetroot salad, curried parsnip crisps (GF)
  • Bubbles House Platter $30
    • salt & pepper squid, morrocan spiced fried penne, 3 mixed kebabs, marinated kalamata olives, 4 meatballs greek style, 3 sundried tomato and feta polenta wedges, garlic aioli dip, olive oil & balsamic, 6 assorted fresh baked pinwheels
  • Cheeseboard $18
    • kapiti baby blue cheese, creamy camembert, aged cheddar, port soaked cheddar, grilled haloumi, pinot noir paste, served with crostini stack
  • New Zealand Salmon $30
    • grilled salmon fillet served with salsa verde gourmet potatoes streaky bacon wrapped asparagus & caper dressing (GF)
  • Summer Pudding $14
    • pudding with mixed berries in a white chocolate syrup served with vanilla & rosewater cream
  • Chicken Caesar Salad $14.90
    • W/ Chicken, Bacon, Cos Lettuce, Parmesan & topped with a poached egg, dressing & croutons
  • Hot Cakes $4.00
    • Add Bacon
  • Soup of the Day $9.90
    • Choice of Five Grain or White Toast
  • Eggs Benedict on Agria Hash $14.90
    • Spinach & Mushroom
  • Fries $3.90/$7.50
    • W/ Aioli and Tomato Sauce - Regular/Large
  • Oats / Porridge $10.00
    • W/ Mixed Berries, Milk & Brown Sugar
  • Eggs Benedict on Agria Hash $14.90
    • Bacon
  • Wedges $13.90
    • Bacon & Cheese
Espresso 101

Espresso 101



42 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North, Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, 4410, New Zealand





Opened hours

Mon - Fri 7am - 3:30pm
price range


$10 - $20




service level


Counter Service



Cafe Food , New Zealand



Mastercard ,  Visa ,  Wheelchair accessible ,  Takeout ,  Bar Not Available ,  Seating Not Available ,  Seating ,  Street Parking ,  No Takeaway ,  Digital Payments ,  Outdoor Seating ,  Cash only

42 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North, Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, 4410, New Zealand
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