Little Sister Cafe in Auckland Menu

  • Goldylocks Porridge $12.5
    • Just like goldy likes it, high-protein white quinoa porridge with medjool date, apple soaked in demerara sugar and almond milk topped with rhubarb ribbon and fresh honeycomb
  • Aunty Lisa's Muesli Parfait $11.5
    • A raw heavenly concoction of superfood steel cut oats, chia seeds, goji berry, sunflower seeds & sweet soaked apple on a bed of honey whipped coconut cream and covered with black doris plum coulis
  • Balinese Sticky Black Rice $11
    • Get that sticky goodness. Our famous black rice served with grilled banana, palm sugar, and coconut milk, Schapelle's ongoing favourite
  • Ricotta Hotcakes $16.5
    • Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Satisfy those urges with hotcakes served with winter fruit, pine nut brittle, lemon curd, vanilla blueberry mascarpone and drizzled with maple syrup
  • Ricotta Hotcakes $19.5
    • w/ Bacon
  • Toast & Eggs $9.5
    • Free range eggs poached, fried or scrambled served on your choice of ciabata bread, sourdough, five-grain or gluten free
  • The Big Sister $19.5
    • Our classic kiwi feed. Free-range streaky bacon, bratwurst sausage, fried vine tomatoes, fried gourmet potatoes, house tomato relish, toast and eggs how you like 'em
  • The Magic Sister $18.5
    • The herbivore version. Fried gourmet potatoes, slow roasted capsicum, fried vine tomatoes, field mushrooms, grilled eggplant, avocado, house tomato relish, toast & eggs how you like 'em
  • Smoked Kahawai Cake $17.5
    • Crispy chili crumbed kahawai fish cake with red onion, capsicum, spring onion, lemon and coriander served with baby spinach and lemon hollandaise
  • Lamb + Quinoa Salad $19
    • Loin of the lamb salad with cumin spiced eggplant, quinoa, pine nuts, baby beetroot, hummus, goat feta and drizzled with honey paprika dressing
  • Kiwi as Baked Beans $16.5
    • Valrhona cocoa baked beans with smoked spicy tomato ragu served in an open pan with toasted sourdough bread. Add a poached egg $2. Get exotic and add black pudding $2
  • Green Omelette $16.5
    • Vegetarian green omelette flipped and fried with capsicum, potato, pecorino cheese and baby spinach
  • Green Omelette $18
    • w/ Toast
  • Green Omelette $4
    • Would you like it with some salmon?
  • Green Omelette $4
    • add some prosciutto?
  • Eggs Benedict $18
    • Poached free range eggs on ciabata w/lemon hollandaise and Free range dry cured streaky bacon
  • Eggs Benedict $19
    • Poached free range eggs on ciabata w/lemon hollandaise and House cured Akaroa salmon
  • Eggs Benedict $18
    • Poached free range eggs on ciabata w/lemon hollandaise and Avocado and slow roasted mushrooms
  • Field Mushroom $17.5
    • With smashed gourmet potatoes, quinoa, roasted eggplant, grilled halloumi, beetroot feta puree and rocket. Top off the stack with a poached egg $2. Wrap it up with some crispy dry cured streaky bacon $2
  • Squash Salad $18.5
    • Garlic herb butterscotch pumpkin salad tossed with roasted pumpkin and sesame spiced seeds, sour cherry, basil, halloumi, baby sprouts, beetroot puree and drizzled with sour cherry dressing
  • Mish Mash Hash $17.5
    • House slow-cooked corned beef with smashed gourmet fried potatoes, rocket, feta and toped off with two poached eggs
  • Big Brother Burger $18.5
    • Slow cooked pork in bourbon BBQ sauce, tomato chilli marmalade, apple slaw and packed into a banging brioche bun - served with shaved kumara crisps and aioli
  • Little Sister Special Board $20
    • Mix up your tasting experience and get a treat board including a selection of aunty Lisa's mini muesli parfait, our house cured akaroa salmon, a soft boiled egg, brie, pecorino cheese, a pickle, valrhona cacao baked beans, black forest ham and a mini bagel
  • Avocado, Roasted Vine Tomato $4
  • Free Range Streaky Bacon, Bratwurst Sausage $5
  • House Cured Akaroa Salmon $6
  • Lemon Hollandaise $2

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Little Sister Cafe


91 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland, 0610, New Zealand



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Mon 7 AM to 3 PM Tue 7 AM to 3 PM Wed 7 AM to 3 PM Thu 7 AM to 3 PM Fri 7 AM to 3 PM Sat 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM Sun 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM








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Breakfast ,  Waitstaff ,  Takeout ,  Lunch ,  Seating ,  Child-friendly

91 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland, 0610, New Zealand
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