Rahotu Fish 'n' Chips in Taranaki Menu

Rahotu Fish 'n' Chips in Taranaki has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Big seaside breakfast or French toast from Seaside Grill. Esquires Coffee Houses offers many options including Big Breakfast and Eggs Benedict with Salmon. Pizza Club includes a wide range like Sour Cream or Potato Gems. (mixed with vegetable mushrooms bean sprouts) and Plain Vegetable from . M and M Takeaways offers Xi'an Restaurant and S17. Wonton soup.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • 3 Mixed Pakora $8.00
    • Thinly Sliced Potato, Onion, Silverbeet And Cauliflower, Mixed In A Chickpea Batter And Flash Fried.
  • Chana Masala $18.99
    • Boiled Chickpeas Cooked With Onion, Potatoes, Coriander And Mix Spice. Goes Well With Mango Chutney.
  • Naan $4.50
    • Plain Flour Bread Baked In Tandoor, Garnished With Butter
  • Tandoori Chicken h $12.90 f $23.90
    • Chicken (With Bone) Marinated In Yoghurt And Spices Cooked In Tandoor. Served On A Hot Sizzling Plate With White Sauce.
  • Jalfrezee Chicken $20.99
    • Tender Pieces Of Boneless Chicken, Half Cooked In Tandoor And Finished With Sliced Capsicum, Onion And Spices. Garnished With Fresh Coriander And Ginger.
  • Individual Side Dish each $2.99
    • Raita, Mint Chutney, Mango Chutney, Pickles And Tamarind Sauce.
  • Mixed Platter For Two f $20.90
    • A Selection Of Various Entrees For Two Served On A Hot Sizzling Plate (Samosa, Pakora, Chicken Tikka And Seekh Kebab).
  • Goat Curry $19.99
    • A North Indian Favourite - This Traditional Goat Curry Is Cooked On The Slow Fire With Seven Spices And Finished With Coriander And Red Onion Garnish.
  • Egg $2.50
  • Spinach $2.00
  • Mini hot dogs and fries $7.50
  • Brioche French Toast $17.90
    • Orange flavoured brioche lightly caramelised, stacked with streaky bacon and banana served with cream cheese whip, maple syrup, sprinkled with pistachio praline.
  • Fish And Chips $18.50
    • Deep fried, beer battered cod fillets served with fries, salad and tartare sauce.
  • -Extra filling $3.50
  • -Extra toppings $3.00
  • -Add Chicken $18.90
  • Gourmet Beef $16.00
    • Great Kiwi burger with fresh salad and our own Burger beef pattie, served with beer battered fries.Or choose chicken, fish or pork.
  • Bruschetta $9.00
    • Traditional Ciabatta with smoked chicken, cranberry and melted cheese.
  • Croquettes $9.00
    • Ham and Garlic crumbed potato covered in Napoli cheese sauce.
  • Beer Batter Fries
  • Vegetarian Samosa $10.00
    • Indian classic, spiced potato and peas in a crunchy crust, served with raita.
  • Chicken Curry $19.00
    • Yummy authentic Indian curry made with succulent chicken breast. Served on rice with a refreshing yoghurt raita.
  • Mushrooms $9.00
    • Perfectly sauteed button mushrooms, with fresh of rosemary and bacon served on a piece of garlic bread. Vegetarian option without bacon available.
  • Pork Belly $26.00
    • Succulent Pork Belly Strips grilled and topped with honey mustard, apple and red onion sauce served with beer battered fries and fresh salad.
  • Baked chocolate pudding, fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream $15.00
  • Three cheese polenta w cherry tomatoes, baby beets, puy lentils V $18.00
  • Fries $6.50
  • Beef cheeks $33.00
    • slow cooked in red wine served on soft mash
  • Onion rings $5.00
  • Berry or chocolate sundae $12.00
  • Chateaubriand for two $85.00
    • double fillet steak prepared & flambéed at your table spiced w mushrooms & worcestershire finished w a demi glaze & cream
  • Market fish panko $35.00
    • crumbed w tartare or pan-fried w tomato salsa , preserved lemon mayonnaise, mash GFA
  • Pie $10.00
    • Prohibition home made Key lime pie served with a raspberry sorbet & creme anglaise.
  • Brownie $10.00
    • Warm triple chocolate brownie covered in chocolate sauce & sweetened whipped cream.
  • Bacon Rasher $3.00
  • Sauteed Broccoli $8.00
    • Preserved lemon, parsley oil, toasted seeds & shaved parmesan.
  • Poutine $10.00
    • Handuct potato chips, beef jus & smoked cheddar fondue.
  • Double Meat $4.00
  • Prohibition Fried Chicken $12.00
    • Chipotle mayo dipping sauce & fresh lemon.
  • Mini Fried Chicken Burger $10.00
    • With hand cut chips & tomato sauce.
  • -large $19.50
  • Vegie Burger $18.50
    • delicious chickpea, mushroom, coriander and chilli patty with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and relish on a toasted sesame bun with fries
  • Fish and Chips $18.50
    • beer battered F.O.D, salad, fries, tartare sauce
  • Ravioli $19.50
    • roasted pumpkin, rocket, parmesan, creamy tomato sauce, fresh basil
  • -add fried egg $1.00
  • -add hash brown. $1.00
  • Chicken Burger $18.50
    • grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cranberry on a toasted sesame seed bun with fries
  • -large $17.50
  • Toasted Prawns $9
    • Minced Prawns, mixed in Asian spices, topped with Sesame seeds on Crispy bread and served with homemade Sweet-Chilli sauce and a small side of Inflame Salad.
  • Grilled Steak $23.5
    • Grilled Scotch Fillet on Hot Gravy, served with Inflame Salad with Balsamic Dressing and Hot Fries.
  • Breakfast Burger $15
    • Bacon & Eggs Burger with Hollandaise sauce and Hash browns or Chips.
  • Scrambled Eggs $16
    • Eggs Served with Bacon, Tomatoes, Toasts and 2 Hash brown.
  • Balsamic Chicken Salad $15
    • Crispy Crumbed Chicken, topped with Cashew nuts on an Inflame Salad with Balsamic Dressing sprinkled with Crispy Asian Noodles.
  • B.L.T $15
    • With Fries & Eggs
  • Panini $8.5
    • Grilled Panini with Cheese & Bacon with sweet plum sauce or Chicken & Cheese with Apricot Sauce.
  • Chicken Satay & Roti $15
    • Grilled marinated Chicken Satay along with hot Roti-Bread, served with Homemade Sweet Satay Peanut sauce and a small side of Inflame Salad.
  • Steak, Egg and Cheese N/A
  • Herb & Garlic Toasties N/A
  • Subway Seafood Sensation N/A
  • Ranch N/A
  • Italian Herbs & Cheese N/A
  • Veggie Patty N/A
  • Roast Beef N/A
  • Chicken Classic N/A
  • Chicken Breast $34.00
    • Pistachio, lyonnaise potato, butternut squash puree, charred corn (GF)
  • Open Sandwich $20.00
    • Choose either grilled fillet steak or grilled chicken breast, beetroot relish, bacon, melted cheese, tomato and salad greens, built up on crusty sourdough bread with beer battered onion rings
  • For four $35.00
  • Strawberry and Cream $15.00
    • Strawberry compote, fresh strawberries, mascarpone mousse, crispy meringues
  • Bread and Dips (V)
  • Selection of premium cheeses served with crackers, nuts, grapes, quince jelly and manuka honey
  • Confit Pork Belly $17.00
    • Parsnips and vanilla puree, apple, pickles, rhubarb get (GF, DF)
  • Market Fish of the Day - Ask your server for today's dish $35.00
  • B.L.A.S.T. Sandwich Bacon, lettuce, guacamole, cheese, tomato, relish, mayo $8.50
  • Ginger Beer (330ml) $3.50
  • 200g Sirloin Steak LG* $16.00
  • Fish Burger** Fish fillet, lettuce, tomato, cheese, tartare $7.50
  • Groms Mini Hot Dog (2) -
  • BBQ, Diane, Tomato, Tartare $1.00
  • Grilled Chicken Burger Chicken breast, guacamole, tomato, lettuce, cheese, mayo $12.00
  • Mussel $1.50
  • Angus Beef Burger $15.50
    • Angus beef pattie topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce, beetroot relish & creamy aioli encased in a toasted ciabatta bun
  • Breakfast Stack (Vegetarian) $16.00
  • Gourmet Toasted Sandwiches $10.50
    • Bacon & Egg, Chicken & Mushroom, Chicken Schnitzel or Ham, Cheese & Tomato. Served on fresh toasted turkish bread
  • Soup of the Day $9.50
    • Served with fresh focaccia bread & butter. Please ask to the counter for today's flavour
  • Muesli with Fruit and Yoghurt $10.50
    • Toasted Muesli served with fresh fruit and yoghurt
  • Eggs Any Style with Toast $10.50
    • Free range eggs scrambled, poached or fried served with toast
  • Bacon & Eggs $15.50
    • Free range eggs any style with bacon, served with toast
  • French Toast $15.50
    • Sourdough bread served with bacon, grilled banana and maple syrup
  • With chips & salad $28.50
  • Battered scallops $18.50
  • Oven baked garlic cob $7.50
    • With aioli
  • Grilled scotch fillet on creamy potato mash $27.50
    • With mushroom sauce or garlic butter
  • Lunches available Tuesday thru Sundays 11.30am - 2.00pm Dinners available Tuesday thru Sundays 5.30pm - 8.30pm
  • Soup of the day $8.50
    • With Grilled Bread
  • Seasonal vegetables $6.00
  • Creamy potato mash $4.00
  • Apple Crumble Pie $11.5
    • Warm spiced apple pie with a crumble topping. Served with rhubarb and strawberry compote, ice cream and cream.
  • Vege Burger $20.90
    • For the hungry vegetarian: A generous stack of vege patty, fried egg, crispy onion rings, tomato, avocado and fresh greens. Loaded with grilled cheese, aioli, relish and served with classic fries.
  • -Garlic Prawns $5.90
  • Oven-Roasted Half Chicken $26.50
    • A half chicken marinated in our Chef's special blend of mild spices, then oven-roasted and served with fries and salad.
  • Soup of the Day
    • Freshly made by our Chef and topped with croutons.
  • Pan Fried Scallops GF $16.90
    • Sautéed scallops with crispy bacon, presented on seasonal salad. With lemon and garlic aioli.
  • Senior gold menu-desserts
  • Sticky Date Pudding $11.5
    • Perfect for cold winter nights. Warm Sticky Date Pud topped with Butterscotch Sauce and served with crème anglaise and ice cream.
  • Mashed potato $4.00
  • Pulled Pork Burger $17.50
    • 3 hour slow cooked pork in a beef jus, stacked with sautéed onions, gherkins and coleslaw, drizzled in BBQ sauce, served with shoestring fries
  • Garden Salad $16.00
    • Mesclun, carrot, avocado, cucumber, tomato and red onion tossed with sesame seeds and a light lemon dressing
  • Thai Beef Salad $21.00
    • Sliced scotch cooked in a Thai paste and coconut cream tossed through mesclun, carrot, red onion and crispy noodles finished with a sprinkle of fresh chilli
  • Garden Salad $16.00
    • Mesclun, carrot, avocado, cucumber, tomato and red onion tossed with sesame seeds and a light lemon dressing
  • Pork Belly $26.90
    • 3 hour braised pork belly served with potato gratin, baby buttered carrots and moa cider jelly
  • Chefs Fish and Chips $21.90
    • New Zealand caught fish of the day with your choice of Boundary Road beer battered or pan-fried, served with house made fries, coleslaw and tartare sauce
  • Chicken and Bacon Salad $19.90
    • Sautéed chicken and bacon tossed through mesclun, carrot, red onion, cucumber and avocado, finished with an aioli dressing
  • Eggs benedict $17.00
    • Choice of bacon or salmon,topped with hollandaise sauce
  • Creamy garlic mushroom $17.50
    • Mushroom sautéed served on a parmesan and paprika savory french toast
  • Warm lamb salad $18.00
    • Lamb pan-fried with dried tomato and feta, topped with salad honey mustard and avocado oil
  • Butty $9.50
    • Bacon or kransky sausage with fries egg served on stoch roll
  • open chicken sandwich $18.50
    • BBQ chicken and bacon with cheese on top of toasted vienna bread and salad
  • Chiclken laksa $17.50
    • Chicken cooked in ligth coconut red curry sauce, served with udon noodle and chinese dumplings
  • Monsignor croute $12.00
    • French style toasted sammy with tomato and brie or ham and cheese
  • French toast $17.00
    • Served with bacon, banana, mapple syrup and whipped
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