Roast 4 T in Manawatu-Wanganui Menu

Roast 4 T in Manawatu-Wanganui has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Sausage and chips or Platter with assorted meats and cheeses, roasted olives, beetroot relish, hummus, served with bread and crackers from Port Fitzroy. Kennedy Point Vineyard offers many options including French Cheese Board and French Cheese Board. Bennetts Cafe includes a wide range like Bircher Muesli or Eggs Any Style. 1 SAUSAGE and 1 HOTDOG from . Mt Roskill Fisheries offers Brew on Quay and Brew Style Bratwurst and Sauerkraut.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Soup of the Day $12.00
    • Served with Ciabatta
  • Home Made Gnocchi $22.00
    • Homemade potato and parmesan gnocchi with roasted vine tomato, capsicum, spinach, pine nuts and sage beurre noisettes
  • Steak Sandwich $24.00
    • AngusPure on garlic ciabatta with mixed salad greens. Tomato, grilled flat brown mushroom, caramelised onions and béarnaise sauce. Served with shoestring fries
  • Seafood Chowder $17.00
    • A selection of seafood in a creamy veloute. Served with toasted ciabatta
  • Chicken Salad $24.00
    • Moroccan spiced chicken with mixed green, avocado, feta, capsicum, roasted almonds, maple and seeded mustard dressing
  • Confit Duck Salad $24.00
    • With mixed greens, orange, apple, cranberry, maple walnuts and honey mustard dressing
  • Calamari Salad $22.00
    • Lightly Szechuan pepper coated calamari tossed in a fresh herb and chilli salad, with lime aioli grilled lemon
  • Te Mata Fig and Chevre $22.00
    • Chargrilled Sourdough topped with a goat cheese and fresh figs, shaved fennel, prosciutto, orange and raspberry gastrique
  • Chicken McNuggets® Hunger Buster N/A
    • Everyone knows that Chicken McNuggets are a Cheeseburger’s best friend. Recent research indicates the two get along famously with medium fries and a medium soft drink.
  • $20 Mates Hunger Buster $20
    • Grab a mate and share 2 Big Mac and 2 Cheeseburgers, fries and drinks. This deal is sure to bust your hunger.
  • The Almighty Angus® 1/2lb N/A
    • Crispy bacon, a 1/2 pound of juicy 100% NZ Angus beef, red onion, cheese, and a dash of tomato relish in our new chilli chive bun. If you’re serious about seriously good Angus, you'll want to make time for this burger.
  • Mega Waffle Cone N/A
    • Put a twist on our classic soft-serve with a crunchy waffle cone, topped with a delicious helping of hot chocolate fudge sauce and two chocolate Cadbury Flake®. It’s pure pleasure.
  • The Serious Angus® N/A
    • It’s time to get serious. With our new chilli chive bun, juicy 100% NZ Angus beef, crispy bacon, red onion, fresh tomato, lettuce and cheese, not much will be able to distract you from The Serious Angus.
  • Choc Orange Flavour Shake N/A
    • Try our new tasty Choc Orange Shake, made with creamy, fresh milk ingredients. It's so thick it barely makes it up the straw.
  • Hotcakes N/A
    • Start your day the McDonald's® way. Enjoy the great feeling of pouring sweet syrup over melting whipped butter. Watch while it seeps between the layers of fluffy, warm hotcakes for a soft, sweet and delicious breakfast.
  • McChicken® N/A
    • Made with New Zealand chicken breast sourced from Ingham®, in a seasoned tempura coating. Topped with locally grown crunchy iceberg lettuce and our exceptional McChicken® sauce, between a sesame seed bun. It's difficult to beat a classic.
  • Extras
    • Bacon / salmon / tomato / mushrooms / eggs / hash browns / spinach / salad greens / sausage / toast
  • Summer muesli (DF ) (V) $16.00
    • Orlando’s own bircher muesli mix with strawberry, lime and ginger compote with yoghurt. Topped with blueberries, fresh mint and lashings of rosemary lavender infused local honey.
  • -Add two poached eggs $3.80
  • -Bacon
  • -Garlic Butter
  • Please inform our staff of any allergies or dietary requirements
  • Hotcakes $10.90
    • A stack of three fluffy hotcakes, dusted in icing sugar with a side of maple syrup.
  • -Mushroom/Tomato
  • 3 Fish, 2 scoops, 1 hot dog, 1 spring roll, 1 potato fritter $15.00
  • 4 Fish, 2 scoops, 1 hot dog, 1 spring roll, 2 Potato Fritters, 3 chicken nuggets $20.00
  • Chicken $4.00
  • 5 Fish, 3 scoops, 2 hot dogs, 1 spring roll, 2 potato fritters $25.00
  • Cheese $2.00
  • Donut $1.50
  • Moro Bar $2.50
  • Meat Pattie $2.00
  • Big Breakfast (GF) (DF) $20
    • Crispy bacon, kransky sausage, potato herb cakes, grilled tomato, creamy mushrooms, whole meal toast and eggs cooked to your liking
  • Works wedges $15
    • served with sour cream, cheese, relish and bacon
  • Steak sandwich (GF) (DF) $21
    • 250gm Scotch fillet resting on sourdough and garden greens topped with red onion relish, béarnaise sauce and balsamic reduction
  • Toasted sandwiches (GF)
    • Choose from- Ham, cheese, tomato, bacon, sweet corn, egg or onion
  • Duck Curry (GF) (DF) $22
    • A sweet Vietnamese red curry with cherry tomato and mandarin served on coconut rice with crunchy poppadums
  • Seafood Chowder $18
    • A thick, chunky seafood soup made with mussels, shrimp and surimi. Served with house made bread
  • Lamb Salad (GF) (DF) $21
    • Marinated lamb, toasted pine nuts, cherry, parmesan, kumara shavings and mesculin with a raspberry vinaigrette
  • Plain Wedges $10
    • served with sour cream and tomato sauce
  • Wrap N/A
  • Honey Mustard N/A
  • Italian B.M.T N/A
  • Avocado Toasties N/A
  • Pork Riblet N/A
  • Sweet Onion N/A
  • Lettuce N/A
  • Chipotle N/A
  • Eggs Benedict
    • Free range eggs, poached on toasted focaccia bread, served with hollandaise sauce
  • Eggs Any Style with Toast $10.50
    • Free range eggs scrambled, poached or fried served with toast
  • Soup of the Day $9.50
    • Served with fresh focaccia bread & butter. Please ask to the counter for today's flavour
  • Angus Beef Burger $15.50
    • Angus beef pattie topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce, beetroot relish & creamy aioli encased in a toasted ciabatta bun
  • Pancakes with bacon and banana $15.50
    • Served with grilled banana, bacon and maple syrup
  • Bacon & Eggs $15.50
    • Free range eggs any style with bacon, served with toast
  • -With Bacon $15.50
  • -With Salmon $17.50
  • Dukkah Crusted Lamb Cutlet $12.50
    • Spring lamb on mint pesto hummus with baby roasted carrots and beetroot
  • Chicken Dumplings $12.50
    • Chicken and mushroom dumplings, steamed then pan fried Served with Kimchi and oyster sauce
  • Mediterranean Fish Stew $13.00
    • Fresh fish, smoked salmon and grilled prawn in a rich bisque with grilled bread and rouille
  • Steak n Sandwich $24.60
    • Angus pure scotch, a salad with beetroot, blue cheese and hash brown, a grilled cheese and onion toasty and a fried egg
  • Corn Fritters $12.50
    • Classic fritters presented with cold smoked salmon, horseradish cream and avocado
  • - Small $6.20
  • Thai Pork Balls $12.50
    • Flavoured with Thai herbs and spices coated with noodles
  • Garlic Bread and dips $11.00
  • Aloo gobhi $13.90
    • Potato and cauliflower florets cooked together, garnished with ginger and fresh coriander, goes well with raita (recommended by chefs)
  • Lamb tikka masala $16.90
    • Tender lamb pieces cooked with capsicum, onion, fresh tomato and special sauce
  • Jal pari $14.90
    • Prawns steeped in egg batter, flash fried in vegetable oil and served amidst green salad featuring indian 2nite sweet and sauce
  • Mango or mint chutney $2.50
  • Paneer pakora
    • Cottage cheese pieces marinated with yoghurt and chana flour, spices and then cooked in deep fried
  • Lamb rogan josh $16.90
    • Diced meat cooked in traditional north indian style
  • Mixed pakoras $6.00
    • Chopped vegetables spiced and dipped in batter then deep fried
  • Bhuna chicken $16.90
    • Boneless chicken pieces cooked in thick onion, tomato, capsicum and cashew nut gravy
  • -Garlic Naan / Cheese Naan $3.50
  • Tandoori Chicken H $12.90 / F $19.90
    • All above items are marinated with tandoori spices and yoghurt and cooked in tandoori oven, served with onions and tomatoes
  • Aloo-Gobi $14.90
    • Potatoes and cauliflower florets cooked together, garnished with fresh coriander
  • Chicken Tikka $16.90
    • Chicken pieces marinated with tandoori spices, yoghurt and cooked in tandoori oven, served with onions and tomatoes
  • Karahi Lamb $17.90
    • Boneless lamb cooked in a wok in a spicy blend of masalas, onion and capsicum
  • Butter Prawn $19.90
    • Prawn cooked with creamy tomato flavoured gravy
  • Naan $3.00
    • Plain flour bread garnished with butter
  • Palak Chicken $17.90
    • Boneless chicken cooked in spinach and cream
  • New Zealand Diamond-Shell clams & Nz green lipped mussels (GF w/o the ciabatta) $29
    • This dish is one to get your mouth watering! Fresh clams & mussels steamed together in tomato, chilli & mint - served with toasted ciabatta
  • Fries $8
    • Served with aioli and tomato sauce
  • Onion & garlic stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon(GF) $32
    • drizzled w spiced plum & served on a swede & parsnip mash accompanied by steamed vegetables
  • Breads & Spreads f/2$10 f/4 $16
    • House made spreads and fresh, locally baked bread
  • 300gm Scotch fillet steak (GF) $36
    • Premium New Zealand Angus scotch served on a swede & parsnip mash w garlic infused wilted spinach and topped with our house made beetroot salsa
  • 300g Scotch Fillet Steak $34
    • Premium New Zealand Angus scotch fillet steak served on thyme potato’s, wilted spinach drizzled with béarnaise sauce & topped with house made onion rings
  • Classic shrimp cocktail (GF) $15
    • w crisp lettuce, shrimp, fresh tomato & seafood dressing, the good old kiwi classic.
  • Pan-fried crispy-skin NZ Snapper $26
    • Fresh New Zealand caught snapper, lightly seasoned, pan-fried to achieve a delicious crispy-skin - served alongside fresh salad with rustic thick-cut chips & tartare sauce
  • Fish 'n' chips $21.50
    • Fresh Fish of the Day in a Homemade Crispy Beer Batter. Served with Steakhouse Fries, Salad, and Tartar Sauce
  • Apple & rhubarb crumble $12.00
    • Warm apple & rhubarb crumble served with ice-cream, whipped cream & fresh fruit slices
  • Steakhouse fries $6.50
  • High country lamb shank $29.50
    • Tender New Zealand Slow Cooked Lamb in a Mint Jus, coupled with Creamy Potato & Kumara Mash, and Steamed Seasonal Vegetables
  • Gourmet bangers and mash $22.50
    • Slow Cooked Local Lamb Sausages in a Red Onion Jus with Creamy Potato & Kumara Mash
  • Vegetarian $19.50
    • Spinach, Red Onion, Olives, Capsicum, Sun-Dried Tomato, Mushroom, Cheese
  • Affogato $7.00
    • Espresso coffee served with ice-cream
  • Cheesecake of the day $13.50
    • Served with ice-cream, whipped cream & fresh fruit slices
  • Buffalo Mozzarella & Smoked Salmon $18.590
    • Clevedon Buffalo mozzarella, rocket, marinated sun dried tomatoes, almonds, basil pesto with smoked salmon
  • Pumpkin Risotto $26.50
    • Served With Stir-fry Capsicum, Broccoli, Carrots And Red Onion With A Hollandaise Sauce Add Chicken $5.00, Add Prawn $6.00
  • All 3 Cheese Board $30.00
  • Cos Salad With Pear, Dates & Lemon Olive Oil Dressing $5.50
  • Duck fat Potatoes $6.00
  • Chicken Breast $32.00
    • Centered With Sun Dried Tomato, Brie Cheese, Spinach, Wrapped In Bacon & Filo Pastry Served On A Pumpkin Risotto
  • Barry’s Bay Four Year old Cheddar (Akaro) $15.50
  • Broccoli With Hollandaise $6.00
  • Palak Panner
    • fresh cottage cheese and spinach cooked with selected herbs and spices
  • Beef Korma
    • tender boneless juicy beef pieces cooked in rich cashew gravy, it has subtle but assertive flavor
  • Cheese Naan $4.00
  • Navratan korma
    • A super example of royal cuisine of India a total of nine types of seasonal vegetables and nuts braised in a rich and creamy sauce with a subtle spice
  • Malai Kofta
    • cottage cheese and potato dumplings served in a creamy sauce
  • Chicken Bhuna
    • roasted chicken pieces cooked in fried brown onion fresh diced tomatoes and onion tomato based gravy
  • COMBO 5 $68.00
    • 4main size curry, 4 plain rice, 4 plain naans, 1.5L Drink, 1 vegetable pakora
  • Lamb Vindaloo
    • lamb cooked with chilies and a special blend of Indian herbs and spices hot and spicy specialty from Goa
  • Croque Madame (white sauce, ham, cheese, egg) $7.50
  • Onion & Mushroom Pie $8.90
  • Macaroni Cheese and Bacon $8.90
  • Lasagna $8.90
  • Almond Croissant $4.00
  • Chai Latte $5.00
  • Macchiato $3.70 for Short, $4.20 for Long
  • Wedges & Sour Cream $8.90
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