The Mill House in Tauranga Menu

  • Cassava chips (S) $11.50
    • With a wild rocket salad and smoked aioli
  • Pulled pork sliders (S) $15.50
    • With street corn slaw
  • Chargrilled black truffle bruschetta (S) $14.50
    • Ricotta, fig and prosciutto, drizzled with honey
  • Coromandel mussels (S) $16.50
    • With a leek and tarragon cream sauce and toasted ciabatta
  • the mill house seafood chowder $15.50
    • With prawns calamari, mussels, salmon, smoked fish and chilli oil served with grilled ciabatta
  • Grilled haloumi salad $18.50
    • On red chard, orange, baby beetroot, almonds and balsamic glaze
  • Wild mushroom arancini (S) $17.50
    • With shaved grana padano
  • Braised beef cheeks through pappardelle pasta $18.50
    • With a rich, earthy sauce, herbs and grana padano
  • Szechuan calamari (S) $16.50
    • With nan jim sauce and lemon
  • Smoked kahawai (S) $24.00
    • Served with kasundi relish, pickled cucumber and chargrilled ciabatta
  • Lamb lollypops (S) $34.00
    • With a chilli and mint glaze
  • Cured meat board $34.00
    • With prosciutto, salami, basecamp venison, salami and beef carpaccio
  • S = Sharing option
  • Beer battered fries $9.50
    • Served with aioli
  • Rocket salad $11.50
    • With blue cheese, walnuts and balsamic dressing
  • Green seasonal salad $8.50
  • Meat temperatures: -Blue: Sealed, very red in the centre. room temperature. -Rare: Red in the centre. lukewarm temperature -Medium-rare: Pinkish-red in the centre. warm temperature. -Medium: Pink in the centre. Hot temperature. -Medium-well: Very little pink in the centre. Hot temperature -Well done: No pink, brown in the centre. Hot temperature
  • Served with your choice of beer battered fries, battered onion, cassava chips, garden salad or wild mushroom risotto
  • Organic beef tenders $29.50
    • Brushed with our in house basting
  • Periperi chicken $28.00
    • Marinated in a mild Portuguese spice blend
  • Moroccan style chicken $28.00
    • Marinated in a mild spices
  • Salmon and prawn $34.00
    • With a vodka and lime glaze
  • Salmon $36.00
    • With a lime pepper crust
  • Duck breast $34.00
    • With a orange and cinnamon glaze
  • The mill houses organic in house basted meat cuts chargrilled to your licking served with your choice of pressed potato gratin, roasted vegetables, garden salad or mushroom risotto
  • Angus eye fillet $34.50
    • 250g
  • Grass fed sirloin steak $42.00
    • 300g
  • The tomahawk rib steak $34.50
    • Weighing in at an impressive 400g grams each. these steaks are the ultimate in carnivore consumables
  • Free range pork cutlet $44.00
    • 350g
  • Herb crusted NZ lamb rack $35.00
  • Beef ribs $35.00
    • Whole rack
  • -1/2 Rack $22.00
  • Pork ribs $35.00
    • Whole rack
  • -1/2 Rack $22.00
  • Rib Platter $35.00
    • 1/2 rack of pork ribs and 1/2 rack of beef ribs
  • Sauces: Port wine jus / BBQ chilli bourbon sauce / chunky salsa verde / chimichurri green pepper / smoked creamy garlic sauce / wild mushroom jus / horseradish cream sauce / bearnaise sauce
  • Cajun beef salad
    • With baby onions, tomato and a mint and yoghurt dressing
  • Grilled haloumi salad
    • On red chard, orange, baby beetroot, almonds and balsamic glaze
  • Caesar salad
    • With garlic chicken, parmesan, bacon, croutons and a house caesar dressing
  • Warm roast vegetable and israeli couscous salad
    • With lime and sumac dressing
  • Wild mushroom risotto
    • With shaved grana padano
  • Spaghetti puttanesca
    • With olive oil, capers, anchovies, garlic and chilli in an earthy tomato sauce
  • Braised beef cheeks
    • Through pappardelle pasta with a rich, earthy sauce, herbs and grana padana
  • Creamy blue cheese gnocchi
    • With grana padana
  • Served with beer battered fries
  • Beef burger $23.50
    • 250g of prime angus beef patty with lettuce, tomato, cheddar, caramelised onions and horseradish mayo
  • Periperi chicken burger $22.50
    • With smoked bacon, lettuce, guacamole, confit mushrooms and roasted peppers
  • The mild house chargrilled chicken burger $22.50
    • With lettuce, melted brie, tomato, cranberry sauce and aioli
  • Roasted pumpkin and seeds burger $22.50
    • With guacamole, lettuce, grilled haloumi, chipotle and watercress dressing
  • Catch of the day burger $23.50
    • With panko crumbed fish fennel and orange coleslaw and tartare
  • BBQ pulled pork burger $23.50
    • With chargrilled pineapple and coleslaw
  • Sticky braised lamb burger $24.00
    • With crispy onions, feta and mint and yoghurt sauce
  • Monteith's beer battered fish and chips $25.50
    • Served with citrus slaw and tartare sauce
  • Szechuan calamari $23.50
    • With nam jim caramel, ginger and green leaves and crispy shallots
  • Catch of the day POA
  • Crispy skin salmon $34.00
    • With potato gratin, wilted seasonal greens and hollandaise sauce
  • Seared big eye tuna $34.50
    • 200g with herbed dauphinoise potato, peppered green beans, with your choice of sauce
  • Scallop and prawn salad $28.50
    • With passionfruit and chardonnay sauce
  • Napolitano style pizzas with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese
  • Pizza bread $12.90
    • With parmesan and rosemary
  • Dough boys $18.90
    • Pocketed tomatoes and cheese
  • Buffalo mozzarella $22.00
    • With tomato and fresh basil
  • Pear, rucula and blue cheese $22.00
  • -Add prosciutto $24.50
  • Periperi chicken $22.00
    • With tomato, peppers, red onions and aioli
  • BBQ pulled pork $22.00
    • With jalapenos
  • The mill house meat lovers $24.00
    • With chargrilled beef, chorizo, bacon, mushroom, smoked garlic, capers and red onions
  • Braised lamb $24.00
    • Tomato, baby spinach, feta, red onion and mint
  • Venison pepperoni $24.00
    • With red onions, pepperdew, cacao nib and beetroot dressing
  • Seafood $24.50
    • With salmon, smoked fish, fennel and capers
  • GF base $2.00
  • Baked lemon cheesecake $16.50
    • Served with vanilla sorbet and a shot of limoncello liqueur
  • Frangelico tiramisu $16.50
    • Served with a shot of coffee
  • Chocolate torte $14.50
    • Served with berry sorbet and a smoky, chilli hazelnut toffee
  • Liquorice creme brulee $14.50
    • Served with lime cream and pistachio biscotti
  • Baileys cheesecake $15.50
    • Served with salted caramel sorbet
  • Chocolate and walnut brownie $13.50
    • Served with vanilla sorbet
  • Sorbet selection $14.50
    • With a nut crumble and berry sauce
  • Cheese board $24.50
    • A selection of two cheeses served with crackers, grapes and seasonal chutney
  • Mains $12.50
    • Served with beer battered fries or green leafy salad. Pulled pork sliders; crispy chicken hot rod; chicken and bacon penne pasta; hawaiian pizza; meat lovers pizza; fish and chips; mac and cheese (with pancetta, spinach, cheddar and mozzarella)
  • Desserts $6.50
    • Banana split; chocolate walnut brownie (with vanilla ice cream)

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The Mill House


1 Taurikura Drive, Tauranga Crossing, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand





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Mon to Fri 7am to late; Sat, Sun 8:30 to late








Gastropub , Pub Food


Wheelchair accessible ,  Reservations ,  Breakfast ,  Waitstaff ,  Lunch ,  Seating ,  Serves Alcohol ,  Dinner ,  Child-friendly

1 Taurikura Drive, Tauranga Crossing, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand
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